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Samantha Moore


The Perfect Transition.

Mission Statement Definition: pol·ished  (plsht) adj. Having no imperfections or errors; flawless.

Career transition can be difficult but with Polished in your arsenal you’ll begin your new venture with ease


Dear prospective client, We understand personal style as more than well-tailored clothing. In the comfort of our showroom or an in-home consultation, we introduce our clients to the six-fold approach which addresses: Body Language, Dress, Etiquette, Color Analysis, Personal Hygiene and Personal Training. We invest deeply in our client relationships. Learning about each client's professional needs, long-term goals, and work environment helps our team create an image that is a true reflection of the client. Every solution is customized and our goal is to be a perpetual source of information and inspiration. We consider every client a client for life. Best, Polished

Experience Profile Art Institute of Atlanta-Decatur Graduate BA in Fashion Retail Management

Co-branding and in association to the above organizations.

Atlanta, GA   New and up coming Southern Hollywood.   Local Sports Teams-Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Thrashers & Silverbacks Soccer

  Home of Turner Broadcasting, Cocoa-Cola and Georgia Power   Up and coming communities and toursist attractions- Tyler Perry Studios, Atlanta Ferris Wheel, HBCU, GA Tech and State, 1st time homeowner growth and New Georgia Dome.

  5,475,213 (2009 est.) in the 28-county Atlanta Metropolitan Statistical Area, designated by the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce

  4,124,300 in the 10-county Atlanta region   540,922 (2009 est.) in the City of Atlanta

Target Market   25-65 years old   Male and female   African American, White, Hispanic and Asian but not limited to.

  $35-65k a year   Corporate image and business   Travel, exercise, shows-theatre, sports games and dining out   Fortune 500 companies, individuals seeking hire positions and or a career change

  Married, Divorced, home owner, car owner, 2 plus children

Competition   General- image consulting firms, PR firms and Personal stylist.

  Direct-Department store personal styling

(Nordstrom & Saks fifth Avenue), The Garner Circle, Atlanta Cause Marketing & PR.

  Consumer’s who believe they do not need service as they are capable of transitioning on their own.

The Career Transition

Michael Strahan, NY Giants NFL Player to Host with Kelly Ripa

Services Services include but are not limited to:

   Biography Construction  


  Brainstorming Sessions    Brand Management & Positioning    ° Community Relations   

Competitor Analysis 


Image Consultation 

   Press Conferences     ° Press Release 


Entry Level to Ideal Career

  Product Placement    Public Speaking    Etiquette Training    Publicity    Relationship Building    Red Carpet escorting & Management 

  Occupation Transition 

Marketing Strategy   Word of mouth based on previous clients   Facebook-all friends, sponsors and previous engagements.

  Instigram including pictures from clients accounts connected to both pages, co-branding.

  Twitter-comments, testimonies from clients, daily events and happening within the company.

  Visits to fashion shows, sponsoring events offering

services to specific events and clients for exposure, hold workshops posted online, in newspapers and specific publications.

Financials 1st year is vital to any business. Polished reserved a budget of $5000 to spread brand awareness by procuring ads on the internet, sponsorship to local events and publications.   Word of Mouth business is key.   Marketing budget is the focus. Concern is to get as much bang for the buck without going over budget.

  Concentrating on social media, endorsing personalities for exposure and brand presents at fashion, career and professional events.

  Profit is not expended in this fiscal year.

Financials 2nd year promises maintenance and up keep of relationships that have been created and continually advertising growth and success.   Clients outside of local reach are targeted. Expanding the brand and it’s overall visibility.

  Cookie cut the first years strengths of advertising, endorsement and co-branding.

  Cater to the needs that have been valid and emphasized.   Funnel profits from 1st year back into POLISHED and recycle $5000.

Financial 3rd Yields dividends and offers profit.   Recycling $5000 back into company and continue tactics that have been successful.

  Continue to be specific situations and preferences.

  Maintain innovation moving along with the zeitgeist.

  Special and customize for Athletes,

Celebrities, Musicians and Corporate clients who want to transition to a profitable and successful purpose filled career.

Question and or concerns? Career transition can be difficult but with Polished in your arsenal you’ll begin your new venture with ease



Our mission is career transition can be difficult but with Polished in your arsenal you’ll begin your new venture with ease.

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