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what’s inside this month CHRISTMAS SHOPPING at King George V Colonnade

BEXHILL TO BEXHILL Coming from Hong Kong

Make a christmas star Sew your own decorations!

Ian’s Gardening Tips “Ask Ian” competition

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our monthly competition?


Margaret Hayles, you are this month’s winner for our ‘Bexhillian Magazine Cover Competition’ thank you for sending in your photo of a very snowy De La Warr Pavilion. I think everyone willl agree that it looks beautiful and perfect for Christmas. Happy snappers and professionals alike, send in your photos and on next month’s cover it could be your photo on display. 6000 Readers will see it, so what are you waiting for? Please ensure that you own the photo that you enter and that you send it to us by 16th December 2013, good luck! Every winner gets a mention. Email:

Front cover winning photo taken by: Margaret Hayles, congratulations to you from all at the Bexhillian Magazine! Published by: Director: Scott Hemsley Editor: Samantha Hallam Design, artwork and website: MediaBeetlesUK Print: DT Print Deals Distribution: MADistribution Ad sales: Artwork: Twitter: @bexhillianmag or tag #bexhillianmag Facebook: groups/BexhillianMag

Merry Christmas! Yes it’s that time again readers, the Christmas music is in the shops and petrol stations, the gift wrap and cards have been on display since the beginning of October and there is literally loads going on in and around Bexhill this month. Have a look at our “What’s on...” listings at the back. Close to the front we have a “Christmas Shopping” double page spread showcasing the shops at King George V Colonnade, offering a beautiful variety of gift ideas. There’s a ‘pull out and keep’ menu in the centre pages, don’t forget mention us and get a 10% discount; but only December. So while the children are busy writing out their letters to Father Christmas, we’re busy wondering how we’re going to pay for it all. But remember, what’s really important is just being together, spending quality time with loved ones and friends. We would like to thank everybody; readers, advertisers, authors, our families, friends, all who have supported us in making our Bexhillian magazine such a joy to create each month. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Wrap up warm and we’ll see you in 2014! As Bexhill is 20,000+ homes, it does mean that some areas will receive issues bi-monthly. But don’t worry we have ‘Pick up Points’ listed in the back, on our website or email your address and we’ll deliver a copy to you.

Scott and Samantha.

Scott Hemsley Director @bexhillianmag

Samantha Hallam Editor @SamanthaLuigie

Peking Garden Chinese restaurant Fully licensed and air conditioned

Now taking Christmas Bookings for tables of over 6 people First glass of drink is FREE Offer starts 1st November Bookings welcome Telephone: 01424 848888 14-18 Village Mews, Barnhorn Road, Little Common, Bexhill on Sea TN39 4RZ



Professional Grooming 10 Years experience Complete dog grooming service in a 1-to-1 calming environment

Little Common, Bexhill-on-Sea Tel: 01424 848201 • 07784 220421


All Aspects of Professional Foot Health Care Senior Citizens Nail Cutting at Reduced Rates Surgery/Home Visiting Fully Qualified & Insured Sea Road, Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex TN40 1ED

Tel: 01424 216488

CoodensBuilding ce Servi For all those small jobs:



Polite Friendly service references available Tel: 01424 842580 Mobile: 07855 175984


-0$,&%065 (JWFVTBTIPVU /0$"--065$)"3(& • • • • • •

We are DBS (CRB) checked and full members of the UK Locksmiths Association We offer a 24 hour emergency service Locks supplied and fitted from ÂŁ45.00 “Winter lock checkâ€? for ÂŁ40.00 we will check and lubricate front and back door locks We offer a maintenance service tailored to your needs Carpentry and Joinery service


Coping with... SHOCK Sound Therapy is particularly helpful in counteracting the effects of shock which stays within the cells in the body. It actively promotes healing and is wonderful in strengthening people before operations and in reestablishing post operative balance, or in rehabilitation. It is very supportive in alleviating the effects of anaesthesia and invasive surgery (as this can leave shock in the body). It can also be used to treat a great number of other conditions such as arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, and circulatory, respiratory, digestive, glandular, skeletal or blood problems, and there are very few contra indications to its use. Sound Therapy is an approach to working with healing and wellness which literally involves surrounding clients with the wonderful resonance of harmonic sound. The sound therapy I am writing about relates to working around the body with tuning forks but bowls and even the voice


can produce some remarkable transformations. In this way we can detect imbalances in the human body and energy field, and deliver the much needed frequency to help the subtle process of restoring harmony at a cellular level. To understand a little more clearly how it works we need to appreciate that sound passes through everything except a vacuum, so passes with ease through the human body. Sound ‘reads’ the body and tells us if the area we are working on is healthy or in ‘disease’. When clear, the sound produced is even. Physical injury and also emotional and mental traumas leave a ‘cyst’ of congestion which affects the sound wave as it passes through the body. It can also be effective in dealing with emotional stress and anxiety, as well as the many aches and pains of daily life. As sound works at the molecular and cellular level, it not only detects imbalance but can also be used to identify and apply the frequency required to begin to break up the congestion and start the process of healing. Sound is powerful and gentle, and is natural, non-invasive and an absolute joy to experience. The effect of a sound treatment is profound on the physical, mental and emotional levels, leaving a deep and lasting sense of peace and relaxation. We feel changed! And at the cellular level that is exactly what has happened. We ARE changed! Sue will be happy to talk to you more personally about what sound can do for you. Call 01424 217630

Sue Ridley.

Dip, Cert ITEC  MIFHT. and follow on Twitter @YouNiqueWBS #bexhillianmag

Christmas Shopping Little Vintage Baby:

Little Vintage Baby sources a wide range of unique goods from our preferred manufacturers located throughout the world, including items made locally. This charming array of baby and children’s clothes, cuddly toys and accessories are displayed on our hand painted vintage furniture, and decoratively complemented by a cornucopia of gifts for all. Visit

Indi Pet Boutique: Unique, stylish, high quality products and healthy treats all of which are tested by Indi (our Pomeranian puppy). A specialised dog boutique situated on the idyllic seafront of Bexhill-on-Sea. A popular destination for all dog owners and their much loved companions. We pride ourselves on the quality and individuality of our products to spoil your pooch. Our range varies from, life jackets, popcorn, ice creams, collars, leads to even a slice of cake. Keep an eye out for our organised dog walks, portrait days and other events at the picturesque dog friendly Colonnade Marina. Come along and see for yourself, just don’t forget your friend.

A new Christmas shopping experience is on offer at King George V Colonnade on Bexhill sea front, underneath the historic landmark of the De La Warr Pavilion where you will find independent, locally owned shops selling an array of hand crafted, locally sourced gifts for the family, the home and even the dog! We are open every day from 10am-4pm, late night shopping on Thursdays, telephone 01424 213385.

Unit 4+2.... Where the unique and unusual can be found. We offer an eclectic mix of homewares and gifts that include hand etched glassware, bespoke re-cycled timber furniture, wood sculptured plants and flowers, unique fashion accessories, framed prints and much more. All of our products are hand made by us or by local artisans. “A warm welcome awaits you...”

Tea by the sea: When you want to put your feet up, you can chose between the delicious home-made lunches, snacks or cakes at the friendly Tea By The Sea, the vintage tea rooms directly on the beach at the Colonnade , dogs are always welcome.

Images We are local photographer Rick Moye and local artist Jane Irish and with our two Westies Bella and Benga we sell framed handmade platinum prints, canvass prints, framed photographs, mounted photographs, local artists work, cards, Christmas cards and vouchers. We can print and frame any image onto paper or canvass, at a very reasonable price! You can visit Rick’s website at




BEXHILL to bexhill This step of the journey is Hong Kong...

31st October 2013

Dear Annie,

I arrived in Hong Kong on Sunday and have enjoyed some beautiful sunshine and warm weather. Bexhill has been struck by a storm, blowing over beach huts and cutting off power and telephone lines. The difference between locations is becoming greater as I travel further from the UK. There is now an eight hour time difference and the climate is becoming more tropical. I imagine Hong Kong to be one of the most changed places that you visited. There is still the racecourse at Happy Valley, I visited last night to watch the races, but now it is entirely surrounded by tower blocks and skyscrapers, an incredible sight at night time with lights twinkling. The ‘rock’ as you describe it has also grown in size, with much land being reclaimed by the sea. Even in only the last 20 years, land for another 3 roads and more has been constructed and built upon. Victoria harbour remains, but is further out than it would have been, and a statue of Queen Victoria has been moved around somewhat, but currently stands guard at the entrance of Victoria Park. The place itself is no longer referred to as ‘Victoria’ but has adopted the name ‘Hong Kong’ as it had been referred by locals at the time you were here. The complex social and political history that has taken place since 1877 has led to Hong Kong being ‘returned’ to China in recent years (although I have had to get a double entry visa for China in order to visit). Government House is still here, although it has been much modernised over the years, and was not open for visitors this week unfortunately. Aside from that, I think I have been fortunate to see much more of Hong Kong, and to have stayed a little longer than you had chance to, so it may be for this reason that I have found it a more interesting place than you did. The ferry crossing from Hong Kong island to Cheung Chau where I stayed was particularly beautiful, with many boats crossing and views of so many other green islands along the way. The train is now heading back into China where I shall spend a brief time in Guangzhou, another place which has a new name. Previously known as Canton, the language and the cuisine remain Cantonese, yet I suspect it will be another place almost unrecognisable from your impressions. I shall write again soon. With best wishes, Louise. Louise Kenward is embarking on a rail journey from Bexhill, UK to Bexhill, Australia and on to Bexhill, Canada. Following in Annie (Lady) Brassey’s footsteps as far as possible, she will cross her path on a number of occasions along the way. An exhibition at Bexhill Museum through December serves as an introduction to the project, with information about each Bexhill, Annie Brassey and how it all connects. Supported

also by the De La Warr Pavilion, a dedicated terminal is planned for the foyer to follow the project blog throughout Louise’s journey. You can also follow the project in social media.

Louise Kenward. Facebook: /bexhilltobexhill Twitter: @Bexhill2Bexhill






EST. 1969

The original block paving company for East Sussex FREE ESTIMATES Tel: 01424 715657 | Mob: 07976 388909

Blossom Ceremonies Your Celebrant

For the Funeral Service that you want

Religious, semi-religious or non-religious. Working with you to create ceremonies that are Beautiful, Meaningful and Personal , giving your loved ones the tribute, respect and remembrance they deserve.

Contact me direct or ask your Funeral Director to call: 01424 733052/07835 656970 Email:



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if you hate it... change it! With the New Year’s ‘Fitness Resolutions’ just around the corner, we ask “What is Personal Training?” Personal Trainer, Debi Arnold, could not be clearer when it comes to exercise. “There is no need to be super fit, you just need to be fit enough for your world.” At The Beach Pad off the Bexhill Road, St Leonards on Sea, Debi personally trains clients on a one to one basis for exactly this reason. “I meet people who are struggling with their day to day activity, and it saddens me that many people think a trainer is simply for the fit, the sporty, the overweight, or those training for a marathon – but a trainer really is for EVERYONE, of all ages in every condition” Personal Training means different things to different people, many of us have seen trainers on the telly pushing their clients to the extreme, often pounding pavements or using complicated equipment. However in many instances, all that really does it get you better at ‘pounding pavements’ or using ‘complicated equipment’. Debi advises “be sure to know what it is you want to achieve from your trainer, and let them know if you’re back is aching after sitting all day, or if your knees are feeling weaker going up the stairs. It is important you get fitter and stronger for the life you lead, not the life they lead.” Fitness doesn’t mean being able to run without stopping for 20 minutes, sure it will strengthen your heart possibly, but could lead to other problems, in fact degeneration can occur after repetitive activity of any sort.


So be clear at the outset and you’ll get great results from a trainer, check the trainer out, read their testimonials and make sure they are trained in the type of exercise that suits you, not all trainers for instance can teach Pilates, a form of exercise that more and more Dr’s are recommending.

For those who are obese, it is even more important to find the right trainer who specialises in training or teaching exercise for the obese, they will understand your difficulties and provide food education as well as appropriate exercise. Personal Trainers provide one to one exercise, personalised to you, prices in London can be as much as £100 an hour or more, so we are lucky to have trainers in the area, such as Debi, who ensure Personal Training is affordable, with sessions from only £10.

Debi Arnold.

I.T.E.C Anatomy & Physiology / HND Obesity & Weight Management. Facebook: The Beach Pad Twitter: @thebeachpad For your FREE consultation courtesy of The Bexhillian Magazine and more information: or call directly on 07775 646274. #bexhillianmag

what is a podcast? It seems like it must be time to talk about the dreaded podcast – it’s not that scary. It is dreaded because people are scared of doing them yet happy to consume them. A podcast is basically like a radio show but available to listen to at your convenience rather than at a set time. The podcast will sit somewhere on a hosting server, listed on podcast platforms, and then you can find it, download it and voila, it is ready to listen to. I had a brief spell (months) in hospital and I believe I would have gone nuts without them. I downloaded every subject I wanted to learn about and then sat and listened with great interest. There a number of factors to consider when producing a podcast, the first being your content, make sure you have enough content to get at least ten episodes ahead of yourself. Remember when you are talking, it must be to your audience not your peers. The audience might have a different understanding of material and it is your job to educate and interest them. Make sure, like blogging, that whatever time period you choose between episodes that you stick to. Listeners will soon lose interest if you become erratic with your timings. You may consider that you are not professional enough to get started. If you have the content then just get going, do not pause, get underway. You will get better as you go and learn. Your listeners will be very forgiving of you and further will offer feedback to help you, and you will learn together, building community. There are thousands of podcasts available on any subject eg. sports, language, art, business, social media. You can do it for your business, just find a way to connect out. Some people like to record and post live, personally I do not like this, there are lots of pause points, interruptions and ums and errs which sound awful. I prefer to edit ours before they go live, removing as much of those blips as possible, a simple program like Audacity will do this. Sam and I have found that planning an episode and consciously slowing down, really improved our technique, and if you are recording


with someone else, remember to give the other person time to say what they need to, then bring in your view point, otherwise the podcast could become confrontational and difficult to listen to. Interviewing technique really requires hard work so choose your subject person carefully, someone who will help you give a good interview. When you have the episode recorded then it needs the artwork and meta tags to help with search, then you should load the podcast to your server preferably in the form of a blog post, so that you can provide the written content and difficult links for people. Then submit to hosts like iTunes (will require approval) iTunes, after approval, usually takes about 24hrs to become live in the store after submission, as they trawl once a day. Sam and I have a podcast called ‘Enjoying your Social Media’, we now plan to make this more local and work around the Bexhillian and run adverts for people, or conduct interviews. We stopped our previous efforts because we had become so busy with various projects that we could not do that extra step, which shows how important it is to be committed, we were, yet still couldn’t manage it. We are now back in a position to continue, probably with me mainly and guest appearances from the lovely Sammy. It is so exciting to see your audience build from nowhere, and from all over the world too, makes it worthwhile doing. If you are having thoughts about podcasting and want help in editing your sound or uploading then we can help, and would love to be involved, just get hold of us via email and we look forward to hearing your efforts, if you have a podcast already why not post a link to it in the Bexhillian facebook group so we can all listen.

Paul Ricketts.

Merry Christmas everyone! Facebook: mediabeetles Twitter: @Mediabeetles



art & craft on the south coast A Christmas Cheer In this edition, the members of Starlings would simply like to wish our customers a merry Christmas. It’s been so hectic as we have been so busy gearing up to Christmas that we have so little time to do anything else. We have finished our window displays and it really makes our shop and street really nice. Sackville Road has a reputation of being a sleepy road when it comes to shop, but I think it is starting to change and there are lots of new shops appearing all the time. For our part we are doing our bit to regenerate this street. As a gift we have included instructions on how to make your own Christmas Tree Star decoration. We hope you like it. On the right are Christmas cheers from all our members.

Charlotte and I wish you all a very merry and peaceful Christmas.

Starlings Art & Craft Collective.

“May you have a merry knitted Chri stmas” June G of ‘One Off Designs in Knit wear’ “Have  a yummy, scrummy Christma s” Vanya Dickinson “Yo! Ho! Ho! and let it snow” Rob Clarke “Wishing everyone a Colourful, ‘Art Deco’ rated Christmas!” Jim “May your Christmas sparkle with moments of love & laughter” SJ of ‘Little Mus ings’ “Happy Holly Christmas” love Jill “Have a peaceful and creative Chri stmas” Vicky Craggs “Have a very berry Christmas” Penn y Hobson “Have a Bubbly Chrimbo” Dorothy and Nigel “Have a lovely vintage Christmas” Kirsty of ‘Red Tree House Design’ “Be Natural & Sparkle” Unica Cos metics & the Tale of the Stones Jewellery “Merry Christmas everyone – hop e you bag yourself a lot of fun” Charlotte, bag “Hope your Christmas and New Year is full of silver linings” Beryl of ‘BeBe Designs’

Visit Facebook: Twitter: @Starlingsgifts

How to make your own Star Christmas Decoration: Cut out the star shape along the dashed line. Use the guide as a template to cut out material for your padded star. Sew the two shapes together along the edge, remembering to leave a small gap to pad out your star with spare fabric. Add a ribbon loop at the top of the star to hang it on a tree. Sew this and the last corner together and that’s it.



GARDENING ADVICE FOR DECEMBER The November rains certainly came thick and fast with some mighty good wind thrown in for luck just to test our resolve at the end of the year. Well hopefully any wind damage has now been repaired and some of you are still hanging in there in the ever increasing inclement weather. There are still plenty of jobs to be done and then yes, I will agree with my two young sons, Oliver and Harry, that it is Christmas and time for a well earned break. Lawns If it is waterlogged, as most will be after the November deluges, or even frozen try and avoid walking on it – keep raking fallen leaves as they will do more damage than footsteps. Now is a good time to service your mower. Birds This month birds will really need our help. Make sure clean water is available and that after a frost it does not remain frozen. Buy good quality bird food and fat or suet balls, ensure feeding stations are well out of the way of cats and enjoy the company of our feathered friends throughout the winter! Trees and Shrubs From now until March is the ideal time to plant bare rooted deciduous hedging. The most economical way to establish a hedge. Beech and hornbeam (similar to beech but more suitable for heavy soils) both keep their leaves over the winter and are therefore good for screening, whilst hawthorn is the ‘country classic’ – perfect for a natural looking yet almost impenetrable barrier. Tidy up  trees and shrubs, cutting out any dead, diseased or damaged wood where necessary. (And on the Christmas present front, sharp new secateurs and loppers are a gardener’s dream!!) Make a Christmas wreath using evergreen sprigs from your garden, decorations such as berries and fir cones, dried orange slices, cinnamon sticks and wide, wired ribbon. Prune open-grown apples and pears (but not those trained against walls)

General maintenance tasks Keep planting tulips for a stunning Spring display. Improve clay soils by incorporating organic matter like composted bark and wellrotted farmyard manure (as long as soil not too wet.) Houseplants Poinsettias should be placed in warm room, away from draughts to ensure they last as long as possible. Put indoor Hyacinths in cool room if they become too warm the flowers will finish earlier. “Ask Ian” Gardening Competition! Congratulations to Mrs Dudley from Hastings who wins a handmade Beech seed dibber. Mrs Dudley emailed: ‘I purchased a Christmas cactus that was full of buds and flowers. After a couple weeks at home, all the buds fell off. What would cause this?’ A common mistake with Christmas cacti is keeping them in a room that is too warm, easily done with modern central heating. Keep plants cool (50°F) following their blooming period. Keep soil barely moist and withhold fertiliser. When new growth appears use the following strategy to encourage blooming: 10 hours of light and 14 hours of total darkness for 4 to 6 weeks after new growth appear. Email Ian a gardening related question and he will choose a winner at random. He will answer the question and send the winner a gardening related prize. The winning question will feature in his following editorial, giving mention to the lucky winner. Send in your questions to: And finally find a nice comfy chair, glass of something expensive, next years’ bulb and plant catalogue and get planning for 2014.

Happy Christmas!

Ian Ward.

Visit: Tel: 07982 267089



Christmas – de la warr pavilion Christmas – A great choice of gifts and a delicious Christmas Lunch at the DLWP. The DLWP shop – open every day until Christmas Day – is a treasure trove of unique and beautiful gifts to suit all tastes and pockets.

on Hahnemühle Photo Rag paper and are 41cm x 50cm in size (incl. border).

New products this year are from designers such as  Cath Kidston, Barbara Wiggins’ satchels, The Great British Bake Off , Moleskine stationery, beautiful Just Trade Jewellery and vintage Brio toys. DLWP souvenirs such as plates and mugs are always popular and you can even buy a Gerry Whale DLWP mug for £7.49 and get it filled with a free coffee!

Why not become a Member or Patron of the Pavilion and get your 10% discount? An ideal gift for someone who visits the Pavilion frequently, a year’s membership is £35 or £50 for a couple (living at same address). A membership will ensure invitations to Private Views, priority information, discounts in the shop and an opportunity to get involved. Call Vanda Curtis on 01424 229118 or email for details.

Bestsellers include Uniformware wristwatches (£110 - £170) and  Ed Carpenter’s Pigeon Lights (£59.95). Popular buys for under £20 include Domesticity’s Shed Hook (£8), Budget Piggy Bank (£12.95), the Ceramic Crinkle Cup (£7.49) and the Buddha Butter Dish (£10.95). Stocking fillers for under £5 include  the Holy Toast toast cutter and Freakeys keyholders.

Alison Turnbull’s exhibition is accompanied by a publication Exercise Book, with a text by Briony Fer, based on the Drawing Tables series in the gallery. It is an opportunity for you to take home illustrations of some of the intricate and exquisite Turnbull drawings you can see in the gallery. The price of the book is £17 (with 10% discount if you are a member or patron).

We also have cookbooks, travel books, books on film and photography, art books and children’s books as well as a wide selection of prints, cards, fridge magnets, stationery and gift wrap. All available online from

Christmas is the season to enjoy the finest foods. Bring your friends, family or work colleagues to enjoy our Christmas Lunch menu which offers a choice of traditional Roasted Goose, succulent Sussex Lamb and delicious Organic Salmon. As you would expect from our kitchen, all the dishes are freshly prepared and cooked on the day and, where possible, we use locally-sourced ingredients. To make a reservation call 01424 229119  Group bookings welcome! Pre-order only. (£5 deposit per head to secure your booking.)

For those of you who have visited, or planning to visit, the Alison Turnbull exhibition in Gallery 1, we have the perfect gift for you. Turnbull has created a pair of Limited Edition prints which you can buy for £110 each or £200 for the pair. With only 50 of each print made, you will be buying a very special gift for someone who loves to have art at home. The prints Mendelsohn’s Attic 1 (2013) and Mendelsohn’s Attic 2 (2013), are photographs of the usually hidden roof space above the DLWP auditorium, alongside a new Turnbull painting. They are printed with archival pigment

Thank you for all your support over the past year and wishing you a very merry Christmas from all the staff at the Pavilion!

Sally Ann Lycett. Director of External Relations

#bexhillianmag #bexhillianmag

Pamela Davey Chiropodist/Podiatrist

MSSCh DipPodMed MBCha HPC registered


profEssional trEatmEnt

Surgery and Home appointments available Tel: 01424 844820 mobile: 07733 178244


stroke support-uk Stroke Support-UK is a new Self-funded, Non-Profit, stroke support group run by Stroke Survivor volunteers for Stroke Survivors within the East Sussex catchment areas. Robertsbridge, Ore, Hastings, Bexhill-On-Sea and from 3:30pm – 5pm ish at Eastbourne, Victoria Drive and Eastbourne Ladies Bowling Club, (club House) Victoria Drive, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN20 8NH. The Aim of the group is to share experiences and knowledge of being a Stroke Survivor with those of “Us”, that have been there got the T-shirt, we can pass onto new Stroke survivors who still have to experience the pitfalls, that await them down the line. As we all soon found out, knowledge was a great healer, as the more we learnt the more we understood about our Strokes and could turn this into positive actions / motivations.

UNLESS you’ve had a stroke you’ll never know the impact it has on You, your family, friends and work life.

That’s the claim of a stroke Survivor, who at age 44 is still recovering from the devastation inflicted by a stroke a couple of years ago. Thankful to have made it through, now coming to terms with re-building his life and finds helping others in the same predicament, is a Goal pusher. If a group had been available when he had his stroke “there might not have been so many dark days.” “As a stroke survivor you are left alone to defend for yourself and family, and unless you are given useful advice it wouldn’t take long to go backwards”. The group aims to provide somewhere stroke survivors can feel free to talk about their new life without feeling different. “Most of us find it difficult to talk to each other outside of a group as we believe what’s happened to us has only happened to us, but within the group we can share our experiences and realise we are not alone in what is happening to us.” “One Goal at a Time” is for survivors of all ages to pass on knowledge and experiences from one to another, and show how the message ‘‘life after having a stroke” has proper meaning. “One life ends but another starts, just different.”

One thing we all found very difficult was talking to other Stroke Survivors’, we did not want anyone to feel awkward as we felt. So a group where we could talk together in a friendly atmosphere with no pressure, all having something in common would hopefully induce PMAPositive Mental Attitudes, which at the end of the day, we all need to get us through life’s dark days.

The group’s main aim will be to give knowledge and personal experiences to new stroke survivors to enable the puzzle of life to be put back together.

Our groups are for all stroke survivors of all ages, carers and family members, we all have questions and together we can answer them “One Goal at a Time” We don’t promise to have the answers, but we will do our best to find them, with our professional contacts.

Paul Frost.

“Returning to work, financial awareness, driving/mobility, confidence, motivation, one goal at a time, all from real people who have been there, got the T-shirt and come out the other side.” Help Us to help others!

strokesupport-uk Regional Co-Ordinator Tel: 07999 962208 Email: Website:



festive fun! You have your party outfit sorted, the invites are sent. The house is looking festive. Then a feeling of panic sets in, have I really invited the whole street? Keep it simple: easy food and drink with a silly game thrown in and you’ll soon be busy planning for next year’s party.

covered in foil while you finish off making yourself look beautiful. Allow 3-4 nibbles per person and for the rest of the party food serve something simple such as thin slices of baguette and cheese on top grilled or what’s wrong with bowls of crisps?

Bitter Fizz (serves 1)

• • •

25ml Campari or Aperol Prosecco or Cava, chilled In advance, line up the glasses and pour in the Campari or Aperol, then as your guests arrive top up with the sparkling wine.

Icebreaker Game

Bacon Wrapped Nibbles • • • •

Dates, de-stoned Blanched almonds Streaky smoked bacon Sherry

Place an almond in each date and then wrap the stuffed dates with the bacon.  If you place these in the fridge for a bit then they won’t unwrap on cooking.  Cook in a frying pan until well browned all over.  I added a splash of sherry to deglaze the pan and poured over the sticky juices. You can prepare these in the morning and cook before your guests arrive, leaving them in a warm oven for about 15 minutes

Give each guest three long beaded necklaces to wear, decide three topics that can’t be mentioned throughout the evening and should a player accidentally mention any of these topics then the person they are talking to receives one of their necklaces. The winner is the person with the most necklaces. Good topics are weather, work or children. If you have a mixed age group keep it to not using words such as “yes” or “no”.

Elinor Hill.

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What’s on in and around Bexhill? Check out the variety of events going on in your area

Bexhill Farmers Market | every Friday in DECEMBER | 8.30am-2pm Devonshire Square, Bexhill. The Bexhill Farmers Market is a not-for-profit community association. PROMOTIONS AND EVENTS THROUGHOUT DECEMBER! SHOP LOCAL! little common christmas extravaganza | sat 7th dec | free entry 10am to 12 noon: Craft Fayre and Showcase at The British Legion. 2.30pm to 5.30pm: Around the village entertainers will be performing, games, competitions and visit Santa’s grotto. 5.30pm to 6pm: Mayor of Bexhill switches on the village Christmas tree lights and then Santa’s procession to The Legion. 6pm to 7pm: Family Carol Concert at The Legion with the Legion Concert Band, free buffet available. 7pm until late: live music and all are welcome! BEXHill lions family santa dash | sat 7th dec Taking place at the De La Warr Terrace, Bexhill. Come and run, jog, walk, push a pushchair, walk the dog raising money and awareness for your chosen charity. Choose 2k or 5k distance. To register visit (Charity reg no. 1065756.) Christmas weekend at manor gardens | sat 7th & sun 8th dec Taking place at Manor Gardens, Upper Sea Road, Bexhill. Santa arrives on his sleigh drawn by reindeer at 10.30am! Christmas Praise | Sun 8th dec | 6pm | free entry Taking place at Christchurch Methodist Church, Holliers Hill, Bexhill, TN40 2BX. The Christchurch Singers present ‘Christmas Praise’, a concert of old and new Christmas songs with some audience carols to sing along to. This year’s guests are the Christchurch Timbrels. Admission is free and there will be a collection for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research. ‘christmas music special’ with liane carroll | fri 20th dec | 7.30pm Taking place at The De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill-on-Sea. Liane was encouraged to play piano from a very young age and grew to develop a passion for jazz, soul and more. Tickets: £15.00-£17.00 Call 01424 229111 to book tickets and for more information visit bexhill united fc v rustington fc | sat 14th dec | 3pm kick off bexhill united fc v haywards heath | sat 21st dec | 3pm kick off bexhill united fc v little common | thurs 26th dec | 11am kick off All matches taking place at the Polegrove Recreation Ground, Brockley Road. Bexhill. Everyone is welcome to come and watch and enjoy the facilities of the Bexhill FC club house. Admission is £4 (programmes £1), Concessions for OAP’s £2 and for under 16’s it’s free. No. 48 Café EVENTS | Devonshire Road, Bexhill | Tel. 01424 736600 Every Tuesday Quiz Nights 7pm-9.45pm | £5 per person | Teams of between 2 & 7 people Chilli con carne meal is provided (alternative food is available). There are several rounds and a number of prizes available.

What’s on in and around Bexhill? Check out the variety of events going on in your area

No. 48 Café EVENTS CONTINUED... Sat 21st Dec A Night of Swing with Bob, Lennie & Ricky | £20 | Meal included in entry A great evening of swing music with Bob, Lennie and Ricky covering artists like Sammy Davis Jnr, Matt Monroe and Frank Sinatra. We are also serving a 3 course meal (inc. in entry.) Sat 7th Dec Barnett & The Bishop acoustic rock and pop | £6.50 | Meal incl. is Lasagne Feel good music, all the sing along classics, a touch of gospel a touch of 60’s a touch of blues. Fri 13th Dec Soul and Motown with Chloe Paige | £6.50 | Meal incl. is Coq au Vin This fresh talented singer will take you from Adele and Aretha Franklin to The Temptations and the Supremes, bring your dancing shoes! Fri 20th Dec No Exit band covering big hits | £6.50 | Meal incl. is Curry These guys will be playing some amazing music and covering songs from from bands such as REM, The Beatles and Kings of Leon. Sun 22nd Dec Rock and Blues with the Goo Goo’s | £6.50 | Meal incl. is Curry Fri 27th Dec Country music with Olivia Cooper | £6.50 | Meal incl. is Chilli con carne Olivia will be covering songs from the likes of Shania Twain, Dolly Parton, Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood for this great country evening. If you have an event or club that you would like to publicise here, in our “What’s on...” listings, and on our events page of our website, it can be regular clubs and associations, music events, drama, pre-school clubs, dance and exercise. Are you holding an event? Tell us! and we’ll help you generate interest. Please email:


Bexhill Museum Events Egerton Road, TN39 3HL (Pickup Point) Thursday 5 dec | 10-11.30am | ALL WELCOME Coffee Morning | Parkhurst Hall, Parkhurst Road, Bexhill Social event, all welcome, information, refreshments, book stall, etc. saturday 7 dec | 2.30-4.30pm | £15 pp | all welcome Coach Outing | Rochester, Kent Enjoy this visit and experience a Dickensian Christmas, street festival with Dickensian characters, shops etc as well as the castle, cathedral and guildhall to visit. Various pick-up points in Bexhill. Call 01424 846369 for details and bookings.

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