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MARCH 2019

FYI/Happenings Hickenlooper Announces Presidential Candidacy Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) announced he is running for president, launching a 2020 campaign in which he will lean on his Western roots and decades of executive experience.

He made the announcement in a video titled "Standing Tall," which tracks Hickenlooper's life from laid-off geologist, to owner of a brew pub, to mayor of Denver and to governor, and touts the Democrat's experience in a variety of fields as a key reason he should be the person to take on President Donald Trump in 2020. Hickenlooper casts the President as a "bully" in the more than two-minute video. "I'm running for president because we're facing a crisis that threatens everything we stand for," Hickenlooper says in the video as images of Trump play. "As a skinny kid with coke bottle

glasses and a funny last name, I've stood up to my fair share of bullies." He adds: "I'm running for president because we need dreamers in Washington but we also need to get things done. I've proven again and again I can bring people together to produce the progressive change Washington has failed to deliver." Hickenlooper's Kickoff Speech "Recently at Civic Park, I stood in front of the city of Denver, and the nation, and outlined my vision for pushing past this crisis of division and building a progressive, unified future for this country. Thousands gathered with me in the heart of my adopted home, and declared that we all have a fundamental right to live in a land that’s the home of hope. "As I left the stage, I was filled with overwhelming appreciation—appreciation for folks like you who have helped make this week so incredible, with your kind words and generous donations. I’m humbled and honored. And, most of all, I’m ready. "This is a critical moment for this country. We have a decision to make: to accept divisiveness, or to stand tall together, and actually get things done. Despite what cynics in Washington may think, progressive change isn’t impossible. It’s true that no one person can heal the fractures in America today. But if enough of us accept the challenge,

"Thank you for joining our team, and choosing to go on this journey with me. I know that together, we can turn this winter of division into a season of hope. Now, let’s get to work!"

and if we work hard enough, we can make the impossible possible. We did it here in Colorado, and together, we’ll do it for the nation. "My staff showed me a list of every single person who has given to this campaig. Because of you, we’ve raised over $1 million from all 50 states— without taking a dime from corporate PACs. Looking over all the names, full of old friends and new supporters, left me incredibly grateful and ready to make you proud.

Hickenlooper Visits Iowa Hickenlooper recently trekked across Iowa—from Des Moines to Charles City to Cedar Falls to Dubuque to Clinton to Cedar Rapids. You may not be familiar with Iowa geography, but that’s a lot of ground to cover! John engaged in thoughtful and challenging discussions across the state—with a few beers and laughs along the way. Iowans talked through their challenges and personal concerns, and John laid out his plan to turn our country around and achieve progressive change, together.

John Hickenlooper at Confluence Brewing at his first stop in Des Moines, Iowa. The beer cans behind him say "2020"!

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MARCH 2019

FYI/Happenings DeGette Urges Congress Support on Elections Reform Bill U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette (D-CO) took to the House floor to urge her colleagues to support a massive elections reform bill that she has sponsored aimed at improving voters’ access to the polls and stopping the flood of unlimited amounts of undisclosed money from influencing our elections. “This is, without a doubt, one of the most important issues that we, as a Congress, will take on this year,” DeGette said. “And that’s why I urge all of my colleagues to get in this fight.” The legislation, known as H.R. 1, would, among other things, require states to automatically register any eligible citizen to vote, and immediately restore voting rights to individuals with felony convictions after they have completed their sentences. It would also require Super PACs to disclose the identity of donors who contribute more than $10,000, and would nullify the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision. “The Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United was one of the most disastrous decisions of our time,” DeGette said. “Congress not only has the authority to regulate the way our political campaigns are financed – but, I believe, we have the moral responsi-

bility to step up.” Following is a link to download video of her speech:

"Let Denver Vote" Initiative on Olympics Shortly after securing a spot on the ballot in 2019, The Let Denver Vote Initiative won the endorsement of the highly influential former mayor of Denver, Wellington Webb. The Let Denver Vote Initiative will give Denver voters a say as to whether public resources should be used towards bidding on or hosting future Olympic games. The proposed ordinance will prohibit Denver from spending or issuing a fiscal guarantee without obtaining prior voter approval. It increases voter protection regarding where Denver spends taxpayer dollars and resources. "The drafters of the U.S. Constitution said the success of Democracy depends on an informed public," Mayor Webb said in his endorsement statement. "Public discourse and giving the public their chance to vote on whether Denver should host the Olympics gives the public a chance to be part of the decision; So, I believe in letting the voters decide." Webb served as Denver's mayor for 12 years, from 1991-2003, and he

remains a vital force in Denver politics whose support of the initiative should have an enormous impact on Denver voters. "We are thrilled to have Mayor Webb's endorsement and support for the Let Denver Vote Initiative," said Owen Perkins, spokesman for the Let Denver Vote YES campaign. "Mayor Webb is one of the most influential voices in Denver, and we're honored to have a leader of his stature stand up for empowering Denver voters. Relying on an informed public as the guardians of democracy, as Mayor Webb references, will result in heightened accountability for the City

and County of Denver and the charge to offer an informative, transparent, and convincing proposal if Denver asks the voters to support a bid for future Olympic games." The Let Denver Vote Initiative has already won a spot on Denver's ballot in 2019, either on the potential June 4th ballot if there is a citywide runoff for Mayor, County Clerk, or Auditor after the May elections, or on the November 5th ballot if there is no citywide runoff election in June. For more information about the Let Denver Vote Initiative, please visit


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FYI/Happenings RTD Kicks Off 50 Years of Transit History

The Regional Transportation District (RTD) launched its golden anniversary year today with a special event at Union Station, kicking off a year of celebration to mark the transit agency’s 50th anniversary, officially July 1. For the rest of this calendar year, RTD will tell the stories of its impactful past and some of the people who have contributed to the many ways RTD has made transit history. The transit agency also unveiled its official anniversary look, showing RTD’s new brand mark of the mountains and the number 50. “I am honored to lead at this momentous time,” General Manager and CEO Dave Genova said. I’m proud to say that I’ve worked for RTD for 25 fantastic years – half the life of the agency. “It’s been remarkable to see RTD transform from a bus-only operation to a regional mobility integrator as RTD leads the transportation transformation actively working to meet the needs of a population that continues to grow. Our agency is leading the regional mobility needs and strategies conversation, and I am very proud of the fine work of our dedicated public servants.” Genova and RTD Board Chair Doug Tisdale spoke at the event about RTD’s history of making transit history and where it is going as the transit integrator, innovator and influencer for the region. They also introduced RTD’s longest-serving employees, Terry Vicek and Bob Brewster, who were working at two Denver metro area transit agencies that merged in 1969, when RTD was created. “RTD is the largest political jurisdiction in the state of Colorado, other than the state itself,” Tisdale said. “That is an awesome responsibility, and we enthusiastically embrace our role as leaders in influencing transportation policies that move the region and that inspire the rest of the country. To my fellow RTD board members, I salute all who serve now and each who came before us. Your thoughtfulness and collaboration set the stage for the achievement we celebrate this year.” RTD will mark key milestones in the life of the transit agency with events throughout the year. It will feature compelling, resonant stories of the people who move people on its social media accounts.


RTD has also redesigned the homepage of its website to showcase the commemorative logo and photos from the last 50 years. The agency developed an interactive timeline that highlights how RTD has been an innovator in transit over the last 50 years and where we are headed to redefine mobility for the next 50 years. The timeline will continue to evolve over the course of the year as we add more photos from the past, photos from events yet to occur, and more functionality.

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Amazon Books is now open in Cherry Creek! The doors are open, and we’re excited for you to come visit us in store to browse books, explore devices, and discover customer favorites from toys, games, electronics, and more. Amazon Books is a physical store designed around our customers— what they’re reading and what they’re loving. Every book or product is rated 4 stars and above, is a top seller, or is new and trending on For your next great read, shop our curated sections like “Most-Wished-For”, “If You Like…”, and “Unputdownable” (books Kindle readers finish in 3 days or less). You can also come in and test drive Amazon’s newest devices from our Echo, Kindle, Fire tablet, and Fire TV families, along with smart home accessories that work with Alexa. Discover highly rated toys and games, and browse children’s books, cookbooks, cooking tools, and more.

Amazon Books is open to all customers. Prime members pay the price in store, and customers who aren’t already Prime members can easily sign up for a free 30-day trial and instantly receive the price in store. Amazon Books 2787 E. 2nd Avenue Denver, CO 80206 Hours: Mon-Sat: 10 a.m.–9 p.m. Sunday: 11 a.m.–6 p.m.

“BSafe2Ride” Campaign Launches March 12 Denver B-Cycle today launched a “BSafe2Ride” bicycle safety campaign that will run through the balance of 2019. In partnership with Anadarko, Denver B-cycle will step up messages to bicyclists and the entire community on all the issues that are critical to the bicycling community—safe bicycling products, safe routes, and safe riding tips and habits. “We all play a role in keeping our streets as safe as possible, so we really appreciate the support of Anadarko in helping us raise awareness with these critical tips and reminders,” said Denver B-cycle executive director Mike Pletsch. “We are keen supporters

of Vision Zero’s and Mayor Michael Hancock’s efforts to dramatically improve safety on our city streets and this effort is in direct support of those initiatives.” “Whether it’s safety in the office, at one of our field operations, or on the bike, safety is rooted in our culture and continues to be our number one focus. We are proud to partner with B-cycle in their efforts to promote safety throughout the community and get the word out about #BSafe2Ride.” Brian Kuck – VP Land, Anadarko Riders are encouraged to follow #BSafe2Ride across all social media platforms and to use that same hashtag when sharing tips, questions, and concerns. The campaign will feature gathered and created content and feature local experts who will share their insights. The campaign will also urge the Denver B-cycle and the broader bicycling community to share their favorite products, tips, safety pointers, and more. The campaign will appear on Facebook (@Bcycle.Denver), Instagram (@denverbcycle), Twitter (@ Denver-Bcycle), via Vision Zero’s Instagram hashtag, #visionzerodenver, and through Denver B-cycle’s weekly electronic newsletter, “Weekly What’s On.” To learn more about Denver Bike Sharing, the owner and operator of Denver B-cycle, visit or call 303-825-3325.



MARCH 2019

FYI/Happenings All 50 States Close to Legalizing Marijuana Dubbed the Marijuana Justice Act of 2019, a U.S. Senate bill would see marijuana finally removed from the federal list of controlled substances, legalizing the plant on a nationwide level and removing a range of obstacles from vendors and purveyors across the United States. The bill would also expunge the criminal records of anyone who had been charged with possession while also calling for anyone currently incarcerated for the offense to petition for an immediate re-sentencing. Those convicted under prohibition laws would also be provided job training and resources under the act. The bill was introduced by New Jersey Democratic senator and presidential hopeful Cory Booker and Democratic California Representatives Barbara Lee and Ro Khanna. Booker’s presidential competitors Sens. Bernie Sanders (D-VT), Kamala Harris (D-CA) and Elizabeth Warren have also cosponsored the bill. Supporters of the bill have cited the disproportionate impact of cannabis prohibitionist laws on historically oppressed nationalities and communities across the United States, leading to the prosecution and jailing of largely nonviolent cannabis users. In her statement on the bill published by the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws

(NORML), Lee said: Booker similarly derided the war on drugs, tweeting: “The failed War on Drugs has really been a war on people—disproportionately criminalizing poor people, people of color & people with mental illness. I’m reintroducing the #MarijuanaJustice Act to begin reversing our failed federal drug policies.” Booker has long enjoyed a record of fighting to reform marijuana laws, having introduced a version of the Marijuana Justice Act in 2017. He has promised that federal legalization will be a major focus of his campaign along with criminal justice reform, which he has remarked “means changing our drugs laws. Ending prohibition against marijuana.”

Huts for the Homeless A New Alternative

A dynamic new approach to homelessness with roots in settling the West: Conestoga Huts. The trend started in Eugene and the supporters are hoping it will spread through the Northwest. "This is our hut," said Tracy Joscelyn leading a tour of her hut. She said this

temporary shelter is a godsend. "We have a beautiful bed. Most of them have a raised up bed." It is only 60 square feet of indoor living space. "It's just really warm and awesome and amazing," said Joscelyn. The main thing is it gets her off the streets and into a secure spot. "When you have a place to keep your possessions dry and safe instead of hauling them around, then you can start stabilizing your life and figuring out what the next step is." The huts look similar to a Conestoga Wagon, the precursor to the Prairie Schooner covered wagons that helped bring settlers west. "I designed the Conestoga Hut," said Erik de Buhr of the group Community Supported Shelters in Eugene. He is the driving force behind this effort, which is supported by donations. He said Conestoga Huts are stronger and more permanent than tents and at $2,500, much less expensive than tiny homes which can cost from $10,000-$20,000. And they take only a few hours to assembly rather than weeks for tiny homes. "Oh it's a great idea." said David Quale. "It's very transitional." He leads a group of volunteers from the Eugene community in putting the finishing touches on their 84th Conestoga Hut. "They are weather proof," he said. "They're insulated. They're lockable which is really important because a lot of people on the street lose their stuff." "I would say this place pretty



much saved my life," said James Clapp. He lives at the Conestoga Hut village designed especially for veterans. "Where I'm going to go from here? I'm looking for new employment opportunities." Eugene is one of only two Northwest cities to embrace the idea of dealing with homelessness in this fashion. The city council voted for an overnight camping ordinance that allows people to sleep in vehicles, tents or Conestoga Huts. They are allowed a maximum 20 huts on parking lots, six huts at churches and one hut at a private home. "They look nice and they look orderly and I think the people in this community appreciate the look of it as well," said Regan Watjus of the Eugene City Manager's office. "It was fantastic," said Jeff Howard. "It gave me a stable place to operate from." Howard said the program works. He has gone from a Conestoga Hut to his own apartment with a future. "Who knows. Hopefully brighter things. Just having a safe secure place is amazing. It's life changing." "I think it's headed as a Pacific Northwest regional approach to temporary shelter," said de Buhr. He said it is a new take on an old look and one more option to help get people off the streets and into permanent housing. Walla Walla is the other city in the Northwest with Conestoga Huts. Aberdeen is looking at them. Tacoma and Olympia have decided to stay with the focus on tiny homes.

MARCH 2019


FYI/Happenings Denver Native American 3-Day March Powwow

The Denver March Powwow features more than 1,500 dancers from close to 100 tribes from 38 states and three Canadian provinces. The three-day event takes place in late March (March 22–24, 2019), in the Denver Coliseum and is packed with singing, dancing, storytelling, food, and art. ABOUT POWWOWS The modern powwow is a time for Native American peoples to come together to sing and dance, and to honor the heritage that has been passed down to them from their ancestors. The word comes from the Narragansett word powwaw, meaning "spiritual leader." Dancing is perhaps the central activity during a powwow. American Indian dancing is a highly individualized activity, pursued in a group, with each dancer moving independently to the beat of the drum. Dance styles are derived from traditional dances of various tribes, but are not specific to any tribe — and creativity is allowed! Dance regalia is elaborate and colorful, varying on the style of dance. Traditional dancing was originally a form of storytelling, where warriors acted out deeds committed during a battle or a hunt. Male dancers wear headdresses, referred to as a roach, on their head. The roaches are made

with porcupine and deer hair woven together with eagle feathers worn on top. Bone breastplates, eagle feather bustles, beaded armbands, chokers made of animal bones and anklets of angora fur with large bells are some of the finishing touches. WHAT TO EXPECT Each session of the Denver March Powwow begins with the colorful and stirring Grand Entry. It kicks off with the HeartBeat drum group singing the committee's song, "A Living Hoop." Following them is an eagle staff and American Indian nation and other flags. Once everyone is in the dance arena and with the spectators still standing, the flags are raised to the accompaniment of a flag song. This is followed by a song honoring veterans — the Victory Dance. There are two Grand Entries on Friday and Saturday and one on Sunday. The Powwow spirit is an inclusive one, and attendees can get in on the action during the Intertribal Dance, featuring all the different styles of Powwow dancers and all different age groups dancing together. During these dances, men and women of all age groups, dancing all styles, join together on the floor to the beat of a hundred drums in an unforgettable, swirling sight of color. The Jingle Dress Dance is another popular competition, although actual ceremonial jingle dances are not performed in public. In this woman's dance, the dress is covered with dozens of silver bell-like "jingles" that make a distinctive and pleasing sound, especially when the dance floor is covered with women wearing this melodic dress. At the Denver March Powwow, there are more than 170 booths selling a variety of Native American artworks and products. Browse jewelry and blankets, pottery and beadwork from some of the nation's most skilled Indian craftsman. Try Native American foods such as fry bread and Indian tacos, or buy an authentic Cheyenne arrow or a Sioux Tomahawk. The Denver March Powwow is a welcoming glimpse into a fascinating part of North American culture.

Denver Flea Rebrands as Fetch Markets

Denver Flea, the seasonal modern pop-up markets that have brought together small businesses and consumers across Denver since 2014, is excited to announce its new name — Fetch Markets. The company’s next event is Fetch Spring Market, slated for April 12-14. Fetch Shop, a brick-and-mortar retail store that will sell goods from a variety of small businesses and creators, will open this spring at Dairy Block in Downtown Denver. “When we created the concept of the Denver Flea we didn’t expect that we would have an opportunity to be more than a local market down the road,” said Blake Adams, founder of Fetch. “However, with the success of the Denver Flea paired with the public’s continued desire to support small brands, we saw an exciting opportunity for more regular market events, a permanent location, and a new name that better reflects who we are and where we are going.” In 2018, there were 19 days of markets that offered goods from more than 650 vendors and were attended by more than 90,000 shoppers. The markets in 2018 alone had a $6 million impact on the Denver economy. This led to Adams’ commitment to a permanent brick-and-mortar shop, in

addition to hosting continued quarterly outdoor markets. “The goal of Fetch is to provide small businesses, entrepreneurs and creators with a unique sales and marketing platform beyond traditional retail models,” said Adams. The Fetch Spring Market will take place April 12 - 14 in RiNo at the Coors Field parking garage in RiNo located at 27th and Blake Street. The market will be held on Friday, April 12 from 6-9 p.m., Saturday, April 13 from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. and on Sunday, April 14 from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. The market is expected to have 150 vendors. Fetch Shop, the retail store, is slated to open in Spring 2019. The store will sell goods from up to 20 vendors from Colorado and beyond. The 3,000-square-foot shop will be located at 1855 Blake Street adjacent to the Blake Street pedestrian alley at Dairy Block. The shop is directly connected to the Blanchard Wines tasting room, providing shoppers with the chance to enjoy a taste of Blanchard's varietals before or after they shop. Confirmed shop vendors include Vert Beauty, Bjorn's Colorado Honey, LVTD Design, Bridget Dorr Ceramics, Old Pine Candle Co., Union Stitch & Design, Rocky Mountain Posters, Parks Project and Oil & Lumber. The latest Union Station Holiday Market by Denver Flea was held for 12 days over four weekends, with 350 vendors and 50,000 attendees. For more information visit

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Arts LoDown

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Robischon Gallery | 1740 Wazee St., Denver, CO 80202



MARCH 2019

Arts& LDoining Down Wining

CRUSH Pizza + Tap Offers Three Pizza Styles and a New Name

Denver Deep Dish has changed its name to CRUSH Pizza + Tap. The Northside pizzeria, which has won awards and loyal fans for its deep dish pies, has expanded its pizza offerings to include a hand-tossed variety and a Sicilian, thick-crust style. And not to fear, the owner, employees, location and great service will remain; only the name and offerings will be expanded. At CRUSH Pizza + Tap, our love of pizza runs deep. Which is why we offer three distinct varieties: Chicago Deep Dish, Hand-tossed and Sicilian All our pizzas start with handcrafted dough, made fresh every day. We incorporate locally-sourced ingredients and sauces perfected in-house after years of practice. Our salads, sandwiches, and award-winning chicken wings are prepared with the same loving care.We also feature 12 beers on tap and more than 40 canned craft beers with an emphasis on local brews. Our bar program includes Colorado spirits and an array of inventive cocktails. Whether you’re craving a thin crust, New York style slice or a sophisticated deep dish pie topped with goat cheese, we’ve got a pie for you. PLEASE SEE COLORADO ROCKIES OPENING DAY DEALS BELOW.



MARCH 2019


Health is Wealth Update On Measles Outbreak Hearing U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette (D-CO), chair of the House Energy and Commerce oversight committee, announced that her panel will hold a hearing Wednesday, Feb. 27, on the federal government’s ongoing efforts to contain the spread of a life-threatening virus here in the U.S. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, already this year, more than 100 individuals in 10 states have been infected with measles – a potentially deadly disease that had been eliminated in the U.S. after the development of a successful vaccine. More than half of the 101 cases reported since Jan. 1 occurred in Clark County, Washington – a suburb of Portland, Oregon – and nearly all of those involved people who had not been vaccinated against the disease. Of the 53 cases reported in the Portland area, 38 involved children under the age of ten. “Measles is a highly contagious, life-threatening virus that was previously eliminated in the United States thanks to the success of the measles vaccine,” DeGette said. “Unfortunately, the number of people becoming infected with this potentially deadly illnesses is once again on the rise as a consequence of the virus’s transmission among unvaccinated groups.” “The re-emergence of vaccinepreventable diseases, such as measles, presents a serious public health threat, especially for those who rely on herd immunity,” DeGette added. “We want to know what our public health officials are doing to address this very serious situation and what’s being done to prevent this deadly disease from spreading further.”

Be Red Cross Ready In Cold Weather

HEAT YOUR HOME SAFELY Home heating is the second leading cause of fires in this country. To reduce the risk of heating related fires, the Red Cross recommends these steps (More home fire safety information available here): • All heaters need space. Keep children, pets and things that can burn (paper, matches, bedding, furniture, clothing, carpets, and rugs) at least three feet away from heating equipment. • If you must use a space heater, place it on a level, hard and nonflammable surface (such as ceramic tile floor), not on rugs, carpets or near bedding or drapes. Plug power cords directly into outlets - never into an extension cord. • Never leave a fire in the fireplace unattended, and use a glass or metal fire screen to keep fire and embers in the fireplace. • Never use a cooking range or oven to heat your home. • Turn off portable space heaters every time you leave the room or go to sleep.

people with disabilities and children. • Bring pets indoors. If they can’t come inside, make sure they have enough shelter to keep them warm and that they can get to unfrozen water. • Watch for hypothermia and frostbite. Hypothermia symptoms include confusion, dizziness, exhaustion and severe shivering. Frostbite symptoms include numbness, flushed gray, white, blue or yellow skin discoloration, numbness, or waxy feeling skin. WINTER TRAVEL SAFETY • Stay off the road if possible during severe weather. If you must drive in winter weather, follow these tips: • Make sure everyone has their seat belts on and give your full attention to the road. • Don’t follow other vehicles too closely. Sudden stops are difficult on snowy roadways. • Don’t use cruise control when driving in winter weather. • Don’t pass snow plows. • Ramps, bridges and overpasses freeze before roadways. DOWNLOAD APPS People can download the Red Cross Emergency App for instant access to weather alerts for their area and where loved ones live. Expert medical guidance and a hospital locator are included in the First Aid App in case travelers encounter any mishaps. Both apps are available to download for free in app stores or at

Late Flu Crossover with Allergy Season Across the USA Sickweather, the popular illness tracking app which powers illness forecasts for IBM’s Weather Company and the pharmaceutical industry, is predicting a severe allergy season along with a late flu peak, to create a rare one-two punch for many sufferers. “This is the ‘El Nino’ of illness” said Graham Dodge, Sickweather’s Chief Executive Officer. “With the H3N2 virus causing a secondary late flu season peak in March, many allergy sufferers might experience complications or confusion when it comes to the start of this severe allergy season underway in many parts of the US.” Sickweather has compiled a list of the Top Ten states where this converged risk of flu and allergies is highest per capita. The most “at risk” states from highest to lowest are: Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Washington, Louisiana, Colorado, Nevada, Georgia, New York and Massachusetts. Sickweather is predicting this illness phenomenon to continue over the next three weeks. The Sickweather app is available for tracking flu, seasonal allergies and other 25 other illness conditions worldwide. Download the Sickweather mobile app at: iOS - Android:

STAY SAFE DURING WINTER WEATHER • Wear layers of clothing, a hat, mittens and waterproof, insulated boots. • Be careful when tackling strenuous tasks like shoveling snow in cold temperatures. • Check on your neighbors, especially elderly people living alone,





MARCH 2019

Animal Matters State Committee Passes Animal Cruelty Bill The House Judiciary committee passed a bill sponsored by Rep. Alex Valdez, D-Denver, that seeks to provide more mental health treatment for people convicted of animal cruelty and also bar people convicted of certain kinds of animal cruelty from possession of a pet animal for a period of time while they recieve treatment. “The goals of this bill are to remove animals from abusive situations and to identify behaviors that could lead to worse crimes,” said Rep. Valdez. “We should help offenders get the treatment they need so they can re-emerge as productive members of society.”

Through HB19-1092, the judge can order the animal cruelty offender to complete a mental health treatment program. “There is absolutely a correlation between crimes against animals and violent crimes such as mass shootings or domestic terrorism,” said Rep. Valdez. A 2014 study of mass school shootings found that 43 percent of shooters had a history of animal abuse. This bill aims to find the underlying causes of the acts of animal cruelty and treat those issues. The bill passed through the committee with unanimous bipartisan vote and now heads to the House floor. .. http://www.cohousedemscom/ 2019/03house-committee-passesrep-valdezs-bill-to-address-animalcruelty/

What it means to be a no-kill community A no-kill community acts on the belief that every dog and cat deserves to live — and focuses on saving lives through pet adoption, spay/neuter, trap-neuter-return and other community support programs. While a percentage is not the goal, a quantitative benchmark can help guide lifesaving efforts. Saving 90 percent or more of the animals who enter shelters is the current benchmark for no-kill. “SPREADING THE WORD” FOR COMMUNIT Y BUSINESSES & NEIGHBORHOODS IN DENVER


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R e a l E state

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Sold data gathered per MLS RES and COND databases # of sales

avg price

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median DOM

avg % sold price to list

148 125 -16%

$497,908 $579,884 +16%

$405 $430 +6%

8 14 +75%

99% 98% -1%

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Sold Price Analysis Stats for Feb 2018 vs Feb 2019


It is both amazing and sad how the media extrapolates a piece of information from a particular subject and makes it their own “attention grabbing” story. By listening to, or reading, headlines it is easy to be influenced to feel happy and relieved, or worried and discouraged. If you take the time to listen to, or read the entire story, it will likely reveal more reality than the snippet that caught your attention. Currently, real estate in Denver and across the most of the country continues to benefit from a very nice and healthy housing market. This is fueled by strength in the economy, both locally and nationally, strong employment, and mortgage rates dropping 0.6% since November, sitting lower than it was a year ago, at just over 4%. In the fourth quarter of 2018, our real estate market started to slow down from its consistent strength that was building every year since 2012. Last year, Denver enjoyed 8.3% value appreciation with projections at the 6-7% for 2019; still pretty great. Any reports that suggest property values are going down should be understood as relative in context. Values are not rising at the same annual rate of +/- 10%, however they are still eclipsing the rate of inflation by a multiple of three. So at the end of the day, annual home appreciation has gone from “super strong” to “pretty darn good.” Values are not decreasing, but may not be increasing to levels that many sellers desire. Houses that are priced correctly and present well can still sell within a month (sometimes with multiple offers). Typically, the higher the price range, the longer a home will take to sell. Luxury homes, on average, have taken 85 to 100 days to sell. All price ranges could take 2 to 4 weeks or longer to sell in 2019. In comparison to most metro areas, prices went up 4.5-5% nationally and took 45 to 65 days to sell. Core logic recently predicted national home values to rise 4.4% in 2019. LIV Sotheby’s International Realty just published its February 2019 YTD numbers comparing the Denver market to February 2018. The amount of properties sold was up 1% (all price ranges), the average days on the market was 40 compared to 32 days last year, and there were 12% more listings, which is encouraging. The average sold price is nearly 7% higher over the prior 12 months. The luxury market (over 1 million) has been experiencing a healthy market, but in different fashion. In the last 12 months,

I - 25

By Steve Blank, Managing Broker Liv Sotheby’s International Realty in Writer Square

(year-over-year) reports show the number of properties sold rose 46%, the average days on the market was 105UNITING days, and prices extraordinary rose slightly to 1% higher. I am always surprised at the amount properties of deals that fail to come together, or fall apart after being under WITH contract. According to MLS statistics, approximately 30% of extraordinary all homes that go under contract will ultimately terminate forlives a variety of reasons; these reasons include, #1 low appraisals OFthat DENVER'S #2 buyer didn’t qualify #3CONSIDERED inspectionONE items couldTOP notPRODUCERS, be sucFEW PEOPLE KNOW DOWNTOWN DENVER REAL ESTATE cessfully negotiated. BETTER THAN DENA PASTORINI. Many of these issues are definitely avoidable. Buyers and As a long time resident of Riverfront Park, Dena serves as a sellers make plans basedbroker on dates in the soRealty, it is working disap-with at LIV Sotheby'scontract, International Sellers and Buyers throughout all of central Denver. pointing and adds time-consuming stress when the process must start over. 720.233.9096 • Which brings us to #4. Your choice of broker. A good, quality and well-experienced broker will help you avoid costly mistakes, will favorably negotiate inspections, and help you navigate the rather complicated process. As a seller, you should interview two or three brokers with focus on how well they will present your home to the market, how well they communicate and represent you, and who will achieve the best possible price in a reasonable 1590 Little Raven Street #507 1401 Wewatta Street #PH4 time frame. Do NOT choose the• 4,071 broker who tells you the• 2,678 highest 4 Beds • 5 Baths SF • $3,250,000 2 Beds • 3 Baths SF • $2,000,000 price hoping to get the listing, as this can lead to more time on the market and net less money. Be willing to pay for quality and value, as it will make AND save you the most money. Your chosen broker should learn how you prefer to be communicated with during any transaction. Texting and emails are excellent ways to relay1590 updates and certain information. Little Raven Streetconvey #302 1720 Wynkoop Street #212 3 Beds • 3 Baths • 2,484 SF • $1,400,000 2 Beds • 2 Baths • 2,456 SF • $1,189,000 However, using technology to navigate through the negotiation process of buying or selling a home will not be the most effective communication and may lead to misinterpretations. Face-toface communication, (meaning when you can hear the tone of someone’s voice or see their body language) can only help any relationship, let alone important transactions. So, today’s words 1022 Pearl Street #101 2210 Blake Street #402 3 Beds •sellers 3 Baths • 2,771 • $950,000 • 2 Baths • 1,793 SF • $869,000 of wisdom for buyers and areSF to choose a2 Beds great real estate broker that understands how to use the tools of technology to compliment their real estate expertise. Because technology without ability and competence…is not much. You can see on the urban map below a seasonal adjustment in the amount of sales. However the average sold price is visibly higher (16%) and #904 price.1143 Auraria Street #204 sellers are still getting 1590 98%Little ofRaven theirStreet asking 1 Bed • 2 Baths • 1,260 SF • $650,000 1 Bed • 1 Bath • 1,046 SF • $350,000

Federal Blvd.

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MARCH 2019

Real Estate The Source Hotel Named Innovative Project of the Year The Source Hotel + Market Hall, a collection of independent retail, restaurants, and design-forward hotel rooms, was recently awarded the “Innovative Project of the Year” at NAIOP Colorado’s 32nd Annual Awards of Achievement. NAIOP, the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties, hosts the event to honor the “Best of the Best” in Colorado’s real estate industry. The award was presented to Zeppelin Development, Kaplan Companies and the Union Hotel Company River North on Wednesday, February 20th. The former 1880s iron foundry and modern hotel tower combine to form a hospitality, retail, art, design, and culinary complex unlike any other destination in Denver. The hotel nods to the industrial roots of its home in River North (RiNo), a former warehouse district and grimy artist enclave that’s now a playground for Denver’s twenty- and thirty-somethings. Featuring 100-guest rooms and complements the original Source Market Hall, with a second market hall which showcases New Belgium’s first Denver small-batch brewery; three restaurants including Safta helmed by James Beard award-winning Chef Alon Shaya, Smōk and the The Woods—a rooftop restaurant with sweeping views of the downtown Denver skyline and Rocky Mountains. As one of the first hotels in RiNo, The Source Hotel + Market Hall further cements the neighborhood's reputation as Denver’s cultural hub during a period of unprecedented growth in the city. The property has been profiled by some of the most respected publications nationally and internationally including Wallpaper, The New York Times, AFAR, Forbes and countless others. Denver Post’s architecture critic even went as far to ask the question if the hotel will be “Tomorrow’s Brown Palace?” stating that it has “the potential to become a landmark for the ages”.

The former 1880s iron foundry and modern hotel tower are combined as The Source Hotel that includes retail, art, design, and culinary venues. ments from a diverse range of community members has been received. The anticipated third and final public meeting for the Stadium District Master Plan will be held on Thursday, April 4th from 6:00-7:30pm at the Broncos Stadium (please see attached flyer for more details). This public meeting will include a lively panel of steering committee members and city employees that will discuss the draft plan and answer questions.

Denver City Council Home Ownership Repair Program

Stadium District Master Plan Meeting #3 Community Planning and Development has been working in partnership with the Denver Broncos, the Metropolitan Football Stadium District, and nearby residents this year to plan a new neighborhood hub on the southern portion of the stadium district property. A “neighborhood hub” is an active, mixed-use gathering space for living, working, and playing that will help serve the needs of the surrounding neighborhoods. Since this plan kicked off in May 2018, the planning process has included public outreach and engagement where a variety of com-

A long-standing Denver program, promoting housing stability among low- and moderate-income homeowners, has been extended through May 2020. Denver City Council approved a contract with the Denver Urban Renewal Authority (DURA) to continue administering the Single Family Rehabilitation program (SFR). “When it comes to affordability, our goal is simply to help house people and to keep them housed,” said Britta Fisher, Chief Housing Officer of the Denver Office of Economic Development (OED). “The Single Family Rehabilitation program clearly underscores this goal, with assistance targeted to help make essential home repairs viable, which promotes housing stability among low and moderate income homeowners.” The SFR program helps low- and moderate-income households to make essential repairs and upgrades to their home using zero to one-percent interest loans of up to $34,999. SFR is designed for major home rehabilitation such as roofing, plumbing, siding, gutters and window repair or replacement, as well as some kitchen and bathroom repairs like tile and cabinetry. DURA has administered the SFR program for Denver for more than 40 years. This program contributes to the maintenance of Denver’s existing housing stock and the integrity of older neighborhoods, especially when affordable housing is difficult to come by in the booming Denver housing market. “The SFR program is unique in that it adapts to the needs of each client while improving their quality of life and the health of our city,” said DURA Executive Director Tracy Huggins. “DURA looks forward to continuing this program, making a difference for homeowners across the city by providing help they may have thought was beyond reach." Last year, the SFR program helped improve living conditions for 41 households throughout 23 Denver neighborhoods. Three-quarters of borrowers were senior citizens or individuals with disabilities. The majority of households (29) were located in areas vulnerable to displacement as defined by OED’s 2016 Gentrification Study. For Arthur and Vivian Beeman, the program is helping them to age comfortably in place in their Northeast Park Hill home where they have lived for nearly 30 years. The program provided new windows, a new furnace and air conditioning system, a remodeled bathroom, and sewer line replacement. Vivian credits the new windows as a blessing that has eliminated all traffic noise along their busy location on Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. More importantly, the upgrades are having a positive health impact. “My husband has a serious breathing ■ Continued on page 14



MARCH 2019


Real Estate ■ Continued from page 13 problem, so the A/C helps with not having to open the windows during summer. This was especially helpful during the smoky days of forest fire season.” As part of DURA’s commitment to the homeowner, DURA oversees the work being performed by the contractor to make sure repairs are completed quickly, at a competitive price, with the highest quality work, and in the best interest of the homeowner. A lead-based paint risk assessment is also performed at no cost in all SFR projects. The newly approved contract provides up to $850,000 in federal funds, which are expected to rehabilitate up to 20 homes if maximum assistance is provided. Funds are provided from the HOME Investment Partnerships Program, offered through the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. To qualify for the SFR program, applicants must be a Denver resident, own and occupy the home as their principal residence, and have a household income of no more than 80 percent of the area median income (up to $50,350 for a single-person household, or up to $71,900 for a family of four). Additional details about qualifications and applying for the SFR program can be found at

"Renaissance of Historic Lofts" By Brent Jones Oh my! I can remember the day back in 1994 as if it was yesterday! I was young and thought I was super cool, hip and so cutting edge. I was purchasing a newly builtout historic loft in Streetcar Stables lofts across from Union Station. Coors field was about to have its first pitch, and my unit would be bathed in red neon at night from the Union Station sign. My views were of a screaming for renovation Railroad Station, empty decaying rail road tracks, and a stunning parking lot. The thrill of living in a historic building where horses and streetcars were once stored, with beautiful exposed brick and centuries-old timber beams, kept me up at night with excitement. In my search for the downtown residential unit of my dreams and I have exhaustively looked at all of my options. My only other option of living downtown was purchasing a unit in one of the 1970/1980’s towers on Larimer. Those units just did not work for they were not the newest and brightest shiny object that I desired for my well inflated image. Historic lofts were new to the

Entrance to historic Streetcar Stables Lofts at 1720 Wynkoop St. in LoDo market, although many of the original buildings were over 100 years old. They sold like hotcakes at a pancake feed while many of the existing buildings on Larimer were viewed as the senior citizen dog at the animal shelter. Then, in the early 2000’s, the views of that huge tract of land behind Union Station began to change shape with road and infrastructure. The historic viaducts made of turn-of-the-century iron were removed, and habitable space was being developed in the form of condominiums and townhomes. Those were the newest and greatest bright and shiny objects for everyone to goggle over and gobble up. Not knowing that our economy was headed to the worst meltdown ever in 2008, these new units in Riverfront Park sold out, and as the economy improved in 2012-2019, thousands of additional new, shiny and bright units would be built and sold. It seems like each time something new comes to the market, the brightest and shiniest objects tend to get all the attention, just like the puppies in the animal shelter. All the other existing older units, like the grand dame of the animal shelter, don’t get even a glance. Well – in my opinion this is all going to change. There are very few parcels of land remaining to be built on in Riverfront and LoDo. Don’t get me wrong, there have always been, and always will be those


buyers that prefer the historic lofts with all their charm, quirkiness, history and warmth as opposed to the newest, latest and greatest address. It is just now with almost all of the land gone there will be fewer new shiny ‘puppies’ to take center stage and other factors will become more and more important to buyers. Historic lofts are going to get the renewed attention that they deserve. The historic lofts in the Union Station neighborhood of downtown Denver have always been in favor to current owners and enthusiasts. I believe new sets of eyes will start to focus more and more on them as well. They are often located within a short walking distance to the multi modal transportation hub at Union Station. Residents walk out their doors to the charm of other historic buildings that they can enjoy on their walks. Not to mention, they are all within a short walking distance of 2 grocery stores. Another big factor that many historic loft owners enjoy is the sense of community. Most of these historic buildings have 10 to 50 units per building as opposed to 100’s of units in the shiny new towers. Many owners of historic lofts feel that this creates small communities of people that actually get to know one another vs passing one another in the lobby. Brent Jones 720-732-1525



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All information deemed reliable but not guaranteed and should be independently verified. All properties are subject to prior sale, change or withdrawal. Neither listing broker(s) nor Kentwood Real Estate shall be responsible for any typographical errors, misinformation, misprints Allshall information deemed reliable but not guaranteed and should be independently verified. All properties are subject to prior sale, change or and be held totally harmless. withdrawal. Neither listing broker(s) nor Kentwood Real Estate shall be responsible for any typographical errors, misinformation, misprints and be held deemed totally harmless. All shall information reliable but not guaranteed and should be independently verified. All properties are subject to prior sale, change or withdrawal. Neither listing broker(s) nor Kentwood Real Estate shall be responsible for any typographical errors, misinformation, misprints and shall be held totally harmless.



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