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Goldilicks and the Beary’s Candy House Written By: McKenna Southard, Sami Kearney, & Hannah Blanshan A2

Some time ago, deep in the majestic forest, there lived two identical twin sisters. They looked exactly the same on the outside, but in reality, one was good and one was evil. Their only physical tell was that Goldilicks had short curly blonde hair where as Goldilocks’s hair was long and luscious. The goldi’s had been close for most of their life, but Goldilicks was always jealous, this made her turn pure evil.

One day, not to long ago, Goldilocks went venturing through the woods, to meet her dear friends, the Beary’s, Cherry Beary, Blu Beary, and Raz Beary.

The Beary’s had planned a fishing trip with Goldilocks to fish for Swedish fish in the Milk Chocolate River. When Goldilocks knocked on the bears’ door, the bears were still eating their sundae breakfast.“Let’s go!” They said cheerfully, abandoning their delicious sundaes on the dark chocolate table.

As Goldilocks and the three bears ventured off, Goldilicks came out of hiding. She had followed her sister to the bears’ candy house! Goldilicks’s eyes grew big as she realized that the Beary’s’ house was made completely out of candy. Goldilicks ran in the door, which had been left open, crazed hunger in her eyes. “It can all be mine,” she cackled evilly.

The first room Goldilicks found was the kitchen. Right there, on the kitchen table, were the unfinished sundaes the bears had left.

Goldilicks went up to the first one. It was strawberry ice cream with white chocolate sprinkles and freshly picked strawberries. She took a BIG spoonful and placed it on her bright pink tongue. Goldilicks made a disgusted face. “Ew!” she exclaimed, “this one’s too fruity!” She grabbed a cool glass of water to cleanse her tastebuds and sunk her spoon in the second sundae.

The second sundae was caramel pecan flavored ice cream with a cascade of cashews, peanuts, and caramel on top. After trying the second sundae, Goldilicks couldn’t help herself, she spit it out quickly, “too nutty,” she stated with a scrunched up face.

Goldilicks hesitated over the third and final sundae. But this one looked better than the rest. This sundae was vanilla flavored with chocolate fudge, whipped cream, and with one cherry on top. Goldilicks thought that this sundae was glorious! She gasped in its beauty and shouted, “oh my!”. Goldilicks then sank her spoon into the sundae excitedly and put the spoonful in her mouth, “this is ahmaz-ing!”, she exclaimed in a high pitch voice, finishing off the whole sundae.

“I wonder what other great foods are in this house?�, she questioned.

She wandered into the next room, the living room. There she found three pillows on the couch. There was one Starburst pillow, one Sour Skittle pillow, and one Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Pillow.

Goldilicks gravitated toward the pink colored Starburst pillow. “Mmm, I love Starbursts!” She said giddily. She took a slow bite, tasting every flavor imaginable in that one pillow. “Hmm,” she thought aloud, “This one is too sweet for my liking.” She placed the pillow down slowly, one large bite was bitten out.

She moved on to the Sour Skittle pillow, she hoped she would like it as she took a bite. “Yuck! Too sour!” Goldilicks sighed, now for the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup pillow.

Very slowly, Goldilicks took a small bite. Her eye’s lit up as she took another one! “Now that hits the spot!” She continued to eat the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup pillow until it was all gone.

Goldilicks was getting fatter, but her stomach still growled.

Soon she found herself in the Beary’s bedroom. Three beds lined the candy cane walls. On the beds she found three different flavored throw blankets. To her delight, Goldilicks recognized the blankets, they were twizzler woven blankets, Goldilicks’s favorite kind of candy!

But Goldilicks didn’t have the time to try the candy blankets because she heard a loud thud! “Oh no!”, she said…. “the Beary’s are home!”

Goldilicks hid behind couch, but she was too late. The Beary’s had already walked into the living room! “Uh oh”, Goldilicks whispered.

Blu Beary heard someone behind the couch, and saw who she thought was Goldilocks. “Goldilocks, why are you here? I thought that you went home..”, questioned Blu Beary.

“I just left my purse here!�, Goldilicks frantically said. She grabbed her some candy and sprinted out the door, never to be seen again.


Goldilick’s and the Beary's Candy House