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Lighting Collection Full of bright ideas and dazzling designs, our vast Lighting Collection will drench your home in glimmering splendor. From exotic candle lanterns to classically influenced table lamps, and from indoor shimmer to outdoor glow, our lighting accents have one thing in common: Brilliance!





new! monticello candle lanterns The stately design of these candle lanterns will dress up your home, indoors or out. The clear glass panels and the antiqued frames are the perfect accent to beautiful candlelight, and each of these lanterns can rest on its base or be hung from the top loop. Wood, glass and iron. Candles not included. a • large 8" x 8" x 18½" high. 10015420 $39.95 b • small 5½" x 5½" x 12¼" high. 10015421 $24.95 c • new! bungalow candle lantern Showcase your favorite candle with this stunning Bungalow Candle Lantern. The four clear glass panels let the light shine bright and the beautifully detailed frame creates plenty of visual interest. Hang it from the top loop or rest it on its base. Wood, glass and iron. Candle not included. 7" x 7" x 14½" high. 10015422 $34.95

d • new! circlet candle lantern Excite the night with fantastic candle light as it shines through this gorgeous candle lantern. It features a brushed pewter-like finish, clear glass panels adorned with a classic circle design, and cupola on top that has an oversized hanging loop attached. Insert the candle of your choice and bask in the beautiful glow from this handsome lantern. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 7⅞" x 7" x 14¾" high. 10015408 $29.95



e • new! rustic garden wooden lantern Let the country charm shine! This rustic and stunning candle lamp features a wood frame that holds a tall clear glass cylinder inside. Place the candle of your choice inside the cylinder and enjoy the warm glow indoors or out. Wood, glass and iron. Candle not included. 6¾" x 6¼" x 9" high; glass cylinder: 3⅞" x 3⅞" x 7¾" high. 10015437 $19.95 f • new! colonial height wooden lantern This wooden candle lantern is the definition of classic country charm. White “X” trim highlights the clear glass panels of this four-sided lantern, and the black roof features a hanging loop. Place the candle of your choice inside and enjoy the glow! Wood, glass and iron. Candle not included. 4⅞" x 4⅞" x 8½" high. 10015423 $14.95


e d





a • new! large steeple candle lantern Raise the “wow” factor in the room with this stunning Tall Steeple Lantern. The frame features dark metal with an intricate filigree design and four clear glass panels that let the light from your favorite candle shine through. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 6½" x 6¼" x 16" high. 10015363 $34.95

a b

b • new! steeple candle lantern A gorgeous way to display your favorite candle and enhance its glow, this dark metal candle lantern features an intricate filigree design and four clear glass panels. Whether set on its base or hanging from the metal loops at top, this lantern will elevate the style in your room. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 5½" x 5¼" x 14" high. 10015362 $29.95








c • new! bubbling up candle lantern Put a candle of your choice inside this effervescent candle lantern and enjoy the bubbly atmosphere it creates. This dark metal lantern’s design pattern features circles of various sizes that make an entertaining display of light and shadow indoors or out. Metal and glass. Candle not included. 4¾" x 5½" x 9½" high; 10½" high with a loop on top. 10015137 $14.95

d • new! hexagon carriage lantern This compact candle lantern packs a lot of personality! Six clear glass panels are set in a black metal frame that's topped with an oversized hanging loop. Set the stage for pure candlelight to light your way. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 6" x 5½" x 7⅞" high. 10015364 $19.95 e • new! black manhattan candle lantern Sleek and sophisticated, the Manhattan Black Candle Lantern lets candlelight shine bright. Four clear glass panels are set in a timeless yet contemporary black metal frame with a hinged door. Place the candle of your choice inside and set this beauty on its base or hang it from the top loop. It looks great indoors or out. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 5½" x 5" x 15" high. 10015428 $19.95 f • new! starlight candle lantern This rectangular candle lantern features a dark metal frame and clear glass panels that allow a candle of your choice to shine brightly. The top of the lantern features a starry cutout pattern and a hanging loop. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 3⅝" x 3⅝" x 8" high. 10015418 $11.95 g • new! watch tower candle lantern A constant vigil to great design, our Watch Tower Candle Lantern will shine like a beacon inside or out. The black metal frame features a cupola with an oversized hanging loop at top and classic lighthouse-inspired accents. Place the candle of your choice inside and enjoy the glow! Iron and glass. Candle not included. 5" x 5" x 9" high. 10015412 $19.95





a • large contemporary candle lantern Impressive in size and simple in shape, this sleek metal candle lantern lends a clean, contemporary feel to any surrounding. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 7" square x 17½" high. 10013347 $39.95

b • contemporary candle lantern Squared glass-paned lantern gets geometric appeal from a simple silhouette and classic matte-black finish. Safely houses a stately pillar candle for hours of enchanting light! Iron and glass. Candle not included. 5½" x 5¾" x 12" high. 10039871 $24.95



c • rustic silver contemporary candle lantern A brushed silver finish highlights every sleek detail of this squared contemporary candle lamp, creating a striking counterpart for a stately pillar candle. An effortless way to bring warmth and style into any surrounding! Iron and glass. Candle not included. 5½" x 5¾" x 12" high. 10014125 $24.95 d • bronze contemporary candle lantern A burnished copper glaze brightens the modernized framework of this glass-paneled hurricane lamp, making it the perfect finish for any special setting. A handsomely understated addition to your favorite room! Iron and glass. Candle not included. 5½" x 5¾" x 12" high. 10014126 $24.95

Leisurely Living By Candlelight Add enchantment to any surrounding with your favorite assortment of candles, delightfully displayed in these elegant lanterns. Relax and bask in their gentle golden glow!








a • crown jewels candle lantern Live like royalty! Enjoy

d • new! ornate candle lantern Highly polished metal

the sparkle of all the riches in the kingdom that are gathered in this stunning tabletop candle lantern. Faceted jewels set inside luxurious silver-tone filigree dazzle when a candle of your choice is lit inside. There’s nothing common about this enchanting treasure! Iron and acrylic. Candle not included. 6⅛" x 6¼" x 13½" high; 15⅝" high with ring at top. 10015226 $44.95

highlights the intricately carved top of this stunning candle lantern. With four glass panels, a large top ring for hanging, and a fascinating door latch, this lighting accent will draw the gaze of many admirers. Iron. Candle not included. 3" x 3" x 11¾" high. 10015272 $16.95

b • silver scrollwork candle lantern Gleaming silver finish and graceful scrollwork lend old-fashioned opulence to a classic candle lantern. An elegant decoration to enjoy, night and day! Iron and glass. Candle not included. 7¼" square x 15½" high. 10039891 $24.95

c • soho candle lantern Uptown glamour abounds in this shining silver hurricane lantern. Add a colorful pillar candle inside to turn this dramatic accent into a decoration that glows with distinction! Stainless steel and glass. Candle not included. 5¾" x 5⅜" x 15" high; 18½" high with hanging loop on top. 10001045 $29.95

10 Lighting

e • new! hanging bulbs candleholder This is a fascinating candle centerpiece that will let your great taste in décor shine bright! Three contemporary yet classic glass bulbs hang from a stainless steel wire frame at varying heights. Add the candles of your choice and light them to create a unique ambiance. Iron and glass. Candles not included. 10" x 9" x 24" high. 10015438 Set $39.95

f • new! dynasty candle lantern This stunning pillar candle lantern features elaborate carving on either side of the candle holder, and the squared base and handle are the perfect geometric accent for this lantern’s rounded beauty. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 8" x 5½" x 9½" high; glass holder: 3⅛" x 3⅛" x 7¾" high. 10015275 $39.95

e d



Lighting 11




d d

12 Lighting

a • daisy gazebo candle lantern This lovely lamp adds a genteel feel to your home! When filled with light, delicate cutouts and lacy pressed glass panels set the scene for an evening of nostalgic romance. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 4¼" square x 9½" high. 10014617 $19.95



b • new! white lace design candleholder This rounded candle holder features an intricate design that casts fascinating patterns of candlelight and shadow. Add a candle of your choice inside and bask in the sophisticated glow! Iron. Candle not included. 6¾" x 6¾" x 6" high. 10015274 $16.95

c • new! white manhattan candle lantern A classic candle lantern that is eternally chic! This Manhattan Candle Lantern features a white metal frame that is the perfect showcase for the candle of your choice. The clear glass panels let the candlelight flood the room with ambiance, and this lantern looks great as it lights up outdoor living spaces, too! Iron and glass. Candle not included. 5½" x 5" x 15" high. 10015429 $19.95

d • new! flare candle lantern This angled candle lantern has a flair for great style. The white metal frame creates an interesting shape, and the large handle at top makes it easy to hang. Open the hinged door to place a candle of your choice behind the clear glass panels. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 5⅜" x 5" x 11½" high. 10015413 $19.95 e • distressed ivory candle lantern


Clean, classic lines and a brushed weathered finish allow this lantern to fit into virtually any décor. Add your favorite candle for an accent that glows with style! Iron and glass. Candle not included. 5½" square x 12½" high; 13¾" high with hanging loop on top. 10001047 $24.95

f • graceful garden lantern Intriguing five-sided lantern features tapered shape, weathered ivory finish and graceful fluted roof. Generously sized to hold a stately pillar candle for plenty of cheerful candlelight. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 7½" diameter x 12" high. 10039892 $24.95


g • large cutwork garden lantern A graceful sweeping roof and clear glass panels add classical touches to this hanging lamp. The perfect backdrop to your favorite stately pillar candle! Iron and glass. Candle not included. 6¼" square x 15¾" high. 10038467 $29.95

h • mini cutwork garden lantern Tuck this wonderful little lantern into a favorite outdoor nook, or cluster several together to create a symphony of dancing light! Iron and glass. Candle not included. 3¼" square x 7¼" high. 10038468 $8.50

Lighting 13





14 Lighting


a • white railroad candle lanterns Quaint mini-lanterns recall the romance of the railroad; styled just like the signal lanterns that lined the tracks in the glory days of rail travel. These cute candle lanterns get a modern update from a bright white enamel finish, adding just the right festive touch to your next outdoor celebration! Iron with glass. Candles not included. Each is 3⅞" diameter x 9" high. 10039572 Pair $14.95 b • new! belfort candle lantern A twist on the traditional candle lantern, the Belfort features a metal lantern frame that harbors a round glass candle cup. The metal structure is painted white and has a top loop for hanging, and the roof features beautiful floral-inspired cutouts. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 5½" x 5½" x 12" high. 10015409 $19.95 c • crystal drop votive holder Set the stage for an elegant evening with the luster of candlelight! Gracefully crafted of antique ivory metalwork, this tabletop chandelier makes a demure statement of genteel distinction. Iron, glass and acrylic. Candles not included. 10" diameter x 20" high; each cup is 2½" diameter x 3½" high. 10014127 $29.95


d • mini-chandelier votive stand Uniquely beautiful tabletop stand boasts two hanging votive “chandeliers.” Glittering crystals and curving lines delight the eye! Metal and glass with acrylic drops. Candles not included. 13" x 6¼" x 17" high. 10034693 $21.95 e • vintage crystal drop candleholder Recreate the romantic mood of a 19th century Parisian apartment with this stunning lighting piece! Meticulous metal scrollwork frame in rich ivory tones perfectly captures the essence of continental living. Iron with glass cup and plastic beads. Candle not included. 5½" x 6⅜" x 16½" high. 10039058 $16.95 f • white crystal drop candle stand A pair of candles draped with white metal spirals and sparkling drops of crystal will captivate you with sparkling light. This candle stand makes a wonderfully romantic setting with a touch of glitz. Iron with glass and acrylic accents. Candles not included. 11⅜" x 6¼" x 18¼" high. 10015157 $24.95

Lighting 15





16 Lighting

a • ivory baroque chandelier Curlicues, crystals and candles galore— this wonderful chandelier has it all! A lovely touch of luxury and refinement for your dining area, foyer, or even outdoors. Iron and acrylic. Candles not included. 11" x 11" x 15" high; 30" long with chain. 10014947 $32.95



b • shabby elegance scrollwork candleholder Elegant distressedivory scrollwork and glimmering crystals turn candleglow into a captivating show. Instantly create an airy French Provincial ambience with this courtly chandelier! Iron with acrylic accents. Candles not included. 9¼" diameter x 24¾" long. 10038369 $24.95

c • bedazzling pendant sconce duo Turn your empty wall space into a bewitching display of light! Freeswinging sconce pendants gracefully cradle glowing votive candles for a fascinating display of classic artistry. Iron and glass. Candles not included. Each is 5½" x 6¼" x 19½" high; holder is 5½" diameter x 8" high; wall mount is ¾" x 4½" x 6½" high. 10014113 Pair $16.95

d • victorian hurricane lantern A lacy base and dazzling crystals add old-world charm to this elegant centerpiece. A romantic reminder of gentle bygone days, filling your home with nostalgic candlelight! Iron and glass. Candle not included. 4" diameter x 10¼" high; base is 5¼" high. 10014633 $16.95


e • elegant beaded candleholder This refined wroughtiron candle stand boasts a glamorous dash of old-time Parisian elegance! Slender ivory curlicues form a stylish support for a thick pillar candle; lavish swags of glittering crystals turn the light into a dancing diamond display! Iron with acrylic beads. Candle not included. 4½" diameter x 9¼" high. 10038653 $9.95

f • jeweled candleholder The beautiful look of cut-crystal without the high price! Acrylic with a metal candle cup. Candle not included. 3¾" x 3¾" x 11¾" high. 10033802 $19.95

g • crystal drop votive stands Delicate crystal drops dangle from sleek ivory-finished wrought iron candle stands, catching each nuance of candlelight. The essence of elegance! Wrought iron and glass. Candles not included. Each is 3⅝" diameter x 7½" high. 10039550 Pair $12.95

Lighting 17



18 Lighting



a • white lattice lantern Lacy curves and cutouts combine for a truly enchanting design! Creamy white finish brings a bright, refreshing feel to this romantic cage style candle lantern. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 5" diameter x 12" high. 10013364 $16.95

e f

b • white fancy candle lantern with stand A tealight’s glow is made more romantic by the charming lattice pattern of this lovely lamp. Hang on the accompanying stand for heightened effect! Iron and glass. Candle not included. Lantern: 4" x 4" x 8¼" high. Stand: 5½" diameter x 13" high. 10037439 $19.95

c • new! white lace design candle lamp The intricate design of this curvy candle lantern makes a beautiful play of light and shadow when a candle is lit inside. The rounded top is accented by an intriguing square handle, and the entire piece is a work of art even when it’s not glowing. Iron. Candle not included. 6¾" x 6¾" x 9¼" high. 10015276 $39.95

d • white moroccan style lantern Creamy white sparks up the night, adding fresh appeal to the traditional Moroccan candle lantern. Clear glass panels showcase a candle’s dancing glow, for a total look of elegant romance and understated grace. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 5¾" x 5" x 12¼" high. 10001064 $14.95



e • large white moroccan lantern Light leaps in lacy patterns from the cutwork roof and vine-patterned panels of this alluring candle lamp, creating a glamorous aura in any setting! Iron and glass. Candle not included. 7¾" x 6¾" x 15" high. 10038466 $24.95

f • white moroccan lantern Candlelight shines from the cutout design of this lovely lantern. Hexagonal hurricane shape and etched panels combine for a truly stunning effect! Iron and glass. Candle not included. 6" x 5" x 12½" high. 10038465 $14.95

g • white scrollwork candle lantern Intricate floral filigree in white adds fresh appeal to this birdcage lantern! Jubilant points of light from within bring any space to life! Iron. Candle not included. 4¼" square x 10¾" high. 10038332 $10.95

h • new! revere medium candle lantern Classic design and timeless candlelight make this Americana-style lantern a constant favorite wherever it goes. Use it indoors or out to add simple elegance to your home. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 5⅛" x 5⅛" x 11⅝" high; 15" high with handle. 10015219 $24.95

Lighting 19

a b c


a • midnight garden candle lantern A glossy jet-black finish highlights every pretty curve and cutout of this six-panel lantern. Utterly enchanting when filled with golden candlelight, this hurricane style lamp is an attractive accent even during the day! Iron with glass. Candle not included. 5¾" x 4¾" x 9¾" high. 10013930 $19.95 b • flower tower hanging lantern Like a graceful temple spire, this ivory hanging lamp invokes an aura of serenity. With intricate cutouts and crystal clear glass panels, it’s the perfect showcase for a favorite candle’s enchanting glow. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 4" diameter x 9⅝" high; 20" high with chain. 10014637 $14.95

c • floret hanging lantern This exotic candle lantern is embellished with an eternally chic flower design that complements any décor. Decorative cutouts in black metal embrace clear glass and a hinged door that allows you to add the candle of your choice. Light your way to a festive and fabulous glow! Iron and glass. Candle not included. 4" x 4" x 9⅝" high; 20" high with chain at top. 10015224 $14.95

d • triad candle lantern This tabletop candle lantern is a study in elegant simplicity. Embellished with clear glass panels and a triad of circular cutouts atop the black metal lantern frame, place a candle inside for the perfect testament to easy elegance. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 4⅜" x 5⅛" x 9⅝" high; 10⅜" with ring at top. 10015225 $16.95

20 Lighting



g h

e • medium victorian lantern A lovely decoration with an historical feel, this lantern brings to mind the candlelit ballrooms of Victorian times. A faultless addition to any classic decorating scheme! Iron and glass. Candle not included. 5" x 4¼" x 10½" high. 10013362 $14.95

f • large black stagecoach lantern Stately stagecoach lantern is

g • black stagecoach lantern Relive the romantic days of stagecoach travel, when candle lanterns blazed brightly through the night. A nostalgic bit of Old West décor, prettied up with floral cutwork details. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 3¾" x 3¼" x 8" high. 10013361 $9.95

h • small victorian lantern Imagine your tranquil garden at sunset, with elegant lanterns filled with twinkling light. Whether placed alone, or grouped with others, this lamp adds a magical ambiance to any evening! Iron and glass. Candle not included. 3¾" x 3¼" x 8" high. 10013360 $9.95

designed to impress! Elegant framework of matte black metal makes a dramatic statement when backlit by an oversized candle’s golden glow. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 7½" x 6½" x 16" high. 10013363 $39.95

Lighting 21




a • ornate scroll candle sconce Ornate matte-black metalwork forms a dramatic backdrop for a crystal-clear cylinder of glass. Simply add your favorite color pillar candle for instant decorating magic! Metal with glass. Candle not included. 4¼" x 4½" x 19¾" high. 10038370 $19.95

b • crystal drop candleholder Candlelight reflects from countless crystalline facets, turning this bejeweled candleholder into a shimmering fountain of light. Graceful coils of twisted wire form a dramatic cradle for two free-swinging candle cups. A winning example of old-world artistry, warmed by a halo of golden glow! Wrought iron and glass. Candles not included. 11⅜" x 6¼" x 18¾" high. 10039059 $24.95 c • mod-art candle sconce duo Add a chic, modernistic look to any room with this striking pair of candle sconces! Matte black finish lends drama to slender curved metal wall plaques; each supporting a clear glass votive cup. Why not add your favorite brightlycolored candles for an ultra-artistic display? Iron with glass cups. Candles not included. Each is 2⅜" x 4¾" x 8" high. 10039066 Pair $9.95 d • royalty’s chandelier Elegant candleholder chandelier is delicately designed in wrought iron to bring home the romantic charms of the Old World. Candles not included. 16½" x 15" x 17⅜" high. 10035601 $49.95 e • scrollwork candle sconces Wrought-iron wall sconces feature a hypnotic “twirl” design. Candles not included. Each is 7" x 5" x 13" high. 10032402 Pair $19.95

f • scrollwork candleholder Swirls of matte black wrought iron form a striking wall display, calling to mind fine haciendas. Holds five 3" diameter candles in arched formation. Candles not included. 28" x 5½" x 11½" high. 10032403 $59.95

22 Lighting


Wall Adornments With “Wow Power”



Don’t live any more with that boring décor; spark it up with your favorite candle sconces and light up the night!

Lighting 23



24 Lighting



a • new! midnight elegance chandelier The glow of a sultry evening can be yours whenever you want. This chandelier’s faceted baubles dangle and reflect the sparkle of six candles set in tinted glass, creating the perfect ambiance for a romantic getaway right in your own home. Iron, glass, and acrylic beads. Candles and chain not included. 13½" x 12⅛" x 14" high. 10015103 $39.95

b • new! midnight elegance candelabra Light the night with breathtaking splendor! The Midnight Elegance Candelabra is the perfect centerpiece for a romantic table setting, combining the shadowy glow of five candles behind tinted glass and glamorous faceted baubles. Iron, glass, and acrylic beads. Candles not included. 10¼" x 10¼" x 17½" high. 10015105 $34.95

c • new! scrollwork candle sconce Turn an empty space on your wall into a lovely display of iron and candlelight with our stunning Scrollwork Candle Sconce. Five glass candle cups await candles of your choice, held by scrolling iron that will dress up the room. Iron and glass. Candles not included. 19¾" x 3" x 7¾" high. 10015355 $24.95

d • new! midnight elegance wall sconces Dark and mysterious, this pair of


wall sconces will turn candlelight into sultry ambiance. Each has two smoked glass candle cups set in a scrolling black metal frame that is dripping with dark faceted crystals that will sparkle in the glow. Insert the candles of your choice and enjoy this dramatic lighting accent. Iron, glass, and acrylic beads. Candles not included. Each is 10¾" x 4½" x 15" high. 10015106 Pair $39.95

e • new! scrolling candle sconce A fluted glass candle cup rests upon a simply stunning scrolling metal frame to create a lighting accent that leaves a lasting impression. Mount it to the wall in any room and add the candle of your choice to enjoy the ambiance of flickering candlelight. Iron and glass. Candle and hardware not included. 3⅜" x 3¾" x 10½" high; glass holder: 3⅜" x 3⅜" x 3½" high. 10015371 $12.95

Lighting 25



25" Tall!

25" Tall! 19" Tall! b

a • giant-size white medallion lantern Stunning is the word for this show-stopping oversized lantern! Lush medallion cutout design gets modern appeal from its glossy snow-white finish; simply gorgeous as a candle glows from within. Iron. May require additional freight charge. Candle not included. 7" square x 25" high. 10013356 $49.95

b • black medallion lantern An ornate metal candle cage makes a stately statement, lavished in a high gloss midnight-black finish. A perfect fusion of form and fascination! Iron. Candle not included. 7" square x 19" high. 10013359 $29.95

c • giant-size black medallion lantern Impressive in scale and elegant in proportion, this glossy jet-black candle lantern adds drama to any decor. An absolute knockout accessory that you won’t want to be without! Iron. May require additional freight charge. Candle not included. 7" square x 25" high. 10013357 $49.95

26 Lighting

d • medallion candle lantern Creamy white finish adds delicate romance to this enticing metal candle lamp; an ornate cutout medallion design turns ordinary light into a bewitching display. Iron. Candle not included. 3¾" square x 11½" high. 1003246 $10.95 e • moroccan birdcage candle lantern Mesmerizing swirls of matte black metal seem to dance in a candle’s flickering light, lending drama to this elegantly functional décor piece. A fascinating fashion statement indoors or out! Iron. Candle not included. 5" square x 13¾" high. 10013175 $14.95

f • moroccan lantern Exotic metal candle lantern. Place several together for an ever-changing display of dancing light! Candle not included. 3¾" square x 11½" high. 10031574 $10.95 g • moroccan tower candle lantern Intricate panels cast a haunting halo of dancing candlelight, while a graceful outer shape brings to mind a Moroccan temple tower. A truly spellbinding symbol of Far East romance! Iron. Candle not included. 4⅛" square x 13" high. 10013176 $14.95





Lighting 27




a • aquamarine filigree candle lantern Gorgeous hanging candle lantern. The patterned glass is swathed by intricate silver-tone filigree and dangles from a luxe silver-tone chain to inject exotic flair into any space. Glass and metal. Tealight candle not included. 3¾" x 3¾" x 7⅝" high; 13⅝" long with chain. 10015193 $16.95



b • citron filigree candle lantern The deep citrus color ensconced by appealing silver-toned filigree will make this piece a standout anywhere it is placed. Light a candle inside and watch as beautiful patterns flicker across the room. Glass and metal. Tealight candle not included. 4" x 4" x 6" high; 11" long with chain. 10015196 $14.95 c • amber filigree candle lantern Beautifully patterned glass creates a sultry ambiance as intricate silver-tone filigree encapsulates it. Glass and metal. Tealight candle not included. 3⅝" x 3⅝" x 7⅝" high; 13⅝" long with chain. 10015194 $16.95

d • aquamarine globe candle lantern Sea green glass imprinted with a striking dimpled design is capped by intricate silver-tone filigree. Light a candle inside and enjoy the sparkle. Glass and metal. Candle not included. 6½" x 6½" x 7½" high; 14½" long with chain. 10015198 $21.95 e • small aquamarine globe lantern Sky-blue glass imprinted with a timeless pattern is framed perfectly by intricate filigree, all suspended by a glittering chain. Hang it, light a candle inside, and enjoy! Glass and metal. Candle not included. 4½" x 4½" x 5⅜" high; 10" long with chain. 10015197 $14.95

28 Lighting


f • small diamond candle lantern Iridescent light will

h • tall diamond candle lantern Iridescent golden glass

enliven your room when a candle is lit in this fascinating lantern. Green glass pressed into a tactile diamond pattern is held aloft by a bronze-colored decorate hook system. As unique as it is welcoming! Glass and metal. Tealight candle not included. 3½" x 3½" x 4¾" high; 8¼" high with handle. 10015201 $12.95

shines with the flame of a single candle inside. Held aloft by a decorative hook, this lantern is a marvelous lighting accent. Glass and metal. Tealight candle not included. 3⅞" x 3⅞" x 6¼" high; 10¼" high with handle. 10015202 $14.95

g • paragon filigree candle lantern An exquisite diamond-

diamond-pattern glass is complemented by a simple yet decorative hook. Glass and metal. Tealight candle not included. 3⅞" x 3⅞" x 6⅛" high; 10½" high with handle. 10015199 $14.95

patterned lantern steeped in decadent turquoise and encircled by sophisticated silvertoned filigree makes a worldly statement. Light a candle and watch the room twinkle with exotic flair. Glass and metal. Tealight candle not included. 4¼" x 4¼" x 9⅜" high; 13¾" long with chain. 10015195 $16.95

i • blue diamond candle lantern The saturated turquoise

j • amber diamond candle lantern The fiery orange glow from this exquisite lantern will warm up your room instantly. Light a candle inside and the diamondpatterned glass creates glittering ambiance. Glass and metal. Tealight candle not included. 3½" x 3½" x 4¾" high; 7¾" high with handle. 10015200 $12.95

i h



Lighting 29



12" Tall!


30 Lighting





a • large yellow glass moroccan lantern

e • clear glass moroccan lantern

Visions of an exotic market are brought to mind with this entrancing candle lantern. May be hung or placed on a tabletop or floor. Metal and glass. Candle not included. 5¾" x 5" x 12" high. 10037437 $14.95

Intricate cutout metalwork blazes with light as a candle sets this lantern aglow. A decorating treasure inspired by the mysteries of the fabled Far East! Iron and glass. Candle not included. 4½" x 3¾" x 10¼" high. 10014118 $9.95

b • amber moroccan candle lantern

f • green glass moroccan lantern

Sunset orange adds lovely color to this pressed glass and metalwork candle lantern. A dramatic display of light and shadow that enhances any living space! Iron and glass. Candle not included. 4½" x 3¾" x 10¼" high. 10001058 $9.95

A halo of emerald green casts a serene glow, as intricate cutouts cast a net of starlight into the tranquil dark. An enchanting play of shadow and motion! Metal and glass. Candle not included. 4½" x 3¾" x 10¼" high. 10013244 $9.95

c • new! fuchsia glass moroccan style lantern The dark pink patterned glass of this exotic tabletop candle lantern will shine when a candle of your choice is lit inside. Featuring intricate cutout metalwork and a hinged door for easy lighting, this lantern is an exotic accent for any room. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 4½" x 3¾" x 10¼" high. 10015221 $9.95

d • magic rainbow moroccan lantern Candlelight glows through this lantern’s multicolored panels, turning ordinary light into a kaleidoscope display. A blaze of festive color that enlivens any evening! Iron and glass. Candle not included. 4½" x 3¾" x 10¼" high. 10014119 $9.95



12" Tall!

g • blue glass moroccan lantern The cobalt hues of this exotic metal candle lantern bring to mind images of mysterious Morocco! Iron and glass. Candle not included. 4½" x 3¾" x 10¼" high. 10037438 $9.95

h • red glass moroccan lantern Deep red pressed-glass panels and lacy cutouts transform candlelight into a mesmerizing dance, lavishing the night with a mystical glow. A glorious mix of color and light! Metal and glass. Candle not included. 4½" x 3¾" x 10¼" high. 10013245 $9.95

i • large blue glass moroccan lantern Ocean blue is the color of serenity, beautifully showcased in this intricate metalwork Moroccan style lantern. Ornate cutouts allow a candle’s golden light to provide a fascinating counterpoint of lacy light! Iron and glass. Candle not included. 5¾" x 5" x 12¼" high. 10001059 $14.95

Lighting 31



13" Tall!


a • yellow moroccan lantern Candlelight takes on a dramatic air as it shines through golden pressed-glass panels and lacy cutout metalwork. A stunningly illuminating decoration! Iron and glass. Candle not included. 4⅛" diameter x 10½" high. 10039923 $10.95 b • large topaz moroccan lantern Intricate cutouts and deep amber glass double the dazzle of a candle’s flame, turning its fiery glow into a dizzying dance of shadow and motion. An intriguing addition to any afterdark occasion! Iron and glass. Candle not included. 5½" x 5" x 13" high. 10001061 $16.95

c • enchanted rainbow candle lantern Tuck a candle inside this artistic lamp, and enjoy a dazzling spectrum of blazing colors! Ornate metalwork and a variety of stained glass panels combine for a truly theatrical effect. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 4⅛" diameter x 10½" high. 10001060 $10.95 d • amber glass moroccan lantern Create a mood of mystery and romance anywhere with this enchanting cutwork lantern. Amber glass diffuses a candle’s glow to fill your surroundings with dancing light and color. Combine several for a truly magical display! Iron and glass. Candle not included. 4⅛" diameter x 10¼" high. 10033145 $10.95 e • ocean blue candle lantern Like the deepest depths of the ocean, the azure blues of this candle lamp cast an enchanting aura of peace and tranquility. Simply place a votive inside to create an entrancing glow! Iron and glass. Candle not included. 4½" x 3¾" x 10¼" high. 10014120 $10.95

32 Lighting



Lighting 33



a • spellbinder candle lantern Delicate webwork turns candlelight into an ever-changing pattern of shape and form. A functional piece of modern art that adds utter enchantment to your living space! Iron and glass cup. Candle not included. 5" diameter x 7" high; 11" high with loop at top. 10014635 $19.95

b • crystal tree tealight holder Curving black boughs and crystalline berries create an enchanting sparkling display; a trio of tealights placed in the cup-shaped blooms turns this tree into a show of pure splendor! Metal, glass and acrylic. Candles not included. 6" diameter x 13¾" high. 10012055 $19.95

c • black lattice lantern Magical patterns haunt the night, cast by the intricate panels of this stunning Moroccan marketplace lantern. Adds an instant touch of the exotic to everyday life! Iron and glass. Candle not included. 5" diameter x 12" high. 10013365 $19.95 d • moroccan birdcage lantern Starlight patterns glow from each cutout of this ornate metalwork candle lantern! Traditional Moroccan styling adds a classic exotic look to any garden setting. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 6" x 5" x 12½" high. 10001082 $16.95



e • clear glass star lantern Add a candle to this five-pointed star to fill the night with celestial light! Artistic hanging lantern features ornate panels of clearest glass set into a wrought-iron frame. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 10¼" x 3½" x 9½" high. 10012287 $12.95 f • red glass star lantern Star light, star bright; this lantern is an artistic way to beautify candlelight! Patterned glass panels glow richly when lit from within, creating a captivating crimson glow. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 10¼" x 3½" x 9½" high. 10012288 $12.95

g • moroccan tabletop lantern Inspired by the haunting beauty of traditional Moroccan metalwork lamps, this free-standing miniature version casts an ever-changing dance of light and shadow wherever it is placed. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 5½" diameter x 13" high. 10038566 $19.95

h • starlight standing lamp Table-top candle lantern features pretty pressed-glass panels and a graceful swirling stand. Just tuck a tealight inside for a splendid centerpiece that enlivens any special occasion! Iron and glass. Candle not included. Lantern: 7½" x 2" x 8" high; stand: 13" high. 10001081 $19.95

34 Lighting





Lighting 35



a • sapphire bloom candle stand At the end of a graceful vine hangs a lantern of purest blue, blazing with color from a petite candle tucked inside. This freestanding lamp makes a stunning appearance no matter where you choose to enjoy it! Iron and glass. Candle not included. Lantern: 3¾" x 6½" x 12¼" high; stand: 13¼" high. 10014933 $19.95

e • exotic azure pedestal lantern The blue of the desert sky brings brightness to the night, lending splendor to even the quietest evening. Sturdy standing candle cage is the perfect mix of artistic and exotic! Iron, glass, and acrylic beads. Candle not included. 5" diameter x 16½" high. 10013401 $19.95

b • ocean blue serenity hanging lamp Deepest ocean blue adds exotic enchantment to a captivating dance of color and light! Ornately fashioned in the Moroccan tradition, this hanging lantern fills your surroundings with worldly intrigue. Iron and glass. Chain included. Candle not included. 3½" x 3⅛" x 11" high; 20" high with chain. 10014691 $14.95

f • rosette blue candle lantern Like the blue of an exotic summer sky, the patterned glass of this candle lantern will invigorate and inspire. Highlighted perfectly by the intricate design of the filigree metal frame, this candle lantern is sure to fill your room with exotic flair. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 4" x 3½" x 7½" high. 10015247 $14.95

c • sapphire nights table lantern Candle light glimmers through lacy

g • tall floret blue candle lantern Vibrant blue shines from the

designs, turned into sapphire rays of light. This graceful hanging tabletop lantern enchants your home with the magic of a desert night! Iron and glass. Candle not included. Lantern: 4" x 4" x 8¼" high. Stand: 13" high. 10014121 $19.95

patterned glass of this finely crafted candle lantern, as delicate filigree design enhances its allure. All that is required is a candle’s flame to inspire your room with an exhilarating glow. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 3½" x 4" x 13" high. 10015245 $16.95

d • sapphire star table lantern Make a wish on this beautiful blue star! Simply add a candle to this lovely accent lantern to fill the area with an enchanting azure light. Beautifully fashioned from matte black metal and pressed glass for an artistic presentation. Iron and glass. Candle not included. Lantern: 7½" x 2" x 8" high; stand: 14" high. 10001138 $19.95

36 Lighting



e g


Lighting 37



a • rosette prism candle lantern Vibrant colors dance when a candle is lit inside this handsome tabletop candle lantern. Rich, jewel-tone hues come to life with the brightly colored and patterned glass panels framed by the intricate design of the dark metal lantern frame. Brighten your home with exotic flair! Iron and glass. Candle not included. 4" x 3¾" x 10" high. 10015246 $14.95

b • floret prism hanging candle lantern This



exotic hanging lantern shines with an array of deep, rich colors from its multicolored patterned glass panels that are perfectly complemented by the dark metal frame embellished with delicate cutouts. Insert a candle of your choice and light it for the ultimate vibrant ambiance. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 4" x 3⅜" x 10⅝" high; 20½" high with chain at top. 10015222 $16.95

c • turret candle lantern Dark metal accented with decorative cutouts holds the exotic glass of this tabletop lantern, and when you place the candle of your choice inside and light the wick you’ll enjoy its lively ambiance. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 4" x 4½" x 9⅞" high; 11" high with ring at top. 10015223 $19.95

38 Lighting

d • large multi-color glass moroccan lantern Multi-colored



glass panels cast a blazing rainbow, lighting up a quiet night! Intricate cutouts add additional fascination as flickering candlelight shines from within. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 5¾" x 5" x 12¼" high. 10001137 $14.95

e • rainbow moroccan lantern stand A rainbow of light with that Eastern flair. Decorative cutwork and an elegant stand make a truly unique display! Iron and glass. Candle not included. Lantern: 4" x 4" x 8¼" high; stand: 13" high. 10001062 $19.95

f • evening star standing lantern Suspended from a slender curlicue of wrought iron, a multicolored star casts a halo of carnival splendor! A unique tabletop candle lamp that enlivens your next gathering with a festive glow. Iron and glass. Candle not included. Lantern: 7½" x 2" x 8" high; stand: 14" high. 10014122 $19.95

g • rainbow’s delight candle lantern Small in size



13" Tall!

but big on style, this Moroccan marketplace lantern sparkles your surroundings with a blaze of color! Six separate color glass panels create a dazzling candlelit display. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 4½" x 3¾" x 7½" high. 10014638 $10.95

h • moroccan-style tabletop lantern Dancing patterns of light in a halo of color emanate from this striking lantern. Suitable for hanging, or use as a free-standing lamp. Metal and glass. Candle not included. 6½" x 7½" x 13" high. 10033144 $24.95

Lighting 39




Enchanting Moroccan-Style Lanterns Bring an exotic dash of faraway mystery to your very own home. a • moroccan hanging star lantern Starlight shines from every facet of this enchanting candle lamp! Traditionally formed from pressed glass and bronze for a timeless decoration that adds sparkle to any décor. Iron and glass. Candle and chain not included. 11" x 11" x 14" high. 10001133 $49.95

b • new! victorian hanging candle lantern The blend of clear pressed glass with a decorative metal frame that features decorative cutouts makes this a stunning candle lantern. Hang it indoors or out to create a glimmering show of candlelight. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 4" x 4½" x 13" high. 10015424 $19.95

c • hanging moroccan lantern Styled after the ancient Eastern lanterns, this pierced-metal pendant lamp brings an exotic dash of faraway mystery to your very own backyard. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 4¾" x 4¼" x 13" high; 10" long chain included. 10038469 $14.95

40 Lighting





d • new! ornate hanging candle lamp Create an elegant ambiance instantly when you place a candle inside this gorgeous and ornate hanging holder. Delicate silver filigree ornaments grace a beautiful glass candle cup that’s rimmed with silver and hangs from three chains. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 4" x 4" x 19½" high with a chain; holder is 4½" high. 10015339 $12.95 e • mystical candle lantern Handsomely styled cutout metalwork recalls the beautiful hand-wrought lamps of a Moroccan marketplace. Iron and glass. Chain and candle not included. 4" x 4" x 10" high. 10039640 $12.95 f • emerald serenity hanging lamp Tranquil shades of green add a feeling of serenity, as countless intricate cutouts cast an enchanting candlelit glow. With a uniquely slender shape, this lamp bestows an exotic flair most anywhere! Iron and glass. Chain and candle not included. 3½" x 3⅛" x 17" high. 10014692 $19.95

g • moroccan-style star lantern The many-pointed Moroccan star is the inspiration for this multicolored lantern. Insert a tealight or votive to set the jewel-tone panels aglow! Metal with glass panels. Chain and candle not included. 11" x 11" x 14" high. 10034690 $49.95

Lighting 41

b a


revere candle lanterns These classic lanterns with matte black finish and topped with a large loop and the perfect touch of Americana style to your home. Place them indoors or out to add simple elegance to your home. Iron and glass. Some assembly required. Contents not included.

a • large 7¼” x 7¼” x 15⅜” high; 18⅞” high with handle. 10015220 $29.95

b • medium 5⅛” x 5⅛” x 11⅝” high; 15” high with handle. 10015219 $24.95

c • small 3⅞” x 3⅞” x 8⅞” high; 11” high with handle. 10015218 $12.95

42 Lighting


d • moroccan candle lantern stand Capture the drama of a deep desert night with this enchanting standing lamp! Free-swinging lattice lantern cage lets candlelight create shifting designs that dazzle and delight. Iron. May require additional freight charge. Candle not included. 11¼" x 13¼" x 41¼" high; lantern: 8¼" x 7½" x 18" high. 10012575 $59.95


e • metal floor lantern Fabulous floor lantern enhances your décor with cottage style romance! Scrollwork stand and latticework candle lantern are lovely anywhere; use several sets together to elegantly illuminate a garden pathway or hall. Metal. Candle not included. 12½" diameter x 35½" high. 10038233 $39.95

Lighting 43




44 Lighting

a • moroccan tower candle lantern Tall,



elegant and impressive, this graceful bronze candle lamp is a stunning focus piece for your décor. Add a stately candle to shed an entrancing amber glow. An imaginative accessory! Iron and glass. Candle not included. 7¼" x 6⅜" x 22" high. 10013202 $24.95

b • tall moroccanstyle candle lantern Lead your mind to far-off adventures! Amber glass panels reflect the flame of a single candle to create shadows that ripple and move in an endlessly enthralling pattern. Metal. Candle not included. 6¼" x 5⅜" x 19" high. 10034691 $29.95

c • sunset temple moroccan lantern Like a temple tower at sunset, the pressed glass panels of this metalcraft lantern blaze with a mystical desert glow. Simply set a candle inside to set the scene for afterdark magic! Candle not included. 4¾" x 4¾" x 11¾" high. 10001004 $19.95

d • amber glass lantern This intricate lacework lantern brightens the night with timeless fireside fascination! Embossed amber glass transforms a tealight’s glow into an inviting circle of warm, enchanting light. Simply beautiful! Metal with glass. Candle not included. 4¼" diameter x 7¾" high. 10037934 $19.95


e • amber teardrop lantern Spark an aura of Moroccan magic when you hang this distinctive antique-finish lantern! Candlelight glimmers through patterned panels of pressed amber glass, giving this lovely lamp the look of a treasure fit for a sultan’s palace! Metal with glass. Candle not included. 6¾" diameter x 23" high. 10038373 $29.95

Lighting 45




a • black colonial candle lamp


Quaint colonial styling and a sleek, modern matte black finish make this lamp a winning addition to your décor! Your favorite votive candle looks lovely at center stage behind six clear glass panels; just the right accent to make any evening into a special occasion. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 5" diameter x 9½" high. 10014123 $10.95

b • colonial candle lamp Cutouts

f e

and glass windows gleam with reflected candlelight in this colonial-style metal candle lamp. Bright burnished finish and a wire hanging loop. Candle not included. Metal with glass windows. 5" diameter x 9½" high. 10031132 $10.95

c • white colonial candle lamp A traditional candle lantern gets a fresh contemporary look with matte white finish and charming star cutouts! A simple yet elegant lantern sheds festive light on any setting. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 5" diameter x 9½" high. 10014124 $10.95

d • copper moroccan candle lamp Intricate swirls of gleaming copper add luster to this dramatic candle lantern. Unique double-door design is sure to add faraway flair to any surroundings! Iron and glass. Candle not included. 4" diameter x 9½" high. 10013366 $14.95

46 Lighting



white lanterns Add special glow anywhere with one of these charming lanterns. The panels’ gracefully curling vine design is beautifully highlighted by the candle’s soft light. Metal and glass. Candles not included. e • small white lantern 4" square x 4¾" high. 10037440 $6.95 f • large white lantern 5¾" square x 8" high. 10037441 $12.95

g • new! large eclipse candle lantern A monument to great design, this beautiful candle lantern will enhance the pillar candle of your choice. The antiqued pewter-like finish and the circular and intricate cutouts that adorn the top and sides of this lantern create a gorgeous spectacle of light and shadow. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 5" x 5⅛" x 17½" high. 10015411 $34.95 h • new! small eclipse candle lantern You’ll admire this gorgeous candle lantern day and night, with and without light. The antiqued pewter-like finish of the metal frame is highlighted by the intricate cutout patterns on the top and all four sides. Clear glass panels let the light of your candle shine through. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 5" x 5⅛" x 12½" high. 10015410 $29.95

Lighting 47



a • amber lilies tealight holder Gracious curves and warm amber glass add a strikingly sensual appeal to this threetealight candelabra. Add the amber glow of candlelight to this elegant Art Nouveau sculpture for a truly stunning display! Iron with glass and acrylic accents. Candles not included. 9⅜" x 4¾" x 13⅜" high. 10038947 $24.95

b • calla lily candleholder Slender calla lilies in a sophisticated shade of pewter add Art Deco elegance to any room. A glamorous decoration that’s gorgeous by day, and entrancing by night when filled with quiet candlelight! Iron, glass and acrylic. Candles not included. 8" x 5" x 15" high. 10013919 $24.95

c • silver dawn lily tealight holder



Two graceful lily blossoms glow at the end of slender stems when filled with lustrous candlelight. Silvery speckles add to the drama for fabulous lighting effects. Iron, glass and acrylic. Candles not included. 7" x 2½" x 16¼" high. 10001110 $24.95

d • tiger lily tealight holder Just imagine this lovely decoration filled with glowing tealight candles, warming the night with gentle golden light. A timeless designer look that adds instant beauty and drama to your very own home! Iron with glass cups. Candles not included. 7" x 8" x 14¼" high. 10013770 $19.95

48 Lighting



e • silver calla lily candleholder Slender silver spires and leaves surround delicate frosted lily blooms; lovely by day, and enchanting when crowned with candlelight. An art-house treasure in the classic Art Deco tradition! Iron, glass and acrylic. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. Candles not included. 11½" x 8⅝" x 32" high. 10012794 $69.95

f • amber calla lily candleholder Slender curving stems support iridescent amber lily blossoms, creating an elegant play of form and color. Place a candle into each bloom to enhance the night with dazzling light! Glass, iron and acrylic. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. Candles not included. 10" x 10" x 24¼" high. 10012793 $59.95

Lighting 49




50 Lighting


a • dawn flower candleholder A spellbinding arrangement of slender stems



and blossoms captures the warm colors of the rising sun’s first light. A dramatic decoration, especially when crowned with a captivating aura of golden candlelight! Iron, glass and acrylic. May require additional freight charge. Candles not included. 12½" x 8" x 32" high. 10013918 $69.95

b • dawn lily wall sconce A single lily blossom in a delicate sunrise orange makes a colorful centerpiece among twining vines and crystalline buds. With the addition of your favorite tealight candle, this lovely wall sculpture becomes a stunning combination of graceful form and gorgeous glowing light! Iron, glass and acrylic. Candle not included. 6½" x 3" x 12½" high. 10013922 $14.95 c • dawn blossom tealight holder A single graceful bloom glows at the end of a slender stem, its golden glass cup filled with lustrous candlelight. A cherished addition to your romantic decorating theme! Iron, glass and acrylic. Candle not included. 4⅛" diameter x 12¾" high. 10013917 $10.95 d • ruby blossom tealight sconce Delicate blooms glow with a sensuous scarlet candlelit hue, turning this Art Deco sconce into a marvel of dazzling light. Especially lovely when displayed in pairs or groups for a fabulous scenario of vintage style Hollywood glamour! Iron, glass and acrylic. Candles not included. 9" x 3¼" x 14¾" high. 10013923 $19.95 e • romantic rose votive holder Set the stage for an enchanted evening when you place a candle at the heart of this ruby-red rose! The timeless symbol of love is never lovelier than when filled with a candle’s passionate flame. Iron, glass and acrylic. Candle not included. 5" x 4⅛" x 12½" high. 10013920 $14.95

f • lilac lily pad tealight holder Soothing shades of dusky lilac give this botanical tealight stand a gentle splendor. A dazzling backdrop for a candle’s dancing flame, adding subtle romance to any setting! Iron, glass and acrylic. Candle not included. 6¼" x 4" x 8⅞" high. 10001118 $14.95

Lighting 51





52 Lighting



Blossoming with Light Make a bold decorating statement with any of these “blooming” candleholders. a • leopard lily triple candle tree

d • leopard lily single candle tree

Daring decorators will truly love this fabulous find, with three bejeweled lily stems topped with wild leopard print “blooms.” With the simple addition of a trio of tealights, this vine becomes a centerpiece to remember! Iron, glass and acrylic. Candles not included. 7" x 5¼" x 17¾" high. 10001115 $29.95

Take a daring departure with this luscious leopard candle stand! A graceful lily stem forms a whimsical backdrop for an arresting arrangement of glittering cat-print candle cup and gems. Iron, glass and acrylic. Candle not included. 4½" diameter x 13½" high. 10001114 $12.95

b • leopard lily double candle tree

e • lotus blossom votive holder Delicate

Two curvy copper stems support the “blossoms” of leopard spotted, tulip shaped tealight holders. Amber baby buds are also making their way towards the light in this whimsical tabletop decoration. Iron, glass and acrylic. Some assembly required. Candles not included. 5½" x 2¼" x 13" high. 10001113 $19.95

frosted lotus blossoms floating above rustic leaves are enchanting when crowned with candlelight. With its horizontal presentation, this glamourous decoration adds instant beauty and drama to your very own home! Iron, glass and acrylic. Some assembly required. Candles not included. 21" x 10½" x 8½" high. 10001112 $69.95

c • rustic antler candleholder This rustic

f • geometric leopard votive stand

antler wreath forms a crafty cradle for a glass globe votive holder. A wonderfully woodsy touch of nature to warm up your cabin-style or country décor! Polystone with glass cup. Candle not included. 5⅜" x 4⅞" x 3⅝" high. 10038444 $12.95

A lively leopard print and quirky mirrored shapes turn this simple candleholder into a decorating sensation! The addition of your favorite votive fills your surroundings with an exotically enchanting glow. Iron, glass and acrylic. Candle not included. 4⅞" x 3¾" x 12" high. 10014603 $16.95

Lighting 53





a • new! mini birdcage candleholder The perfect perch for a candle!

b • partridge nest tealight holder Crafty candleholder blends nature’s

This charming iron birdcage candleholder features a glass candle cup, charming wire-frame design, and a hanging loop at top. Place a candle inside and light it to enjoy its cheery charm. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 3¾" x 3¾" x 7" high. 10015368 $9.95

beauty and modern art for a truly unique decoration! Warm earth tones lend a sophisticated air to this stylized bird’s nest with bronze candle cup. Polyresin, iron, glass and acrylic. Candle not included. 8¾" x 4¾" x 4¾" high. 10013374 $9.95

c • nested boughs candleholder Intricately woven nests perched upon sturdy boughs are perfect roosting spots for the tealights of your choice. This three-candle holder will enchant you with the shimmering patterns emitted from lovely nests when lit. Stamped leaves and wire nests accented with a molded metal bird keeping watch over her cozy home. Iron. Candles not included. 14⅜" x 5" x 9⅛" high. 10015099 $24.95

d • wise owl candle stand With its fanciful theme and its rich, earthy

54 Lighting

colors, this vine shaped candle stand is a wise decorating choice indeed! Cute owl ornament is ever so enchanting when backlit by a candle’s glow. Iron, glass and acrylic. Candle not included. 7¼" x 3⅞" x 8¾" high. 10014604 $14.95



Birds of a feather.. These charming candleholders blend nature’s beauty and modern art for truly unique decorations for your home! e • new! birdcage triple candleholder There’s no better way to capture the charm of candlelight than with this darling Birdcage Triple Candleholder. Three glass candle cups are set in metal branches sprouting from the base of the birdcage, creating a striking visual, while a beautiful bird sits perched on top of the cage. Add the candles of your choice. Iron and glass. Candles not included. 8⅝" x 8⅝" x 15¾" high. 10015369 $29.95

f • birdcage staircase candle stand A little bird sits atop this darling cage that houses spiral stair-stepped tealight candle cups. Birdcage door provides easy access to the candles. Iron and glass. Candles not included. 9" diameter x 28" high. 10001232 $49.95

Lighting 55



d c

56 Lighting

a • dewdrop lily tealight holder Filled with candles, a


duet of lily blossoms glows in delicate shades of amethyst and pearl. Graceful stems and glimmering gems make this candle holder an enchanting decoration, day or night! Iron, glass and acrylic. Candles not included. 7¼" x 5" x 15½" high. 10001087 $29.95

b • claret flowers tealight holder Two open flowers surround the tealight holders on this cute table lamp. Clear crystal flower buds adorn the stems while the full blooms extend to their claret color on the petals. Iron, glass and acrylic. Candles not included. 8" x 4½" x 12½" high. 10001111 $14.95

c • enchanted amethyst candle lamp Royal purple shows its romantic side as it banishes the darkness with its gorgeous amethyst glow. Rich stained glass panels are elegantly offset by ornate cutwork and an antique pewter finish. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 5¾" diameter x 11½" high. 10013931 $19.95

d • twilight bloom tealight holder A single dusky purple lily holds a tealight candle at its heart, while crystalline flowerbuds capture the gentle glow. A beautiful reminder of the quiet enchantment as the evening turns to night! Glass, iron and acrylic. Some assembly required. Candle not included. 8½" x 4⅝" x 13½" high. 10014575 $19.95

e • jewel tree candelabra Lustrous gems glitter amongst twining branches and candlelight! Graceful tree-shaped accent holds six tealight candles in a striking configuration that enlivens any setting. Iron, glass and acrylic. Candles not included. 11¾" x 5½" x 24¾" high. 10001084 $59.95

Lighting 57



58 Lighting



a • metal spiral candleholder Crown any tabletop with a shimmering spiral of golden light! Matte-black candleholder cradles eight tealight votives in a breathtaking stair-step display. Dramatic alone, or circle around a vase of fresh flowers for an instantly elegant centerpiece! Metal. Candles not included. 9⅞" diameter x 15" high. 10038178 $19.95


b • crystal-trimmed candelabra Tall, elegant candleholder gets its glamour from a crown of glittering crystals! Dozens of facets capture dancing candlelight to create an ever changing show of dazzling rainbows. Breathtakingly beautiful! Iron and acrylic. Candles not included. 10" diameter x 17¾" high. 10038029 $39.95

c • new! ironside candle display A trio of clear glass candle cups are set in black metal to create a dramatic display of candlelight. Add the candles of your choice and light them to fill the room with modern glow. Iron and glass. Candles not included. 16" x 6¾" x 7⅞" high. 10015432 $34.95

d • jewel-toned candleholder A quartet of cone-shaped cups in sumptuous amber, amethyst, emerald and ruby shades casts a hypnotic halo of colored candlelight! Stylish stair-step wrought iron holder cradles each votive in a cage of graceful curves for a breathtaking display. Metal with glass cups. Candles not included. 11" x 4⅝" x 12¾" high. 10038648 $14.95


e • new! hurricane candle lantern trio What a beautiful way to decorate your table! Each of these gorgeous hurricane lanterns features a scrolling black metal stand that holds a glass candle cup at varying heights. Insert the candles of your choice and let the flickering flames shed a lovely glow on your tabletop. Iron and glass. Candles not included. Large: 6" x 6⅛" x 12" high; medium: 5½" x 5⅛" x 10" high; small: 5" x 4⅝" x 8¼" high. 10015459 $29.95

f • tuscan candle centerpiece For instant decorating magic, look no further than this curvy candle stand! Elegantly fashioned from wrought iron scrolls, this triple-candle decoration makes a gracious focal point atop your mantle, table or shelf. Iron. Candles not included. 17" x 4" x 7¾" high. 10014198 $24.95

Lighting 59

A Beautiful Life at Home Breathe new life into your living space with our inspired home dĂŠcor collection. Turn the page to discover refreshing accent furniture, dazzling lighting, and luxurious accessories for every room of your home.

60 Home DĂŠcor

Home DĂŠcor 61





62 Home DĂŠcor

a • new! metal rattan lantern


Look no further for a stunning candle accessory that will instantly increase the style factor in any room. Our Metal Rattan Lantern features a stunning pear-shaped design with an intricate rattan-style woven pattern that will enhance the beauty of candlelight. Metal. Candle not included. 6½" x 6½" x 13" high; 2½" round ring at top for hanging. 10015340 $39.95

b • new! silver moroccan dome lantern The captivating design of Morocco will add some international flair to your candle with this exotic dome lantern. Clear glass panels let the light shine through, topped with an ornate domed roof and oversize hanging loop. Metal and glass. Candle not included. 5¼" x 5¼" x 13" high; 2½" round ring at top for hanging. 10015341 $39.95

c • new! tall silver lace design candle lamp This over-sized silvery metal shines with a mystifying and elaborate cutout pattern in this spectacular candle lantern. With a polished base and top, along with a squared-off handle, this lighting accent is sure to increase the splendor of any room. Iron. Candle not included. 8½" x 8½" x 13½" high; 17" high with handle up. 10015277 $49.95


d • new! silver ottoman pouf Add glitz and glamour to your living room with this comfortable ottoman pouf. Finished in silver, this functional furnishing accent will be the most popular seat or footrest in the house. PU and polystyrene material. May require additional freight charge. 22" x 22" x 13¾" high. 10015184 $99.95

e • new! dazzle decorative plate Display this dazzling plate with decorative balls, dried flowers, or simply as it is to create a mesmerizing centerpiece for your table, mantel, or anywhere your room could use a dash of sparkle. Iron. 11⅞" x 11⅞" x ½" high. 10015273 $19.95

f • new! moroccan lace stool Looking for a glamorous room accent with serious “wow” factor? This is it! The marvelous Moroccan Decorative Stool features an intricate and dazzling pattern and is a luxurious side table, display stand, or stool. Place it indoors or outside and admire its shimmer and shine! Metal. 11⅛" x 11⅛" x 14¾" high. 10015138 $79.95

Home Décor 63



a • new! moroccan-style side table It’s a side table with exotic

d • new! marrakesh market throw pillow Spice up your décor with

flair! The Moroccan style table’s intricate details will certainly add a dash of spice to your room. It features a pull-out drawer and lower shelf framed by beautiful Moroccan-style carved elements. MDF wood. May require additional freight charge. 15" x 15" x 25" high. 10015465 $159.95

a dash of Moroccan flavor with this delicious throw pillow. Emblazoned with a fascinating and elaborate white embroidered pattern, this rich burnt orange cushion flaunts unmistakable style. Polyester and microfiber. Spot clean only. 18" x 18" high. 10015312 $39.95

b • new! moroccan accent table Gorgeous design with exotic flair,

e • new! regent round foot stool This luxurious and comfortable

this accent table is the ultimate in chic global style. The table features braided trim, six legs with decorative Moroccan style, and a pull-out drawer for fashionable function. MDF wood. May require additional freight charge. 14½" x 12½" x 25" high. 10015467 $139.95

Carved Round Foot Stool features dark wood with an intricate design around the base and legs with a modern curve. The neutral suede-like fabric of the round seat will suit any décor. Hardwood. Some assembly required. 11" x 11" x 17¾" high. 10015372 $79.95

c • new! ecru and spice throw pillow Lounge in luxury with this

f • new! regent carved foot stool There’s a lot of luxury packed into this foot stool! The beautiful and intricate carving on the base is regal, and the suede-like neutral upholstery will make this rectangular stool at home anywhere. Hardwood. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. 19⅞" x 11⅞" x 20" high. 10015373 $89.95

beautiful ecru and spice pillow. Striking the perfect harmony between soft neutral colors and rich, intricate embroidery, these cushions instantly add a splash of exotic flair to your seating area or bed. 100% Polyester. Spot clean only. 18" x 18" high. 10015311 $39.95

64 Home Décor





Home DĂŠcor 65



a • colonial carved side table From mild to wild, any surrounding will get a high-fashion boost with the simple addition of this decorating treasure – now in the high-fashion shade of basic black! Curvy carvings and a dazzling pull knob add surprise touches of opulence, while an elegant silhouette beautifully complements your eclectic décor. MDF wood. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. 17¾” x 13” x 28” high. 10015081 $89.95

b • tassel votive holder Instantly create an atmosphere of intrigue and romance! Tasseled metal cages swing gently from a slender central holder; glass votive cups in a deep garnet hue bestow ordinary candlelight with an air of enchantment. Daring and dramatic! Iron and glass. Candles not included. 7" x 6" x 19½" high. 10038934 $29.95 c • scallop detail hall table Scalloped centerpiece and sinuous curves add amazing eye appeal to this elegantly proportioned hall table. Distressed black finish gives the appearance of a time-honored heirloom. Wood. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. 31½" x 15¾" x 30¾" high. 10035177 $99.95


d • black side table This simple yet elegant two drawer table is finished with a black stain that allows the beauty of the pine wood to show through. May require additional freight charge. 15¾" x 11⅝" x 27⅓" high. 10036643 $99.95 e • antiqued black wood cabinet This charming hand-painted cabinet has so many uses— an appealing end table next to sofa, beside the bed as a handy nightstand, or an attractive catchall cabinet for a home office or bath! Attractively weathered matte-black finish and a simple shape allow this winsome furnishing to blend in with most any décor. Features one drawer above a generous single-door storage space. MDF wood. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. 18" x 12½" x 29" high. 10039092 $139.95

f • urban storage trunk and stools Sleek, stylish storage is right under your feet when you complement your home décor with this marvelous modern trunk set! Richly padded leatherette adds a luxe look to any room; lift-up lids conceal generous hidden inner storage stools. Faux leather (PU), fabric lining, and wood. May require additional freight charge. Trunk: 31¾" x 14¼" x 13¾" high; storage stools: 11½" x 10" x 13¼" high. 10013825 Set of 3 $159.95

66 Home Décor




Home DĂŠcor 67


a • trunk and ottoman trio A coffee table, side table, ottoman extra seating, storage— this set is all of those things at once! Dark brown woven wicker with padded tops, the large trunk and two matching ottomans are perfect for resting your legs after a long day, as additional seating, and for storing or stashing clutter when entertaining guests. Rush grass, fabric lining, wood, and faux leather. May require additional freight charge. Spot clean only. Large trunk: 31½" x 19" x 19" high; each ottoman: 15½" x 15½" x 14" high. 10015230 Set of 3 $199.95


b • nesting storage hampers These attractive storage bins feature padded tops and woven detailing in rich brown tones to complement your décor while keeping your room neat and tidy. Use them as hampers for clothing or as storage bins for occasional items, such as guest towels and extra blankets. Rush grass, fabric lining, wood, and faux leather. May require additional freight charge. Spot clean only. Large: 17" x 13" x 19½" high; small: 14" x 9½" x 16" high. 10015229 Set $109.95

68 Home Décor



c • carriage style candle lantern Simple colonial lines and a classic black finish give this handsome candle lamp a timeless appeal. Fill with a colorful pillar candle for a wonderfully warming display! Iron and glass. Candle not included. 4¼" square x 12" high. 10001066 $16.95

d • serpentine decorative stool The possibilities are endless with this beautiful decorative stool. Use it as a seat, end table, or as decoration for your home, either alone or as a display stand. It’s so versatile that it can even be used in the garden or on the patio! Ceramic. May require additional freight charge. 13⅜" x 13⅜" x 18" high. 10015207 $129.95



e • hudson candle lantern A study in varied textures and finishes, this lantern mixes raw wood with polished metal and unaffected rope with aged metal wire. Place a lighted candle inside the interior glass holder and enjoy. Wood, stainless steel, and glass. Candle not included. 6½" x 6½" x 12" high; candleholder: 3½" x 3½" x 5¼" high. 10015211 $34.95

f • hudson tall candle lantern This lantern blends old and new with the perfect mix of wire and wood accented by polished metal and an earthy rope loop. The interior glass candle holder is supported by a removable metal frame for easy lighting and candle replacement. Wood, stainless steel, and glass. Candle not included. 6½" x 6½" x 13½" high; candleholder: 3½" x 3½" x 5¼" high. 10015210 $39.95

Home Décor 69


a • santa rosa nesting trunk duo From formal to casual, this duet of trunks fits faultlessly into your décor! Deep mahogany finish and antiqued bronze hardware complements the classic all wood styling with a feel of worldly sophistication. Wood and veneer board. Large: 24½" x 16" x 16½" high; small: 19" x 12" x 12" high. 10001139 Set $219.95

d • chestnut ottoman pouf Go ahead, put your feet up and relax! This cozy, comfortable ottoman pouf is perfect for lounging and will quickly become the most popular spot in your living room. Its soft texture is irresistible, and its deep brown color will complement your décor! Polyester and polystyrene. Spot clean only. 19" x 19" x 11¾" high. 10015182 $49.95

b • santa rosa plant stand duo Lush dark wood finish and craftsman

e • santa rosa end table Sleek and attractive, this dark wood-finished

styling make this twosome of planter stands a winning addition to any home! A stunning showcase for your favorite greenery that lends a classic look. Indoor use only. Wood and veneer board. Large: 12½" square x 30" high; small: 9" square x 24" high. 10001142 Pair $139.95

unit is equally at home beside a bed or adding storage next to a sofa. Three roomy drawers hold plenty of items right at easy reach, yet neatly out of sight. Wood and veneer board. 15" x 12⅜" x 23" high. 10001140 $199.95

c • santa rosa side table Add casual sophistication to any décor from classic to modern with this simply stylish table! A handsome addition to your favorite room, with an ample drawer and two open shelves for easy storage. Wood and veneer board. 15" square x 25" high. 10001141 $139.95

70 Home Décor





Home DĂŠcor 71

a c




Set of 3!

a • new! black tree jewelry stand The many branches of this tree jewelry holder are ready for you to decorate with your necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets. The matte black finish of this sculptural jewelry stand will show off your beautiful jewelry while keeping it organized and within easy reach. Polyresin and cotton cover. Accessories not included. 8" x 6⅜" x 12½" high. 10015365 $24.95

b • new! uptown throw pillow This geometric-inspired throw pillow has uptown class with downtown appeal. Taupe hexagons embroidered on a natural cushion are the key to unlocking your room’s style potential. 100% Polyester. Spot clean only. 18" x 18" high. 10015315 $39.95

72 Home Décor

c • new! chic stripes throw pillow Catch the express to high style with this sleek throw pillow featuring chic stripes that complement any décor. The splash of chartreuse is just the kick this neutral pillow needs to make its on-time arrival to superb décor. 100% cotton. Spot clean only. 18" x 18" high. 10015316 $39.95 d • wild printed decorative plates Bring a touch of nature to your domicile with these 12-inch square decorative plates. Let your imagination run wild and use them to display candles, decorative balls, and more! Plastic and calcium carbonate. Wipe with damp cloth. Each plate is 11⅞" x 11⅞" x ⅜" high. 10015178 Set of 3 24.95



Put your sophisticated decorating style on display.

e • copper hanging tabletop lantern Weathered copper finish and a free-swinging design are clever touches that make this tabletop lantern so special! A simple candle turns this pretty decoration into a dramatic glowing centerpiece. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 7" diameter x 11½" high; lantern: 5½" diameter x 9" high. 10001043 $19.95

f • amber crystal drop candelabra Sunset colors dazzle with the warmth of captured light, turning this graceful stand into a blaze of beauty! Artfully fashioned from matte black metal with golden-amber glass candle cups. Iron, glass and acrylic accents. Candles not included. 10" diameter x 20" high. 10001099 $29.95

g • simply elegant curio cabinet Elegantly proportioned curio cabinet graciously accents your favorite room. Glass doors, graceful legs and stylish fittings dignify this beautiful cabinet. Birch veneer; alder legs. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. Cabinet contents not included. 22" x 11" x 39¼" high. 10035038 199.95

Home Décor 73




a • new! neutral basket trio Organizing made stylish! This set of three

b • corn husk nesting baskets Tightly woven cornhusk baskets with

nesting baskets features a lovely taupe woven exterior with matching lining and is perfect for getting things in order in the bathroom, kitchen, in the entry way and beyond. Highlighted by striped fabric and silver handle hardware and featuring a trio of convenient sizes, you can nestle a variety of items inside this set for beautiful storage. 30% cotton and 70% terylene lining and PVC. Contents not included. Large: 13½" x 9½" x 5¾" high; medium: 12¼" x 7⅞" x 4⅞" high; small: 10⅞" x 6½" x 4⅛" high. 10015164 Set $34.95

lightweight bamboo handles are perfect for a variety of bath goods. Contents not included. Small: 16¼" x 10½" x 4½" high; medium: 19" x 12½" x 5½" high; large: 21" x 14½" x 6½" high. 10034622 Set of 3 $49.95

74 Home Décor

c • new! floral woven nesting baskets Organize in style with this beautiful set of three nesting storage baskets. The base of the baskets is covered with floral upholstery and topped with natural woven material, and inside is a complementary pattern. Sea grass straw and fabric. Contents not included. Large: 15½" x 11" x 7½" high; medium: 13½" x 9¼" x 7" high; small: 11½" x 7½" x 6⅜" high. 10015392 Set of 3 $39.95





d • new! arcadian nesting baskets The thick weave of this

e • new! rural woven nesting baskets Classic and modern at

f • new! rectangular nesting baskets Organize your magazines,

g • new! rustic woven nesting baskets These gorgeous thick-

nesting basket trio ensures that this set will be in style for years to come. Wrapped around a wire metal frame, these baskets will help you organize your home while looking great. Corn husk. Contents not included. Large: 13½" x 12" x 6¼" high; medium: 12" x 10¼" x 5" high; small: 10½" x 9" x 4½" high. 10015394 Set of 3 $34.95

the same time, this trio of woven nesting baskets features braided handles for timelessly chic storage. These oblong baskets are great for use in the kitchen, living room, craft room, and beyond! Water Hyachinth. Contents not included. Large: 16" x 11" x 7⅝" high; medium: 14" x 9½" x 7" high; small: 12" x 7⅜" x 6⅛" high. 10015393 Set of 3 $39.95

mail, bath accessories and so much more with this handsome trio of nesting baskets. Their wire frames and thick woven structure make them as fashionable as they are functional. Hyacinth. Contents not included. Large: 14" x 10" x 8⅛" high; medium: 12" x 8" x 7¼" high small: 10" x 6" x 6½" high. 10015228 Set of 3 $39.95

woven nesting baskets are eternally stylish! Keep your home organized beautifully with this trio that feature looped handles for easy relocation. Cattail straw. Contents not included. Large: 19½" x 14" x 10¾" high; medium: 17" x 12⅛" x 9⅜" high; small: 14½" x 10½" x 7½" high. 10015231 Set of 3 $44.95

Home Décor 75



76 Home DĂŠcor


Bathroom Beautifiers


Bright and white, these handsome organizers keep clutter out of sight. An instant update to your powder room that adds storage galore where you need it most! a • nantucket bathroom wall shelf Bright white louvered shelf contains clutter and adds style appeal to your powder room! Two roomy shelves hold plenty of collectibles or bath essentials, while a built-in bar holds a towel right at ready reach. MDF wood. Some assembly required. Contents not included. 23¾" x 8" x 20" high. 10014706 $49.95

b • nantucket storage cabinet Big on storage yet surprisingly sleek, this shelf and cabinet combination tucks anywhere for instant organization. A winning style addition for any room in your home! MDF wood. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. Contents not included. 13½" x 12" x 27½" high. 10014707 $69.95

c • nantucket tall storage cabinet You’ll find a thousand uses for this fashionable organizer, from the bathroom to the living room and beyond! Sleek louvered styling and bright white finish let this handsome shelf brighten most any décor. MDF wood. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. Contents not included. 13½" x 8" x 65" high. 10014705 $99.95

d • nantucket bathroom space saver Make elegant use of wasted space with this decorative bathroom storage cabinet! Instantly adds ample room above your commode for towels, toiletries and other essentials while enhancing your powder room décor. MDF wood. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. Contents not included. 23⅝" x 9¼" x 62" high. 10014704 $109.95

Home Décor 77




78 Home DĂŠcor

a • linen cabinet A classic design refashioned with sophistication using silverfinished magnetic hardware and veiled glass doors. This wood cabinet is a stately home for towels, sheets and more. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. Contents not included. 24" x 12" x 63" high. 10035014 $239.95



b • bathroom cabinet Understated cabinet elegantly hides bath products and towels behind opaque glass doors. Silver-finished, magnetic-latch hardware. Wood. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. Contents not included. 24¼" x 9" x 30½" high. 10035013 $129.95

c • storage cabinet Refined bathroom cabinet delicately graces cramped quarters in style. Wood. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. Contents not included. 13¾" x 11¾" x 33" high. 10035012 $89.95

d • nantucket shelf cabinet Don’t hide those lovely towels and soaps! This “decorator’s dream” bathroom cabinet comes complete with a storage compartment at bottom and an open shelving system on top for display or easy access. MDF wood with lacquer. Some assembly required. Contents not included. 15¾" x 11¾" x 33⅛" high. 10015130 $129.95


e • lakeside storage cabinet Who couldn’t use one more drawer and shelf? The Lakeside Storage Cabinet is a handsome and hasslefree way to up your home’s storage capabilities without giving up a lot of space. MDF wood with lacquer. Some assembly required. Contents not included. 15¾" x 13⅞" x 34⅛" high. 10015129 $109.95

f • lakeside tall storage cabinet Here’s the perfect solution to your storage problems! This tall cabinet doesn’t take up much space and fits perfectly in narrow bathrooms, hallways, kitchens, and beyond. With two doors, a drawer, and an open shelf, you can store, display and organize quickly and easily! MDF wood with lacquer. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. Contents not included. 14⅝" x 13¼" x 70⅞" high. 10015128 $199.95

Home Décor 79

a b

a • osaka curio shelf A sleek, squared curio shelf becomes a functional work of art, thanks to gleaming chrome framework and five natural bamboo slat shelves. A striking showplace for your favorite items! Bamboo and chrome plated metal. Some assembly required. Contents not included. 13" x 10½" x 50½" high. 10014709 $99.95

b • kyoto bamboo bath trio Chic, modern and eco-friendly— those are just a few of the perks of this winning trio! Handsome bamboo water cup, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and tray make a stunning addition to your bathroom countertop. Bamboo and stainless steel. Set: 8¼" x 3⅛" x 7" high. 10001223 Set $24.95 c • kyoto double linen cabinet Sleek and slender storage unit adds contemporary style to your décor! Effortlessly elegant, this roomy double cabinet features bamboo slat doors complemented by a pure white exterior finish. Bamboo and MDF wood. Some assembly required. 15¾" x 11¾" x 75" high. 10001220 $199.95

d • kyoto wall cabinet Stylish storage becomes elegantly simple when you mount this charming cabinet on any wall! Natural bamboo door and pure white frame add fresh appeal to any décor. Bamboo and MDF wood. Some assembly required. 15¾" x 11¾" x 26¾" high. 10001219 $99.95

e • kyoto storage cabinet Ideal for small spaces, this handsome storage cabinet tucks away clutter in style! Glossy white outer and elegant bamboo slat doors fit into any décor; free standing style allows for endless placement options. Bamboo and MDF wood. Some assembly required. 15¾" x 11¾" x 27" high. 10001221 $99.95

80 Home Décor




Home DĂŠcor 81




82 Home DĂŠcor


a • new! tall white lace design candle lamp This large candle


lantern holds a pillar candle of your choice, and when lit, the elegant cutout pattern makes quite a show of light. The lantern also features a square handle at top. Iron. Candle not included. 8½" x 8½" x 13½" high; 17" high with handle up. 10015278 $49.95

b • new! helping hand jewelry holder If you need a helping hand when it comes time to organize your everyday jewelry, our Helping Hand Jewelry Holder is for you! Set this sleek white sculpture on your vanity or bathroom counter to help keep your prized rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more within easy reach and organized. Porcelain. 5½" x 5" x 6¾ high. 10015337 $14.95

c • new! fifth avenue throw pillow Continental style with a hint of contemporary design, this neutral diamond-pattern pillow will be the crowning jewel of your seating arrangement. This cushion is the embodiment of chic comfort; it’s bold enough to be eye-catching yet demure enough to let the entire room shine. 80/20 Poly, rayon. Spot clean only. 18" x 18" high. 10015318 $39.95

d • new! french gate throw pillow Fine design with a soft shimmer, this throw pillow will strike the perfect chord in your chateau. The neutral tonal coloring of this accent cushion is the go-to look for relaxed refinement. 80/20 Poly, rayon. Spot clean only. 18" x 18" high. 10015317 $39.95


e • new! shabby elegance side table If you’re looking for a unique side table that’s equally charming, you’ve found it! This artistic table will add a dash of romance and whimsy to your room, and its pull-pout drawer and lower shelf make it as functional as it is beautiful. MDF wood and hard wood. May require additional freight charge. 19½" x 13" x 30½" high. 10015466 $159.95

f • new! white scalloped hall table Scalloped centerpiece and sinuous curves add amazing eye appeal to this elegantly proportioned hall table. Distressed white finish gives the appearance of a time-honored heirloom. MDF wood. Some assembly required. 31½" x 15¾" x 30¾" high. 10015216 $99.95

Home Décor 83



a • flourish nesting tables There’s no limit to what these enchanting nesting tables can do for your room! Tuck the smaller two underneath to create visual interest, stagger them to make a stepped display for plants and flowers, or place them near seating areas to use as side tables. MDF wood. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. Large: 21½" x 21½" x 20" high; medium: 16¼" x 16¼" x 15½" high; small: 11¼" x 11¼" x 10½" high. 10015089 Set $199.95

b • flourish hallway table This lovely three-legged half-moon table is the very definition of functional beauty. Add a vase of flowers on top of this charming table to invoke thoughts of Paris in springtime, or designate it as the perfect landing spot for your keys next to the front door. MDF wood. May require additional freight charge. 31½" x 15¾" x 30½" high. 10015088 $119.95

c • casablanca storage cabinet Organization can be glamorous! Frosted glass covers the bottom half of this modern storage cabinet while two open shelves on top are at the ready to showcase your style. MDF wood and glass. May require additional freight charge. 18½" x 12¼" x 47" high. 10015092 $219.95

84 Home Décor




d • ivory elegance candelabra Dripping with glittering crystals, graceful ivory curlicues create a showy support for a trio of candles. Delightfully extravagant with a touch of Old-World elegance! Iron and acrylic. Candles not included. 16¼" x 5⅛" x 14½" high. 10039784 $34.95

e • flourish pedestal table Just say no to boring tables! Add dramatic flair to your home with this table’s shabby chic finish that perfectly highlights the decorative cutwork around the base of the tabletop. MDF wood. Some assembly required. 15¾" x 15¾" x 20½" high. 10015090 $69.95

Home Décor 85


a • carved white side table Shaped legs and shell-design trim add distinction to this decorative side table. A generous drawer and a bottom shelf provide plentiful storage. MDF wood. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. 17¾" x 13" x 28" high. 10034353 $89.95

b • fuzzy white ottoman pouf What a heavenly way to rest your feet! Increase your home’s cozy factor instantly with this fuzzy white ottoman, and watch as friends, family, and even pets are drawn to its cloud-like comfort. Polyester and polystyrene. Spot clean only. 19" x 19" x 11¾" high. 10015183 $49.95 c • arched-top wall mirror Wood-framed vintage-look mirror adds French country flair to your “chateau!” Weathered white finish is a fabulous fit for any color scheme. 12½" x ½" x 20" high. 10031586 $29.95

86 Home Décor

d • elegant tray stand Gracious entertaining is a snap with this stylish tray table! Elegantly aged white finish with a carved rim and two handy drawers; folding legs for easy storage. Wood. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. 22" x 15½" x 27" high. 10033139 $59.95 e • new! rustic garden wooden lantern Give your home or garden the glow of rustic charm with this gorgeously unadorned candle lantern. The rectangular wood base holds a tall, clear glass cylinder that will protect the candle of your choice from the wind. Create a glowing country scene with this homespun lantern by simply adding the candle of your choice! Wood, glass and iron. Candle not included. 6¼" x 6¾" x 9" high; Cylinder: 3⅞" x 3⅞" x 7¾" high. 10015435 $19.95





Home DĂŠcor 87



88 Home DĂŠcor





a • geometric tray with stand This is the ultimate a side table and serving tray combination! The tray features a beautiful geometric cutout design around its raised edge that helps secure beverages or hors d’oeuvres. MDF wood. Overall: 19" x 14½" x 26⅝" high; tray: 19" x 14½" x 2¾" high; drawer: 17¾" x 13¼" x 2¾" high. 10015086 $79.95 b • geometric mirror Here’s proof that geometry can be beautiful! This rectangular mirror is surrounded by a stylish frame embellished with geometric cutouts and washed in white for a clean, crisp finish. MDF wood frame and mirror. 15¾" x ¾" x 23½" high; mirror: 9⅜" x 17¼" high. 10015091 $49.95

c • bejeweled standing candelabra Luminous bejeweled standing chandelier makes a stunning presentation for any special occasion! The perfect combination of elegance and opulence, set aglow in golden candlelight. Iron and acrylic. Candles not included. 10" diameter x 17¾" high. 10014128 $39.95

d • simply white storage cabinet


Handy three shelved cabinet stores and displays your items behind a glass door. Elegant and “simply white” with decorative legs and door handle, it will be useful in any room! MDF and pine wood. 15" x 11⅜" x 25¼" high. 10001148 $139.95

e • graceful antiqued cabinet Simple lines and a creamy hand-distressed finish give this wonderful wooden cabinet the heirloom look of cherished vintage furnishings! MDF wood. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. 18" x 12½" x 29" high. 10039093 $139.95

f • side table Sometimes the simple things are best, and this 2-drawer, singleshelf wooden table combines a sleek simplicity with versatile functionality. MDF and pine wood. May require additional freight charge. 15¾" x 11¾" x 27¼" high. 10036644 $99.95

g • wise owl decorative stool This remarkable owl is ready to perform a balancing act in your home or garden. Use your imagination as you designate it as a chic seating option or a clever side table. Ceramic. May require additional freight charge. 11" x 11" x 18" high. 10015206 $129.95

Home Décor 89


a • white elegant coffee table With clean, graceful curves and a soft white finish, this classic coffee table is simplicity itself. A room-brightening accent that adds cottage style romance to any surrounding! MDF wood. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. 37" x 18" x 16¾" high. 10013226 $159.95 b • scalloped accent table This sleek accent table attests to your outgoing design style while complementing your current décor. Curved legs highlight the lower shelf, and the scalloped tabletop is striking with or without anything displayed on it. The table, lacquered finished in white, also features a pullout drawer with a dark metal ring pull. Hardwood and MDF. May require additional freight charge. 15⅝" x 15⅝" x 26⅜" high. 10015215 $149.95 c • hampton side table Brighten your room with this classic coastal-inspired side table. Lacquered finished in white, this sleek and handsome furnishing features a pullout drawer for storage, highlighted by a contrasting metal pull, and a bottom shelf that can be used for additional storage or display. Hardwood and MDF. May require additional freight charge. 18¼" x 13⅞" x 26⅛" high. 10015214 $149.95

90 Home Décor

d • round scalloped accent table Put your taste on display! This round table features scalloping detail around the tabletop base and along the curved legs, making it a remarkable addition to your décor. The lower shelf is the perfect spot for a stack of books or photo albums, while the lacquered finish in white brightens the room. Hardwood and MDF. May require additional freight charge. 20¼" x 20¼" x 24½" high. 10015213 $149.95

e • french country table lamp A very modern take on a Baroque style, this unique laser-cut wood lamp has three legs and a color-matched shade that will complement and enliven your décor. Plug it in, turn the inline switch, and illuminate your room with a “Wow!” Wood and hemp shade. UL recognized. Light bulb not included. 13" x 13" x 29" high; shade: 13" diameter x 8" high. 10015159 $69.95





Home DĂŠcor 91

a a • rococo accent table Exquisitely carved flourishes add an air of refinement to this appealing accent table. Wood with distressed white finish. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. 23⅝" diameter x 29" high. 10034708 $99.95

92 Home Décor


b • elegant white wall mirror




A floral crown and embossed flourishes grace a weathered white wood frame mirror that reflects life’s romantic moments. May require additional freight charge. 9⅞" x ½" x 30½" high. 10033666 $34.95

c • classic white letter organizer Organization never looked so good! Distressed white metal “tiles” and swirls come together to form three generous sorting pockets for correspondence. 2½" deep pockets. 7¾" wide x 23¼" high. 10033264 $29.95

d • floral ceramic decorative stool The floral pattern on this stool is a beautiful way to add some graphic drama to your home. It can be used as a stool, table or as a standalone decorative accent. Move it to the garden or patio for outdoor use! Ceramic. May require additional freight charge. 13⅜" x 13⅜" x 18" high. 10015208 $129.95

e • carved-top table A musthave for the romantic heart. Turned legs and an intricately carved top add rich visual appeal to this enchanting white wood table. (Contents not included.) Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. 35" x 14" x 29" high. 10034709 $99.95

Home Décor 93

Dreams of Lazy Seashore Days Whimsical accents bring to mind fresh sea breezes and the carefree feeling of a day at the beach.



a • rowboat curio cabinet set Cute and casual display shelves bring the fun of a day at the lake to your décor! Faux rowboats in a peppy red and white scheme create a fanciful showcase for your treasured keepsakes; so cute in a sunny corner. MDF wood. May require additional freight charge. Large: 14½" x 7¼" x 29½" high; small: 10" x 6¼" x 19" high. 10014753 Set of 2 $119.95 b • new! saurian trinket box What will you keep inside this lavish beauty? Turquoise crocodile pattern makes the simple shape of this box endlessly fascinating, and its black lining will allow you to keep and find small items in a snap. PVC and inner felt lining. 8¼" x 5⅞" x 3⅛" high. 10015203 $14.95

94 Home Décor

c • saurian nesting trays Serve up cocktails to dinner guests or make an impressive display on a credenza with a collection of objets d’art with these chic nesting trays. Turquoise crocodile pattern gives a sleek sheen while making the trays easy to clean. A classic form in a modern color make for a contemporary home accent! PVC with felt bottom lining. Wipe with damp cloth. Large: 11½" x 11½" x 2⅛" high; small: 9⅛" x 9⅛" x 1⅞" high. 10015204 Set $24.95


d • saurian square coasters Part of the chic crocodile-inspired Saurian collection, these square stitched coasters are a perfect complement to your home’s contemporary decor. In a luxurious shade of turquoise and with plenty of tactile appeal, these coasters will be adored by all of your guests. PVC with felt bottom lining. Each is 3⅞" x 3⅞" x ⅛" high. 10015205 Set of 4 $9.95


e • new! seaside throw pillow In their most comfortable form ever, enjoy the treasures of a low-tide beach with this lovely off-white cushion embroidered with colorful shells, coral, and starfish. This pillow is a “shore” bet when you’re looking to add a touch of seaside whimsy to your décor. 100% polyester. Spot clean only. 20" x 20" high. 10015309 $49.95



f • new! sailor’s knots throw pillow The perfect accompaniment to a sailor’s dream, this charming pillow will attract land lovers and seafarers alike with its cool color palette and rope design with a slightly modern twist. Front: 100% cotton; back: 60/40 poly cotton. Spot clean only. 20" x 20" high. 10015310 $49.95

Home Décor 95



96 Home DĂŠcor






Solar-powered light shines for up to 8 hours.

a • new! blue glass watch tower candle lamp This beacon will shine with blue glow when you light a candle of your choice inside. The tinted blue glass of this nautical lantern creates a seaside ambiance that is topped off by its shining metal watchtower frame. Set this lovely lantern on your tabletop or hang it from the loop on top. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 5" x 5" x 9½" high. 10015433 $14.95

b • lookout lighthouse candle lamp Brighten your evening with a cheery seaside glow; just add a votive inside this miniature lighthouse and enjoy the ambiance! Quaint metal sculpture makes a pretty display, even during the day. Iron with frosted glass. Candle not included. 5" diameter x 10" high. 10013789 $14.95

c • sandcastle lighthouse candle lamp Like a child’s sandcastle, this lovely little lighthouse evokes happy dreams of the sea! When topped with a tealight, this nautical decoration fills the night with a comforting glimmer of light. Polyresin, metal and glass. Candle not included. 4⅜" diameter x 11" high. 10014626 $19.95

e • lighthouse candle lantern With its contemporary construction and creamy ivory finish, this little lighthouse freshens up your nautical décor theme! Just tuck a candle inside the base and bask in its beckoning glow. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 4¾" diameter x 11¾" high; 13" high with hanging loop at top. 10014634 $19.95 f • solar-powered lighthouse This handsome lighthouse is powered by the sun, shining brightly for up to 8 hours, long after the sun is down. Polyresin. One AAA battery not included. 9½" x 8¼" x 19" high. 10035719 $59.95

g • nautical rope trim table lamp Add a nautical feel to any room with this maritime-inspired lamp. Long links of anchor chain stretch from a ropewrapped pier pile to a crisp lampshade that mimics the color of whitecaps on the waves. Iron and hemp shade. UL recognized. Light bulb not included. 11" x 11" x 30" high; lamp shade: 11" diameter x 10" high; base is 5" diameter. 10015163 $79.95

d • ocean blue lighthouse candle lamp Indoors or out, the ocean-blue glass and white metal of this lighthouse lantern is a cheerful coastal accent for your home. Open the door to place a candle inside to soak in the cheery radiance. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 5" x 5" x 10" high; 13¼" high with handle. 10015217 $19.95

Home Décor 97

a b

a • passat ship model Let your imagination set sail as this handsome tall ship proudly crests your mantle or table! Exquisitely detailed model is stunningly authentic, from its billowing sails to its gleaming brass rails. Wood and cotton. 13" x 2¾" x 12" high. 10014751 $29.95


b • mini mayflower ship model Pay tribute to our nation’s birth with this handsome historical figurine! The mighty Mayflower adds its classic image to complete your nautical or historical theme; marvelously crafted with attention to every detail. Wood and cotton. 7" x 1¾" x 6¼" high. 10014750 $9.95

c • hms victory ship model Your imagination sets sail from the very first look at this lifelike model schooner! Lovingly built from genuine wood and canvas, its craftsmanship is evident in every detail. A true work of art that will grace your home with high-seas distinction! Wood and cotton. 19" x 4" x 17¾" high. 10001296 $59.95

98 Home Décor


Set sail for new decorating shores Gorgeous, intricately crafted ships add a perfect touch to your nautical décor.

d • bermuda tall ship model Sail away on dreams of adventure; let this magical ship be your guide! Stunning wood and canvas model is so amazingly lifelike, you’ll practically hear the waves breaking over the bow. The perfect gift for any true sailor at heart! Wood and cotton. Some assembly required. 16½" x 3½" x 24¼" high. 10014749 $49.95

Home Décor 99


decorative accent tables These breathtaking accent tables add color and artistry to any surroundings with lifelike sculptured bases and gleaming clear-glass tops. A designer’s dream come true; collect them all! Polystone base with tempered glass top. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. Each is approximately 19" diameter x 23½" high.

a • playful dolphins accent table 10038425 $119.95

d • white tiger accent table

b • dramatic eagle table

10033699 $119.95

e • majestic stallion accent table 10038426 $119.95

c • wolf accent table

10037918 $119.95

100 Home Décor

10039587 $119.95





Home DĂŠcor 101

Artisan Glass Collection a


a • summertide art glass vase A surefire

c • floral fantasia art glass vase This

way to enhance the beauty of any room, the Summertide Art Glass Vase is truly a masterpiece. Royal blue glass teeming with blooming bursts of color will complement any bouquet, yet look just as lovely when solitary. Glass. 5⅜" x 5⅜" x 13⅛" high. 10015136 $69.95

individually hand crafted jug-shaped vase is a treasure of glowing color and graceful garden imagery. Actual item may vary in colors from the picture shown here. Glass. 8" x 8" x 9" high. 10012982 $59.95

b • peacock fantasy art glass vase Like the

d • oceania art glass vase The swirling of a

restless ocean is echoed in the rich azure hues of magnificent feathers of a peacock’s tail, a dazzling this glass art vase. Captivating like the sea itself, fusion of color and shape adds lustrous life to this piece is as fanciful as it functional— an ideal this regal glass vase. A theatrical centerpiece that vessel to display a vivid bouquet of flowers or transforms a room into an elegant gallery of modern sublime stand-alone work of art. Glass. 6¾" x 6¾" x art! Glass. 6¾" x 6¾" x 17" high. 10013908 $99.95 12" high. 10015135 $79.95

102 Home Décor

e • dreamscape art glass vase All the beguiling colors of a splendid dream are captured in glass for you to enjoy during waking hours. As lovely filled with your favorite blooms as it is alone, let your dreams come to life with this artistic vase. Glass. 5⅜" x 2¾" x 10⅜" high. 10015134 $69.95 f • art-glass teardrop Inspired by the Sommerso glass artisans of Italy, an artful teardrop shimmers in jewel tones of sapphire, peridot, and amber. A splendid suncatcher when placed on a sill, or a tasteful paperweight when displayed atop a desk. Sure to delight any art-glass aficionado! Glass. 4" x 2" x 6½" high. 10038980 $24.95




Each of these stunning pieces is individually hand–crafted for its unique beauty. Because these treasures are one–of–a– kind, your item may contain slight differences from the pictures shown here.


Home Décor 103


a • galaxy art glass vase Mesmerizing swirls of color and a shapely


d • hanging pendant vase Alongside an entryway or lining a hall, this freeform silhouette come together to create a truly stunning piece of art! Place graceful free-swinging pendant vase lends designer distinction to any wall! this gorgeous art glass vase where it’s sure to be admired by all. Glass. May Black scrollwork wall bracket sturdily supports a sparkling glass hanging vase, require additional freight charge. 8" x 4¾" x 15½" high. 10012981 $99.95 adding renaissance romance wherever you choose to display it. Metal with glass vase. Hanger: 5¾" x 5½" x 13¾" high; vase: 3¼" diameter x 7¾" high. b • duo tone modern vase Resplendent in hues of violet and indigo, this 10038179 $14.95 magnificent glass piece with flowing patterns of color stands alone as a perfect e • tabletop hanging vase Artistic swirls of matte-black metal support sculpture! Glass. May require additional freight charge. 7" x 4" x 15¾" high. a cone-shaped hanging vase of gleaming glass. Fill with flowers, potpourri or 10038377 $129.95 even a votive candle to create a fabulous focal piece! Metal with glass vase. c • sunire glass vase Brilliant reds and golds glow in any light, bringing a Stand is 5¼" diameter x 14¾" high; vase is 3¼" diameter x 7¾" high. burst of color to any room. Add your favorite blooms to this striking glass vase 10038180 $14.95 for a breathtakingly beautiful focus piece! Glass. 5½" x 3" x 9" high. f • crimson sunset art glass vase A sparkling freeform vase celebrates 10012117 $39.95 the beauty of an autumn sunset, setting your surroundings alive with vibrant color. This abstract artwork is lovely alone, but especially stunning when filled with a graceful bouquet! Glass. 7½" x 3½" x 12¼" high. 10013907 $69.95

104 Home Décor








Each of these stunning pieces is individually hand–crafted for its unique beauty. Because these treasures are one–of–a– kind, your item may contain slight differences from the pictures shown here.

Home Décor 105


a • rustic corner baker’s rack Tuck this lovely shelf into a drab corner, add your favorite collectibles or plants, and you’ve got an instant designer display! Warm wood tones and ornamental scrollwork add timeless style. Wood and metal. May require additional freight charge. Plants not included. 14" x 14" x 47" high. 10012517 $99.95

b • new! wrought iron candle display Let the candlelight shine bright from your tabletop with this stunning display. Six glass candle cups rest at different heights in a circular wrought iron stand that's embellished with scrolling flair. Place the candles of your choice inside and light the night with beauty. Iron and glass. Candles not included. 11⅝" x 11½" x 9½" high; each holder: 2½" x 2½" x 3⅝" high. 10015397 $29.95

c • new! circular candle stand with vase Place fresh flowers in the vase and watch as their beauty intensifies with the help of glowing candlelight. The black metal frame of this fantastic accent piece holds a tapered glass vase surrounded by six glass candle cups waiting to be filled, creating a dramatic display. Iron and glass. Candles and flowers not included. 10¼" x 9¾" x 10¾" high; vase: 4" x 4" x 9¾" high. 10015367 $19.95

d • new! scrollwork candle stand with vase Dress up your table with dramatic beauty! The Scrollwork Candleholder with Vase is a stunning centerpiece that allows you to blend scrolling iron, candlelight, and fresh flowers into your décor. The tapered glass vase in the center is surrounded by six glass candle cups waiting to be filled. Iron and glass. Candles and flowers not included. 14⅞" x 14⅞" x 12½" high; vase: 4" x 4" x 9¾" high. 10015370 $32.95

106 Home Décor




Home DĂŠcor 107


a • baker’s style wine and glass rack Open baker’s rack design enhances your home’s décor! This stylish and functional unit has cradles for ten wine bottles, a rack for ten stemmed glasses and three spacious shelves for storage or display. Wood and metal. Items on rack not included. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. 24" x 16" x 68" high. 10034775 $179.95

b • scrollwork wine rack Place your favorite vintages at center stage with this dramatic display rack! Graceful spirals of wrought iron create an eye-catching display while cradling six bottles of wine at a vintner’s ideal storage angle. A stylish space-saver that lends an elegant touch anywhere! Wrought iron. Wine not included. 13½" x 7" x 15¼" high. 10032405 $24.95

c • french waiter wine holder Add mirth and merriment to your next soirée with this delightful wine holder! This charming garçon securely supports your best bottle of wine (not included) and is sure to be an instant conversation starter! Polyresin. 7⅝" x 6½" x 17¾" high. 10037117 $39.95

d • happy chef wine holder A pleasingly plump chef brings the classic image of the joyful gourmet to lovable life, adding merriment to your home— and holding a bottle of your favorite wine ready to enjoy! Resin and stone powder. Wine bottle not included. 10¼" x 6¾" x 14⅛" high. 10014001 $39.95

e • chef eyeglasses rest Get a helping hand…make that a helping nose in the kitchen! Differentiating between a tablespoon of salt and a teaspoon of salt is crucial, and this fun eyeglasses rest will ensure your reading glasses will be clean and handy so you won’t misread the recipe! Polyresin. Eye glasses not included. 2¾" x 3" x 5¼" high. 10015176 $11.95

108 Home Décor





Home DĂŠcor 109


a • rustic baker’s rack shelf Baker’s rack has just the right mix of rustic romance and roomy shelving! An attractive showcase for decorative treasures, or an ample storage spot for everyday items; blends perfectly with your décor. Wood and metal. May require additional freight charge. Contents not included. 23⅜" x 12¾" x 49" high. 10012516 $129.95

b • french market corner shelf Enliven any quiet corner with this rustic storage etagere! Basket-weave textured shelves and slender wrought metal supports add an instant air of Old World elegance to your living space. Metal with PE rattan. May require additional freight charge. 13" x 13" x 46" high. 10001089 $89.95

c • french market baker’s rack Storage made stylish and simple; that’s the European way! Roomy baker’s rack features three basket-weave shelves and an elegant rustic metal frame, turning an ordinary room into a decorating showcase. Metal with PE rattan. May require additional freight charge. 26½" x 13½" x 52¼" high. 10001088 $129.95

d • rustic triple planter stand Weathered wood and rustic finish lend a timeless look to this handsome planter stand! Folding configuration and three graduated pedestals let you arrange your favorite greenery for maximum style impact. Wrought iron and wood. Folded: 9" diameter x 23" high; opened: 19½" x 15" x 23" high. 10001091 $49.95

e • french market plant stands Old World elegance galore! With rich burnished coloring, graceful shapes and three graduated heights, these handsome stands transform your favorite plants into an instant artistic display. Metal with PE rattan. Small: 8¼" square x 21½" high; medium: 10" square x 24¾" high; large: 12¼ square x 28" high. 10001090 Set of 3 $99.95

110 Home Décor



d e

Home DĂŠcor 111

a • ivy-design staircase plant stand Airy strands of ivy grace


this staircase style plant stand. Six shelves place plants at graduating heights, creating a dramatic display of greenery! Metal. Some assembly required. Plants and pots not included. 22¼" x 22½" x 38½" high. 10034764 $59.95

b • bicycle plant stand Nostalgic styling blooms to life when you add your favorite plant to this whimsical stand! Wrought iron curlicues form the shape of an old-fashioned bicycle from bygone days. Iron. Some assembly required. Plant not included. 20¾" x 10" x 14⅛" high; plant basket: 10" diameter. 10013185 $39.95

c • four-tier plant stand screen Form meets function in this versatile design! This interesting screen has four graduated-height panels, each topped with a secure plant shelf; foldable to fit any area. Metal. Plants and pots not included. 32" x 8" x 24¾" high. 10031339 $29.95

d • wire basket plant stand Graceful wrought-iron curlicues combine to create a fetching stand for your favorite plants; two-tiered design makes a handsome spacesaving display! Metal and wire. Some assembly required. Plants and pots not included. 15½" square x 27½" high. 10039932 $39.95

e • two-tier plant stand Lacy scrolls in a verdigris-style finish comprise this two-tier plant stand. A graceful addition for indoors or out; shelves securely hold two of your favorite plants! Metal. Plants and pots not included. 9¼" x 28" high. 10028232 $29.95

f • corner plant stand Antiqued faux-verdigris plant stand is designed to fit into any corner; three shelves provide ample room for plants or display items. Metal. Some assembly required. Items on stand not included. Each shelf is 12½" across, 9" deep; overall item is 30¼" high. 10027128 $29.95 g • country apple plant stand

Put your favorite plants on proud display with these beautiful plant stands! 112 Home Décor


Put your favorite plants on proud display with this country-style stand! An apple-branch motif adds charm and color to a graceful triple-tier “gate” design. Wrought iron. Plants and pots not included. 19¼" x 15½" x 19¾" high. 10039857 $49.95






Home DĂŠcor 113


Fireside Romance a • new! french revival fireplace screen A touch of French form will add a dash of style to your fireplace. This beautiful iron screen features a gorgeous pattern of fleur de lis metal cutouts accented by scrolling designs. The top features a large fleur de lis that accentuates its continental charm. Wrought iron. May require additional freight charge. Folded: 26¼" x 1" x 33¼" high; opened: 46¼" wide. 10015400 $99.95

b • new! embellished fireplace screen


A fireplace screen that is as beautiful as the flames it guards! This metal screen features a dramatic arched shape embellished by scrolling metalwork designs that mimic the flickering flames kept in the fireplace. This screen is beautiful even when the fireplace is empty! Wrought iron. May require additional freight charge. Folded: 24½" x 1" x 33" high; opened: 46" wide. 10015399 $99.95




114 Home Décor





c • florentine ireplace screen A warm, rustic finish and ornate

d • lone star ireplace screen Add a touch of Texas style to your

scrollwork give this metal screen the look of a timeless Italian treasure, graciously keeping stray sparks and fireplace embers at bay. A handsome enhancement for any décor! Wrought iron. May require additional freight charge. 46¾" x ½" x 31½" high. 10013773 $99.95

hearth with this handsome folk art screen! Striking gate design features a host of metal cutouts and rustic weathered finish; gives any room a cozy prairie campfire feel. May require additional freight charge. Front panel 26" x 3¾" x 35" high. When open screen is 51" wide. 10012569 $99.95

e • tuscan-design ireplace screen Evocative of the ironwork of

f • rustic forest ireplace screen Magnificent metalwork fire screen features cutout silhouettes of deer and mountains; absolutely magical when backlit by firelight! Wrought iron. May require additional freight charge. 54" x ½" x 32½" high. 10012295 $99.95

traditional Italian artisans, this curvaceous folding fireplace screen features exquisite black cast iron accents. May require additional freight charge. 44½" x 1" x 30¾" high. 10034770 $99.95

Home Décor 115



Set of 3 Lamps b

116 Home DĂŠcor

a • spiral hanging floor lamp This graceful spiral-shade floor lamp exudes turn-of-the-century grace and style. The unique shade shape creates a cone of soft warmth when lit from within. Metal and polyresin stand. Polyester fabric. UL recognized. Some assembly required. Max. 60-watt bulb not included.19" x 11½" x 61" high. 10034891 $99.95



b • contemporary lamp trio Sleek lines and a classic Colonial silhouette come together beautifully in this striking lamp trio! Whether your décor is historically elegant or ultra-hip, these tasteful silver fixtures are a seamless fit. Metal base with fabric shade. UL recognized. Small lamps: maximum 40-watt bulbs not included. Large lamp: maximum 100 watt bulb not included. 2 table lamps: 10" diameter x 18½" high; floor lamp: 14" diameter x 63½" high. 10036998 Set $129.95

c • beaded leaf-motif lamp Lovely lamp’s shade is bedazzled with gleaming amber beads, lending a room the subtle shimmer of Moroccan mystique. Polyresin mahogany-finish base. Max. 40-watt bulb not included. UL recognized. 8½" x 8½" x 18" high. 10032276 $39.95



d • musing cherub lamp This thoughtful cherub will light up your life! He looks like a precious artifact, complete with distressed finish and an architectural base, making this angel in repose a divine lighting accent. The lamp’s slim post is capped by a subtly textured, neutralcolor shade that will compliment any décor. Polyresin, wood, and cotton jute shade. UL recognized. Overall: 6" x 11" x 18" high; base: 8" x 5" x 7" high; shade: 10" x 10" x 6¼" high. 10015156 $59.95

e • monkeys bahama lamp Three lazy monkeys see, speak, and hear no evil as they sit at the base of a tropical palm in this wonderfully witty and whimsical table lamp! Polyresin with fabric shade. UL recognized. 60-watt bulb not included. 12" x 6" x 27½" high. 10036001 $59.95

f • parisian table lamp The metal wire frame mimics Paris’ most famous landmark, the Eiffel Tower, fashioned in industrial-inspired metal with a vintage patina. The travelstamped shade and French flourish on top make this lamp a continental charmer. Metal and hemp shade. UL recognized. Light bulb not included. 11" x 11" x 27½" high; shade: 11" x 11" x 8" high. 10015162 $69.95

Home Décor 117





118 Home DĂŠcor





a • palm tree rattan lamp Real rattan rope adds natural appeal to a vintage-look palm tree base and nubby open-weave shade. Polyresin with rattan rope shade. UL recognized. 40-watt bulb not included. 13½" diameter x 25½" high. 10037989 $59.95

b • zebra stripe lamp Striking stripes of black and white add adventurous appeal to this jug-shaped lamp, tastefully topped with a white fabric shade. Adds a wild little touch of Africa wherever it is placed! Polyresin with fabric shade. UL recognized. Maximum 60-watt bulb not included. 12" diameter x 20" high. 10037982 $39.95

c • coconut tree candleholders These distinctive candleholders, with their tropical theme and classic gilded styling, are infused with the feeling of relaxed luxury. Candles not included. Polyresin. 3⅝" x 3⅝" x 5⅞" high. 10036006 Pair $16.95 d • artisan leaf vase Simple and striking, this circular wooden vase serves beautifully as a handsome backdrop or on its own as a dramatic focal point. Graceful carved leaf adds natural appeal. Decorative purposes only. MDF wood. 13" x 4" x 11½" high. 10012053 $24.95

g • new! decorative candle display set Set the scene for great décor with a group of candles set in this Decorative Candle Display Set. Five candles of your choice tuck neatly into the glass cups of varying sizes, surrounded by high-polished decorative stones and set in a beautifully detailed bowl black bowl with contrasting ivy design. MDF wood, glass, and river rocks. Candles not included. Set: 10" x 10" x 4½" high. 10015351 $19.95 h • new! black wooden decorative ball set Show off your great decorating taste with this set. Three black wooden balls are carved with stunning designs and are perfectly complemented by the oblong tray they rest in, complete with matching carved designs. MDF Wood. 14½" x 6½" x 5½" high; large ball: 3½" diameter; small balls: 3" diameter. 10015354 $19.95 i • artisan deco bowl and balls Instantly create a striking centerpiece anywhere and add a dash of tribal flair! Striking tribal carvings add textural interest to a trio of decorative balls and matching wooden bowl. Decorative purposes only. MDF wood. Bowl: 11½" x 11½" x 3½" high; each ball is approx. 3½" x 3½". 10012047 Set $19.95


e • new! ebony decorative ball set The perfect finishing touch for your room’s décor, the Ebony Decorative Ball Set features three carved wooden balls with beautiful and varying designs. They are set in a matching bowl with an appealing carved interior design that will draw attention and compliments! MDF Wood. Set: 9¾" x 9¾" x 4" high; large ball: 3½" diameter; small balls: 3" diameter. 10015353 $19.95

f • new! umber decorative ball set The rich, chocolate brown color of this decorative ball and basin set will fit right into any décor. Each ball’s carved design is different and they are set in matching bowl with delicate interior carving to create a fascinating décor accent. MDF Wood. Set: 9½" x 4¼" high; large ball: 3½" diameter; small balls: 3" diameter. 10015352 $19.95

Home Décor 119



120 Home DĂŠcor




African style inspirations! Add a touch of the wild to your home!

a • noble elephant wall décor Indulge your wild side when you dress up a dull room with this lifelike sculptural plaque! Lovingly detailed re-creation of nature’s gentle giant is a breathtaking addition to any area. Polyresin. May require additional freight charge. 19½" x 11" x 16" high. 10012611 $79.95 b • animal masks wall plaque Exotic African wall plaque with

f • elephant trio candleholders The light from three tealights will dance off the 3D carvings of these candleholders to make the elephant family come to life as they perch atop their wooden platform. MDF wood and metal top. Candles not included. Set: 11¾" x 3⅞" x 4⅝" high; tall candleholder: 2¼" diameter x 3½" high; short candleholders: 2¼" diameter x 2⅜" high; tray: 11¾" x 3⅞" x 1" high. 10014654 Set $16.95

traditionally carved giraffe, elephant, zebra and leopard masks. Polyresin. 1½" x 3⅝" x 27¼" high. 10034759 $19.95

f c • lucky elephants tusk sculpture A family of elephants pauses beneath a mighty banyan grove, taking the time to enjoy the cool shade— and a luscious leafy mid-day meal! Faux-ivory tusk makes a wonderfully worldly focus piece, adding a touch of the wild to your décor. Handsome tooled end-caps set with sparkling gems elegantly offset the intricate carvings and graceful shape of this simulated elephant tusk. Polyresin. 16½" x 2¾" x 8" high. 10039349 $39.95

d • zebra mask wall plaque This unique zebra mask evokes the texture of carved wood in a distinctly tribal design. Polyresin. 5¼" x 2" x 14¼" high. 10034758 $16.95 e • elephant wall decoration Elephants are thought to bring luck and financial success to the home. Place this realistic pachyderm on your wall for a striking decorative focal point and then some! Fiber glass and polyresin. May require additional freight charge. 22" x 13" x 24" high. 10014940 $79.95

Home Décor 121



e c


a • playful elephant wine holder What’s tickling the tummy of this roly-poly elephant? A bottle of bubbly, or any wine you please! Figural holder charmingly cradles your beverage for a playful display. Polyresin. Wine bottle not included. 10¾" x 6¼" x 6½" high. 10012615 $24.95 c • lucky elephant statue The stories are true: The person who owns this gorgeous elephant is a lucky decorator indeed! Impressive statue has the rich appearance of a hand-fashioned work of art. Polyresin. 11½" x 4¼" x 10" high. 10013047 $34.95

122 Home Décor

b • joyful elephant fountain Every color and gleaming gem reflects the joy of a mother and child at play! Traditional elephant motif fountain brings a vibrant hint of the exotic that enlivens any décor, along with the merry music of cascading water. Polyresin. UL recognized. Electric pump included. 8" diameter x 10¼" high. 10001230 $39.95

d • lucky elephant igurine Legend states that an elephant figurine inside your home brings good fortune; why not see for yourself? Small in stature but big on looks, this beautiful wood-look elephant is a winning addition to your décor. Polyresin. 6⅜" x 2⅝" x 5⅛" high. 10013046 $16.95




e • romantic giraffe igurines A pair of

f • new! botswana decorative pillow

g • new! serengeti decorative pillow

giraffes shyly share a smooch, with graceful necks intertwined. A whimsical interpretation of love in the wild, with the beautiful look of hand-carved wood! Polyresin. Overall: 6¾" x 3¼" x 9½" high; each is approx. 4⅝" x 2⅛" x 9½" high. 10013048 Pair $34.95

The pattern of this breathtaking throw pillow captures the rich colors of a magical sunset on the African plains. Russet, goldenrod, and taupe hues of this cushion warm a room like the Serengeti sun. Front: 100% cotton; back: 60/40 poly cotton. Spot clean only. 18" x 18" high. 10015307 $18.00

African-inspired design makes this neutral throw pillow an international sensation. Rich gold and calming taupe mingle to form a captivating pattern on an off-white cushion, a great addition to any comfortable spot. Front: 100% cotton; back: 60/40 poly cotton. Spot clean only. 18" x 18" high. 10015308 $18.00

Home Décor 123

a • new! tall green tower lantern



A truly exotic beauty, this tall candle lantern features fascinating architecture. The slender clear glass panels are framed by intricate patterns in the metal frame that is finished in a gorgeous shade of green. Place the candle of your choice inside. Wood, glass and iron. Candle not included. 9" x 7¾" x 22½" high. 10015430 $59.95

b • new! green tower lantern Intricate cutouts decorate the green finish of this exotic Tower candle lantern. The slender clear glass panels allow candlelight to shine brightly while the metal frame allows to hanging or setting on a tabletop. Wood, glass and iron. Candle not included. 7¼" x 6¼" x 17" high. 10015431 $49.95

c • new! ceramic green lantern with led candle No flame required to light up this gorgeous ceramic lantern! The intricate design of this green-glazed lantern comes to life with the flip of a switch, thanks to the included LED candle that flickers and glows like a real candle. Hang it from the metal handle or set it on its base to enjoy it indoors or outside. Ceramic and LED candle. 6" x 6" x 14½" high. 10015449 $39.95

d • new! emperor’s throw pillow An elegant and eternal pattern makes this chestnut-brown throw pillow part of a neverending dynasty of style. The chromatic sheen makes it the emperor of style and comfort. 100% Polyester. Spot clean only. 18" x 18" high. 10015313 $39.95

f • seated buddha igurine Captured in a classic position of meditation, a traditional Buddha figurine is resplendent in gleaming gold finish and rich burgundy robes trimmed with sparkling gems. The very image of wisdom and serenity! Polyresin. 5⅞" x 5⅜" x 9¼" high. 10037910 $19.95

e • new! cherry blossom throw pillow A stylized pattern of deep brown branches and blooms adorn this opulent pillow, which declares your impeccable style. With just the right touch of shimmer and shine, this statement cushion will enliven any room. 100% Polyester. Spot clean only. 18" x 18" high. 10015314 $39.95

g • new! ceramic blue lantern with led candle Get the glow of a candle without any worry! This gorgeously glazed blue ceramic lantern comes with an LED candle that flickers like the flame of a candle. Place the flameless candle inside to illuminate the night indoor or outdoor. Ceramic and LED candle. 6¾" x 6¾" x 10" high. 10015448 $24.95

124 Home Décor

c d




Home DĂŠcor 125






126 Home DĂŠcor



Giant SizeOver 24" Tall!


a • buddha table lamp This ancient-style Buddha figurine quietly meditates underneath a standard bulb. The dark shade and base make it thoroughly modern. Polyresin, wood, iron, and hemp shade. UL recognized. Light bulb not included. Overall: 12½" x 12½" x 24" high; lamp shade: 12½" diameter x 9" high; base buddha: 8½" x 6" x 12" high. 10015160 $69.95

e • zen rock garden Miniature Zen garden is a coffee table conversation piece that brings peace of mind. Includes square dish, white sand, three stones, mini pagoda and a rake. 7¼" x 7⅛" x 1¾" high. 10034638 Set $5.95 f • standing happy buddha igurine The standing, happy Buddha is

thought to bring riches and happiness to those around it. The 10" tall figurine is adorable and compact enough to display wherever you feel you need it most! stunning statue, a stash of treasures lies safely hidden away. This combination Polyresin. 6" x 4⅝" x 10" high. 10001153 $24.95 decoration handsomely stores your favorite memorabilia! Polyresin. 4¾" diameter x 9" high. 10012643 $19.95 g • giant thai buddha statue Over 2 feet tall, this gorgeous Thai Buddha statue is sure to be noticed. Meditating in the single lotus pose, the Buddha c • sunset ceramic decorative stool The fiery red floral relief of this wears a beautiful, silver robe and headdress. Polyresin. 20" x 11" x 24½" high. decorative stool injects a pop of intense color to any room. Use is as a seat, 10001152 $139.95 table, footrest, or as a decorative element in your home. Move it outside for patio or garden use. Ceramic. May require additional freight charge. h • happy sitting buddha statue The Happy Buddha’s sitting pose 13⅜" x 13⅜" x 18" high. 10015209 $129.95 enhances his big belly which represents wealth and prosperity. With such an infectious smile, this silver and black statue is sure to inspire happiness around d • tabletop zen garden kit Enjoy your own private Zen garden! Tabletop it in your home. Polyresin. 5½" x 5" x 5¾" high. 10014581 $14.95 box contains every essential— sand, rocks, candleholder and rake— to create a serenely scenic escape from the everyday. Stone, cement, sand, and wood base. Tealight candle not included. 7⅞" x 6¼" x 2¼" high. 10013053 $12.95

b • sitting monk treasure box No one will guess that beneath this

Home Décor 127


Water and sculpture, the perfect combination Artistic fountains create an instant oasis of serenity, right in your very own home. Sit back, relax and enjoy! a • zen buddha fountain Buddha in repose is the timeless image of Zen serenity, shown here as a sophisticated centerpiece surrounded by water’s gentle flow. An elegant decoration that instantly turns any garden into a tranquil retreat! Polyresin. UL recognized. Submersible electric pump included. 21⅛" x 20⅛" x 29⅜" high. 10001156 $259.95

b • hand of buddha fountain Stone-look fountain is a fitting symbol of the source from which all blessings flow. Cascading water creates a harmonious sound, turning any surrounding into a serene retreat. Polyresin. UL recognized. Some assembly required. 9" x 7⅞" x 11½" high. 10012859 $49.95

c • buddha fountain Place this fountain anywhere for an instant feng shui sanctuary! Cascading water provides soothing music as it flows from beneath a laughing Buddha figurine to tumble upon the river rocks below. Polyresin. UL recognized. 9½" diameter x 8½" high. 10038188 $59.95

d • golden buddha temple fountain Buddha reclines within the shelter of his temple as cascading blessings flow from his glowing basket. Faux-stone tabletop fountain is the perfect centerpiece for your own shrine of serenity! Resin. UL recognized. Electric pump included. 7" x 6½" x 12" high. 10014773 $69.95

e • serene buddha fountain A gentle waterfall curtain is the perfect backdrop for Buddha’s tranquil form, making this sculptural fountain the ideal focal piece for any serene scene. Realistic faux stone styling adds a timeless look! Resin. UL recognized. May require additional freight charge. Submersible pump included. 11⅞" x 9½" x 20½" high. 10001309 $119.95

128 Home Décor





Home DĂŠcor 129





a • zen stacked stone fountain The sound of water cascading over perfectly balanced stacked stones makes this a welcome meditation destination in your home. This fountain features multi-colored stones resting on a bed of pebbles, collected in a simple and lovely wood-liked base. Polyresin. UL recognized. 8½" x 8½" x 11½" high. 10015116 $69.95

b • rock design tabletop fountain Water cascades from beneath the gently spinning marbleized orb, showering the rocklike tiers below. Polyresin. UL recognized. Electric pump included. 10¾" diameter x 6½" high. 10034807 $49.95

c • four-tier tabletop fountain Four granite-finished tiers cycle sparkling

d • eternal steps water fountain Fire and water combine to form one

water from bowl to bowl, creating an enthralling meditation piece. For indoor use only. Polyresin. UL recognized. Pump included. 9½" diameter x 10" high. 10031140 $29.95

spectacular decoration! Cascades of water trickle down faux-stone steps, while tealights glimmer from atop twin pillars. A tabletop fountain to treasure! Polyresin. UL recognized. Candles not included. 8⅝" diameter x 11" high. 10012302 $49.95

130 Home Décor

e e • natural balance fountain Rejuvenating light sparkles and soothing water trickles over immemorial stone-like formations. This Natural Balance Fountain speaks to our eternal attraction to clear water and shimmering light as it carves through perfectly perched stonelike structures, but is powered by modernday electricity for ease of use indoors or out. Polyresin and LED lights. UL recognized. May require additional freight charge. Submersible water pump included. 22" x 18" x 23" high. 10015118 $259.95

Lights up inside!

Home DĂŠcor 131



Colorful fish seem to magically swim through the falling water!


a • light-up grecian urn fountain Crystal cascades become a spellbinding show as they flow past the lighted center of this handsome classic urn! A modern interpretation of the classic fountain theme, scaled down for enjoyment in any limited space. Resin. UL recognized. Electric pump included. 7½" x 7⅛" x 9" high. 10014771 $59.95 b • roman courtyard fountain The images of classic statuary adds their timeless beauty to a faux stone tabletop fountain. This marvelous decoration beautifies your surroundings with magical and dazzling light. Resin. UL recognized. Electric pump included. 6⅛" x 4¾" x 10⅜" high. 10014772 $49.95

c • perched owl fountain This charming fountain features a wide-eyed owl perched on a branch, keeping watch as he enjoys the sound of trickling water. A bespeckled neutral finish ensures this woodsy creature will make himself at home in any room– just add water, plug it in and enjoy! Ceramic. UL recognized. 7⅜" x 7⅜" x 8" high. 10015117 $39.95 d • wild west water fountain Hat, saddle, barrel and boots — here is a fountain with western roots! Sit back and relax at the end of a hard day’s ride as the water gently flows. Fiber glass and resin. UL recognized. May require additional freight charge. Submersible water pump included. 15" x 12½" x 26¼" high. 10014939 $159.95

132 Home Décor


Home DĂŠcor 133






134 Home DĂŠcor



a • new! antler wine bottle holder


Hunting for a great way to display your favorite bottle of wine? This is it! Cradle a wine bottle of your choice in these faux antlers and add some rustic charm to your décor. Polyresin. Wine bottle not included. 7½" x 4" x 6½" high. 10015443 $19.95

b • new! spur wine bottle holder Giddy up and grab your favorite bottle of wine with this Western-inspired wine bottle holder. Fashioned after a cowboy’s spur and set on a base carved to look like a piece of wooden fence wrapped in barbed wire, it will add rustic charm to your counter or bar. Display your wine with true cowboy appeal! Polyresin. Wine bottle not included. 8¼" x 4¼" x 6" high. 10015445 $24.95

c • new! garden wagon candleholder Light up three of your favorite candles on this darling metal wagon and enjoy all the complements you’ll receive! The open metal frame, complete with a long pull handle and six-spoke wheels, of this delightful accent adds the western charm to your table. Iron. Candles not included. 15½" x 4¾" x 13¼" high. 10015297 $19.95

d • new! contempo copper candle lantern This coppery and contemporary candle lantern will draw admirers even when its not glowing with candlelight. The metal frame features a gleaming coppery finish with a dramatic hanging loop at top, and the clear glass panels let your favorite candle shine through. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 6½" x 6½" x 15" high. 10015427 $39.95

e • new! cowboy boot wine bottle holder After a long day on the range, settle into your favorite seat and enjoy some wine! Keep your favorite bottle of wine in this rustic and Western-inspired cowboy boot bottle holder. Designed and decorated to look a like a well-worn boot that has seen plenty of wrangling action, this boot is ready to wrangle your wine and keep it at the ready on your table or countertop. Polyresin. Wine bottle not included. 9" x 4½" x 8½" high. 10015444 $24.95

f • new! starlight candle sconce Star light, star bright, glowing stars every night! This beautiful iron wall sconce features six glass candle cups set in a star-filled metal frame, complete with hanging loops on either end for easy wall mounting. Iron and glass. Candles not included. 21¾" x 3" x 10¼" high. 10015366 $19.95 g • new! horseshoes and stars candleholder Lucky is the home that is accented with this lovely Western-style candle holder. Horseshoes and stars make the light of five candles dance with cowboy flair, set in a wrought iron base. It includes five glass candle cups and makes a great table centerpiece or mantel lighting accent. Iron and glass. Candles not included. 14½" x 5⅛" x 5" high. 10015298 $29.95

Home Décor 135





136 Home DĂŠcor

a • horse lamp From the scenic shade to the figural base, this beautiful lamp is an artistic tribute to equine beauty and grace. A stunning gift for horse fanciers and Wild West aficionados alike! Polyresin base with fabric shade. UL recognized. Max. 40-watt bulb not included. 12½" diameter x 22¾" high. 10037991 $59.95


b • cowboy boots planter Some boots were made for walking, but this pair is a playful planter that brings a merry spot of greenery to your home on the range. Realistically rustic, right down to the dusty finish, fancy stitching and worn, wrinkled shape! Polyresin. Plants not included. 9⅝" x 7¾" x 9⅛" high. 10038447 $24.95 c • new! classic cowboy boots planter Show off your cowboy style


and your green thumb at the same time! Fashioned after a pair of classic cowboy kicks, this planter displays your favorite plant with true Western flair. The bottom of the planter features a small drain hole. Polyresin. Plant not included. 7½" x 7" x 8" high. 10015279 $24.95

d • new! spurred cowboy boot planter Let your favorite flowers or plant saddle up in this charming cowboy boot planter. This planter has plenty of Western flair and looks like a well-worn and weathered boot, complete with a spur on the back. Polyresin. Plant not included. 7⅝" x 4¼" x 9" high. 10015324 $19.95

e • lucky horseshoe coat hanger Hang up your duster, your six shooter or your hat with cowboy style. Three lucky horseshoes sit atop three handy spurs to hang whatever you please. A winning addition to barn, bunkhouse or your very own living space. Cast iron. 15½" x 4¼" x 8" high. 10014948 $19.95

f • wild western water fountain Who says that fountains have to be frilly? This ranch-style accent is loaded with authentic cowboy styling for a delightfully different take on garden décor. Real rustic weathered finish makes it an instant perfect fit for the great outdoors! Polyresin. UL recognized. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. Pump included. 14" x 9¼" x 22½" high. 10013056 $119.95

Home Décor 137



No item in this catalog is Indian produced, an Indian product, or the product of a particular Indian or Indian tribe or Indian arts and crafts organization.



138 Home DĂŠcor




a • peaceful chief igurine In this colorful celebration of the gentle art of negotiation, a stoic chief thoughtfully holds the peace pipe to his chest. Polyresin. 8½" x 7½" x 10¾" high. 10033686 $29.95 b • dreamcatcher heart windchime Feathers, beads and faux leather trim add authentic Southwestern styling to this oneof-a-kind windchime! Hang this triple-heart decoration where it’s sure to be admired by all. Feather; thin felt covered plastic; metal chimes. 9" x 15" high. 10013236 $9.95 c • end of the trail Colorful reproduction of Frazer’s classic


“The End Of The Trail” is a reverent memorial to a great and valiant people. Detachable spear and feather. Polyresin. 9¼" x 4½" x 10¼" high. 10031058 $39.95

d • bronze “the end of the trail” The classic statue “The End of the Trail” recreated in handcrafted, hand painted, cold-cast bronze-finish. Polyresin. 8½" x 4½" x 11" high. 10031044 $34.95

e • mini southwestern vase set Each of these 4" ceramic vases is evocatively painted with the silhouette of a different desert creature set against the mystical twilight. Decorative purposes only. 3½" x 4½" high. 10034235 Set of 3 $14.95 f • wild stallion statue There is nothing like the grace and strength of a running stallion. Captured in mid stride in a meadow, this bronze colored beauty will be perfect in a rustic or elegant room. Polystone. 11" x 4¼" x 9½" high. 10014583 $24.95

g • texas star wall plaque Legend has it that everything’s bigger in Texas... even the stars! Magnificent wall wreath is a fun and unique way to declare your love for the Lone Star State, boldly styled and richly detailed in chocolate-finish metalcraft. Painted metal. May require additional freight charge. 23½" x 3" x 25½" high. 10038595 $39.95 h • lone star wall cross Dress up your décor with this wonderful work of spiritual art. Slender wrought-iron curlicues form the graceful shape of the Divine Cross, beautifully accented by fleur de lis ornaments and a single star at the heart. 17¼" x ¼" x 24½" high. 10014576 $19.95

Home Décor 139




Decorations that soar The noble eagle is the very image of freedom and beauty; choose from this stunning collection to add instant distinction to your décor! a • eagle in flight statue Place this statue where it’s sure to be seen and enjoy the many admiring remarks from guests and family alike! Strikingly cast from lustrous bronze-finish resin, this majestic eagle in full flight transforms your favorite room into a gallery of living art. Resin. 9¼" x 4¾" x 11½" high. 10013820 $34.95

b • patriotic eagle The magnificent wings of the valiant Bald Eagle spread gloriously over the unfurled stars-and-stripes. Polyresin with wood base. 7" x 4¼" x 9⅜" high. 10032419 $34.95

c • eagle crystal sculpture Marvel at the mesmerizing beauty of this amazing lighted mini-sculpture! Captured within a roughedged slab of sparkling glass, a proudly soaring eagle takes on an enchanting aura as LED lights cycle through a shifting rainbow of colors. Glass with mirror-finish plastic base. Three AAA batteries not included. 3⅝" x 2½" x 4½" high. 10039360 $9.95

140 Home Décor


d • soaring eagle statue Wings held wide, a proud eagle effortlessly rides the mountain breeze. This stunning sculpture is a genuine collector’s delight, exactly resembling hand-carved burlwood. Polyresin. 5½" x 4½" x 13⅝" high. 10039665 $19.95


e • mountain eagle statue Standing an impressive 15" tall, this lifelike eagle makes a striking addition to your décor. Intricately detailed and carefully painted for a realistic appearance, this gallery quality statue is a fabulous focal point that any nature fancier is destined to appreciate. Polyresin with wood base. 6½" x 8" x 15½" high. 10014017 $49.95

Home Décor 141



a • dolphins on waves of light This artistic frosted sculpture features a pair of balletic dolphins riding the crests of illuminated waves that gradually cycle through a rainbow of beautiful colors. Polyresin. Three AA batteries not included. 5⅞" x 5⅜" x 10½" high. 10032270 $39.95

b • light-up dolphin sculpture A crystal reef glows with a hauntingly beautiful light, adding undersea magic to a long, dark night! Clear pink coral and three dancing dolphins are bathed in a soothing blue glow from a hidden LED light. Polyresin with wood base. Three cell batteries included. 5¼" x 4½" x 6½" high. 10038031 $19.95

c • dolphin carousel



Frosted dolphins frolic around this spun glass carousel with its pink, mirrored base. A touch sends the carousel spinning. Glass. 3⅜" diameter x 6¼" high. 10030308 $14.95

d • dolphin lamp This lovely lamp is a stunning reminder of the beauty beneath the sea! Frostedglass shade softly gleams with colored images of these frolicsome creatures. Resin base with glass shade. UL recognized. One 15-watt bulb not included. 8¼" diameter x 15" high. 10037174 $49.95 e • playful dolphins accent table Lovingly sculpted column base perfectly captures a dolphin pair’s light-hearted joy and exuberant grace as they play amongst the foaming waves. Enhance your décor with a statuary table of incomparable artistry! Polystone base with tempered glass top. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. 19" diameter x 24⅛" high. 10038425 $119.95

142 Home Décor


Home DĂŠcor 143




a • new! dragon’s head incense holder This fierce beast holds a secret! Lift the top of this dragon’s finely detailed head to reveal an incense holder that will help you fill your room with magical aroma of your choice. When finished, replace the top to enjoy the dark allure of this mythic décor accent. Polyresin. Incense stick not included. 10¼" x 3⅛" x 3⅜" high. 10015319 $19.95

b • black dragon treasure box Worthy trinkets and treasures will be protected by this fearsome dragon. Whatever you keep in this intricately carved box, it will be guarded by a resting dragon on top and four fierce dragon faces at each corner of the base, surrounded by braided detail, medieval flourishes, and highlighted by two oblong pink jewels. Polyresin. 7¼" x 5¾" x 8" high. 10015262 $29.95


c • black dragon bookends Braided Celtic detail surrounds the base of these legendary bookends, each with a sitting beast entranced by a midnight blue glass orb. The dragons are armored with battle-ready scales and spiked tails as they fearlessly support your treasured tomes. Polyresin. Set: 8¼" x 4¾" x 5½" high. 10015260 $34.95

d • mythical dragon figurine A commanding accessory for your lair, this finely detailed dragon rests majestically upon the spoils of battle from ages ago. His gothic wings, spiny tail and large claws demonstrate his untamable nature to all creatures who gaze upon him. Polyresin. 5⅜" x 6½" x 9¾" high. 10015131 $29.95

144 Home Décor




e • black dragon mantel clock This dramatic mantel clock features a mythical winged dragon guarding the eternal hands of time. Golden roman numerals on the face of the battery-powered clock are the perfect accent to the steel-gray color of the clock and base, and a bright green jewel adorns the chest of the perched dragon. Polyresin. One AA battery not included. 9⅛" x 3⅛" x 15¾" high. 10015257 $39.95

f • shadowy dragon oil warmer Ambiance and aroma will fill your room when you add a tealight candle and scented oil to this sensational oil warmer. A foreboding dragon perched atop boulders holds a black ceramic oil basin, hanging from gold-tone chains, and the beast’s scaly tail wraps around a glass tealight holder. Polyresin and glass. Candle and oil not included. 7" x 6" x 10¼" high. 10015261 $37.95

g • black dragon decorative vase A mythical winged dragon watches over a medieval castle, and the pewter-like finish and Celtic symbols of this dramatic vase make it a fitting centerpiece for your kingdom. Fill it with your favorite flowers or display it solo in a place of honor in your room. Polyresin and glass. 5⅛" x 4½" x 11" high. 10015259 $29.95

Home Décor 145


a • new! dragon castle dagger set


Tread carefully, for this is the land of the fiery dragon! This dramatic dagger and wallmounted sheath set features a battle weary castle and a fearsome dragon. This carefully detailed wall accent will bring about the age of medieval style in your home. Polyresin and stainless steel. 6¾" x 3" x 17" high. 10015398 $29.95

b • dragon candleholder In a scene from countless tales, a medieval castle is besieged by a fierce winged predator. Perched upon the highest tower, he presides over the three flickering candle flames that top the other ramparts. A legendary decoration even when unlit! Polyresin. Candles not included. 7½" x 5⅛" x 9¼" high. 10037960 $29.95


c • dragon welcome plaque Give your


146 Home Décor

guests a legendary welcome they won’t soon forget with this medieval welcome plaque mounted near the entrance of your castle. The plaque is finished in black with “welcome” in antique golden medieval lettering. Polyresin. 11½" x 1½" x 5¾" high. 10015263 $16.95




d • serpentine dragon mug This medievalinspired mug is the most intimidating way to keep your items in order as a serpentine dragon guards your writing quills or your collection of coins stored within. Fully decorated with dragon reliefs and Celtic symbols, this mug will bring out the true warrior in you as it rests on your desk or bookshelf. Polyresin and stainless steel. Hand wash only. 5½" x 3⅞" x 4⅜" high. 10015132 $19.95


e • triple-head dragon incense burner Sinister in appearance yet fascinating to behold, this triple-headed dragon lends its legendary image to your décor. Add your favorite incense to create a mystical scene from the pages of legend and lore! Polyresin. Incense not included. 11" x 3" x 3½" high. 10013830 $9.95

f • dragon reaper dagger Ghoulish decorative dagger is destined to delight any fan of the dark side! A chilling demonic dragon design is featured along the wickedly curved blade, as well as the skeletal handle and frighteningly lifelike faux pewter stand. Polyresin base; stainless steel blade. 12" x 2¾" x 8½" high; knife: 12" x 1" x 3" high; stand: 9½" x 2¾" x 4¼" high. 10014268 $19.95 g • dragon ire incense burner A finely detailed dragon defends its home atop a Celticinspired base, designed to collect the singed remnants of the past. Infuse your home with the mystical scent of your choosing as this magnificent beast watches over the lighted stick. Polyresin. Incense not included. 10¾" x 2⅞" x 2⅝" high. 10015133 $12.95 h • guarding dragon accent table Stunning stone-look statue table features a hissing dragon standing guard over his lord’s treasure trove. Styled to resemble centuries-old castle gargoyles, this is a worthy decoration for the chamber of any king! Polyresin base with tempered glass top. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. 19" diameter x 23¼" high. 10012266 $119.95

Home Décor 147




a • royal dragon goblet Fit to reign at the head of any grand banquet table, this bejeweled goblet beautifully recalls the tales of mighty kings and queens. Fantasy comes to life in every intricate detail of rich scrollwork, gleaming gems and a dragon’s head crest. Polyresin base; stainless steel cup. Inner cup hand wash only. 4" diameter x 7⅜" high. 10013903 $19.95 b • dragon goblet An imposing roaring dragon forms


a majestic base for a clear glass globe; this medieval-style goblet looks as impressive in your hand as it does at the banquet table! Decorative purposes only. Polyresin and glass. Hand wash. 3" diameter x 8" high. 10037959 $16.95

c • black dragon rock band trio Coming soon to a stage near you; three scaly rock stars who know how to put on a serious jam! Eerie dragon musicians create a startling show that any metal music lover will display with pride. Polyresin. Each is approximately 3½" x 3" x 4¼" high. 10014577 Set $14.95 d • dragon with globe table lamp What an aweinspiring way to illuminate your castle! Reminiscent of centuries-old European carvings, this roaring dragon holds aloft a glowing glass globe. Polyresin with glass globe. UL recognized. Max 75-watt bulb not included. 8½" x 7" x 18" high. 10037134 $69.95 e • gothic candle sconce Add a touch of Gothic finery with this stunning torch-style sconce! A graceful matteblack platform securely holds a thick pillar candle; fastens quickly to any wall. Iron. Candle not included. Screws not included. 4" x 6½" x 18¾" high. 10039877 $16.95 f • armored dragon wall crest From beneath the hood of his intricate armor, a horned dragon inspires heartfelt fear with his malicious stare. Removable swords are a chillingly accurate miniature version of the mighty weapons wielded by history’s fiercest warriors. Decorative purposes only. Polyresin with pewter swords. 8⅝" x 2" x 9½" high. 10039269 $16.95

g • dragon dagger wall plaque An impressive display of medieval mythology, as a pair of dragons entwine around a formidable dagger. The dragons are expertly crafted in polyresin. 9½" x 3" x 12" high. 10036247 $24.95

h • medieval triple candle stand As a fascinating focus piece or a dramatic décor accent, this stately stand creates a lasting impression! Deep black finish accentuates every shapely detail and creates stunning contrast to a triple candle display. Iron. Candles not included. 11¾" x 4¾" x 15¾" high. 10014114 $19.95

148 Home Décor





Home DĂŠcor 149


a • dragon table A mystical, fire-breathing beast perches beneath this tempered glass tabletop, ready to sweep you away to the land of myth and legend. Polyresin. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. 20" diameter x 24" high. 10034738 $119.95

b • dragon rider igurine A fairy maiden rides atop her trusty dragon steed, as glowing crystals light their path. Color-change LED lights add special magic to this fanciful fairy-tale figurine! Polyresin. Three AG3 button cell batteries not included. 4½" x 4" x 7½" high. 10013199 $12.95

150 Home Décor

c • jade-ire guitar dragon A wicked green dragon guards his most precious treasure— a heavy metal guitar! Striking statue glows with menace and brings the magic imagery of a rock video to stunning life. Polyresin. 5" x 4" x 8½" high. 10001217 $19.95 d • royal dragon mug Medieval-style mug is richly emblazoned with fearsome dragon motif and fiercely frowning serpent handle. A perfect decorative banquet cup for any Dragon King! Decorative purposes only. Polyresin and metal. 3¾" diameter x 4¼" high; with handle, 5½" wide. 10012694 $16.95

e • no evil dragons Three cute colorful dragons see, hear and speak no evil. Polyresin. Each is approximately 3½" x 3⅛" x 4⅛" high. 10033915 Set of 3 $16.95

f • jade-ire geode dragon Perched atop a glittering geode, a winged dragon makes an imposing figure indeed! Beautifully crafted with glowing metallic finishes and intricate detailing, down to the very last menacing scale. Polyresin. Three AAA batteries not included. 5" x 3¾" x 9" high. 10001216 $19.95





Lights up!

Lights up!


Home DĂŠcor 151



Lights up!


a • dragon king statue The fierce ruler

b • dragoncrest light-up wall décor

c • sword and dragon coat-of-arms

of the Dragon Lands proudly surveys his kingdom, nobility present in his level gaze. A stunning piece for any proud collector, with jewel-like metallic glazes bringing this dragon to glowing life. Polyresin. 9" x 6" x 18¼" high. 10012704 $49.95

Lifelike faux stone decoration features a fierce dragon at its heart, dramatically backlit by enchanted multi colored lights. A mighty coat of arms that any noble king or knight would display with pride! Polyresin. Two AA batteries not included. 9" x 1½" x 9" high. 10015056 $19.95

Two proud dragons, locked in battle, intertwine to form a curvy backdrop for two shining gold-hilted removable swords. Hang this prize with pride upon your door or wall! Decorative purposes only. Polyresin with metal swords. 9" x 1⅜" x 11" high overall; each sword: 3½" x 1½" x 14⅛" long. 10038011 $29.95

152 Home Décor


Eyes light up!





Lights up!

Lights up!

d • dragon skull lighted figurine Beware

f • sword and dragon stone display In this

the skull and dragon and their deadly devilish glow! This frightening figurine casts an eerie light over your surroundings, creating a chillingly mystical scene. A true fright, day or night! Polyresin. Two AA batteries not included. 4¾" x 5" x 6½" high. 10015057 $19.95

enchanting display, a magnificent dragon spreads his gilded wings in victory as he claims the mystic sword and vast treasure for which he’s long quested. Polyresin. 7" x 4" x 9¾" high. 10031527 $19.95

e • ierce dragon bookends Your most treasured tomes will remain upright with these mythical dragon guardians! Richly rendered in astonishing detail, these bookends add a mystical decorative touch to any room. Polyresin. Each is 10¼" x 3¼" x 7" high. 10037978 Pair $19.95

h • spun glass light-up dragon Spun glass gains mythical appeal in this fascinating dragon figurine! Hidden color-change lights in the mirrored base give this artful sculpture the dramatic look of flickering fire. Glass and LED light. Three AAA batteries not included. 3½" x 2⅝" x 4½" high. 10014646 $9.95

g • color-change dragon igurine An armored dragon gazes deeply into a glowing crystal ball, beholding the secrets of centuries past. Color-change LED light casts a mystical glow from within this fascinating sculpture! Polyresin. Three AG10 cell button batteries not included. 4¾" x 3" x 6½" high. 10039824 $16.95

Home Décor 153



Secret hiding spot for secret treasures!


d Treasure box opens to reveal secret storage!

a • pink dragon treasure box Whatever you choose to keep in this finely detailed treasure box will be safeguarded by a scaly pink dragon in repose, whose vigilant watch never strays from his bejeweled surroundings. Purple faceted jewels and a relief of the dragon himself, with wings spread, highlight the base of the treasure box that rests on curved feet. Polyresin. 7½" x 4½" x 6¼" high. 10015258 $29.95

b • dragon skull treasure box What safer place is there for your secret stash than in the mouth of a snarling dragon? Cool and creepy skull treasure box is a sure deterrent for any would-be treasure raiders. Polyresin. 7½" x 4⅛" x 4⅜" high. 10013240 $9.95 c • dragon head treasure box Snoopers, sneaks and would-be spies won’t dare to disturb your secret treasures! Ferocious dragon’s head figurine is a clever stash spot for jewelry, coins, and other precious items. Polyresin. 4" x 7½" x 4" high. 10014698 $14.95

d • dragon incense burner A fierce dragon winds its scaly coils around a burnished-bronze box, forming a stunning sculpture that hides a treasure within. Lift the lid to discover a stash of dragon blood scented incense! Polyresin. 11" x 4" x 4" high. 10039606 $19.95

154 Home Décor

e • gargoyle statue with lantern Your loyal, protective guardian looks out over the night and lights up your path. A spooky sentry to keep you safe and secure! Polyresin, metal and glass. Two AA batteries not included. 13" x 9" x 16¾" high. 10015025 $89.95 f • gargoyle oil warmer Your scented oil is warming atop a sculpture of skulls and it seems to have summoned a fierce gargoyle to perch here. He spreads his wings and inhales the fumes as though he is recharging for another night of guarding your castle. Polyresin and glass dish. 5½" x 7" x 8¼" high. 10015024 $19.95 g • fantasy owl igurine Long prized as a companion to warlocks and witches alike, this wise spotted owl watches silently over his master’s domain. An image straight from the pages of legend that brings fantasy and adventure to life! Polyresin. 5" x 4" x 7¾" high. 10014937 $29.95 h • solar gargoyle statue Fearsome faux-stone statue guards your entryway with true medieval style! Traditional sculpture gets a modern update, his solar powered eyes light up the night with an eerie light. Polyresin. One rechargeable AA battery included. 6½" square x 10½" high. 10039992 $39.95



Over 16" Tall!

His lantern lights up!


g Solar powered eyes light up!

Home DĂŠcor 155






156 Home DĂŠcor




a • skeleton incense burner holder A tired old fellow c


rests his weary bones, watching as the smoke from your favorite incense sweetens the air above. Polyresin. Incense not included. 10½" x 3⅛" x 2⅛" high. 10037078 $9.95

b • skull tankard Hoist your grog aloft in this fiendishly fun tankard! The hearty skull-shaped cup is the perfect vessel to hold 15 oz. of your favorite beverage! Polyresin with steel cup. Removable steel cup is dishwasher safe; not microwave safe. 7½" x 4½" x 5½" high. 10038009 $24.95s c • spooky toilet paper holder This bony fellow’s grinning every time the paper’s spinning. Spooky toilet paper holder is a most unexpected addition to your bathroom; a daring decorator’s dream come true! Polyresin. Toilet paper not included. 8¼" x 4½" x 8⅜" high. 10012608 $19.95

d • lighted grim reaper head igurine From beneath a hood of blackest night, the wicked eyes of the Grim Reaper twinkle with a cold and menacing light. A truly terrifying decoration that no one will dare to ignore! Polyresin. Three AG10 button cell batteries not included. 3½" x 3¾" x 4½" high. 10015055 $9.95 e • doom rider oil warmer Get your motor running with this rollicking oil warmer. Add your favorite scented oil to the clear glass basin to fill your room with spirited aroma. Polyresin and glass dish. UL recognized. Light bulb and oil not included. 5½" x 6" x 9" high. 10015256 $44.95

f • chopper pocket knife Motorcycle fans, this knife’s for you! Bold styling features sleek “chopper” figural handle and a gleaming blade etched with a racetrack design for a look no bona-fide biker can resist. Stainless steel and zinc alloy. 4¾" x ½" x 1½" high; 8¼" long when opened. 10012865 $9.95 g • grinning skull Now, here’s a real bonehead! Polyresin crafted skull is spine-chillingly realistic, right down to its ghastly grin. A daring decorator’s delight! 6½" x 4¼" x 4⅝" high. 10036245 $9.95

h • skeleton rock band igurines These macabre musicians are an absolute must for any “die hard” rock and roll rebel at heart! Set includes the skeletal singer, gruesome guitarist, undead bassist, and death’s head drummer, captured here in the middle of a serious heavy metal jam session. Polyresin. Each is approximately 3" x 1⅞" x 4" high. 10013784 Set of 4 $14.95

i • sinister skull with lantern Give visitors a greeting they’ll never forget! Ghostly grinning skeleton appears to crawl from the ground; clutched in his bony fist, a swinging lantern sheds a ghostly light. Polyresin. Some assembly required. Two AA batteries not included. 11" x 6½" x 13" high; lantern: 3" diameter x 6¼" high. 10012612 $39.95

Home Décor 157





158 Home DĂŠcor


a • midnight fairy igurine

d • unicorn light From the

Atop her jet-black unicorn, this graceful maiden takes a secret journey through deepest night. A stunning storybook statue that’s sure to star in your fantasy collection! Polyresin. 10" x 2½" x 8" high. 10014570 $29.95

pages of myth gallops this majestic unicorn, carved in frosted splendor and glowing with an ever-changing rainbow of light. Polyresin. 3 AA batteries not included. 7¼" x 4¾" x 10" high. 10034059 $39.95

b • eveningtide fairy igurine

A raven-haired fairy maiden and her unicorn companion share a moment of friendship; a storybook fantasy brought beautifully to life! Polyresin/ powderstone blend. 5¼" x 4" x 8¼" high. 10012109 $39.95

Not all fairies live in the light; this lovely lady prefers the twilight! She’s sleek and sensuous in her tattoo ornaments and alluring amethyst gown and wings, with a touch of glitter for glamour. Polyresin. 3¾" x 2" x 8" high. 10014699 $9.95

c • orchid fairy table lamp Pausing above a newly blooming bed of violet-sunset orchids, a winged beauty reflects upon the peacefulness of her shady forest glade. A gorgeous table lamp of incredible artistry, from the graceful floral shade to the delicate lifelike blooms at the base. Sure to be the pride and joy of any dreamer at heart! Polyresin base and shade; metal stem. UL recognized. Max. 15-watt E-12 bulb, not included. 6" x 10" x 17⅜" high. 10038832 $59.95



e • fairy and unicorn igurine

f • midnight fairy igurine Riding through the midnight hour upon her strapping unicorn, the Midnight Fairy softens the dark of night with her graceful beauty and delicate lantern. Detailed with starry flourishes and timeworn wings, this marvelous figurine will delight all who gaze upon her. Polyresin and PVC. 8" x 4½" x 10" high. 10015268 $49.95

g • night tide fairy igurine A pearl white dragon with jet-black eyes carries his captivating fairy queen through her darkened kingdom. The figurine features gothic touches, dramatic purple and black wings, and a black dress with jeweled accents and matching jewelry. Polyresin and PVC. 7" x 6¾" x 9¼" high. 10015269 $49.95

Home Décor 159




d Coin bank!

a • forest magic igurine A fair-haired fairy pauses by a clear forest pool,

b • twin fairies oil warmer Let this pair of fairies add their sweetness

her unicorn companion sharing the morning’s magic beauty. This serene scene is sure to bring a little magic into the life of every admirer! Polyresin. 5¼" x 4¼" x 5" high. 10014579 $14.95

to your own warming oil. Each fairy holds a dove, bringing a sense of peace to the warmth of the candle between them. Resin and glass. Tealight candle and oil not included. 7" x 4⅝" x 4" high. 10014696 $14.95

c • swan fairy coin bank A doe-eyed nymph glides along on the back of a glorious swan, in a fairy tale scene come to life. This magical figurine has a hidden secret— it’s a coin bank that helps you save up to achieve your fondest dreams! Polyresin. 5½" x 3¼" x 6¾" high. 10014578 $14.95

d • pink fairy and her friend igurine A gentle fairy presents her

160 Home Décor

unicorn companion with a lush meal of his favorite greenery, bringing to mind the meaning of friendship. A heartwarming figurine that brings these beloved characters to lovely life! Polyresin. 8" x 4" x 5¾" high. 10014613 $29.95

e • unicorn accent table A golden-maned unicorn stands resplendent in the shy light of dawn, the very image of magic and might. Captivating statue base gives this fantasy table a legendary appeal! Clear glass top allows enjoyment from every angle. Polyresin base with tempered glass top. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. 18¾" x 16" x 25½" high. 10012260 $119.95

Home Décor 161





d a • new! butterfly frames wall décor


The most lovely way to display three of your favorite family photos! A trio of wood picture frames hang from a metallic branch blooming with leaves and home to three gorgeously detailed butterflies. MDF wood, metal and plastic covers. 22½" x 1½" x 23" high. 10015473 $32.95

b • new! retro owls photo frame This charming photo holder is decorated with a hip retro-style pattern featuring a flock of fun bigeyed owls. The frame is made of wood and printed with a pattern that features beautiful oranges, browns and yellows to match your décor. MDF wood and glass cover. 9⅛" x 1" x 7⅛" high. 10015401 $12.95

162 Home Décor

c • elvis jukebox clock A unique wall clock pays tribute to The King’s timeless music with a jukebox twist. One AA battery not included. 11¼" x 21½" high. 10036714 $49.95 d • marilyn monroe wall clock The timeless beauty and grace of the legendary Marilyn Monroe takes center stage on this utterly stunning decorative clock. A shining jewel that every collector is sure to display with pride! MDF wood. One AA battery not included. 15½" x ½" x 21½" high. 10013817 $49.95

e • photo collage wall clock



Contemporary quartz wall clock gets a personal touch when a dozen of your favorite photos decorate the dial. An instant work of art the whole family will love! Plastic. One AA battery not included. 10½" square x 1" thick. 10013029 $14.95

f • new! storage wall clock Stay on schedule and know exactly where your keys, wallet, and more are located. Stash your necessities or whatever you want to keep out of plain sight in this inconspicuous looking wall-mounted clock that opens to reveal three interior storage shelves. Plastic. One AA battery not included. 9⅞" x 9⅞" x 2½" high. 10015289 $14.95

g • peacock bookends Elegance



and beauty abound in this pair of captivating bookends! Jeweltone greens and golds glimmer against deepest tones of mahogany; intricate filigree borders and majestic peacocks recall the renowned artistry of the Art Nouveau period. A stunning addition to your library! Polyresin. Each is 7⅝" x 3⅞" x 6" high. 10038437 Pair $19.95

h • fleur-de-lis bookends Bring the



centuries-old symbol of perfection, light and life to your bookshelf with this aged fleur-de-lis bookend set. Bronze-colored polyresin. Each is 4⅜" x 3⅛" x 7⅛" high. 10036011 Pair $14.95

Home Décor 163

a • new! purple sherpa fleece blanket Cozy up with this beautiful Sherpa fleece blanket in rich eggplant purple. Its beautiful color and fuzzy warmth makes it the perfect throw blanket to keep on the couch for at-home movie night or on the end of your bed to chase away the chills. You can even take it on the road to football games, picnics in the park, and beyond! Polyester. Machine wash cold; do not bleach; do not iron; tumble dry low. 47¼" x 59" long. 10015331 $29.95



b • new! ivory sherpa fleece blanket Relax, unwind, and get cozy with this beautiful sherpa fleece blanket. The warm ivory fleece of this comfortable throw will wrap you in fuzzy bliss as you rest. It looks great on the back of the sofa or at the end of your bed for when you need extra warmth. Polyester. Machine wash cold; do not bleach; do not iron; tumble dry low. 47¼" x 59" long. 10015330 $29.95


164 Home Décor




c • dolphin fleece blanket Dancing dolphins splash above a sunlit turquoise ocean on this bold, bright blanket. Thick, soft fleece keeps you warm and toasty with a generous size big enough to share! 100% polyester fleece. Machine wash cold; tumble dry low. 50" x 60" long. 10037248 $19.95 d • wildlife wolves fleece blanket Bold graphics and vivid colors bring to life two snow-white wolves standing sentinel against a wintry night sky. Fabulous fleece blanket does double duty in your home as both a dramatic decoration and a touch of welcome warmth; cloud-soft fabric is wonderfully comforting on a cold winter’s night. 100% polyester fleece. Machine wash cold; tumble dry low. 60" x 50" 10039345 $19.95

e • new! deluxe black faux fur blanket Relax in ultimate luxury with the Deluxe Black Faux Fur Blanket. It looks great as an accent throw on a couch or the end of the bed, and it feels even better than it looks. This blanket is sure to be your favorite relaxation accessory. Polyester. Machine wash cold; do not bleach; do not iron; tumble dry low. 59" x 77½" long. 10015441 $79.95 f • new! snowy faux fur blanket Cozy up in ethereal softness with our Snowy Faux Fur Blanket. The wide ribs and luxuriously supple feel will make it seem as though you’re wrapped in a fluffy cloud. Polyester. Machine wash cold; do not bleach; do not iron; tumble dry low. 59" x 77½" long. 10015346 $79.95

Home Décor 165

Kitchen & Household Collection Infuse the busiest room in your home with a dash of style and pinch of panache. From the fashionable to the functional, our Kitchen and Household collection will make easy work of meal preparation, keep things orderly and organized, and amplify the joy of a warm cup of tea or a relaxing glass of wine.

166 Kitchen & Household

Kitchen & Household 167


b a • hanging pot holder An intricate swirl design makes this wrought iron hanging pot holder a useful work of art for the kitchen. May require additional freight charge. Cookware not included. 31¼" x 15⅞" x 11⅞" high. 10035603 $89.95

b • mini round pot hanger Organize your kitchen in a flash with this marvelous miniature pot rack! Ideal for small kitchens or to add instant storage to an unused corner, this handy circular rack holds six pots or utensils right at your fingertips. Eliminates countertop clutter and crowded cabinets while adding gourmet flair to the heart of your home! Metal. May require additional freight charge. Chain and cookware set not included. 17¼" x 17½" x 10½" high. 10039003 $19.95

168 Kitchen & Household


d c • octagonal hanging pot holder Keep your pots and pans at arm’s reach while adding a lovely design accent to your kitchen with this decorative and functional hanging pot holder. It features multiple two-sided hooks to hang all of your cooking pots plus has storage capabilities on top for cookbooks, cooking utensils, and more. Iron. May require additional freight charge. 12-piece hooks included. Contents not included. 31" x 16" x 17" high; 34" high with hanging chains. 10015251 $89.95 d • circular hanging pot holder This handy and attractive hanging pot holder will clear cupboard space and put your pots and pans in easy reach for when you’re whipping up a mealtime masterpiece. There’s even space for storage on top! Iron. 8-piece hooks included. Contents not included. 17¾" x 17¾" x 27" high. 10015250 $49.95

Kitchen & Household 169



170 Kitchen & Household


Give your kitchen some flair! Add some new cookware or a stylish new kitchen rack to keep things in handy reach!

d Whistles!

a • new! scrollwork hanging pot holder Keep your pots and pans within easy reach with this lovely hanging holder. Scrolling white metal and a slated center for additional storage, this hanging rack will free up in-demand cupboard space. Wrought iron. May require additional freight charge. 31⅜" x 15⅞" x 11⅞" high. 10015252 $79.95 b • wild western kitchen rack Copper colored iron rack has eight hooks for your pots and pans. Its longhorn, lasso and lone star adornments above the flat rack give this handy piece a true Texan theme for your décor. Iron. Contents not included. 23½" x 13½" x 32¼" high. 10001159 $89.95 c • country cow kitchen rack Store your pots and pans in easy reach on this iron pot rack. A cow emblem and the rust red color give this piece a rustic western flair for your décor. Grated bottom and eight hooks offer plentiful rack space. Iron. 23½" x 12" x 28½" high. 10001160 $89.95 d • stainless steel tea kettle Stovetop kettle heats up quickly, allowing you to brew up your favorite beverage to savor and share. With its bright chrome finish and cheery whistle, it’s sure to become a part of your treasured tea-time tradition! Stainless steel and plastic. Hand wash only. 8½" x 8" x 8¾" high. 10014738 $16.95

Kitchen & Household 171


a • country rooster kitchen rack Attractive overhead rack puts your

d • country rooster paper towel holder A bright red rooster keeps

pots and pans right within easy reach; a must-have for any serious chef! Jaunty rooster and scrollwork theme and rich rust-red finish add informal elegance to your kitchen. Iron. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. Contents not included. 23" x 15¾" x 34" high. 10012657 $89.95

a fresh roll of paper towels right within easy reach. Colorful country style is easy with this clever countertop companion! Resin and wood. Paper towels not included. 5½" diameter x 12" high. 10012553 $19.95

b • country rooster basket A delightful way to store and display a variety of decorative kitchen items. Curved copper-colored wire shapes an adorable rooster that supports a base of finer mesh. For decorative purposes only. Iron. 12½" x 6" x 7¼" high. 10001158 $19.95

c • soup mugs The perfect soup mugs along with the perfect soup recipes! Serve delicious soup in these 16 oz. ceramic mugs with handy handles that make delivering hot bisque or chowder a cinch. Each of the four mugs has a differing design featuring an enticing recipe for the ideal comfort food. Ceramic. Dishwasher safe. Each is 5" x 3⅞" x 3⅜" high. 10015238 Set $19.95

172 Kitchen & Household

e • rooster plate wall décor Dress up the wall in your kitchen with these lovely decorative plates, each featuring an artistic rooster painting in warm earthtone colors. Curls of black iron hold the plates in single file and help mount the display to any wall. Ceramic and metal. 5" x 3⅛" x 23" high; each plate is 4½" diameter. 10015107 Set $12.95





Kitchen & Household 173



174 Kitchen & Household



e • pizza stone For the pizza-loving household, a 15" diameter pizza stone for easy pizza cooking, slicing and serving! Comes complete with stainless steel rack and pizza wheel. 15" diameter x ½" thick. 10029171 Set $19.95

a • stainless steel cookware set Good meals start with quality cookware, and this 7-piece set contains everything you need to prepare a gourmet feast! A full array of pots and pans, complete with lids, makes cooking easy and fun. Set includes three assorted-size saucepans; one deep skillet; three fitted lids. Stainless steel with Bakelite handles and tempered glass lids. Dishwasher safe. Two saucepans with lids (1.5 & 2 quart), 3 quart pot with lid; pan: 8½" diameter x 2⅛" deep. 10013780 $59.95

b • stainless steel stock pot set Cook up a plentiful portion of soups, stews and other culinary delights! Generous heavy-duty stock pots are fit for a professional chef, but priced just right for any household. A must-have for any gourmet kitchen! Stainless steel with tempered glass lids. Dishwasher safe. Large: 13¼" x 11" x 10½" high (12 QT); medium: 13" x 10" x 9½" high (8 QT), small: 11" x 8½" x 9" high (5.5 QT). 10014206 $99.95

c • pasta cooker set From pasta to soups, this versatile stock pot makes gourmet cooking a breeze! Multipurpose 8-quart set lets you steam, boil and cook up all your favorites. Stainless steel and glass lid. Suitable for dishwasher; hand wash recommended. Set: 13" x 10" x 10¼" high; strainer: 13" x 10" x 7" high. 10014737 $49.95 d • new! bird paper towel holder A sprightly little chickadee is perched atop this silver-tone kitchen necessity, ready to dispense joy along with paper towels. The bottom of the holder features finely detailed leaves and rests on three round feet. Iron. Some assembly required. Paper towel not included. 7¾" x 7¾" x 16" high. 10015271 $19.95

Kitchen & Household 175



a • kyoto kitchen trolley


Handy for the chef or bartender in your home, this miniature island easily rolls anywhere in your kitchen. Two shelves, a drawer, a towel bar, removable top that converts to a tray and easy wheel brakes add to the convenience of the trolley. Bamboo. Some assembly required. 27¾" x 17⅛" x 34¼" high. 10001222 $179.95

b • osaka kitchen cart Attractive rolling cart complements any gourmet kitchen! The perfect fusion of fashion and function, with a sleek tower silhouette containing a solid bamboo top, utensil drawer, two baskets and a bamboo shelf. Bamboo and chrome plated metal. Some assembly required. 14⅛" square x 30" high. 10014710 $79.95

176 Kitchen & Household


Folds up for easy storage.



c • scallop edge display trays Refined modern design brought to life in faux pastoral wood grain makes these display trays equally classic and contemporary. Demonstrate your exceptional style by placing these beauties on your tabletop and creating a truly unique display of decorative baubles. Plastic and calcium carbonate. Large: 16⅝" x 12⅞" x 1⅜" high; small: 15" x 11¼" x 1⅛" high. 10015177 Set of 2 $29.95 d • bamboo tray Versatile bamboo tray folds up for easy storage while not in use as a side table or serving tray. Designed with comfortable handles and raised edges to prevent spillage. Bamboo. Folded: 19¾" x 11⅞" x 2½" high; opened: 25⅛" x 11¾" x 9¼" high. 10001224 $19.95

e • new! retro big eyes owl wall hook Who wants to leave their coat or bag on the floor? Who? Not you! This darling wall hook is highlighted by a wooden plaque that's decorated with a charming retro-inspired owl. This green-eyed charmer has a colorful face and a script-decorated body. MDF wood and metal. 5" x 2½" x 8⅛" high. 10015403 $9.95


f • new! retro owl wall hook Functional décor can be a real hoot, especially with this darling wall-mounted hook. The metal hook can hold your bag, coat or purse and is topped with a wooden plaque decorated with a cute retro-style owl. MDF wood and metal. 5" x 2½" x 8⅛" high. 10015404 $9.95

g • new! retro owls tray Give a hoot about great design and good-looking décor with this charming wooden tray. The interior is lined with a hip retro-style pattern that features owls perched on top of branches in colors that will complement any décor. MDF Wood. Contents not included. 15¾" x 11⅞" x 2⅜" high. 10015402 $19.95

Kitchen & Household 177





Set Includes: Corkscrew Pourer Drip collar

a • new! easy wine opener gift set Stop struggling and start sipping sooner with this easy-to-use wine opener set! Stubborn corks are no match for this handy opener that pierces the cork and pulls it out with swift action and fluid movement. The set includes two different-length corkscrews and a foil cutter that helps remove the bottle wrapping over the cork. Cheers! Metal and plastic. Wine opener: 5½" x 1½" x 7¾" high; foil cutter: 2¼" x 2¼" x ½" thick; extra corkscrew is 3⅜" long. 10015322 Set of 3 $24.95

c • deluxe wine bottle accessories Any wine aficionado will delight at this fun yet practical set! Tucked inside this decorative wine bottle shaped case, a professional quality corkscrew, pourer and drip collar let you enjoy your favorite wines to their fullest. ABS plastic and stainless steel. 2½" diameter x 9¼" high. 10001161 Set $14.95

178 Kitchen & Household

b • bistro coffee mug set Stir up your next casual get-together into a bona fide bash! Colorful beverage mugs and matching spoons add a heaping helping of fun, re-creating a fanciful corner café atmosphere right in your very own home. Each mug holds 10 oz. Ceramic. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Each mug: 4¾" x 3¼" x 4⅜" high. Each spoon: ⅜" x 1" x 4⅝" long. 10014918 Set $19.95 d • 3-piece storage containers Stop throwing away those cereals, pastas and other dry goods! These roomy containers cut your food bill and keep your favorite foods fresh and delicious. A smart addition for any moneywise family! Plastic. Hand wash only. Large: 11" x 5" x 11¼" high; medium: 8¾" x 4⅛" x 9½" high; small: 6¾" x 3¼" x 7" high. 10014611 Set $12.95



e • deluxe food storage set Maximize your food budget by keeping

f • microwave cooking pots Prepare a plentiful meal in mere

your favorite foods fresh and organized! Super 12-piece set features plenty of storage for leftovers and fresh ingredients. Plastic. Microwave, top rack dishwasher and freezer safe. 4.4 liter: 11" x 7¼" x 5" high; 2.4 liter: 11" x 7¼" x 2¾" high; 1.7 liter: 6¾" diameter x 4" high; 1.2 liter: 6¾" diameter x 2¾" high; 0.9 liter: 6¾" x 4" x 4" high; 0.2 liter: 6¾" x 4" x 2¾" high. 10039810 Set $16.95

minutes! Generously sized containers are made to handle a variety of microwave cooking chores; snap-on lids keep leftovers nice and fresh. Plastic. Microwave and dishwasher safe. 2.8 liter: 8¼" diameter x 4½" high; 1.7 liter: 7" diameter x 3¾" high; 1.0 liter: 6" diameter x 3" high. 10039951 Set $19.95

Kitchen & Household 179



180 Kitchen & Household




g f

a • new! black rays oil warmer Black metal rays climb upward, holding a stylized glass basin and creating a functional sculpture. Add the scented oil of your choice in the basin and insert a tealight candle in the base to wrap your room in sweet and soothing aroma. Metal and glass. Candle and oil not included. 5¾" x 5¾" x 5" high. 10015344 $4.95

tear drop oil warmers With a generous dollop of charm, these striking oil warmers will mesmerize you with their simple elegance. A metal loop balances the ceramic oil basin above a seated tealight to give off a warm glow and delicate scent. Comes in a variety of pleasing colors: Pearl White, Peacock Blue, Black, and Moss Green. Porcelain with metal stand. Tealight candle and oil not included. Each is 4" x 4" x 7⅝" high.

b • mini oil warmer trio Attractive ceramic decorative oil warmers

d e f g

beautify most any décor, brightening the room with twinkling light and a subtle hint of fragrance. Set includes one each in white, black and brown glazes. Ceramic. Tealight candle and oil not included. Each is 2¾" x 2¾" x 3" high. 10001292 Set $7.95

• moss green • black • cobalt blue • white

10012774 10015146 10015144 10015145

$5.95 $5.95 $5.95 $5.95

c • flower oil warmer trio Artistic tulip shapes cut into the bases of these oil warmers allow fun flower figures to shine on the walls. Porcelain. Tealight candles and oil not included. Each is 3¾" x 3¾" x 4½" high. 10033646 $7.95

Kitchen & Household 181





a • lone star oil warmer A star-studded geometric base adds artistic flair to this matte metal decorative oil warmer. Add a few drops of scented oil and set a candle aglow to fill the room with fragrance and light! Metal and glass. Candle and oil not included. 4" x 4" x 4¼" high. 10001291 $5.95

c • curlicue oil warmer Fanciful curls of matte black metal form a pretty base for a sparkling glass oil dish. Add your favorite scent and set a tealight candle below for a wonderfully fragrant glow! Metal and glass. Candle and oil not included. 4¾" x 4¾" x 4½" high. 10014743 $5.95

74 Kitchen & Household 182

b • harmony oil warmer A crystalline oil dish balances delicately atop three slender columns of midnight black metal. An intriguing evening scene as a glowing candle warms your favorite scented oil from below! Metal and glass. Candle and oil not included. 3⅞" x 3⅞" x 4¾" high. 10014744 $5.95 d • modern-art oil warmer Four slender matte-black columns stylishly support a shallow glass oil dish; a tealight gently warms your favorite oil to disperse a subtle fragrance. Simple, contemporary styling is a fabulous fit for any décor! Metal with glass dish. Tealight candle and oil not included. 3⅞" x 3⅞" x 4½" high. 10038217 $5.95





e • orbital oil warmer Your eyes will be positively fixed on this striking and modern oil warmer, while your nose will revel in the pleasing aroma. The glass oil basin harmonizes with the dark metal structure for a perfect accent to any room’s atmosphere. Metal and glass. Tealight candle and oil not included. 3⅝" x 3⅝" x 3⅝" high. 10015147 $5.95

f • cresting oil warmer Inspired by a wave rolling to shore, this avantgarde oil warmer’s metal and glass design flows effortlessly. Add oil to the beautiful glass bowl and nestle a candle below, add flame, and let the scent wash over you. Metal and glass. Tealight candle and oil not included. 4⅝" x 4⅝" x 4¾" high. 10015141 $4.95

g • art deco oil warmer Sinuous curls of matte black wrought iron

h • spiral oil warmer A graceful spiral base supports a clear glass oil dish, along with a warming tealight below. Just add a few drops of fragrant oil for a gently scented glow! Metal and glass. Tealight candle and oil not included. 4¾" x 4¾" x 4½" high. 10012492 $6.95

provide a striking counterpoint for a sparkling glass oil dish. A tealight gently warms your favorite scented oil for a delicately fragrant glow! Metal with glass dish. Tealight candle and oil not included. 5¾" x 4⅝" x 5" high. 10037160 $6.95

Kitchen & Household 183



a • earthen oven oil warmer An ode to old-world ovens with mixed matte and gloss terracotta finish and southwestern design, this ceramic oil warmer is a pleasing sight as it fills your room with a pleasing scent. The opening in the side welcomes at tealight candle, while the reservoir at the top accepts fragrant oil; light the candle and enjoy! Ceramic. Tealight candle and oil not included. 3⅜" x 3⅛" x 5" high. 10015142 $4.95

b • women’s prayer oil warmer A trio of women bow their heads in reverent reflection, offering up a heartfelt prayer of gratitude and joy while a glowing votive gently warms a pool of aromatic oil on the plate above. Stone, resin and glass. Tealight candle and oil not included. 5¼" x 5¼" x 4¾" high. 10039202 $14.95



c • new! peaceful buddha oil warmer Welcome tranquility and aroma into your home with the Peaceful Buddha Oil Warmer. Lift the top to add the scented oil of your choice, and with a candle tucked in the back, your room will be filled with relaxing scent. Ceramic. Tealight candle and oil not included. 4¼" x 4" x 5" high. 10015345 $4.95

d • country kitchen oil warmer A mini ceramic oven designed to create ambrosial aromas! This fun oil warmer has a skillet inside the oven that holds a tealight to heat the kettle oil well. Tealight candle and oil not included. 4½" x 3¾" x 5¾" high. 10034602 $6.95



e • pharaoh oil warmer Bring about a dynasty of wonderful scents in your home with this glossy chocolate-colored ceramic oil warmer. The bust of an ancient pharaoh emits the regal scent of your choosing when you light the tealight stored in the back. Ceramic. Tealight candle and oil not included. 3" x 2⅝" x 4⅜" high. 10015140 $4.95 f • elephant oil warmer Brighten your home with this lucky elephant and enjoy the sweet smell of good fortune! Cute ceramic figurine makes a darling decoration when not in use, but with the addition of a little scented oil and a tealight candle, it becomes an elegant fragrance diffuser that brightens the air with your favorite perfume. Ceramic. Tealight candle and oil not included. 5" x 2½" x 6" high. 10013896 $5.95

184 Kitchen & Household

g • swirl oil warmer Fascinating swirls of gleaming sculpted silver come together in a masterpiece of modern art, supporting a sleek glass dish above a candle’s golden flame. More than just a theatrical decoration, this sophisticated sculpture is an elegant fragrance diffuser when your favorite scented oil is warmed by the glowing tealight below. Metal and glass. Tealight candle and oil not included. 5" x 5" x 3¾" high. 10013895 $5.95







h • geometric zen oil warmer Intertwining contemporary grace and timeless appeal, this oil warmer’s geometric design in bright wood is highlighted by sleek ceramic accents to bestow a calming effect on any room. Let it enlighten your senses with the scented oil of your choosing. Ceramic and wood. Tealight candle and oil not included. 4⅛" x 3⅞" x 4⅜" high. 10015139 $7.95

i • sculpted hands oil warmer A shallow dish balances delicately between the palms of two outstretched hands, holding a serving of scented oil to be warmed by a candle flame. A handsome way to fill the room with fragrance! Porcelain. Tealight candle and oil not included. 5½" x 4¼" x 5¼" high. 10012773 $5.95

j • metro retro oil warmer Like a blast from the past, Sixties pop-art adds its funky appeal to this bright white ceramic oil warmer! A double delight as the bubble windows fill with light, and your special scented potion releases its magical scent. Ceramic. Candle and oil not included. 3⅛" x 3⅛" x 4⅜" high. 10014742 $5.95

k • helping hand oil warmer One of a kind oil warmer fills your home with fragrance! Quirky sculpted hand makes a decorative splash as it holds your scented oil to release a marvelous scent into the air. Ceramic. Tealight candle and oil not included. 4½" x 4¼" x 3¾" high. 10014745 $5.95

l • sleek basin oil warmer Dark metal contrasted by pale geometric porcelain basins, this oil warmer speaks volumes to visitors about your exquisite taste in fine design. Add your favorite scented oil and candle, and then bask in the sleek and stylish ambiance it creates. Ceramic and wood. Tealight candle and oil not included. 3⅞" x 3⅞" x 5½" high. 10015143 $7.95

Kitchen & Household 185


2 USB Cooling Fans


Drink Holder Angled Adjustable Table

Mouse Pad

Extendable From 8" to 11.5"

186 Kitchen & Household

Work anywhere comfortably!


Extra large 7.1" fan with blue LED

Elevated base


7 angle adjustments Nonskid bottom

Powered though usb

a • workstation desk Whether you’re working or studying at home, check off your to-do list at this classic white workstation desk. Simplicity in style with all the space you need for the task at hand. MDF wood with lacquer. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. Contents not included. 47¼" x 23½" x 29½" high. 10014708 $179.95

Moveable light

b • executive laptop workstation Work on your laptop in comfort and style, anywhere you please! Lightweight folding table securely supports your portable computer, with cooling fans, mouse pad, drink holder and pen holder built right in. A must-have for any power user! Plastic. 22" x 12" x 12¼" high; 11¼" x 12½" x 1½" high when folded. 10014469 $39.95


Drink holder

c • universal laptop stand At last— a portable laptop desk that adjusts to your ergonomic level! 360 degree rotating base and seven different angle adjustments let you customize your workstation to fit your style. Elevated base allows air flow to keep your laptop cool; nonskid bottom holds your computer securely. Plastic. Laptop computer not included. 10" x 10⅞" x 1" thick. 10014608 $5.95 d • laptop cooling pad Protect your precious laptop from performance loss and costly damage! Special cooling pad with powerful fan helps guard delicate systems against overheating, in a stylish, sleek, portable shape that’s perfect for travel. Plastic. 11¼" x 11¼" x 1¾" high. 10014470 $14.95

Cushion bottom

Foam cushion

e • portable desktop with light Turn your lap into a desktop! Lightweight desktop surface with built in cushion for added comfort, drink holder and a battery operated gooseneck light make working away from your desk a delight. Handle for easy portability. MDF wood and foam. Three AA batteries not included. 17" x 13" x 2" thick. 10014612 $19.95

f • portable laptop desk Comfortably use

f top view

your laptop anywhere with this portable desktop. Cushion provides protection from heat and is slanted for ergonomic function. Large top can accommodate most laptop sizes. MDF wood and foam. 22" x 15" x 3" thick. 10001126 $24.95

Kitchen & Household 187


b 34-Piece Set

34-piece tool kit features car-shaped container!



Over 120-Piece Set a • auto emergency kit A must-have for your car, this quality kit has what it takes to get your car off the shoulder and back on the road. 30 pieces. Plastic and metal. Plastic case is 7" x 3" x 11½" high. 10020302 $29.95 b • 34-piece car tool kit with light Car-shaped container features working wheels and a flashlight headlight; nestled inside are pliers, sockets, Allen wrenches and screwdrivers. Stash a kit in your car to handle on-the-road emergencies! Plastic case; metal and plastic tools. Four AA batteries not included. 7¾" x 5¼" x 4" high. 10038364 $19.95 c • 3-in-1 flashlight/ lantern You’ll come to rely on this multi-functional flashlight for use in your home, while enjoying the great outdoors, and the peace of mind it provides in your car’s emergency kit. It offers a bright beam from the flashlight with three LED bulbs, a brilliant shine from the large lantern, and also a glowing night light option. It comes with a hanging strap for convenient hands-free use. Plastic and LED light. Three W batteries not included. 2¼" square x 8" high. 10015235 $14.95 d • tool shop in a box set From car repairs to home improvements, this carry case features a full arsenal of tools to take on any task. An absolute must for any handyman— or handywoman— who likes to have the right tool for every job no matter where or when! Metal and plastic case. May require additional freight charge. Set: 13½" x 3" x 13½" high. 10001290 $99.95

188 Kitchen & Household

e • pick-up and reaching tool This amazing tool has a thousand uses! Grab that high-up, hard-to-reach item or quickly pick up objects at your feet, without having to stretch or stoop. Extends your reach by nearly 3 feet; especially ideal for those with limited mobility! Aluminum and plastic. 6" x 33" long. 10015127 $10.95 f • all-in-one nail care kit Enjoy a salon quality beauty routine without the premium prices! Handheld power buffer rubs away rough spots and perfectly files nails; the base dries wet polish in nothing flat. You’ll look and feel like a pampered celebrity! Plastic. Two AA batteries not included. 7" x 6" x 2⅛" high. 10014472 $24.95

g • 10-piece manicure set Leather-look travel case elegantly tucks ten personal care essentials into a pocket-sized package! Ideal for busy travelers, executives or anyone who knows the value of looking and feeling great. Faux leather case and metal. 5⅞" x 3¼" x 1" high. 10013190 Set $9.95 h • new! blue folding step stool Take a step up and reclaim the use of top shelves, hard-to-reach storage spots, and so much more with this handy folding step stool. This useful tool features stylized footprints on a foldable frame that allows you to fold it up and tuck it away, making it a space saver and a time saver! Its compact design makes it a sure bet for use in walk-in pantries or closets, too. Plastic. 11¼" x 8¾" x 9" high; folded: 12½" x 1⅛" x 13¾" high. 10015290 $19.95




Folds for easy storage!



Finger holder

Dries wet polish



File nails Rub away rough spots



201 Household Essentials 189 Kitchen & Household

a • new! deluxe red jewelry box Looking for a


jewelry box that’s as beautiful as the jewelry inside? This is it! This deluxe multi-level case is finished in glossy deep red faux snakeskin and features a matching top handle and a bold metallic clasp at the front. PVC and inner felt lining. Contents not included. 9½" x 6½" x 6" high. 10015417 $49.95


b • new! stylish purple jewelry box Just as lovely as the jewelry you’ll keep inside, this purple faux snakeskin jewelry box will show off your great taste. It features a matching faux leather handle at top and closes with a bold metallic clasp at front. Lift the lid to keep your precious jewels out of sight. PVC and inner felt lining. 5½" x 5" x 3¾" high. 10015416 $26.95

c c • new! stylish black jewelry box Make a statement with this stylish faux leather jewelry box. Finished in a glossy snakeskin pattern, it features a large carrying handle for easy transport, a heavyweight silver metal latch for added style, and will hold your favorite jewelry when you're at home or on the go. PVC and inner felt lining. 5⅝" x 5⅝" x 6" high. 10015414 $19.95

190 Kitchen & Household

d • new! faux leather keepsake box A true style


statement, this faux leather keepsake box is finished in a rich chestnut color with a woven appearance. It will add an air of high fashion to your vanity or dresser. Simply lift the lid to store your personal belongings or other important treasures. PVC, MDF wood, inner felt lining and mirror. May require additional freight charge. Contents not included. 12" x 8" x 3¼" high. 10015406 $29.95

e • new! orange keepsake box trio This stunning trio of keepsake boxes will make a huge style impact in your room. Finished in tangerine faux leather with a woven appearance, these three varying-sized boxes can hold a variety of jewelry or other treasures. MDF wood, PVC and inner felt lining. Large: 7⅛" x 7⅛" x 3" high; medium: 6" x 6" x 2⅜" high; small: 4¾" x 4¾" x 1¾" high. 10015407 Set $34.95



f • new! stylish pink jewelry box There’s no denying the chic styling of this sleek jewelry box. Finished in pink faux snakeskin and featuring a bold silver tone metal clasp and handle, this is a great box to stash your jewelry at home or on the go. PVC and inner felt lining. 4¾" x 4¾" x 5¼" high. 10015415 $26.95

201 Household Essentials 191 Kitchen & Household



3-Pc. Set!


a • stylish skull luggage trio Stand out from the crowd wherever your journey takes you! Fashion meets function in this roomy three-piece luggage set with splashy all-over skull and crossbones pattern; pull-out handles and wheels make travel a breeze. Nylon and plastic. May require additional freight charge. Spot clean only. Large: 19" x 9¾" x 28" high; medium: 16½" x 8¾" x 24" high; small: 14¾" x 7" x 20½" high. 10012930 Set $199.95


b • classic laptop shoulder case Take your laptop along for school, work, or just plain fun— but keep it safe in this sleek case! Cushioned exterior guards against jolts and scratches, handy shoulder strap adds grab-and-go convenience. Rubber and polyester. Spot clean only. 17" x 1½" x 12½" high. 10014800 $24.95

c • sturdy laptop sleeve Protect your precious portable computer with this sturdy carry sleeve! Ideal for everyday use, this attractive case holds up to a 15" laptop; zippered outer pocket keeps accessories right at hand. Rubber and polyester. Spot clean only. 16½" x ¾" x 12¼" high. 10014801 $19.95

d • luxurious luggage set

5-Pc. Set



$ 192 Kitchen & Household

Distinctive and versatile luggage set boasts the flexible strength that only the finest jute tweed can provide! Vinyl trim. May require additional freight charge. Larger is 28" x 8½" x 23" high; medium: 26" x 7 ½" x 18" high. duffel bag is 21½" x 12" x 11" high; carry-on is 31" x 8" x 16" high; garment bag is 44" x 3" x 23" high. 10021943 Set of 5 $199.95

Stand out from the crowd wherever your journey takes you!

4-Pc. Set!

Whether it's a trip around the world or a quick weekend getaway, these luggage sets will e

get you there with style!

e • leopard print luggage ensemble Whether it’s a trip around the world or a quick weekend get-away, this luggage set gets you there with style to spare! Fashionable wheeled luggage quartet shows its wild side in a luscious matching leopard print. Polyester. May require additional freight charge. Spot clean only. Large: 18" x 11¾" x 30" high; medium: 16½" x 9½" x 26" high; small: 14½" x 8" x 22" high; duffle bag: 17" x 7½" x 11" high. 10013349 Set of 4 $249.95

4-Pc. Set! f • snow leopard luggage set Whether you’re on the move for a wild weekend abroad or a summertime safari, this four-piece luggage set will let you arrive in style with all your necessities. The set includes three rolling suitcases with retractable handles in varying sizes and a duffle with padded shoulder strap and carrying handles. Polyester. May require additional freight charge. Large: 18" x 11¾" x 30" high; medium: 16½" x 9½" x 26" high; small: 14½" x 8" x 22" high; duffle bag: 17" x 7½" x 11" high. 10015244 Set of 4 $249.95


Kitchen & Household 193

Outdoor Living A life worth living includes time spent enjoying nature’s splendor. Inspired by the beauty of flora and fauna that flourishes in the world outside, our Outdoor Living Collection is brimming with beautiful accessories that will make the life you live outdoors more stylish, comfortable, and beautiful

194 Outdoor Living

Serpentine Ceramic Decorative Stool p. xx

Enjoy your outdoor living space‌

Wise Owl Ceramic Decorative Stool p. xx Revere Medium Candle Lantern

Floral Ceramic Decorative Stool p. xx

Carriage Style Lantern p. xx

Outdoor Living 195



196 Outdoor Living





a • two-person hammock Relax together on this sturdy cotton

d • navy striped hanging chair Nautical navy stripes will cradle you in

hammock built comfortably for two. A delightful retreat! Pillow not included. Max. Wt.: 440 lbs. Recycled cotton rope on a wood frame, metal loops for hanging. May require additional freight charge. 54" x 140" long. 10033024 $59.95

cotton comfort. Whether you’re relaxing after mowing the lawn or completing a yacht race, swinging yourself to serenity is a breeze. Max. Wt.: 200 lbs. Cotton. 35½" x 25" x 49" high. 10014974 $49.95

cradle chair will quickly become your favorite place to relax! Max. Wt.: 200 lbs. Recycled cotton. May require additional freight charge. 39¼" x 46" high. 10035330 $49.95

e • new! iesta color stripes hammock Add some sunny color to your backyard and bask in the sunshine or the shade with this lovely hammock. Striped with vivid colors, this relaxation station is sure to be a hit with the entire family. Max. Wt.: 350 lbs. 65% Cotton, 35% Polyester. 37½" x 104" long. 10015270 $29.95

c • cotton padded swing chair A relaxing way to retreat from the

d • cape cod canvas hammock Dreaming of the seaside? Let our

day! Soft cotton padding and gentle rocking motion cradle you in exceptional comfort. Great for use indoors or out. Max Wt.: 200 lbs. Seat: 10½" wide. Recycled cotton. May require additional freight charge. Chair is 38" x 17¾" x 52" high. 10034302 $49.95

comfy canvas hammock take you away! Recline in comfort in your favorite shady spot; such a lovely and luxurious way to enjoy a lazy outdoor afternoon. Max. Wt.: 264 lbs. Recycled cotton; wood frame with rope for hanging. May require additional freight charge. 47¼" x 106¼" long. 10013000 $69.95

b • hammock chair Perfect to hang on porch or branch. This comfy

Outdoor Living 197




a • ironwood bench planter A rustic bench accented with curled metal legs that have a vintage-inspired patina makes this the best seat in the yard for your plants. Add your botanical beauties to the bench’s planter box and place a potted plant on both arms for a truly delightful sight. Pine wood and iron. Some assembly required. Plants not included. 31¾" x 14½" x 23" high; each ring plant holder: 4½" diameter; inner planter space: 19" x 5¾" x 4½" deep. 10015167 $89.95

b • bistro chair planter Pull up a chair and grow a while! This engaging planter looks like an outdoor seat at a bustling French cafe, complete with decorative curled metal accents. It holds three potted plants and will make your visitors say, “Ooh la la!” Pine wood and iron. Some assembly required. Plant not included. 17¾" x 14" x 29" high; each ring plant holder: 4½" diameter; seat: 9¼" diameter; hole in the middle: 5" diameter. 10015168 $44.95

198 Outdoor Living

c • apple barrel planter trio This trio of planters have look of aged oak barrels, complete with black metal banding and handles for ease of relocating around your yard as the mood or sun strikes. Each planter has a different size to allow you to make these the charming homes for a variety of plants. Fir wood. May require additional freight charge. Plants not included. Large: 15" x 15" x 12" high; medium: 12" x 12" x 9¾" high; small: 10" x 10" x 7½" high. 10015114 Set $79.95 d • pump and barrel fountain This vintage-inspired fountain and planter trio is an ode to simpler times. The soothing sound of cascading water falls from the well pump into wooden barrels, and when you add a splash of greenery in the front-mounted planter trio, you’ll have a peaceful oasis of a bygone era in your yard! Fir wood and iron. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. Plants not included. 21¼" x 2¼" x 34" high; each small bucket: 5½" diameter x 4" deep; large bucket: 21¼ diameter x 10" deep. 10015115 $259.95




e • apple barrel planter ladder Roll out the barrels and add a dollop

f • oxcart planter This planter can pull its weight when it comes to adding

of country charm! The simulated fir wood barrels of this planter trio have authentic metal banding and are fastened to sturdy wooden posts. Its hinged tri-level design gives you the freedom to adjust it to fit anywhere in your yard. Fir wood. Plants not included. Open: 36" x 9¾" x 22⅝" high; closed: 12½" x 9¾" x 22⅝" high; each bucket is 9½" diameter x 5" high. 10015113 $89.95

charm to your outdoor space. The Oxcart Planter has metal wagon wheels and the look of a hand-crafted oxcart from the days of yore. Pine wood and iron. Some assembly required. Plants not included. 36" x 12" x 12" high; planter: 24" x 12" x 5½" deep; each wheels: 7¾" diameter. 10015166 $79.95

Outdoor Living 199


a • rustic wishing well planter Your decorating wish just came true! Natural wood wishing well adds quaint nostalgic appeal to your outdoor living space; so pretty when its bucket and base are filled with your favorite flowering plants! Hollow base. Fir wood. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. Plants not included. 25⅝" x 25⅝" x 44⅛" high. 10014652 $199.95

b • wagon wheel planter Rustic planter creates an instant oasis with a little country charm! Four buckets hold a quartet of your loveliest plants, suspended from a realistic wagon wheel center; wellweathered finish lends an antique look. Wood and metal. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. Plants not included. 18½" diameter x 23½" high. 10012691 $99.95

c • country flower cart planter Capture the charm of a farmer’s country market with this winsome miniature flower cart! Just arrange your greenery or colorful decorative accents inside and instantly add a wagon load of blooming color to your yard. Fir wood. Some assembly required. Plants not included. 33" x 9¾" x 11¼" high. 10013843 $39.95

200 Outdoor Living




d • wagon wheel double-tier planter Add a fresh touch of the country, complete with greenery, and enjoy your garden in a whole new way! Double-level planter features a quaint wagon wheel theme and rustic finish, with plenty of room to proudly show off your favorite blooms. Fir wood. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. Plants not included. 21⅛" x 13" x 22" high; each planter: 19" x 8" x 8" high. 10013842 $79.95 e • rustic wagon Old-time buckboard styling and a weathered finish give this cart the instant appeal of a cherished antique! Real rolling wheels add a charming touch and allow easy access to move things around your garden. Fir wood. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. 64" x 37½" x 26½" high. 10014653 $149.95

e Weathered finish and real rolling wheels!

Outdoor Living 201



After your picnic, it folds into a park bench for your guests! It’s a perfect place for your guests to get better acquainted. a • rustic convertible garden table Garden spaces big and small get double the delight from this two-in-one furnishing! When folded into a park bench, it invites a cozy intimate chat; when hosting a gathering, it quickly becomes a roomy picnic bench with plenty of room for guests. Fir wood. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. Picnic table: 55⅜" x 53¾" x 29" high; bench: 55" x 31½" x 24¼" high. 10014649 $249.95

Park Bench 202 Outdoor Living

Easily Converts Into…

A Picnic Bench


b • apple barrel fountain



Sparkling waterfalls cascade from spout to spout down the faces of three stacked bushel baskets. This generously sized fountain with genuine wood trim adds bountiful rustic flair to your outdoor surroundings! Fir wood. UL recognized. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. Electric pump included. 23½" diameter x 30½" high. 10013841 $199.95

c • wagon wheel fountain Country charm abounds in this casual all-wood water fountain! An old-fashioned wagon wheel becomes a quaint backdrop for a dazzling display as water dances from bucket to bucket. Impressively sized at 33" high for serious style impact! Fir wood. UL recognized. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. Submersible electric pump included. 28" x 13" x 33" high. 10014650 $199.95

d • wagon wheel bench Laze in the shade after a long day; this rustic bench is right at home on patio, porch or lawn. Sturdy love seat has ample seating for two, with quaint wagon wheel armrests at either end. It’s country comfort at its finest! Wood. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. 42¼" x 21" x 31" high. 10012690 $199.95

Outdoor Living 203



Over 30" Long!


204 Outdoor Living



f g

Picnic mat folds for easy carrying!

a • garden swing Rustic garden swing is perfect for porch or patio; comfy bench is roomy enough for two! Oil-and-lacquer finished for lasting beauty outdoors. A restful way to dream away the day! Russian pine. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. 67¼" x 33½" x 65" high. 10035107 $299.95

b • frolicking frogs hanging decoration A giggling trio of amphibious acrobats enjoys a merry moment of mirth, playfully tumbling down the length of a free-swinging rope. Powderstone/polyresin blend. 3¼" x 3" x 30¼" high. 10038813 $16.95

c • new! western stars ire pit Whether your home is on the range or a little more suburban, this Western-style fire pit will keep you warm as you enjoy a night under the stars. The metal mesh lid features four stars and a convenient handle for easy removal, and the base has four metal feet. Cast Iron. May require additional freight charge. 22" x 22" x 13" high. 10015284 $89.95 d • deluxe bbq tool set A full set of durable barbecue tools turns any backyard amateur into a pro. All packed in a sturdy plastic carrying case. Stainless steel with wood handle. Hand wash only. 17" x 12" x 3" high (closed). 11002357 Set $39.95

e • picnic backpack Have a gourmet picnic anywhere, with this convenient backpack set that includes everything except the food— but leaves enough space for it! Place setting for four; 30 pieces. Hand wash. Bag: 15" x 6½" x 17" high. 10033037 Set $79.95 f • geometric ire pit Gather round this fantastic fire pit and instantly set the scene for fun! The perfect way to add the wonderful warmth of a real campfire anywhere you please, be it a backyard or campsite; just fill with firewood and bask in the festive glow. Mesh top and cutout shapes in the sides allow plenty of light and heat to reach you, yet keep sparks and embers safely contained. Iron. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. 28¼" x 28¼" x 19½" high; fire pit: 23" x 23" x 8" deep; mesh lid: 24" x 24" x 5" high. 10014201 $159.95

g • iesta picnic mat Perfect for laying out a picnic or for lounging on as you enjoy a summer concert in the park. It folds up neatly for easy transport and features a convenient to-go handle to help you carry it where ever you roam. Polyester and vinyl backing. Folded: 11½" x 3" x 7½" high; opened: 45" wide x 53" long. 10015110 $17.95

Outdoor Living 205



206 Outdoor Living

a • new! taupe faceted planter trio This planter set


includes three different-sized pots to ensure your plants get the proper home. The glossy taupe finish and faceted design of this trio catches the sunlight to enhance your greenery with style. Ceramic. May require additional freight charge. Plants not included. Large: 11⅜" x 11⅜" x 9½" high; medium: 8⅜" x 8⅜" x 7⅜" high; small: 6" x 6" x 5⅝" high. 10015302 Set $59.95

b • jewel-tone flower pot trio Bring a burst of color to your garden! Embossed earthenware flower pots are sumptuous in shades of azure, topaz and peridot. Set includes three separate sizes to hold a variety of your favorite greenery! Drain hole at bottom of each pot. Ceramic. Plants not included. Large is 12" x 12" x 8½" high; medium is 9" x 9" x 6½" high; small is 6½" x 6½" x 5¼" high. 10038899 Set $69.95

c • mediterranean mist planter trio Misty sea blue is a timeless hue that brings these ceramic planters to life! Three coordinating pots create a look of effortless elegance as you watch your garden grow. Drain hole at the bottom of each pot. Ceramic. Plants not included. Small: 6" diameter x 5½" high; medium: 8½" diameter x 7" high; large: 11½" diameter x 9½" high. 10014614 Set $69.95


d • tea rose garden planter trio An embossed rose vine motif and marvelous moss green glaze lend these planters an air of timeless refinement! An enchanting reminder of leisurely Victorian pastimes spent daydreaming in the summer garden. Drain hole at bottom of each pot. Each set is individually hand painted and colors may vary from the photo shown here. Ceramic. Plants not included. Small: 6" diameter x 5½" high; medium: 8½" diameter x 7" high; large: 11½" diameter x 9½" high. 10014615 Set $69.95

Outdoor Living 207



c Pair




208 Outdoor Living


a • ocher elegance planter trio Clad in rich redbrown ocher glaze, this trio of planters with matching saucers slips elegantly into your garden décor. An instantly elegant coordinated display for your favorite foliage! Drain hole at bottom of each pot. Ceramic. Small: 7" diameter x 7" high; medium: 9½" diameter x 9" high; large: 11¾" diameter x 11" high. 10001127 Set $79.95



b • dangling mini pots Straight from the kitchen of a Santa Fe gourmet, this darling decoration recalls the fabled cooking pots treasured for generations in the Southwest. Four graceful earthtone vessels with jute hanging loop are ready to brighten any corner! Ceramic. 3¾" diameter x 23" high. 10037733 $19.95

c • plant watering globe stakes Beautiful decorative globes are more than mere ornaments. They’re a worry-free way to water your plants! Just fill and place into soil and the plant absorbs the exact amount needed. Actual color of each globe may vary from the picture shown. Glass. Each is 3⅛" diameter x 11¾" high. 10012683 Pair $11.95

color drenched planter trios Succulent shades of cobalt and jade combine with a handsome banded design, adding luxury to these coordinating planter pots. The perfect showcase for a lush arrangement of your favorite plants! Drain hole at the bottom of each pot. Ceramic. Plants not included. Large: 12" diameter x 8½" high; medium: 8¾" diameter x 6½" high; small: 6⅜" diameter x 4¾" high. d • cobalt planter trio e • jade planter trio

10013368 Set $69.95 10013367 Set $69.95

f • new! green faceted planter trio The faceted design of this trio of planters will capture the sun’s light for dazzling shimmer and shine. The mossy green high-gloss finish will complement any plant, and with three sizes, you’re sure to have the perfect pot for your blooming summer beauties. Ceramic. May require additional freight charge. Plants not included. Large: 11" x 11" x 9" high; medium: 7½" x 7½" x 7¼" high; 5½" x 5½" x 5¼" high. 10015342 $59.95

Outdoor Living 209



210 Outdoor Living


a • blue floral teacup planter Create your own storybook garden scene with this fanciful planter! A replica of a fine china teacup, right down to the ladylike floral pattern; just add a plentiful plant and enjoy. Drain hole in bottom. Dolomite. Plant not included. Tea cup planter: 13" x 10" x 6¾" high; saucer: 12⅜" diameter. 10012686 Set $49.95


b • delicate floral teacup planter The classic combination of black and white adds fresh delicate beauty to this fanciful oversized teacup planter. When filled with bright blooms or a flurry of lush greenery, it brings a casual, welcoming appeal to your living space. A winning addition whether indoors or our; let your imagination be your guide! Drain hole in bottom. Dolomite. Plant not included. Planter: 13" x 10" x 6¾" high; saucer: 12⅜" diameter. 10014988 $49.95

c • botanical garden planter trio Three delightful planters decorated with the splendor of a busy garden. Each one has a vintage-inspired botanical illustration featuring butterflies, birds, and blooms in striking colors that will multiply the beauty of your growing greenery. Plastics and calcium carbonate. Plants not included. Large: 7⅛" x 7⅛" x 7" high; medium: 5⅝" x 5⅝" x 6¼" high; small: 5" x 5" x 4" high. 10015179 Set $24.95


d • butterfly teacup planter Any gardener who’s thirsty for fun will love this “tea-riffic” accent! Whimsical oversized cup and saucer feature a bright butterfly print and drain hole in bottom; just add a plant for effortless outdoor charm. Dolomite. Plant not included. Cup: 9¼" x 7¾" x 5" high; saucer: 9¼" diameter. 10012687 Set $29.95 e • lavender rose teacup planter Gracious gardening is a snap when you perk up your arrangements with this pretty teacup planter! Rich lavender rose pattern adds the classic look of fine china to a pure white cup and saucer theme. Drain hole in bottom. Dolomite. Plant not included. Cup: 9¼" x 7¾" x 5" high; saucer: 9¼" diameter. 10013935 Set $29.95

Outdoor Living 211




a • songbird oasis fountain Celebrate nature’s glory with this stunning figural fountain! A slender tree motif is the perfect backdrop for glistening waterfalls, with beautiful birds providing a touch of cheery color. At night, a beautiful glow turns this fountain into a captivating display of motion and light! Resin, metal, and plastic. UL recognized. Natural river rocks included. Submersible pump and electrical adaptor included. 13⅝" x 13⅜" x 29" high. 10013899 $159.95

b • calla lily water fountain Clean, simple lines and gleaming metalwork make this water sculpture into a truly dramatic centerpiece! So lovely as waters flow from lily cup to lily cup in an endless crystal cascade. Resin and Iron. UL recognized. May require additional freight charge. Submersible pump included. 14½" diameter x 30" high. 10001307 $219.95 c • hummingbird haven fountain There’s only one way to describe this fountain: absolutely breathtaking! This stunning show of motion and light is sure to be the showpiece of your garden both day and night, with luminescent lights bringing the birds to glowing life. Resin, metal, and plastic. UL recognized. May require additional freight charge. Natural river rocks included. Submersible pump and electrical adaptor included. 11" x 10½" x 22¼" high. 10013900 $139.95

212 Outdoor Living




d • lion head wall fountain Mount this classically styled fountain on any wall to recreate the elegant ambience of a Greco-Roman sanctuary. The look of carved stone without the weight and expense! Pump included. Stonefinish polyresin. UL recognized. May require additional freight charge. 18" x 10" x 30" high. 10032428 $129.95

e • lion’s head courtyard fountain Inspired by European palace decorations, this faux stone fountain instantly creates an elegant impression. Graceful curves and classic lion’s head theme add timelessness to your surroundings! Outdoor use only. Polyresin. UL recognized. May require additional freight charge. Submersible pump included. 13⅞" x 8⅜" x 23" high. 10013055 $99.95 f • fun and play water fountain What’s more refreshing than a cool drink on a hot day? Beautiful bronze-look fountain shows two children at innocent play in the garden. Weathered finish adds instant antique appeal! Outdoor use only. Polyresin. UL recognized. May require additional freight charge. Submersible pump included. 19⅝" x 14⅜" x 26⅛" high. 10013057 $219.95

Outdoor Living 213


a • acorn fountain From a cleverly rendered acorn spout, water sparkles down three graceful tiers. A symbol of the huge potential that lies within very small things! Ivory polyresin looks just like real stone. Pump included. UL recognized. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. 23½" x 23½" x 38" high. 10035144 $249.95

b • playful cherubs fountain Water cascades over playful cherubim in this enchanting home or garden fountain. Classically styled with flowing lines and faux granite finish. Fiberglass. UL recognized. May require additional freight charge. 19½" x 9½" x 42" high. 10033631 $199.95 c • couple water fountain A young couple is caught in a spring shower, but their thoughts don’t appear to be on the weather. Brings out the romantic in everyone! Pump included. Fiberglass. UL recognized. May require additional freight charge. 20" diameter x 42" high. 10032001 $199.95

214 Outdoor Living


d • fairy maiden water fountain A fetching fairy maid pours water in sparkling tiers down a series of open blossoms. A splendid centerpiece for your garden! Comes with an electric water pump. Fiberglass. UL recognized. May require additional freight charge. 9½" diameter x 42" high. 10034189 $199.95 e • mosaic courtyard fountain Impressive fountain gives your garden the instant grandeur of a palace courtyard! Graceful faux granite columns and bowls feature a stylish mosaic-look trim; sculpted pineapples add a stately welcoming touch. Polyresin. UL recognized. May require additional freight charge. Electrical pump included. 19¼" diameter x 34½" high. 10013807 $199.95

f • lotus flower fountain The tranquil sand color of this fountain and its classic floral-inspired motif will make it the prize bloom on your estate. Simply plug it into a standard outlet and be transported to a calm and peaceful state of mind. Polyresin. UL recognized. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. Submersible water pump included. 16½" x 16½" x 29" high. 10015119 $199.95





Outdoor Living 215


a • thirsty dog solar fountain Whimsical faux-bronze fountain depicts a parched pooch lapping up a refreshing cool drink of water. Solar power lets you place this adorable accent anywhere—no plugs required! Resin. UL recognized. May require additional freight charge. Solar panel, pump and electrical adapter included. 21⅞" x 13¾" x 27⅛" high. 10014769 $249.95 b • fairy solar water fountain Fabulous fountain features a scene from treasured childhood tales, as a pair of fairies plays in the crystal waterfalls. The magic of solar power lets you add this fountain to your favorite spot without tangled cords, or an optional electrical plug for overcast days. Polyresin, stonepowder, and sand. UL recognized. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. Solar panel, pump, electrical adapter included. 17½" x 17½" x 41⅜" high. 10012842 $299.95

216 Outdoor Living

c • temple solar water fountain Graceful Asian fountain has the authentic look of hand-hewn stone; a dramatic addition to your outdoor décor! Place this dual powered fountain anywhere you please: Solar panels for cord-free enjoyment, or an electrical plug for shady locations or overcast days. Ingenious! Polyresin, stonepowder, and sand. UL recognized. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. Solar panel, pump, electrical adapter included. 15⅜" x 15⅜" x 24⅞" high. 10012844 $249.95

d • wishing well solar water fountain Grace your garden with rustic romance and the music of flowing water! Elegant faux cobblestone fountain features the convenience of two power options: Solar panels for cord-free enjoyment, or an optional electrical plug for shady locations or overcast days. Polyresin, stonepowder, and sand. UL recognized. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. Solar panel, pump, electrical adapter included. 15⅜" x 15⅜" x 25" high. 10012841 $249.95




Outdoor Living 217



a • solar garden wall lantern Delicate scrollwork wall plate and classic lamp make a gracious addition to your outdoor living space; hidden solar collectors store sunlight for plentiful after-dark illumination. The perfect fusion of smart energy savings and old fashioned charm! Metal and plastic. One AA 600MAH 1.2 V battery included. Set: 10" x 7" x 16½" high; lantern: 6½" x 5½" x 8½" high; sconce: 10" x 4⅛" x 16½" high. 10014256 $34.95


b • solar carriage lantern Old-fashioned elegance meets modern day convenience in this glowing example of garden design! Solarpowered lantern adds a classic decorator look to your outdoor living space. Iron and glass. 6¾" diameter x 9½" high. 10012526 $29.95

c • solar pagoda light



Ancient beauty meets modern technology in this graceful solar pagoda lamp! Resembling a sand-cast temple lantern, the lattice cage of this decorative garden light features a super-bright bulb for bright nighttime illumination. Solar panel at top uses sunlight to charge the lantern— no plugs or cords required! Ceramic. 6⅝" diameter x 8½" high. 10038992 $29.95

d • solar-powered floral lantern When lit from within, the stained glass panels of this stylish lantern come alive with jewel-like colors, turning captured sunlight into a mesmerizing display. No candles or electricity required; solar-power cells in the lid recharge automatically when outdoors! Metal with glass panels and solar board. 6" square x 11¾" high. 10038682 $29.95

218 Outdoor Living

e • new! proud peacock solar windchime This peacock is handsome



and he knows it! In beautiful bronze tones, this finely crafted peacock fans his feathers to capture the wind as his center-mounted solar-powered crackled glass orb changes colors as it captures the sun’s rays. Two faceted crystals dangle among the pipe chimes that ring out sweetly in the breeze. Metal and glass. 14" x 3½" x 38½" high. 10015174 $29.95

f • new! crested peacock solar windchime This regal messenger announces the arrival of the warm summer breeze and the shining sun! Meticulously detailed, the sculpted metal peacock displays his plumage that is highlighted by crystal accents, and the glass orb sparkles in varying hues when the sun shines on the solar-powered receptor. Metal and glass. 12" x 3½" x 34½" high. 10015173 $29.95

g • magical motion frog garden stone Realistic garden stone is a gorgeous daytime decoration, and at night, it becomes something truly special! Tiny solar-powered lights bring the frog motif to life with the illusion of leaping motion. Absolutely enchanting! Polyresin and solar LED lights. One AA 600MAH NI-CD battery included. 10" x 4¼" x 6¼" high. 10013911 $29.95

h • magical motion hummingbird stone You’ll swear it’s magic as after dark, this pretty garden stone’s hummingbird begins to beat its lovely wings! Hidden LED solar lights create the look of lively motion for a merry addition to your outdoor décor. Polyresin and solar LED lights. One AA 600MAH NI-CD battery included. 7½" x 4 x 9¾" high. 10013912 $29.95

Frog motif comes to life with the illusion of leaping motion!


Hummingbird motif comes to life with the illusion of flying motion!


Outdoor Living 219





220 Outdoor Living

a • making friends solar sculpture A bright-eyed boy shares a playful moment with his beloved pet turtle; a visiting butterfly joins in the fun. Light-up solar accents add a charming glow to your garden after dark! Polyresin. Solar powered battery included. 5¾" x 9" x 10½" high. 10013913 $29.95


b • divine sentinel solar light An angel stands guard beside a holy cross, inspiring reflections of heartfelt faith. Stone-look statue beautifies your outdoor space both day and night with a hidden solar light setting the cross gently aglow at evening time. Polyresin and solar LED light. One AA 600MAH NI-CD battery included. 8½" x 3¼" x 11" high. 10014642 $29.95

c • blessed cross solar light Bless your garden with the light of God’s love! Faux stone angel and cross statue is beautiful to behold by day; at night, a hidden solar light bestows a comforting glow upon your special space. Polyresin and solar LED light. One AA 600MAH NI-CD battery included. 4¼" x 4¾" x 10¾" high. 10014643 $29.95 d • sweet summertime solar statue A rosy-cheeked girl and her friendly feathered companion get ready to gather a summer bouquet. Lovingly fashioned to resemble hand carved wood; a special hidden solar light provides a lovely after-dark glow. Polyresin. Solar powered battery included. 6" x 5½" x 14½" high. 10013914 $29.95

e • solar frog trio garden décor A trio of


froggy friends has come to pay a visit to your garden! Charming figurines bring cheerful light into the night; a cleverly hidden solar panel lets them cast a colorful glow. Resin. Each frog is 4" x 3½" x 3¾" high; 33" long with wire. 10013224 $29.95

f • peony fairy solar statue A sweet young fairy pauses to admire a new-found patch of blushing blooms, blessing your garden with the beauty of spring. Enjoy this statue both day and night, thanks to tiny solar lights nestled inside each lovely flower! Polyresin. Two AA 300MAH NI-CD batteries included. 12" x 11" x 18" high. 10013915 $59.95

Outdoor Living 221




222 Outdoor Living



84" Tall!

a • glass art flamingo statues Glam it up with this pair of fabulous flamingos! Modern Miami styling comes to lustrous life in this duo of glowing glass and metal sculpture statues that are guaranteed to impress. Wrought iron and glass beads. Some assembly required. 13¾" x 10 x 41¼" high; 13¾" x 10 x 30¼" high. 10001092 Pair $99.95 b • tropical tango flamingo statue Looking to add fun and frolic to your surroundings? Then it’s time to think pink! Irresistibly charming metal flamingo sculpture brightens any room with a taste of the tropics— and at nearly 3 feet tall, it’s a style statement with serious smile power. Sheet metal. Some assembly required. 8¾" x 10½" x 35⅝" high. 10014944 $39.95 c • flock o’ flamingos décor Sunny tropics and sandy beaches spring to mind at the very sight of this fabulous flock of bright pink flamingos. Metalart statue is a colorful confection that no discerning decorator will want to do without! Wrought iron. Some assembly required. 19½" x 4" x 23½" high. 10013771 $29.95


84" Tall!

d • flamboyant flamingo garden stakes Brighten your favorite space with a luscious touch of the tropics. These life-sized metal flamingo sculptures make a colorful splash that’s a pure delight. Your friends will turn pink with envy! Wrought iron. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. Each is approximately 11" x 14" x 41" high. 10013772 Pair $99.95

e • tuscan sun garden windmill Add the sunny, carefree ambiance of Southern Italy to your outdoor living space! This oversized metal wind sculpture features two rotating solar shapes that turn any breeze into an enchanting dance of form and motion. Stake bottom allows you to instantly place this decoration anywhere that suits your fancy. Iron. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. Windmill: 25" x 2¾" x 25" high; 84" high with stakes. 10014998 $99.95 f • pinwheel garden windmill A double-sided windmill for twice the garden delight! When the wind blows, both sides of this metal windmill are set in motion, one clockwise and the other counterclockwise, adding mesmerizing beauty and a touch of whimsy to your yard. It features a metal stake for ease of placement. Iron. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. Windmill: 24¾" x 3½" x 25" high; 84" high with stakes. 10015212 $99.95

Outdoor Living 223



a • grandpa garden gnome No house is a home without its very own guardian gnome! An apple-cheeked grandfather is a loving and willing baby-sitter, tenderly cradling his tiny grandson. Fiberglass and resin. 5⅝" diameter x 10⅝" high. 10039693 $19.95 b • support our troops gnome All decked out in his desert camouflage, this bearded fellow shows his heartfelt support for our troops. A light-hearted way to proclaim your allegiance to this country, and to all who defend it! Resin. 4¾" x 4" x 11¼" high. 10039627 $19.95

c • garden gnome greeting sign An apple-cheeked forest gnome perches perkily on his hand-hewn bench, grinning a greeting to one and all. Polyresin. 13⅜" x 9" x 14" high. 10039265 $39.95 d • on strike garden gnome Cute Mr. Gnome stands up or lays down for his rights. A witty tribute to hard working folk that’s right at home whether gracing your garden or decorating your office desk! Stone/polyresin blend. 9¼" x 4" x 9" high. 10037095 $19.95 e • welcome gnome statue Wherever you roam, you’ll get a warm welcome home when you’re greeted by this cheerful gnome! Rustic faux wood statue makes a fanciful folk art addition to your porch or garden. Polyresin. 8" x 6¼" x 20¼" high. 10014790 $49.95

f • sleepy gnome welcome sign You’ll always feel right at home when you’re welcomed by your very own gnome! This sleepy fellow adds a whimsical touch to this folksy faux wood garden sign. Polystone. 11½" x 4" x 7¾" high. 10014584 $24.95


g • slumbering gnome statue After a long day’s labor, a rosy-cheeked gnome settles into his favorite hammock to enjoy a well-earned rest. Polyresin. 12" x 5" x 10" high. 10039264 $24.95 h • forest gnome igurine A friendly gnome pays a visit to your garden in the form of this charming figurine! Place him where he’s sure to delight visitors with his merry fairy-tale presence. He’s a handy pathway marker too, with a bright light tucked into his handheld lantern for a little magic night light! Polyresin, plastic, and metal. Two AA batteries not included. 10¾" x 9½" x 21" high. d 10014267 $59.95

224 Outdoor Living



20" Tall!


21" Tall!

His lantern lights up!


Outdoor Living 225



a • ladybug key hider Let this lovely little ladybug keep you from being locked out of your home! She’s a darling decoration with a special secret— she stashes a spare key safely out of sight from prying eyes, but right at reach when you need it. Cast iron. 4" x 4" x 1¾" high. 10014964 $7.95

Keep your spare key safe and out of sight!

b • woodland squirrel tree décor Two-piece decoration creates the illusion of a mischievous squirrel poking out from a tree trunk; a merry accent indeed! Lifelike furry fellow will have visitors guessing and grinning for years. Polyresin. Top: 4"x 4½" x 6" high; bottom: 3¼" x 2¾" x 10" high. 10012788 Set $19.95


What a clever way to conceal a spare key!

c • turtle key hider Tuck this



tiny turtle into a quiet corner beside your door, and he’ll keep your spare key safe and out of sight! A charming addition to your outdoor décor with a fabulously functional side, too! Cast iron. 4" x 3¾" x 1½" high. 10014965 $7.95

d • hen with chicks sculpture Mother Hen and her young charges scratch up some lunch in this charming country garden sculpture. Rustic-finished metal. Hen 11¼" x 3¾" x 14½" high. 10031170 Set of 5 $29.95

226 Outdoor Living

e • woodland squirrel birdfeeder A plump



brown squirrel shares his bounty with his feathered pals, cupping a generous serving of birdseed in his fluffy tail. Lifelike feeder is a lovable outdoor accent! Polyresin. Birdseed not included. 7" x 4" x 6" high. 10012785 $9.95

f • lion guardian statue With his mighty paw placed atop a crested shield, a regal lion surveys all who approach the door to your “castle.” Inspired by the centuries-old stone carvings found in castles and cathedrals throughout Europe, this impressive statue makes a bold historical statement and lends distinction to your entryway or garden! Fiber resin. May require additional freight charge. 12¼" x 14⅛" x 25" high. 10038624 $89.95

g • metal sculpture rooster Whether your décor is wine-country Tuscan or down-home farmyard country-cute, this impressive wroughtiron rooster adds just the right touch of color and sophistication! A substantial 31 inches tall with filigree base and graceful tail; dozens of embossed-metal feathers give this handsome sculpture the look of an artistic antique handicraft. Cast iron and wrought iron. 15" x 6" x 31" high. 10039447 $49.95


h • regal lion statue duo With paw perfectly poised atop an orb, this matching pair of magnificent lion statuary will guard your garden or walkway and add a regal flair to your kingdom. Polyresin. May require additional freight charge. Each is 16" x 8½" x 12" high. 10015158 Set 119.95

Outdoor Living 227



228 Outdoor Living




a • blue glass hummingbird feeder This stunning feeder crafted from hand blown glass in shades of blue ensures beautiful little hummingbirds will never forget to visit your yard. Glass, iron and plastic. 4½" x 4½" x 9" high; 12½" high with hook. 10015094 $24.95



b • pavilion hummingbird feeder The pastoral metal roof features scalloped edges and is perched atop a hand-blown glass bulb blooming with sunny colors. Fill it with plenty of nectar and enjoy watching your new feathered friends sip away. Glass, iron and plastic. 6" x 6" x 11" high; 13" high with hook. 10015097 $24.95

c • summer bloom bird feeder The colors of a summer garden set against a vibrant sky can be enjoyed year–round with this beautiful bird feeder. Multicolored hand blown glass with top loop for hanging. Glass and iron. 5" x 5" x 5¾" high; 9½" high with hook. 10015096 $19.95

d • lush garden birdbath A tempered-glass bowl with brightly colored birds and foliage bring about the scene of a cheery morning in a lush garden. The streamlined metal stand puts a modern twist on the classic birdbath. Glass and iron. Overall: 16½" x 16½" x 21" high; birdbath: 16½" diameter x 2¾" high; stand: 20" high. 10015101 $69.95 e • radiant sun birdbath The colorful mosaic bowl and the sleek, modern metal stand make this birdbath a contemporary classic. The wise face of this sun surrounded by jewel-toned tiles will brighten the water, attracting birds. Iron and glass. Overall: 15" x 15" x 21" high; birdbath: 15" diameter x 2½" high; stand: 20" high. 10015102 $69.95


f • purple hummingbird feeder Give hummingbirds the royal treatment with this gorgeous art glass feeder! Metal with colored glass accents. 6⅞" x 4½" x 36" high. 10034301 $14.95

g • orchard oriole bird feeder Striking harmony between the metal framework and the beauty of the handblown glass serving dish, this feeder’s molded metal bird motif will delight your feathered friends when you fill it with their favorite seeds and feed. Glass and iron. 6" x 6" x 10½" high; 14½" high with hook. 10015098 $24.95

h • honeysuckle hummingbird feeder Hummingbirds are drawn to the flowering beauty of this hand blown glass feeder. Holds plenty of nectar to attract lovely hummingbirds to buzz back to your yard again and again. Glass, iron and plastic. 5" x 5" x 9" high; 12½" high with hook. 10015093 $24.95 Each of these stunning pieces is individually hand–crafted for its unique beauty. Because these treasures are one–of–a–kind, your item may contain slight differences from the pictures shown here.

Outdoor Living 229


a • new! smiling sun candle sconce A divine


way to add glimmer and light to any room, the Smiling Sun Candle Sconce features three glass cups to hold the candles of your choice. The gleaming metal of the sun’s stylized smiling face and its seemingly wind-swept rays make for a stunning golden touch to your décor. Metal and glass. Candles not included. 3¼" x 17" x 16" high. 10015294 $39.95

b • butterfly stepping stone A pair of vivid


butterflies frolics amongst lush foliage, enlivening a bas-relief stepping stone with glowing colors and romantic sentiment. Sure to be the crowning jewel of your garden. Cement. 11" diameter x 1" thick. 10038805 $9.95


c • verdigris garden centerpiece Fantastic three-in-one decoration adds liveliness to any garden! Lightweight yet sturdy enough for years of enjoyment, this faux-metal treasure brings together a generous birdbath, a solar night light, and a place for four of your favorite plants. Plastic. Some assembly required. Plants not included. One AA battery included. 17" diameter x 36½" high; each planter is 4¾" diameter x 3¾" high. 10012967 $59.95

d • celestial wall plaque Intricate details



lend astral glory to this starry stone-look moon and sun plaque. Polyresin. 11" x 1" x 10½" high. 10032269 $12.95

e • celestial glow-indark stepping stone Lovely by day, and magical by night— place this celestial plaque in a sunny spot to enjoy a beautiful glow-in-the-dark moon and stars image! Polyresin. 10½" diameter x ½" thick. 10039697 $17.95

230 Outdoor Living

f • forest frolic bird bath Nostalgic,



free-standing bird bath is fashioned from weathered finished metal for instant antique appeal. Charmingly crafted with an elegant scrolled base, ornamental leaf basin and ornamental birds for whimsical style. Cast iron. 16" x 15" x 23¾" high. 10001336 $89.95

g • rustic iron birdbath Attract flocks of visitors to your garden with a sparkling oasis! A sweet addition to a shady corner or sunny knoll, this enchanting garden decoration serves as a welcome watering stop for thirsty birds! Cast iron. Some assembly required. 12" x 10" x 18¾" high. 10001319 $49.95

h • verdigris leaf birdbath Balanced at the edge of a broad green leaf, a sparrow lifts his voice in a joyous springtime song. Distressed finish gives this handsome metalwork birdbath the appearance of a wellweathered antique. An enchanting garden decoration that serves as a welcome watering stop for thirsty birds! Iron. 14¾" x 12¼" x 27½" high. 10039448 $34.95



i • verdigris birdbath Enjoy the sight and sounds of your feathered friends as they dip into the crystal waters of this graceful sculpted birdbath! This handsome focal piece is an ideal centerpiece for any garden! Plastic. Some assembly required. 19" diameter x 33" high. 10039617 $34.95

Outdoor Living 231




a • verdigris gazebo standing birdfeeder The classic look of weathered copper is perfectly captured in this amazing lightweight standing birdfeeder! You’ll delight at the luxurious appearance of this glorious garden accessory, from the fluted rooftop to the intricately detailed base. Plastic. Some assembly required. 14½" diameter x 39¾" high. 10038676 $39.95

b • white gazebo birdfeeder Gazebo birdfeeder is tastefully trimmed with gingerbread mouldings and greenery. A lovely spot for birds to dine! Wood and plastic. 8½" diameter x 10½" high. 10030209 $19.95 c • vine gazebo birdfeeder Gorgeous two tone finish lends "cheerful color to this handsome birdfeeder, turning a sweet shelter into an eye-catching outdoor decoration. An attractive way to invite plenty of winged visitors to share in the beauty of your garden! Iron with glass. 6½" square x 10½" high. 10013998 $14.95

232 Outdoor Living




d • solar hummingbird hanging basket What could

e • solar hummingbird basket stake Crystal hummingbirds hover

f • solar butterfly hanging basket With a solar light, planter

be lovelier than a hovering hummingbird bathed in gentle light? Unique planter basket features a solar light and crystalline ornament for an enchanting display both day and night. Iron, plastic and coconut fiber. Plant not included. 8¼" diameter x 29½" high. 10014630 $24.95

above a basket full of foliage, while at night, hidden solar lights infuse these lovely ornaments with a gentle glow. Freestanding stake base inserts into soil for easy placement. Iron, plastic and coconut fiber. Some assembly required. Plant not included. 8¼" diameter x 44" high. 10001146 $24.95

basket and beautiful stained glass butterfly, this hanging decoration is a triple treat! Classic wrought-metal with fiber basket adds a timeless splash of color to your outdoor décor. Iron, plastic and coconut fiber. Plant not included. 8¼" diameter x 29½" high. 10014631 $24.95

Outdoor Living 233



a • new! patriotic birdhouse Uncle Sam is ready to welcome some feathered friends to your yard! This darling birdhouse is filled with patriotic charm, featuring an American flag flying high from the flag pole, stars on the roof, and a red and white picket fence. Two entrances and heart-shaped decorations will make your birds feel right at home in the U.S.A! Wood. 8½" x 6½" x 8¼" high. 10015282 $19.95

b • vintage trailer birdhouse



Create a comfy campground for your fly-in guests with this cozy little trailer! Comical birdhouse comes complete with all the accessories of an old-time outdoor paradise. Wood. 8¼" x 6⅛" x 6¾" high. 10012503 $19.95

c • noah’s ark birdhouse Two by two, the animals go in this one-of-a-kind birdhouse overflowing with fanciful fun! Wood. 12½" x 6½" x 12½" high. 10031248 $19.95 d • gone ishin’ birdhouse Cute little cabin awaits its residents’ return, after a day of “goin’ fishin’.” Wood. 7⅞" x 7" x 8¼" high. 10029313 $16.95

e • “love shack” birdhouse



The heart-shaped door gives it away: This is a little “Love Shack!” Amusing asymmetrical architecture is trimmed with forest treasures. Wood. 8" x 6½" x 8" high. 10029634 $14.95

f • “bass lake lodge” birdhouse Multi-level “Bass Lake Lodge” sports fishing-themed accents reminiscent of a lakeside retreat. Wood. 8" x 5¾" x 10¼" high. 10031245 $16.95

g • beach hangout birdhouse Beachcombing birdies will belly up to this adorable wood snack shack! Just like a favorite seaside hangout, complete with straw roof, signs and “barstool” perches. Wood. 8¼" x 8¼" x 7¾" high. 10034715 $16.95



h • farmstead birdhouse Country living comes to town with this fabulous farm built for a lucky feathered family! Quaint all-wood birdhouse spares no detail in recreating an honest-to-goodness rustic barnyard scene. Wood. 10¼" x 7" x 8½" high. 10014257 $19.95

Our birdhouses are individually hand-crafted. Actual product may be slightly different from the pictures shown here.

234 Outdoor Living

i • island paradise birdhouse Cute and clever lifeguard station is a bit of island paradise for welcome garden guests! Wood. 7½" x 8¾" x 11¼" high. 10034716 $19.95









j • workout gym birdhouse Whimsical gym birdhouse is the perfect shelter for buffed-out “birdy-builders!” Delightfully styled just like a full-size workout palace, including dumbbells, signs and even a tiny towel. Wood. 10¼" x 7⅞" x 8½" high. 10014774 $19.95

k • gingerbread-style birdhouse This multi-level birdhouse “condo” offers lovable lodgings for several avian households. Wood. 10½" x 5½" x 12½" high. 10030206 $24.95

l • morning glory birdhouse A hummingbird takes flight while morning glories shine bright along the walls and roof of this adorable mini birdhouse. An enchanting accessory to tuck into any quiet corner of your garden! MDF wood and sheet metal. 6" x 3¼" x 8" high. 10013905 $9.95

m • treehouse birdhouse Welcome birds to your “neck of the woods” with this fantastic wooden way-station! Wood. 7½" x 7¾" x 12" high. 10032190 $19.95

n • country store birdhouse Tired travelers will find welcome shelter at this quaint resting spot! Cleverly detailed right down to the hay bales, this realistic miniature pays tribute to the rustic charm of the old-time country store. Wood. 10¼" x 7" x 9" high. 10014258 $19.95

o • thatched cottage birdhouse Clever beam-style trim, welcome sign, and thatched roof bless this birdhouse with fairy-tale charm! Wood. Some assembly required. 9¾" x 9" x 12½" high. 10029312 $19.95

p • winery birdhouse The “Finch Valley Winery” is a favorite feasting place for flying gourmets! Cleverly detailed wood doors, shutters and mossy roof. Wood. 10⅝" x 7⅞" x 10⅛" high. 10035146 $19.95

Outdoor Living 235





a • cowboy rooster birdhouse This hilarious birdhouse is literally a “bird house!” All dressed up in his Western finery, a plump brown “bucka-rooster” offers ample shelter to his fellow feathered friends. Free-swinging cowboy boot feet dance an amusing two-step in the slightest breeze! Polyresin with metal tail. 10¼" x 5⅛" x 13" long. 10037973 $29.95

b • “wagon wheel restaurant” birdhouse This whimsical “Wagon Wheel Restaurant” birdhouse beckons birds to stop in for a bite and rest their weary wings for the night. Wood. 9" x 7" x 9⅞" high. 10032187 $19.95

c • western saloon birdhouse Hungry travelers will love to belly up to this birdie bar! Quaint saloon-style birdhouse adds a touch of dashing prairie style to your outdoor living space, with plenty of visitors for your endless enjoyment. 4⅝" x 8¼" x 9" high. 10014961 $16.95

d • western boot birdhouse Round up a host of feathered friends for your garden; there’s plenty of room for all inside this fanciful birdhouse! The perfect finishing touch to any Wild West outdoor theme. MDF wood and sheet metal. 10¼" x 4¼" x 9¼" high. 10013906 $16.95

236 Outdoor Living





e • new! cottage winery birdhouse Birds won’t be able to resist an overnight stop-over at this quaint cottage winery! The green cottage features a darling brick-red roof that's crawling with ivy. Faux wine barrels perch outside, welcoming your feathered friends to the perfect place to unwind. MDF wood. 10¼" x 7" x 8" high. 10015391 $19.95

f • new! country western dancehall birdhouse This Country-Western dancehall has everything a bird needs to make a honky-tonk home. Decorated to the hilt with country charm, including a horse and motorcycle outside the front door, the birds will be two-stepping to the beat as they create a cozy nest inside. Wood. 10¼" x 7" x 8¼" high. 10015283 $19.95

g • new! woodland cabin birdhouse Let the call of the wild welcome

h • yacht club birdhouse Feathered friends can weather the storm in

birds into your yard with this adorable log cabin birdhouse. Fashioned after a vacation rental in the heart of the wilderness, it features rustic accents, including a moose head sign, rope fencing, and a cute black bear cub on the prowl for a snack. Wood. 10¼" x 7⅞" x 8⅞" high. 10015281 $19.95

this wooden “yacht club,” complete with straw roof, wooden dock and quaint nautical knickknacks. Wood. 9⅜" x 8" x 10" high. 10032188 $19.95

Outdoor Living 237



a • paradise winery birdhouse Gourmet themed birdhouse brings a bit of Wine Country charm to your very own backyard! Absolutely adorable from roof to floor, with grapevine trim and a whole array of vineyard accessories. Wood. 9½" x 8" x 9" high. 10012504 $19.95

b • school daze birdhouse Any well-educated bird will see that this cheery schoolhouse is the perfect nesting place! Quaintly fashioned just like a 19th-century school building, complete with clock tower and sunny yellow paint. Plywood. 6¾" x 7" x 10½" high. 10013999 $16.95

c • farmer’s market birdhouse



Here’s a happy little hut that’s just bursting with country charm! A rainbow array of fresh-picked goodies tempts flocks of flyers to “pull up a perch” and enjoy a well-deserved rest. Wood with polyresin trim. 10" x 7¼" x 8½" high. 10038278 $19.95

d • bird café birdhouse What wandering bird can resist this lovely two-story café? Adorably fashioned from forest-floor findings, this pine and vine trimmed cottage adds rustic charm to your outdoors. Wood. 8¼" x 5" x 10½" high. 10012604 $14.95

e • riverboat queen birdhouse



This cute little tug is sure to chug its way into your heart! Nostalgically fashioned after old-time paddleboats, this winsome birdhouse brings the carefree air of the Old Mississippi River to your backyard. Wood. 9⅝" x 7½" x 10" high. 10037922 $19.95

f • gone goling birdhouse Score a “birdie” with this clever little golfing hut! Quaint raw wood birdhouse is a cozy cabin for a family of sporting sparrows, with an amusing collection of clubs and “gone golfing” sign. Wood. 7½" x 5½" x 8½" high. 10012505 $14.95

g • quaint cottage birdhouse



Here’s a delightful cottage home for your fine feathered friends! The Quaint Cottage birdhouse is covered in charming details, including window boxes full of tiny faux flowers, a mossy roof, and creeping ivy crawling under the eaves. The birds in your yard will feel at home in this cozy little house with its chimney painted to look like brick and a tiny little welcome mat resting on the front steps. Wood. 9¼" x 7½" x 7⅞" high. 10015111 $19.95

h • moose hut birdhouse Rough, rustic and utterly adorable, this crafty birdhouse is a country charmer indeed! Cunningly fashioned to resemble an old-fashioned outhouse, with a metalcutout moose standing guard. Wood and sheet metal. 9" x 3¼" x 10" high. 10013804 $19.95

238 Outdoor Living

i • garden cottage birdhouse Quaint cottage is abloom with colorful cutouts of lovely garden delights, a jaunty red roof and lacy gingerbread trim. A dream home for any feathered family! Wood and metal. 6" x 3⅝" x 11¾" high. 10012586 $14.95







j • new! hawaii bay birdhouse Your feathered friends will love visiting the charming Hawaii Bay Resort Birdhouse. Multiple entrances to the interior plus the rooftop lounge will create a relaxing paradise for them in your backyard. MDF wood. 9" x 8" x 13½" high. 10015390 $19.95

k • “nautical nest” birdhouse Lovebirds love this lighthouse! Two-tiered walkways and authentic accents perk up this Pennsylvania Dutch style haven. Wood. 7¼" x 5¼" x 12¼" high. 10030208 $14.95

l • new! nautical shack birdhouse Give the birds the best vantage point in your yard with this charming Nautical Shack birdhouse. Decorated like a lighthouse tower, the base of this darling birdhouse features a wooden anchor, pier posts and more. MDF wood. 7½" x 5⅜" x 12" high. 10015389 $19.95

m • wild horse saloon birdhouse After a hard day on the range, any roughriding bird will be glad to belly up to this Wild West saloon! Witty vintage-style accents add authentic cowboy flair to this decorative wood birdhouse. Wood. 8⅝" x 6⅝" x 7¼" high. 10013777 $19.95

n • wedding chapel birdhouse What better “love nest” for a lucky pair of lovebirds? With its sweetly sentimental styling and romantic red-andwhite theme, this charming chapel will delight the romantic in each of us. Wood with burlap hanging rope. 8½" x 8" x 10" high. 10038276 $19.95

o • bed and breakfast birdhouse Tiny travelers will rejoice at this cozy stopover spot! Quaint bed and breakfast is a snug shelter for its flying clientele, as well as an enchanting adornment for your garden. Wood. 5" x 5" x 9" high. 10012606 $9.95



p • moss-edged birdhouse This is “knot” your ordinary birdhouse! Charmingly constructed of bits of knotty wood and richly trimmed with bright green faux-moss, this crafty little cottage brings whimsical homespun fun to your garden. Wood. 7½" x 5⅜" x 8" high. 10037921 $9.95

Outdoor Living 239




a • new! freestanding gazebo birdhouse What bird can resist this romantic gazebo birdhouse? Its weathered white finish, scalloped roof shingles, and delicate window boxes filled with faux flowers make this pavilion a lovely place for your feathered friends to gather this summer. Wood. 7⅞" x 7½" x 29¼" high. 10015280 $29.95

b • victorian birdhouse Victorian-style birdhouse features four roomy perches. Distressed white-finished wood with gingerbread trim has an heirloom look. 8½" x 6½" x 12½" high. 10032347 $19.95

240 Outdoor Living

c • little white chapel birdhouse

e • windmill birdhouse Time for the birds to

Whitewashed country chapel is a wonder of woodwork and a heavenly haven for some blessed birdies. Three separate openings create a welcome for a whole flying congregation! Wood. 7⅞" x 6¼" x 12¾" high. 10014778 $24.95

go Dutch— with a windmill house, that is. Let them upgrade to this lovely distressed white birdhouse with a windmill for a little flavor of the Netherlands. Wood. 10½" x 6½" x 16¾" high. 10014623 $19.95

d • happy home birdhouse This charming birdhouse features tiny window boxes bursting with tiny faux flowers, a trellis around the front door, and even a tiny little birdhouse of its own on the corner. Hang this from a tree in your yard and watch as new neighbors flock to move in! Wood. 7⅛" x 7⅛" x 9" high. 10015112 $19.95

f • freestanding victorian birdhouse Lovely little luxury villa for feathered flyers overflows with Old World charm! Sturdy freestanding pole and base included. Wood. 9⅜" x 8⅜" x 29¼" high. 10034320 $34.95 g • cape cod bird condo Summer or winter, this charming Cape Cod cottage provides a welcome shelter from the elements! Plenty of portholes allow a full flock of feathered friends to settle in and set up housekeeping. MDF wood. 9¼" x 5⅛" x 28" high. 10013776 $19.95





Outdoor Living 241



















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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244 Order Form

a • bewitching maiden igurine With her pretty features beneath her pointy hat, this lovely young lady is a wonderfully wicked twist on the storybook image! A fanciful figurine sure to delight any clever collector. Polyresin. 4½" x 3½" x 8¼" high. 10014975 $29.95





b • new! spooky halloween candle tree This candle holder is no trick and all treat! A stylized black tree holds three orange candle cups decorated with bat silhouettes while sparkling bat cutouts hang nearby. Add the candles of your choice to create an eerie glow that will complete your Halloween décor. Metal and glass. Candles not included. 13½" x 3⅛" x 15¼" high. 10015348 $24.95

c • weird, scary & unusual The Armchair Reader’s innovative approach and witty style will capture the interest of all readers. Inside you’ll find tantalizing tales of true hauntings, strange stories of otherworldly phenomena, and bizarre bits of human behavior. And much, much more. Paper. 5¼" x 1¾" x 8¼" high. 10014873 $9.95

d • wacky witch hat candle décor Set your Halloween party in motion with this whimsical candle decoration! Adorable purple metal witch hat features a spring-coiled top and spider charm that bob and sway merrily in the candlelight. Iron. Tealight not included. 7" x 7½" x 7½" high. 10014199 $9.95

e • horn of plenty flameless candle The historic Horn Of Plenty is the very image of autumn’s delights! Vibrantly rendered with rich colors and handcrafted charm, this cheerful LED centerpiece sheds a lifelike candlelit glow onto any celebration. Polyresin. Three AG13 button cell batteries included. 3¼" x 3⅜" x 6" high. 10014997 $7.95

f • harvest pumpkin led candle Cleverly crafted to resemble a handcarved work of art, this flameless candle adds Fall festivity to any setting. Polyresin. Three AG13 button cell batteries included. 4½" x 4" x 6¼" high. 10014995 $7.95




Lights up!

g • cornucopia flameless candle Celebrate Autumn’s bounty when you add this clever cornucopia to your fall decor! This classic symbol of the harvest takes on a special new warmth, crowned with a lifelike flickering LED “flame.” Polyresin. Three AG13 button cell batteries included. 4¼" x 3¾" x 6½" high. 10014996 $7.95

Halloween 245





a • harvest pumpkin décor You’ll find a bumper crop of beautiful fall images in this elegant figurine! A classic pumpkin shape creates a bright backdrop for a vignette of wheat, corn and other autumn delights, all handsomely rendered in a carved-look polyresin that tastefully complements any home décor. Polyresin. 6¼" x 3" x 6" high. 10014417 $14.95

b • plentiful harvest igurines A pair of fresh-faced cuties contributes a

c • new! citrine candle cup trio Add candles to this trio of brightly colored candle cups and be refreshed by the glow. Three candle cups feature patterned glass and scalloped edges in shades of lemon, orange, and lime. Glass. Candles not included. Each is 2¼" x 2¼" x 2½" high. 10015405 Set $12.95

d • pumpkin vine candleholder Create a glowing tribute to harvest time with this vibrant stained-glass candle surround! A plump pumpkin is the central motif for this warmly colored decoration; just add your own tealight and enjoy! Glass and metal. Candle not included. 3" x 3" x 3¼" high. 10014259 $6.95

246 Harvest

cornucopia of goodies to the holiday feast, complete with a plump and tasty turkey. These charming figurines lend just the right touch of festivity to your fall celebration, making a colorful centerpiece or mantle decoration! Polyresin. Each is 3" x 2¼" x 6½" high. 10014415 Set $14.95




e • new! iron pumpkin candle display Four

f • new! autumn harvest candleholder

g • new! rustic autumn candleholder

sparkling glass candle cups tuck neatly into this iron pumpkin display. The candle cups are finished with an orange mercury glass design and nestle into the stylized pumpkin that features stem and leaf decorations to complete this festive autumn accent décor. Wrought iron and glass. Candles not included. 10" x 10" x 9" high. 10015462 $29.95

A lovely candle accent for your fall décor! The Autumn Harvest Candle Holder features a metal base with climbing leaves that curves upward. Hanging from the base is an orange glass pumpkin candle cup that will shine with warm glow when you add the candle of your choice. Glass and metal. Candle not included. 4" x 6" x 12" high; candle cup: 3½" x 3½" x 3½" high. 10015463 $12.95

Five clear glass candle cups rest on black metal pedestals from a rustic wooden display box. The box features rounded metal handles and comes complete with fall faux leaves and decorations shown inside. Wood, metal and glass. Candles not included. 24½" x 5½" x 6½" high. 10015464 $29.95

Harvest 247

Over 2 ft Tall!


Christmas Collection b

Deck the halls with these festive Christmas decorations. Great as gifts, or to spread the holiday cheer in your own home! a • new! merry snowman plush décor There may be a chill in the air, but you can still get that warm, fuzzy feeling when you decorate for the holidays with these happy snowmen. A festively dressed snowman stands more than two feet tall and carries with him three more little snowmen for the ultimate in cheery décor. Polyester and wood. May require additional freight charge. This is not a toy. Not intended for children under 12. Decorative purposes only. 8½" x 6" x 27½" high. 10015335 $39.95

b • new! holiday moose plush décor Have you even seen a moose that skis? This plush moose décor is dressed in his holiday active wear, complete with holly-embellished skis and a patchwork holiday tree. He stands more than two feet tall and will greet guests with a smile. Polyester and wood. May require additional freight charge. This is not a toy. Not intended for children under 12. Decorative purposes only. 9" x 5¼" x 28½" high. 10015336 $39.95

c • new! holiday bear family décor Have a bear-y happy holiday with this cheery trio of bears. Decked in their winter finery, this family features a mama bear, papa bear, and baby bear in festive green and red plaid ensembles with furry trim. Polyester and wood. May require additional freight charge. This is not a toy. Not intended for children under 12. Decorative purposes only. Papa Bear: 13" x 9" x 27" high; mama bear: 11½" x 10" x 28½" high; baby bear: 11" x 6" x 20" high. 10015332 Set of 3 $149.95


248 Holiday

d • new! golden sparkle snowman pillow Throw a little





holiday cheer onto your couch or chair with this happy snowman decorative pillow. Rich browns and golden sparkle will compliment your décor and his plush, smiling face will warm your heart. Polyester. Spot clean only. 13½" x 13½" high. 10015357 $24.95

e • new! golden sparkle snowman This happy snowman will bring smiles and cheer as he welcomes the holidays. His outfit features deep brown sheen and golden sparkle that is a rich departure from the usual holiday color scheme. Place him on the mantel, table, or even under the tree and enjoy his warm smile. Polyester fabric with plastic pallets. > WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years. 14" x 5" x 12" high. 10015356 $19.95

f • new! golden sparkle snowman stocking The Golden Sparkle Snowman Stocking is full of cheer, even before you fill it with bits and baubles of festive fun. His plush white face smiles from between his rich brown scarf and his golden-trimmed cap, and he'll be a great addition to your holiday décor. Polyester. Spot clean only. 10" x 1½" x 19¼" high. 10015358 $19.95

g • new! snowman tiered gift boxes Give your family the gift of smiles this holiday season with this cheery snowman tiered box décor. Two green and red striped boxes make up his body, and they’re topped with his snowy-white face and rosy cheeks. He’s dressed for winter weather with his striped hat and scarf and red mittens, and he’s delivering a special gift topped with a red ribbon. Paper and polyester plush. Box 1: 5⅞" x 5⅞" x 4" high; Box 2: 5½" x 6" x 3¾" high; Box 3: 3⅝" x5" x 5" high; Box 4: 2¼" x 2¼" x 2" high. 10015447 Set of 4 $24.95


h • new! “snow” holiday gift boxes Let it snow! Dress up your holiday mantel with this sweet set of festive gift boxes that will give you the gift of bright smiles all season long. A happy snowman sits atop the “S” of these green and red graduating boxes that spell SNOW. This is the perfect finishing touch to your holiday decorating! Paper and polyester plush. S box: 3⅛" x 4¾" x 6" high; N box: 3⅝" x 3⅝" x 3½" high; O box: 4⅛" x 4⅛" x 4" high; W box: 4½" x 4½" x 4½" high. 10015446 Set of 4 $24.95

Holiday 249


a • beaded snowman ornaments Trim your tree with glee when you add these adorable ornaments! Three different snowman designs add plenty of merriment to your holiday décor; a beautiful beaded finish gives each glittery globe a lovely frosted effect. Paper and polyfoam. Each ornament: 3" x 3"; box: 8½" x 9¾" x 6⅜" high. 10015035 Set of 12 $19.95


b • new! winter snowman ornament set This lovely octagonal box opens to reveal a treasure trove of beautiful ornaments for your holiday tree, and each ornament features a snowman dressed for winter fun! Complete with coats, scarves and hats, these adorable snowmen are ready to brave the cold weather in their winter wonderland. Each round ornament features a red ribbon for hanging. Paper and polyfoam. Set: 8½" x 9¾" x 6⅜" high; each ornament is 3" diameter. 10015321 Set of 12 $19.95

250 Holiday

c • new! happy snowmen ornaments Make your holidays even happier with this collection of smiling snowmen ornaments! Each frosted red globe ornament features a delightful snowman in the holiday spirit. This lively set of decorations comes with a matching box that will keep the snowmen safe and organized during warmer weather! Paper and polyfoam. Set: 8½" x 9¾" x 6⅜" high; each ornament is 3" diameter. 10015320 Set of 12 $19.95

d • country snowman beaded ornaments



Warm up the winter with a splash of country sunshine for your holiday tree! Cheery ornaments feature six different scenes of snowmen at work and play, with a pretty beaded texture adding just the right touch of seasonal shimmer. Paper and polyfoam. Each ornament: 3" x 3"; box: 8½" x 9¾" x 6⅜" high. 10015036 Set of 12 $19.95

Holiday 251


Lights up!


a • new! glowing winter welcome décor Welcome guests and holiday cheer into your home with this festive tabletop accessory. Three happy snowmen climb on the word “Welcome” set on a base decorated with warm holiday wishes. An LED-lighted flame on top of the “L” glows when switched on. Polyresin. Battery not included. 12" x 2" x 5" high. 10015450 $19.95



b • new! sweet holiday owl décor Want a sweet treat for your holiday décor? This festive owl sparkles with charm and will surely brighten your home. His bright coloring, fun patterns, and adorable design make this a delightful accent for your table or mantel. Polyresin. 3" x 3½" x 6" high. 10015454 $9.95

c • new! sparkly holiday owl décor Who can resist this sparkly and sweet holiday owl? His candy-inspired eyes and decorative design makes him a great addition to your seasonal mantel or table display. His fun holiday hat is tipped to the side as he quizzically and charmingly tilts his head. Polyresin. 4½" x 3" x 6½" high. 10015455 $9.95

d • new! sugary sweet holiday owl décor This owl is a sugary sweet addition to your holiday décor! He holds a bright lollipop in his gingerbreadlike wings, and his glittery finish will make your room sparkle. Polyresin. 4¾" x 3" x 6" high. 10015456 $9.95

252 Holiday







e • new! cupcake place card holder

f • new! snowbird red hat winter décor

g • new! snowbird with winter hat figurine

Welcome guests to your holiday table with this sweet cupcake place card holder. The decorative cupcake is frosted and topped with mistletoe, and a metal holder rises from the middle. Polyresin and metal. 2½" x 2½" x 5¼" high. 10015457 $5.95

This snowbird has decorative wings, a curled tail, and a bright beak to add plenty of seasonal charm to your room. His body is finished like whitewashed boards topped with a bright red winter hat to keep him cozy. Polyresin and metal. 7" x 2½" x 7½" high. 10015453 $12.95

This metal standing décor will delight you all season long with his decorative wings, rosy cheeks and bright red hat. His body is finished to look like whitewashed boards, adding tons of charm, and his curled tail is a treat. Polyresin and metal. 6½" x 2½" x 7½" high. 10015461 $12.95

h • new! candy cane cupcake place card holder Your dinner guests will be delighted by

i • new! winter welcome moose It may

j • new! merry christmas snowman This frosty snowman will warm your heart with holiday cheer. His jolly smile peeks out from behind a plaid scarf and his twiggy arms hold a winter home for his feathered friend. Place him on your mantel or tabletop to make your Christmas extra merry. Polyresin. 9" x 3" x 10" high. 10015451 $22.95

this adorable holiday place card holder. This sweet little treat is shaped like a cupcake that’s topped with a mound of frosting and garnished with candy canes and a bow. Polyresin and metal. 2½" x 2½" x 5¼" high. 10015458 $5.95

be cold outside, but this friendly moose will give a warm welcome to all. His white finish is highlighted by his vivid plaid scarf, and his decorative antlers hold a hearty welcome. Polyresin. 8¼" x 2½" x 14" high. 10015452 $22.95

Holiday 253



a • new! watering can jingle bell tree Celebrate the Yuletide with oodles of country charm! A wire tree sprouts from the rustic watering can base, and each branch holds a country red or mossy green jingle bell. A fivepoint star tops it all off to create a truly charming holiday centerpiece. Metal. 7½" x 6¼" x 16" high. 10015295 $29.95

c • new! merry candle display Decorate with festive cheer and stylish merriment! This gorgeous candle holder display features shades of rich red that will amp up the chic factor in your holiday décor. Four candle holders are set in a black tray, surrounded by glittering and gleaming ornament bulbs. Metal and glass. Candles not included. 21" x 5⅞" x 5½" high. 10015396 Set $39.95


254 Holiday

b • new! star burst candle holder A burst of stars and sparkling red jewels will shine when you fill this dramatic candle holder with your favorite candles. Three red candle cups sit in a metal frame that also holds stylized metal stars and faceted red crystalline jewels. Iron, glass and acrylic accents. Candles not included. 8½" x 4½" x 15" high. 10015347 $19.95




d • new! holiday heel wine bottle holder

e • new! tabletop wire holiday tree

f • new! golden sleigh bath gift set

Festive fashionistas will love accessorizing their well-dressed holiday table with this wine bottle holder. A dazzling red high heel is the perfect fit for your favorite wine, and the red and green bows on the toe are the perfect finishing touch. Polyresin. Wine bottle not included. 9½" x 4" x 9¼" high. 10015442 $29.95

Make your holiday merrier with this cheery tabletop decoration. Rustic wire branches stretch out to support a festive collection of classic round ornaments. Topped off with a bright red satinfinish bow, this is the ultimate decoration for your holiday table setting. Metal and plastic ornaments. 6¾" x 6½" x 20¼" high. 10015296 $29.95

Give a special bath gift set for someone on your “nice” list this holiday! A golden wire sleigh holds Glam shower gel and body lotion as well as a gold pouf. Golden vanilla dew fragrance. Metal holder. 6" x 2⅛" x 7" high. 10015334 $9.95

Holiday 255

b Set of 3 a

Lights up! Set of 2

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Ornament Sale!

Set of 6

g Set of 12

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256 Holiday


Lights up!


Lights up!

Christmas Sale! k


Lights up!

Lights up!

a • santa and snowman bell ornaments Ceramic and LED light.

g • snowflake handcrafted ornaments Straw. Each is approximately

Each includes two AG13 button cell batteries. Each is approximately 2¾" x 2¼" x 4" high. 10014421 Set $9.95 SALE $4.99

2¼" x 2¼". 10014536 Set of 12 $9.95

b • sentimental angel ornaments Wood. Each is 4¾" high. 10014537 Set of 3 $9.95

SALE $4.99

c • manger ornament Plastic. 9¼" high. 10014535 $5.95

SALE $3.99

d • shooting star ornaments Plastic. 2¼" x ½" x 4" high. 10037269 Set of 6 $2.99

SALE $1.99

e • snowberry cuties air force ornament Resin. 2½" high. 10015079 $3.95

h • light-up nativity tree décor Hidden LEDs create a shifting backdrop of magical color. Ceramic. Two AG13 button cell batteries not included. 4¼" x 3¾" x 5¼" high. 10015029 $7.95 SALE $5.99 i • light-up golden nativity Hidden color-changing LED lights. Ceramic. Two AG13 button cell batteries not included. 6¾" x 2½" x 4" high. 10015030 $7.95 SALE $5.99 j • light-up nativity family scene Hidden color changing LED lights. Ceramic. Two AG13 button cell batteries not included. 4¾" x 2¾" x 5⅛" high. 10015031 $7.95 SALE $5.99

SALE $1.99 k • lighted nativity ornament Colorful LED lights create a rainbow

f • snowberry cuties dentist Resin. 2¼" x 1½" x 2½" high. 10039309 $3.95

SALE $4.99

SALE $1.99

display. Ceramic and metal stand. Two AG13 button cell batteries not included. Ornament: 3¼" x 3¼" x 3½" high; stand: 3⅜" x 4½" x 6" high. 10015032 $9.95 SALE $5.99

Holiday 257




e d f

258 Holiday

a • new! silvery decorative ball set Add a dash of glamour to your


tabletop with this beautiful silvery set. Three decorative balls, embellished with beads and glimmering rhinestones, rest in a matching oblong tray to create a stunning focal point. MDF wood and acrylic. 11⅝" x 6⅛" x 4" high; large ball: 3½" diameter; small balls: 3" diameter. 10015350 $19.95

b • new! beaded angel décor The golden wire frame and the crystalline beads of this stylized angel capture common light and turn it into ethereal sparkle. Place it on your tabletop, shelf, or even top your holiday tree with this lovely accent. Metal and PVC. 10¼" x 7" x 18¼" high. 10015359 $69.95

c • new! speckle glass candle display Two gold mercury speckle glass candle holders will glow with richness when you light candles of your choice inside. The set comes complete with iridescent decorative stones and a handsome black tray with a contrasting ivy design. Light up the room with sparkle and shine! Glass and MDF wood. Decorative glass beads included; candles not included. 10" x 4" x 2½" high; each glass holder is 2¼" diameter x 2" high. 10015349 $9.95

d • new! angel bath gift set A golden wire angel holds a fabulous gift for someone special. This luxurious bath spa set includes decorative soap, a golden pouf, and Glitzy Glam shower gel and lotion. Golden vanilla dew fragrance. Metal holder. 8⅛" x 2½" x 7¼" high. 10015333 $19.95

e • new! tall chalice candleholder Fill this dazzling chalice with the candle of your choice and delight in the dancing glow of the flame from behind the golden speckled design. This tall chalice will help you set the scene for a romantic dinner or cozy night. Glass. Candle not included. 5" x 5" x 13½" high. 10015360 $19.95

f • new! chalice candleholder The silvery speckled cup of this beautiful candle chalice turns flickering flame into ambiance. Insert the candle of your choice and light up your night with gorgeous glow. Glass. Candle not included. 5" x 5" x 11½" high. 10015361 $14.95

g • new! golden angel tree topper This beautiful angel holiday tree topper has the look of a timeless treasure. Her glittering gold wings highlight her shimmering gown embellished with sequins, faux fur trim, and golden roses. Place her on top of your tree or on the mental and enjoy her loving presence all holiday season long. Porcelain, plastic and polyester. 13" x 13" x 18" high. 10015395 $59.95

Great as a tabletop decoration, too!

Holiday 259



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a • new! small wire vase candle holder Candlelight has never been

b • new! large wire vase candle holder This large wire vase turns

more intriguing than when shining from this stunning wire-frame vase. The interior holds a glass candle cup that awaits the candle of your choice. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 7” x 7” x 19½” high; glass holder: 4” x 4” x 12” high. 10015426 $24.95

candlelight into modern glow! Insert a candle of your choice inside the glass cup and light it to create contemporary shine in your room. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 7” x 7” x 23” high; glass holder: 4” x 4” x 13½” high. 10015425 $29.95

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