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Contents 2 Executive Summary 3 All the Basics 4 Synopsis 5 Marketable Elements 6 Target Audiences 7 Phase Two: 8 Festival Strategy Festival Overview 9 Target Festivals 10 Festival Kit 11 Key Art 12 Guerrilla Marketing 13 Festival PR 14 Phase Three: 15 Distribution

Phase One: The Fundamentals

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16 17 18

19 20 Consumer Strategy Advertising Strategy 21 Media Plan 22 Television 23 Online 24 Print 25 In-Theater 26 Public Relations 27 Social & New Media 28 Get Glue 29 Corporate Synergy 30 Partnerships 31 Promotions 32 Pitch Schedule 33 Media Plan 34 Budget 36 Acknowledgements 37 Phase Four: Consumer Plan

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2 the fundamentals

Press Start.

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Think back to your days in high school. Some of us cringe at our style choices, others applaud our extracurricular achievements. What do you remember most? Chances are, the biggest memory you have is tied to a strong emotion… Like love, or hate, or embarrassment. What’s with this common thread? It all ties back to one thing: Hormones. Hormones drove our high school decisions. They make the moments we remember (or regret) big parts of who we grow to become. Hormones are exactly what drives the film 16-Bit Sunrise. It tells the story of one boy’s explosive struggle with finding the balance between living his life and escaping the growing-up moments every teen faces. One of his biggest flaws is his battle with escaping this hormonal hurricane through his Gameboy, which allows him turn on and drop out. He’s rendered completely alone, even when he’s surrounded by people. The video game imagery pervades his reality, blurring the lines between these two worlds. Hormones also drive the marketing strategy for the film. By using popular video game iconography and combining it with reality, not only does the marketing encapsulate Robby’s constant conflict of real life and his 16-bit world, but also the ever-present motivator for all of his actions, his raging teenage hormones. Pairing this creative vision with a careful strategy that capitalizes on traditional publicity and advertising mixed with innovative ways to reach the audience, the marketing strategy for 16-Bit Sunrise attracts indie fans, video game enthusiasts and attracts new fans to the indie genre.

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4 OBJECTIVE Concept Capsule MPAA Rating

Tagline Genre 16-Bit Sunrise Book.indd 6

All the basics The marketing plan for 16-Bit Sunrise will entice audiences with a glimpse into Robby’s world of pixelated dreams and stunted reality. He struggles to assimilate his awkward self into the real world and face his struggles with teenage life head-on. In this hormone-driven, explosive teen dramedy, Robby struggles to connect with his peers, come to terms with his feelings for a friend and live out his high school existence while using his Gameboy as an escape.

R for full frontal nudity, scenes of violence and teen sexuality.

PRESS START. Teen Dramedy

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In a dark room, a spotlight shines on a post-pubescent boy, holding a Gameboy to his head. He cocks the invisible trigger and pulls, then his body slumps to the ground. This iconic moment in 16-Bit Sunrise is a brilliant metaphor for the entire film. The main character, Robby, struggles every day with his raging teen hormones and his attempts to escape from his wants, needs and the pains of high school through his biggest vice and best friend, his Gameboy. He struggles with his emotions for the “kick-ass” and totally unattainable Red, whose boyfriend John is one of Robby’s caring friends. His buddies, including the abrasive but loveable Carly, do everything they can to keep him roped into the real world but often find their efforts to reach him were exuded in vain. The dreaded drama assignment, the creative monologue, brings Robby to his breaking point. Will he play it smooth, choke out a few sentences and take a seat? Or will he confess his love for Red, publicly bare his innermost struggles and be forced to face reality for what it is, once and for all? Inaction is not an option. Robby knows that with whatever decision he makes, he’s going to have to PRESS START.

Robby’s Gameboy

Red’s Body 8-Bit Heart

Icons 16-Bit Sunrise Book.indd 7

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Marketable Elements

Indie Film

With the insurgence of “indie” films being popular in the mainstream, 16-Bit Sunrise can take this opportunity to launch to the heights of popularity along with films such as Lost in Translation, Juno, and Garden State.

Coming of Age

The plotline and subject matter are extremely relatable. Almost everyone has experienced some sort of unrequited love and sought a way to escape reality through books, movies, or even video games. This movie promotes overcoming that escapist mindset.

Games Galore

The use of video game imagery, integration of game sound effects into the film’s score and the special edition Gameboy will amuse video game fanatics.

Dramedy Positive Message

16-Bit Sunrise Book.indd 8

The dark comedy has an appeal that while the subject material may be somber, comedic moments punctuate the seriousness of the film.

Anyone who is a teenager or has been a teenager will relate to the fact that even though high school can be miserable, there’s always someone or something that makes it all OK. Audiences will rally behind this encouragement of a change of perspective.

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Primary Secondary tertiary

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“The Robbys and the Carlys” 18-34 age segment with a male skew. Men remember their own testosterone-fueled teen existence. Women will have witnessed this ascent into adulthood, and can relate to Carly’s own young love situation.

Positioning: Men and women will relate to this film, which displays situations that mirrors their own awkwards teenage encounters, but with the knowledge that you’ll make it through just fine.

“The Indie Fanatics” Theatre buffs 18-45 who enjoy indie films over any other type of film will love 16-Bit Sunrise. They’ll enjoy the familiar high school setting but with unfamiliar, realistic representations of how life truly is, rather than Hollywood’s interpretations of how it should be.

Positioning: In the vein of Harold & Maude, Little Miss Sunshine, and Thank You For Smoking, 16-Bit Sunrise offers a relatable view of life in the high school trenches with a message of hope and perseverance.

“The Nerd Alerts” The title alone will beckon in the fans of classic game consoles in the 18-34 age range. They’ll enjoy the darkness in the comedy and cringe as they remember their own high school tragedies, feeling the relief of surviving the awkwardness.

Positioning: Video game enthusiasts will enjoy subtle game references, liberal imagery and a unique score composed entirely of classic video game sound effects in this quirky film.

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8 film festival strategy

Press Start.

Down the sewer

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Strategy Overview


The primary goals of 16-Bit Sunrise’s festival strategy are to expand awareness and secure the attention of possible future distributors. To leverage the film’s iconography and quirky script, a variety of guerrilla marketing techniques and public relation initiatives will garner attention from the press and encourage word-of-mouth marketing.

What’s the mission? Strategize a platform-esque festival timeline that builds awareness and reconition throughout the year, ending in a well-publicized run at Sundance. Execute unique guerrilla marketing in each of the festival cities that will draw attention to the film and the festival it is playing at, attracting both festival attendees and local attention. Create a traditional press kit with cohesive branding elements that will stand out from the others, garnering interest and excitement. Accessibility to the cast and crew will be liberally provided. Create a strong social media presence and attract a faithful following.

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February 2011 - Known for connecting filmmakers with distributor agents and exquisite public relations, San Francisco Indiefest will be the perfect start of the festival phase. Though it isn’t considerably popular with consumers and is more industry-related, this festival will help make the primary connections and create a foundation for further festival distribution. March 2011 - Piggybacking off of the video game influence and indie film status, South by Southwest is the perfect venue to reach socially literate, independent-minded young adults in the 18-34-year-old segment who will appreciate the frank, unflinching look at awkward adolescence in 16-Bit Sunrise. Competing in the Narrative Short category, SXSW marries all three target audiences in a high-press-exposure arena. November 2011 - The Big Apple Film Festival is well-known for fostering the careers of actors such as The Social Network’s Jessie Eisenberg. This festival will add credibility to 16-Bit Sunrise’s festival run with awards for our lead actors. February 2012 - The ultimate capstone to the festival phase of 16-Bit Sunrise’s marketing plan, Sundance is the reknowned venue for artistic film expression. By securing word-ofmouth buzz at SXSW, this will launch the film to a whole new plane of awareness.

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Festival Kit This example festival kit, sent to press and promoters at SXSW 2011, contains the following: Cast Bios Ready-to-Run Press Release Pitch Letter Key Art & Stills Fast Facts about 16-Bit Sunrise Business Cards Branded Folder & Pen Clips, Interviews & Preview DVD

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Vinnie Pompo Writer/Director Your Exclusive Code is: 16Bit

11/20/2010 3:58:57 PM



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Key Art

Stills by Jocelyn RC

11/20/2010 3:59:17 PM

Guerrilla marketing


Branded Gameboy soaps in hotels associated with the conference will help intrigue guests to attend the film festival and check out 16-Bit Sunrise. The iconic soaps are collector’s items that will drive guests to learn more about the film.

Plastic cling hearts from the 16-Bit Sunrise logo will be placed by street teams on outdoor ads around Austin. The hearts will direct interested consumers to PressStart. com. They’re easily removed but quirky enough to turn heads!

16-Bit Sunrise Book.indd 15

Local coffee shops around the festival in Austin will have special coffee sleeves with the 16-Bit Sunrise logo. Impressions for the festival will increase with the carryaround value of the cup, increasing exposure.

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PR Strategies

Traditional PR

A small press kit loaded in a hollowed-out, old-school Nintendo console will be sent to journalists and critics in the festival area. Links to social media, business cards and stills will be included in the press kit, along with contact information for the crew for interviews.

Distributor Relations

Fostering new and existing relationships with industry professionals is essential to the success of the festival phase. By inviting local contacts we already know and offering them exclusive merchandise, we hope to create an excitement for the film’s festival debuts. New contacts will receive branded business cards and digital press kit links with an exclusive password needed to access the content. This confidentiality will create a more in-demand feeling and create a closer relationship by making a personal invitation to view the film and content.

Vinnie Pompo Writer/Director Your Exclusive Code is: 16Bit

Social Media

16-Bit Sunrise Book.indd 16

The backbone of public relations for the film will happen via social media. Youtube teaser clips will be sent to bloggers covering the festival. Twitter interactions with major players, including bands and technology companies, will help draw attention to the film. SCVNGR check-ins at the theatre or festival will give you points and direct you to for exclusive content. Through these grassroots attempts at drawing an audience, we will help attract potential distributors and fuel future festival attendance for Big Apple and Sundance.

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15 business to business

Press Start.

Room to

Grow 16-Bit Sunrise Book.indd 17

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After careful strategy through the festival phase of the campaign, platform distribution is the smartest choice. We’ll focus on cities that have traditionally been good locations to launch indie films to nationwide success. For the grand opening, we’ll start with theatres in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago. As the film gains word of mouth success and critics embrace the film, we’ll spread to large cities such as Seattle, Miami, and Portland. Beyond that phase, we’ll go even wider. This slow release will help build buzz and allow time for the grassroots efforts to create expectation and desire to see the film. Because we are releasing the film on a platform basis, it’s necessary to find a distributor who is used to the platform-for-Indie-Film model and encourage this growth. Film companies such as Fox Searchlight, Lionsgate Films, Summit Entertainment and Paramount Vantage are familiar with this scenario. These film distributors offer a big distributor’s name along with extensive pasts with indie film success, andtherefore would all be wise choices for distribution.

16-Bit Sunrise Book.indd 18

11/20/2010 3:59:26 PM

Tactics Festival Platforming Networking & Mailers


The festival strategy is designed to garner attention through press from the festivals but also through networking for our actors and crew. Through following this schedule, the film will already be down a path of word-of-mouth exposure and critical acclaim, helping gain attention in the distributor phase even before it begins. Using our current database of contacts, we’ll send out links to special digital press kits that are accessible only by password that will include behind-the-scenes interviews and concept art for the film. With their recommendation of the film, an added credibility will enhance the film’s value to potential distributors. Like the original PR mailers, the press kit will come in a hollow Nintendo game console to get the executives’ attention.

Back-To-School Supplies

In September 2011, to generate buzz during festival downtime, boxes of 16-Bit Sunrise pens will be sent to targeted movie studios with an accompanying note, “Take Note of 16-Bit Sunrise, coming up at BAFF and Sundance.” Every office needs pens and sending boxes of our customized pens makes the film a “household” name, and will draw interest of everyone from the top executive to the secretary.

Going Viral with

During and after festival play, fans of the film and those interested will “DEMAND” the film to come play in their area using the event site, Eventful. This will gauge interest in wide distribution and help aid in early research for where a platform release will take place. The demands will also help to secure a distributor, as interest is already shown. This “Demand” model has worked well for other independent films, such as Paranormal Activity.

16-Bit Sunrise Book.indd 19

11/20/2010 3:59:27 PM


Fox Searchlight

The most valuable qualities the distributor of 16-Bit Sunrise must have are a versatile background of released films, a good following of indie film fans, and a dedication to the film maker’s art. The perfect distributor, in this case, is Fox Searchlight. Fox Searchlight has released Thank You For Smoking, Juno, and 500 Days of Summer, all indie films with audiences very similar to that of 16-Bit Sunrise. These indie-stylistic films have shaped a very specific image for the type of film that Fox Searchlight distributes. 16-Bit Sunrise fits in perfectly with these films, featuring a deep human connection to the plot line and an intelligent humor that doesn’t go for the cheap laugh. These films feature life as it truly is, rather than how big-budget blockbusters portray it. Fans have come to expect a certain quality film from Fox Searchlight, and 16-Bit Sunrise will meet these expectations.

16-Bit Sunrise Book.indd 20

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19 consumer strategy

Press Start.


It Up 16-Bit Sunrise Book.indd 21

11/20/2010 3:59:30 PM


Meet Our Audience

Subject: Mark Age: 24 Location: New York Occupation: New Media Manager Media Exposure in a 24-hour Period: --News on --Listens to Pandora on his Android --Rides the subway, but doesn’t see the transit ads as he’s reading on his iPad. --Watches Hulu --Reads the Huffington Post --Catches his favorite comedy on ABC live --Loves social media outside of his job and has over 600 followers on Twitter --Goes to movies at least once a week especially those that get good festival play!

Subject: Sarah Age: 30 Location: San Francisco Occupation: Program Developer at a major software company Media Exposure in a 24-hour Period: --News from the San Francisco Chronicle --Surfs IMDB on her lunch hour --Bikes to work, misses the five billboards she passes --Constantly playing free iPhone games --Facebook? You won’t meet a bigger fan than Sarah. --Loves her cable shows, like Burn Notice and Top Chef --Proud of her classic video game console, she wishes WIRED would cover old school Nintendo more

So what does this mean for us? It means Outdoor and Radio are futile efforts. Television, online, print and in-theater are the advertising touch points that will reach Mark & Sarah. In addition, our public relations strategy has to include the social media platforms they depend on and features in places they’ll be looking.

16-Bit Sunrise Book.indd 22

11/20/2010 3:59:31 PM


Advertising Strategy

The creative appearance of the marketing materials will follow the film’s video game/reality combination. Elements of the Gameboy or other classic video game references will be paired with the situations and themes showcased in the film. The 16-bit heart is an icon that represents Robby’s internal conflict and is an integral part of the film’s logo. The tone represented by the creative evokes the conflicts of hormonal mood swings and the awkward situations they create, with the video game imagery offering the solace of escape. One of the film’s strongest visuals, the Gameboy, will play a big role on the one-sheet. The combination of reality and video games creates an indie feel that doesn’t skew too dramatic or too comic. The tongue-in-cheek humor is relatable but creates a mystery about the film that will draw audience members in from each of the target markets. Provocative, amusing, and eye-catching, the advertising for this film is driven by the big idea, Hormones in 16-Bit.


16-Bit Sunrise Book.indd 23

11/20/2010 3:59:40 PM


Media Strategy

The media strategy is driven by the 18-34 segment and results meeting them where they look the most. They are heavy consumers of the Internet, Magazine, Newspaper and Television media, but neglect the Radio and Outdoor media*. One area of media, new media, is going to be a main focal point through mobile and social avenues. By selecting placements in media that appeal to both the gamers and the indie fans, the media strategy strives to achieve each of the Nielsen ratings’ top objectives. Reach

Communicate with at least 50% of the 18-34-year-old segment in each of the target cities.


Gauge reaction to the marketing campaign through number of downloads, website hits, social media interactions and presale tickets.


Placements will be published in media that is most meaningful to the audience by determining media vehicles through the MRI Index.


Using click-through rates to determine how many online and new media placements lead to ticket sales.

*Based on data from MRI Plus and Nielsen ratings.

16-Bit Sunrise Book.indd 24

11/20/2010 3:59:40 PM



The 18-34 - year-old market consume television almost 150 hours of television per month, timeshifting an average of 6 hours*. Television is a formidable way to reach our target market. By placing spots in the months before the release date of 16-Bit Sunrise and following a month after to support the platform spread, we will build excitement through resonance and reach. Two weeks before release, we will reach our audience and take into consideration their timeshifting habits by purchasing 30-second spots during the shows our market consumes most. This includes ABC’s Modern Family, Comedy Central’s Tosh.0 and The Daily Show, and NBC’s 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live. These are the shows that score highest with the 18-34 - year-old market, but are least likely to be recorded and saved for later because they dominate their time slot. Consideration will also be given to new hit shows, which are almost always watched live to stay up-to-date. A balance of network TV and cable TV will reach all the niche audiences as well as the broad target market of 18-34-year-olds.

*Per article “Americans Watching More TV Than Ever”

16-Bit Sunrise Book.indd 25

11/20/2010 3:59:42 PM



The Robbys and the Carlys spend an enormous amount of time on the internet, making it the most effective and most cost-efficient way of reaching our audiences. Banner ads on The Indie Film Channel website,,, and will direct audiences to the official film website Here, they can get all the information about the premiere of 16-Bit Sunrise and how they can demand the film on Eventful after the first week of release to bring the film to their city. IMDB, Huffington Post, and Mashable homepage takeover will occur on March 12, 2012, the day of the release, to create a last-minute hype and grab the people who weren’t sure what they were doing that Friday night. Three weeks before release through opening day, the 2:00-3:00 hour of music on Pandora will be commercial-free thanks to 16-Bit Sunrise. This is the hour that our audience will be back from lunch and settling in to finish up their afternoon, revived from their break and listening to music as they work. Using targeted Facebook ads, we’ll zero in on the regions where the film opens on its release date and measure the reaction through click throughs to the Fandango pre-buy page. A promoted Twitter trend will appear in the week of the film’s release and continue into the next week.

16-Bit Sunrise Book.indd 26

11/20/2010 3:59:44 PM



Readership of the newspaper in our target market is relatively high*, therefore placement in the following newspapers is incredibly relevant for a reminder in the weeks before the film’s premiere. Print acts as a support to TV and Internet placements, to help increase reach through resonance. It also functions as an awareness tool through front-page placement. Sunday readership brings in the highest consumption for the 18-34 demographic, therefore favor will be given to the two weekends prior to the movie’s premiere. Our must-hit newspapers (in first platform cities) are:

Starts Friday *Based on data from MRI Plus and Nielsen ratings.

16-Bit Sunrise Book.indd 27

11/20/2010 3:59:48 PM


In-Theater 16-Bit Sunrise’s trailer will be placed on the beginning of the following films, set to release in December 2011, January 2012 and February 2012. These films appeal to the 18-34 market and are dark comedies or character-driven films:



Farragut North Sherlock Holmes II The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Everyone Loves Whales Premium Rush

Because 16-Bit Sunrise’s release will be most effective utilizing a platform system, we’ll follow this schedule with expansion, hitting markets with in-theater advertising three months before the film is distributed to those theaters. Tier 1 March 12, 2012

Four Markets: Los Angeles San Francisco New York Chicago

Tier 2

March 26, 2012 10 Markets*: Houston, Seattle, Portland

Tier 3 April 2, 2012

35 Markets*: Orlando, Minneapolis, Madison

* Projected markets for the second and third tier. Actual results are pending Eventful data.

16-Bit Sunrise Book.indd 28

11/20/2010 3:59:58 PM

Public Relations


With a strong social media following carrying over from the festival stage, we will leverage social media and new media in new ways to reach more members of the 18-34 year old market. Through partnerships with Nintendo and corporate synergy with other Fox properties, we will continue to reach the public through TV and print mediums. The press junket and feature articles will be the sole traditional public relations vehicles we use to contact the press. We will use promotions and stunts to catch the eye of critics, and secure honest and impartial reviews of the film to support the critical acclaim garnered during the festival stage. We will utilize free promotional screenings to reach younger audiences. The screenings will also create goodwill, because outreach into arts high schools will encourage future generations of film-makers to persue success the way our cast and crew have: by making films that are important to them personally and following their own creative visions.

Press JunketS

On March 6 and 7, the weekend before the film’s release, the cast and crew will invite press to junkets in New York and Los Angeles. For a creative spin, the junkets will take place in celebrated high schools in the area. Venice High School, Grease’s primary set location, and York Academy, located near Central Park, will host the junkets. Journalists will go to the schools at noon for a catered lunch and then “First” through “Third” period, where they can communicate with the cast, supporting crew, and producer and director in separate rooms.

Feature Articles

In the months preceding the premiere, we will pitch feature stories to publications in which we will be advertising as well. Huffington Post will run a story featuring the history of the “Nerd,” and Hollywood has portrayed him differently. This will include Robby, as portrayed 16-Bit Sunrise. A feature story on will detail the extensive social media efforts to market the film. Wired will run a feature on the evolution of the Gameboy, as well as an interview with Nintendo about the partnership with 16-Bit Sunrise.

16-Bit Sunrise Book.indd 29

11/20/2010 3:59:59 PM


Social & New Media Customers who “Like” the 16-Bit Sunrise page on Facebook in the weeks before the release will receive advanced notice of a promotional screening a month before the film’s platform release. On this emerging media check-in app, fans will “like,” rate and review the film, and be awarded with a special sticker to reach the media-savvy segments of our markets. Cast and crew members will take over Twitter three weeks before the release to answer fans’ questions, tweet behind-the-scenes photos and fuel interest in a #presstart contest that rewards the winner with tickets to the premiere. 16-Bit Sunrise SCVNGR stickers offices of the theaters playing points as well as a promo code, where they can behind-the-scenes interviews.

16-Bit SUnrise

iPhone App

16-Bit Sunrise Book.indd 30

will appear in the windows of box the film. Check-ins will result in that directs viewers to access exclusive materials like

A mobile game inspired by old-school games will be free to download on the iPhone and iPad. The game will pause between levels to link players to Fandango, where they can buy advanced tickets to 16-Bit Sunrise.

11/20/2010 4:00:03 PM

Get Glue


So What’s This “Get Glue” Stuff?

Get Glue is a new web and mobile application that allows users to check-in to different media, topics, or interests in order to get suggestions of other products that would appeal to them. Based on the ideal of “crowdsourcing,” Get Glue’s system recommends similar interests to yours, but other users also offer their recommendations. If you meet someone whose tastes mirror your own, you can “follow” their check-ins to see what they’re watching, listening to, reading and more. Those Stickers... they’re sticky. Like location-based apps Foursquare and Gowalla, you can earn “Stickers” for your check-ins. For instance, for checking in to the opening night of a film, you can get special stickers sponsored by the film studio. This is the approach we will take with 16-Bit Sunrise. The special sticker check-in will be featured on Get Glue’s homepage along with other special edition stickers for the week, bringing even more viral attention to the film.

16-Bit Sunrise Book.indd 31

11/20/2010 4:00:06 PM


Corporate Synergy

Indie Film Night

One month after the film’s release and just before the Third Tier expansion, the cast will host an “Indie Film Night” on FX where we’ll preview films that inspired 16-Bit Sunrise, such as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Harold & Maude. By showing these cult-classic films, we might hire in impulse viewers who will learn about the film and go see it in theaters.

NY Post Feature

A feature story will run in the Sunday edition of the New York Post on March 14, 2012. The feature will focus on the inspirational message of the film and also cover the promotional screenings. This third-party endorsement will support the public relations initiatives for the film.

Myspace Music

NewsCorp’s MySpace Music is the destination for music fans wanting to know more about their favorite bands, their tour schedules, where to buy their merch and more. To support our partnership with Sub Pop Records, the bands’ pages will be taken over with the release of the film-inspired soundtrack. Their respective singles will be featured on their players. MySpace Music will sponsor a free concert featuring four of the bands who appear on the soundtrack. The concert will take place at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles on March 11, 2012, the night before the film’s premiere.

16-Bit Sunrise Book.indd 32

11/20/2010 4:00:12 PM




The partnership with Nintendo will expand past the promotional gameboys to include a feature story in Wired magazine on the Gameboy’s role in 16-Bit Sunrise. In addition to the special-edition Gameboy promotion, Nintendo will feature a white DS that has been branded for 16-Bit Sunrise with the signature heart. Cooperative advertising for the branded DS units in Wired and online will create a mutually beneficial article.

Sub Pop Records

The artists on Seattle’s Sub Pop Records are highly popular with the 18-34 year old market and include heavy hitters in Indie Rock. A digital EP soundtrack inspired by the film will include exclusive tracks from artists like The Postal Service, Band of Horses, and Iron & Wine. These bands have appeared on the soundtracks of indie movies like The Assasination of a High School President and Garden State. The soundtrack will be co-produced by MySpace Records. Supported by MySpace Music accounts for the bands, four artists will appear at a free concert in the Hollywood Bowl the night before 16-Bit Sunrise’s premiere.

16-Bit Sunrise Book.indd 33

11/20/2010 4:00:13 PM

32 Private Screenings Collectible Gameboy


16-Bit Sunrise Book.indd 34

Promotions For art high school seniors (17 and older), our private screenings will not only spreads the message to high school students, but also foster an open-forum discussion afterward for the director, producer and cast to encourage the art students. This grassroots PR will foster good relations with communities where the film will play. The students’ use of social media will serve as even more promotion after the screenings. Through our partnership with Nintendo, we will develop a specialedition, collectible Gameboy that is branded for 16-Bit Sunrise and inspired by the original Gameboy featured in the film. Prior to the film, some of these Gameboys will be sent out to film critics in the Tier 1 and Tier 2 markets to entice them to review the film. In a fashion similar to the Hamburger Phone for Juno’s promotion, the Gameboys will become a novelty item as the film’s popularity grows.

The film will premiere on March 5 at the Arclight in Los Angeles, which is large enough to accomodate a large crowd and is still cohesive with the “indie” feel of the film. The following day, the cast and crew will start their first press junket. The winner of the Twitter #pressstart contest will be in attendance, along with Hollywood stars and industry bigwigs.

11/20/2010 4:00:14 PM

Pitch Schedule Pitches Made:

Sept 2011

Pitch GetGlue & SCVNGR Promotions

33 Execution: Eventful Campaign begins, Pens sent to potential distributors

Oct 2011

Pitch Feature Articles and Sub Pop Records Partnership redesigned for distribution phase

Nov 2011

Send mailers to distributors

Big Apple Film Festival, Get Glue begins

Dec 2011

Pitch Nintendo Partnership

Behind-The-Scenes on

Jan 2012

Pitch Facebook “Like” Campaign

Feb 2012

Pitch premiere, send Gameboys to critics, pitch screenings & junkets

Mar 2012

Pitch FX “Indie Movie Night”

Apr 2012

16-Bit Sunrise Book.indd 35

Sundance Film Festival, SCVNGR Begins, Secure distribution

Facebook, Twitter & iPhone App go live; Release of EP Soundtrack Premiere, screenings, feature articles and junkets covered FX “Indie Movie Night”

11/20/2010 4:00:14 PM


16-Bit Sunrise Book.indd 36

Media Plan

11/20/2010 4:00:43 PM


16-Bit Sunrise Book.indd 37


11/20/2010 4:01:14 PM


BUDGET Contingency 5%

Total Money Spent: Electronic 30%

Promotions 25%

$26 Million 8

7.8 6.5


In-Theater 13%


Online 12%

Print 15%




2 0


*Measured in millions of dollars

16-Bit Sunrise Book.indd 38

11/20/2010 4:01:16 PM



Thanks to: The Cast & Crew of 16-Bit Sunrise On-set stills courtesy of Jocelyn RC Dawn Taubin, Cory O’Connor & the class of Entertainment Marketing Larry, Kim, Lindsey Roper & Tom Arthur “Nintendo” is a registered trademark of Nintendo of America Inc. “Pacman” is a registered trademark of Nameco, LTD. “Super Mario 2” imagery is a registered trademark of Nintendo of America Inc. All logos and artwork are property of the companies represented. Usage of said logos, artwork, and imagery from Nintendo and Nameco has been permitted under the US Copyright office’s standards of Fair Use.

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16-Bit Sunrise Marketing Plan  

Classwork completed for Entertainment Marketing, a senior thesis class at Chapman University. I conceptualized, researched, designed and dev...

16-Bit Sunrise Marketing Plan  

Classwork completed for Entertainment Marketing, a senior thesis class at Chapman University. I conceptualized, researched, designed and dev...