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Embers in the Night Dreams take you to a special place far into the forest. Your wings are as black as the night. Soft shadows are cast on the lines of your face. The moon is guiding you home. As you run through the brush, You skip branches and rocks in the night. You see not so far ahead sparks from a fire sweep in the air. Closer and closer you come to seeing more like you, pixies playfully laughing, playing hide and seek with the mind. Their wings are all colors of the night. They dance around the embers, drunk on inhuman spirits. The elfin king is perched on his throne, his face infused with angelic glamour, flickering in and out of focus. Faeries are drawn to him like a magnetic force that glows around him. You hear whispers in the wind, and you know you’re close. A feeling of wholeness comes over you, peace. Faster you run at inhuman speed. You see little flashes of lights in the corner of your eye: Sprites, playing more tricks on you, trying to get you to follow their evil. For a split second you think to stop, but your force is stronger so you don’t. As you come into the opening of the field at the end of the trail, the fire within reach slowly smolders away. All the festivities are gone in a flash. Your wings are nothing but a flutter in the night, though you wish to continue into the realm of darkness.

Embers in the Night