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Watson School of Biological Sciences, at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory ​Sup you beautiful bastards Hope you're havin a fantastic Friday welcome back to the Friday show. For those of you that are new here Monday Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday I put out the show talking about the news world events and then Friday it is all about the Conversation I go through the past week of videos, I look at your comments see what you're saying about the stories And I reply back. now because what the hell is the point of talking about news if it's just a one-way conversation? But before we jump into that I want to quickly cover and talk about a story people have been heavily requesting over the past 24 hours A lot of people seem scared and that is a big YouTube money change That's affecting some small creators in the past day YouTube has recently come under fire from some of their creators after they found out in Those endslate videos you know where I'm like click the link DeFranco Elite blah blah blah these creators found they were no longer able to link off to their patreon, Their merchandise shops anything that actually can help them make money a YouTube representative later commented on this saying that these things aren't removed But we are changing it saying now creators are being asked to join the YouTube Partner Program This is that we can evaluate the validity of the channel as well as determine whether the channel is following our community guidelines and advertiser Policies. Adding this update is meant to curb abuse and does not affect current YouTube partners or existing end cards now Now here's why some small creators are angry about this it used to be that essentially everyone was a YouTube partner you created a channel you're a YouTube partner great But in the past year they changed it where your channel had to get 10,000 views then your channel would be reviewed, and then they say within a week They'll let you know if you can be partners so for your new small creator and let's say you're getting two hundred to a thousand views for video unless one of those videos It's unexpected traction you're talking about at least Posting 10 videos before you can maybe even be partnered when it comes to crowdfunding sites sometimes You only need a few thousand or a few hundred people to watch because depending on how how into it that audience is of a 500 person audience you can have 40 people willing to pay for that content so these creators are feeling hurt and attacked by this even jack conte the CEO of Patreon tweeted this would be hurtful for creators and for patreon if true I will do some digging and report back to the community But that's said if you look at the situation closer Yo-you look at what a lot of people are assuming or saying this could be happening It's all people like innuendo studios tweeting "So now the question is if they arbitrarily Demonetize my videos can I keep my patreon links we went in this morning and tested we uploaded videos that weren't monetized we were still Able to link off-site we went to videos where we had been Demonetized where we're had limited ads you know that beautiful little yellow dollar song can still link off there So that's not the case also It's important to remember that you can still link off to your patreon your merchandise your wherever in the top description of your videos. As well I understand it can be slightly frustrating for new creators, or if you if you thought the situation was much bigger But this is this is pretty minimal. Now could this be YouTube trying to block out other money-making websites, so that you prefer them? Yes But they are also stopping all external links. Could this be YouTube's way of saying hey the little Creator look into YouTube sponsorships And then super chat as a way to make money instead of other things yes But I think that this is just this might be YouTube trying to control the the flow off site They're not forcing anyone to monetize just to get this feature on YouTube your account must be enabled to be able to monetize and part Of that is being connected to the creators program While patreon and merchandise sites were affected this also seems bigger. On YouTube every day you have millions of accounts that are uploading an unthinkable amount of video linking off site all of this you're able to do for free. YouTube's taking the time to just make sure Everything is on the up-and-up with people trying to join the partner program I think it just makes sense. And so I hope you can trust that if you've watched these videos before you know that I-I will Be hypercritical of YouTube because I love them I want them to be the best they can be at times they they they Make decisions where they just shoot themselves in their own dick. This to me does not appear to be one of those instances But that said let's jump into the Monday show Monday. We talked about Anthony Weiner being sentenced, the u.s. Travel ban 3.0 and Donald Trump versus the NFL. On the Anthony Weiner story At12 wrote Anthony Weiner deserves to be in

prison for 20 years if Trump sent picks to minors He would be sent into space. Well I would say yes And no we're talking about president Trump, a man who when he was campaigning said he could literally murder someone and not lose a voter "Where I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose any voters, okay?" I also would like to think that the 80% of I think the people closer to the center You know I further away from the extremes I think most of us are on the mindset of fuck off to the people that are preying on children That said yes, if this didn't happen with Trump there would be people that say yeah, let's shoot Trump into space He's the worst! We could also probably have some people like Oh God Emperor Trump. Oh he's just playing this 4d chess. The liberals Don't even realize that he was sexting with this fifteen-year-old girl to raise the issue. Now It's part of the national conversation We're gonna find that child sex dungeon at the back of that pizza shop like I said I really do hope that it's the 80% plus that whether it be Anthony Weiner or someone else we we say FUCK that person. On the Trump versus the NFL story Xavier Smith wrote if you're going to be disrespectful during the national anthem then you hate America Simple as that. CrispyChicken44 wrote. Just stand to respect the people who actually gave their life for us There are innocent soldiers who died for our rights and freedoms that so many people take for granted. Random Chaos wrote Sooo how are we supposed to protest? if we're doing a peaceful protest? We're wrong if we are being violent we are wrong There is no winning for us right we have to schedule a protest to people's convenience or what don't hurt their feelings? Andrew Jones wrote U.s.. Army combat vet here I will never not stand for the flag because to me it represents those loss in the pursuit of a country by the people for The people however I'm proud as fuck for them using their rights that my brothers and sister died to stand up for what they believe in My one and only issue with this whole thing revolved around our POTUS Has he gone after the Nazis and the KKK this way I would have no issue with him saying what he says But he didn't he defended their rights and said that there were wonderful people on both sides when a Nazi was fired because a picture of him was seen by his boss people were pissed about his rights being violated now many of those same people are calling for the NFL players to be fired This is hypocrisy at its finest. Well what I would say is supporters of Trump are going to argue that he wasn't saying that the KKK And Nazis were wonderful people. That he denounced those groups And he was trying to say that there were also just people there that were there for free speech. They didn't want statues to be torn Down but they weren't white supremacist they weren't Nazis So there's that but what I would personally say is is just look at the passion around the denouncing of the Nazis and the KKK It took time for specifics, and he did take to Twitter to rant but it was often that he wasn't getting enough credit for having denounced them whereas with kneeling for the anthem he went on a several day Twitter rampage. For me personally I'd love for our president to have more than a fraction of the passion for for an athlete kneeling during the anthem for literal Nazis with swastikas Alright you can debate about whether the the people that were there for free speech and they were they were condoning the actions of the actual white supremacist of the actual Nazis put them to the side for a moment the fact there were literally people in America who felt comfortable wearing The swastika out, and they were proud of it That's where I get confused because I have friends and family that are 100% with him on the whole anthem you stand Respect. Right some of them also think that it should be illegal to burn the American flag But even they seem confused by the levels of passion between the two events and then let's talk Tuesday Tuesday We had big NFL anthem protest updates, the Kardashian ad controversy, the CEO of Equifax resigning, the Graham Cassady health care bill not going to a vote, and the crisis in Puerto Rico. On the Kardashian ad Controversy Rmp5s wrote. People are supposed to know when they're being advertised to just assume always you probably won't be too far off Kyle Hanson wrote not a Kardashian fan at all, but people should be able to advertise anywhere having to indicate It's an ad. And Kyle have to say. I just I completely disagree with you But that's also because I feel like when people don't let you know you're being Advertised to you're just you're just being lied to you're being manipulated It is a scummy move. For example this Friday show is sponsored by I have a sponsorship with Draft Kings. Granted I already use the service I enjoy the service But when when people sign up they deposit money that benefits me monetarily to me if I put out a video And I was like hey guys found out about this really cool site DK you get to play fantasy sports you win money, I'm just doing it for fun It's just pretty cool. Even though in that alternate version I'm not mentioning that there's a sponsorship that I'm actually making money by people doing this thing this thing that I'm acting like it's just this this Random fun thing when you find that so scummy and when you feel lied to I mean while Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, the whole Kardashian clan they were the focal point of this specific article. I mean that this is a situation It's much bigger than them. I mean I'm open to other opinions I do feel like the the younger people that watch this show they feel more used to being advertised to everywhere I do feel like a big part of the online space in general has changed that way I mean like nine years ago. If I try to do a sponsorship It would be nothing but comments that said sellout. But now sponsorships and endorsements just feel like it's part of the ecosystem It's expected. But personally I think even if it's just from a respect

standpoint I think that people need to be transparent, but also seriously today's episode is sponsored by There's a free 100 thousand dollar contest this week what that means is the entry is free There are 100 thousand dollars in prizes You don't even have to make a deposit, but if you do make a deposit uh go on Twitter Let me know what your name is I do a lot of head to heads with people from the nation hashtag ad hashtag spahn Graham Cassidy not going to a vote Cheyenne Kim wrote Daveed Diggs voice You don't have the votes I just had to include that because I love a Hamilton reference. On Puerto Rico PsychoticPeace Or I really want to thank you for speaking up about Puerto Rico, the silence was disheartening And I was frankly starting to lose hope that people would talk about the devastation. Victoriafirefly wrote I'm sorry, but as someone who was affected by Hurricane Irma I'm going to be fucking pissed if Floridians and Texans don't get proper aid because it's going to Puerto Rico Understand the Puerto Rico is a territory of the u.s. So the American people who pay taxes and contribute to the economy of this country deserve to be looked after first. We should take care Of the Floridians and Texans who were affected by the storm first And then use what is left to start aid in Puerto Rico and continue raising the money for the remaining aid that's needed. Hoo Victoria Personally I feel like you-you're treating people like like numbers and not people there huh. Okay so the who to respond to first uh psychotic first. My pleasure if anything I think I should have actually probably talked about it the Day before, the NFL story in the explaining the travel ban on Monday ended up taking too much time And it wasn't able to fit it was very glad I could focus a big part of the Tuesday show on it and for Victoria Firefly there Are a few things to unpack there. One with you being someone that is directly affected by Irma I understand why you would be freaked out and potentially angry. Also on the note of paying taxes and Contributing they do actually pay taxes, less of them, but they still do contribute. Granted They do not pay a personal federal income tax but taxes paid by residents of Puerto Rico you have import/export taxes the federal payroll taxes like Social Security Medicare and also even just talking about that point it feels very odd to me because it it feels like you're talking about the worth of A human life based on their economic input into our country We're talking about 3.4-3.5 million American citizens That are in the midst of a crisis. Things like the Jones Act Which we talked on the show that has since been lifted since we recorded that People are obviously trying to help while not taking away from other people that also need help, I truly understand that don't think of just Puerto Rico as a U.S. Territory you are talking about 3.4 to 3.5 million American citizens I understand why some Americans see it as like this foreign country. I've heard people say things like oh, yeah He immigrated from Puerto Rico No That was an American citizen who just moved. Same is how Joe Blow America can fly to Puerto Rico Without a passport. And as far as helping of the Floridians on the Texans first And then what's ever left over that goes to Puerto Rico. I mean we're talking about build-outs that are going to take years let's make sure as immediately as Possible that you don't have people dying in Puerto Rico because they don't have access to clean water I mean I understand things can be scary, but let's as much as we possibly can try and stick together here And then let's talk about the Wednesday show, Wednesday We talked about that killer clown case finally coming to a close, Saudi Arabia announcing They will now let women Drive and the Roy Moore Luthor Strange run off. Here Let's start with the driving ban on women being lifted in Saudi Arabia and the reason for this there were so many comments about this topic But it was very interesting to see so many comments from women from Saudi Arabia Originally. Some live in the UAE some are here in the states It was really interesting. marina cullen writing one of the forty two women who protested in 1990 was my mother's professor, the day We were allowed to drive about 15 women's center bouquets thanking her for risking their life to protest against this bullshit country. It may sound stupid To many, but change no matter How small. NiSsO Blabla wrote I'm from Saudi, and I completely agree with the snowball comment. Change is coming and I'm looking forward to it They may be baby steps, but steps nonetheless. Shadn wrote the driving ban being lifted should not be thought of as a sad progress There are a lot of restrictions for women in Saudi and this driving ban enabled men to gain control over the women on a daily basis it gave men the Sensation that they're in control in this country that this land was made for them that women were only second best there isn't any safe properly functional public transportation in Saudi so we restrict ourselves to drivers and applications like uber. Men there often claim that women are too stupid to drive and this law is a huge fuck you to them as a Saudi American woman I lived in Saudi Arabia for a period of my adult life And I couldn't handle living there anymore because I felt like I was being punished because I was born a woman my only safe space Was my bedroom I got to leave because I was an American citizen, but a lot of women I knew couldn't and they told me now they feel like they hate living there a little less now it mattered a lot more than people Expect I honestly did not think this ban would be lifted in my lifetime And I'm glad to be alive to witness it. And on this topic There's really not anything else I can add that I didn't say in the Wednesday show. But I did want to share some of these comments These reactions some some people that just have a different background than me. Stuff like this is my favorite thing about this show getting to see The world even if just for a moment through a comment through

someone else's eyes So thank you, and hopefully we see more and more progress more and more equality, and then we had the Thursday show Thursday We talked about Bell Gibson faking cancer The woman dragged off a Southwest flight because of her allergies, and we talked about the US tax reform proposal on the story of that woman Being dragged off a Southwest flight Brynley Louise wrote, honestly the officers may have been a little aggressive But I can't blame them. If you really boil it down They're trying to save her life far as they know she could die she stays on that plane. Her unwillingness to deplane however makes me think That maybe she just doesn't like dogs And then want to be near them. Elizabeth Dahl wrote as someone with life-threatening allergies I can tell you that I never travel without my own EpiPen on hand I can also tell you that you do not administer an EpiPen unless you are in a full-blown allergy attack ie wheezing, tongue swelling, difficulty breathing, the woman on that video displayed none of those symptoms so to insist on the Administration of an EpiPen is ludicrous. On this one I side with airline and law enforcement. Yeah And what I'll say is the more that I looked into the story the more that I wanted to know about this woman if she 100% legitimately has Allergies, if they are this severe was she saying that she wanted someone else's EpiPen since she was putting herself at risk and EpiPens are expensive And so she didn't want to use hers Also this level of alleged allergy feels like something you call ahead with the airline and let them know and judging from the comments most people Seem to be backing Southwest here some people did think that the cops are being a little bit too aggressive Christian Perez writing I don't think that woman who was kicked off the flight deserves charges That's just cops being assholes there, but even Christian said I do think it was necessary to kick her off though Yeah, I mean at the beginning of the story woman kicked off plane I'm like oh which airline Are we gonna hate today? But this is nowhere near that United Airlines situation where the airline pretty much just handled everything wrong And then the law enforcement handled even worse. This to me, and it seems like many others. This-this was just all a-a-a Situation created by this woman. Then on tax reform, I was I was really looking forward to the comments. Undisputed wrote It's pretty sad how many people have zero understanding about taxes and what's going on here our schools are really dropping the ball So it's also pretty sad that even after Phil dumbed it down this much I'm seeing a lot of people in the comments that still didn't grasp any of it. The thing is most people just don't understand their Taxes it's like it's the reason why I get so angry when people get so excited about their tax return like it's like free money No, that's not what that's not what this is But also I think when it comes to completely unsexy stories like this We got to do something that that's close to the equivalent of like the big short You know where they got Margot Robbie to explain financial terms while in a bubble bath. These risky mortgages are called subprime So whenever you hear subprime think shit! For the men lovers out there Maybe do the same thing with Ryan Gosling you teach finance like that in high school you make it mandatory, boom completely different world Or you just have a lot of horny teenagers that can't really pay attention One or the other. Freedom Panic wrote on the tax situation first of all I appreciate this news in your show It's incredibly informative and helpful And you managed to break the tax bill down pretty nicely ultimately I would be getting a minor tax reduction but not by a lot I don't get most deductions regardless. I have never believed in the idea of trickle-down economics I get why small businesses like yourself are excited But I don't understand how they're going to sustain social institutions with this kind of tax reform it assumes a lot This sounds like a dramatic impact to the government that reduces the amount of future institutions I was hoping would eventually be included in America, specifically health care. If this becomes a new tax standard Then I don't see how we're going to get future administrations to successfully introduce socialized health care It looks like ultimately this is just a way to cut taxes and hurt chances of better social institutions You know it's interesting when you put it that way because with the health care bill failing AGAIN Now in my mind. I was like okay, that's going to make tax reform harder for some reason I haven't really thought about it from the other way that that by making these tax changes You then make a healthcare system that a a Bernie Sanders would love to have much harder If not impossible tah-tah-to reach. That's interesting. Also I think it's important when we're talking about the health care system insurances that Uhaaa- Everyone understand kind of the same page we're on because I think when people hear socialized health care They think of the government owning the the hospitals and completely controlling the doctors and the nurses. Right like all hospitals Will all of a sudden be handled like the Department of Veteran Affairs. Medical professionals there are government employees It's all tax funded and that's different than let's say like a single-payer health care system Medicare for All system that said as far as what's the best system the best setup? I have no idea. There a lot of people alive today because of Obamacare and there are a lot of people in a really rough Place right now money-wise because of Obamacare. Trying to take a swing of that I'd be out of my depth and when it when it comes to the Economy like you said I'm excited from a small business kind of setup I mean as far as trickle-down economics does that work? I don't know because while I am small and I want to grow my business There is an incentive for me to do that with these bigass giant companies some of them Don't really have to compete that much some definitely do. You might end up Just

seeing bigger bonuses for top executives who knows my desire to grow my company says "Yes!" But uh, my heart and knowledge of greedy motherfuckers Uh... Says no. How about this? we just make it so companies owned by Philip DeFranco get that new 20% tax rate and uh Everyone else and still go fuck themselves I think that's actually where we're gonna end today's show. With that said I want to thank you beautiful bastards for another fantastic week Thank you for watching comment and share all the good stuff Also the quickie final update to you, beautiful Bastards that are supporting us subscribe to over at we have our end of month townhall today link to that down below But that's that of course as always my name's Philip Defranco. You've just been phill'd in I love yo faces, and I'll see you next time New Brunswick Theological Seminary.