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Samantha Moore

POLISHED The Perfect 1st impression.

Mission Statement Your 1st impression is everlasting, Polished guarantees that the perfect you puts their best foot forward.

Elevator Speech Everyone needs to get polished at some point in their lives. It’s usually when they’ve found their purpose and have a specific professional goal in mind. Polished targets, prepares and leads you to the perfect you and furthermore perfect 1st impression.

About us   Samantha Moore   Art Institute of Atlanta-Decatur Graduate BA in Fashion Retail Management

  On site Personality for CBS Radio   Host, on site give-aways, pictures, kissing babies and signing autographs.

  Voice Over Corporate Voicemail

Profile Experience   2013 Annual Trumpet Awards- Fashion Production and visual arrangement

  Gentlemen’s Closet Fashion Show, Atlanta Designer-Matthew WeaverDirector, Coordinator and Producer

  Black Dolls Fashion Show Macy’s 2012-Assistant Coordinator and Production

  Wowzerz Flower Headbands-@Music Midtown @ Candler Park Fest, Taste of Centerville-Promotion, Branding and Product placement

  Various Mixers & New Student Events, Art Institute of AtlantaDecatur-Setup, Marketing, Promotion and Execution

Atlanta, GA   Where everyone that doesn’t go to Los Angelos to be a star resides, Southern Hollywood.

  Local Sports Teams-Atlanta Hawks, Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Thrashers & Silverbacks Soccer

  Home of Turner Broadcasting, Cocoa-Cola and Georgia Power

  Up and coming communities and toursist

attractions- Tyler Perry Studios, Atlanta Ferris Wheel, HBU, GA Tech and State, 1st time homeowner growth and New Georgia Dome.

Target Market   25-65 years old   Men and women   African American, White, Hispanic and Asian but not limited to.

  $35-65k a year   Corporate image and business   Travel, exercise, shows-theatre, sports games and dining out   Fortune 500 companies, individuals seeking hire positions, career change

  Married, Divorced, home owner, car owner, 2 plus children

Competition   General- image consulting firms, PR firms and Personal stylist.

  Direct-Department store personal styling

(Nordstrom & Saks fifth Avenue), The Garner Circle, Atlanta Cause Marketing & PR and Dr. Courtney Hammonds.

Competitive Advantage   Boutique style service- hands-on attention   Diverse clientele   Unlimited local resources and nationwide partnerships

  Each clienteles situation is based on personal need

Marketing Strategy   Word of mouth based on previous clients   Facebook-all friends, sponsors and previous engagements.

  Instigram including pictures from clients accounts connected to both pages, co-branding.

  Twitter-comments, testimonies from clients, daily events and happening within the company.

  Visits to fashion shows, sponsoring events offering

services to specific events and clients for exposure, hold workshops posted online, in newspapers and specific publications.


Everyone needs to get polished at some point in their lives. It’s usually when they’ve found their purpose and have a specific professional...