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Instructions for Mapping Your Music 1) Go to Google Maps ( 2) In the upper right corner of the page, click “Sign in.” 3) An account has been created. The username is The password is musicmatters. 4) Once you are logged into the account, click on “My Maps” on the upper-left side of the page. This will show a link to the map that has already been created, called “Map Your Music.” 5) Click on the pre-made map called “Map Your Music.” A world map will load. You should see lots of points on the map. You should also see these points as they are labeled in the legend, which is located in a column to the left of the map. 6) If you want to view individual points, you can either zoom in to areas on the map using the + on the white scale or you can click on the points of interest in the legend. 7) Before you can begin adding your points, you must put the map in edit mode. Do this by simply clicking the “Edit” button at the top of the legend. 8) Once in edit mode (see #7 for how to do this), you must click on the blue pushpin button (next to the hand and jagged line) that says “Add a placemark” when you place your cursor over it. 9) Place the X at the bottom of your pushpin over the place where you saw a music artist. To differentiate your pin from everyone else’s, click on the blue pin in the upper right corner of the pop-up to change the color and style of your points. 10) Now add text to your pushpin point: TO ADD A CONCERT, USE THIS FORMAT: - List the music artist’s name in the box title. - Give your name, the artist’s name again, the venue, and date of the concert in the description. It should read like this: “Samantha saw Imogen Heap at the House of Blues on November 18, 2006.” TO ADD A LOCATION FOR WHERE A MTM DVD WAS SENT: - Type MTM in the box title. - Type this in the description box: “A Map the Music DVD was sent to __(place)__!”

11) If you want to get fancy by adding photos or a link, click “Rich text” in the pop-up and navigate to the photo or link icon to add more data. 12) Press OK on the pop-up. Then SAVE your data after you add each point. The “Save” button (at the top of the legend on the left side of the map) appears only after you have altered the map in some way. SAVE, SAVE, SAVE! 13) Another feature that can be added is a line that tracks your tour path. Typically, this is only meaningful if you followed one artist on a single tour, but it can track anything. Click the jagged line button, zoom in to your points and place the X near your first pushpin of the tour, then to the second stop, and so on. Double-click to finish the line. Add text (place the artist’s name in the box title) and explain your line in the description. Again, the line color and width can be changed. 14) If you ever need to delete a point or line, just click on it in the legend, which will bring you to the pop-up box for that feature. Click “Delete” in the lower left corner. Also, points and lines can be moved after they are initially placed! Everything is fixable! REMEMBER TO SAVE AFTER EVERY CHANGE MADE TO THE MAP BEFORE SIGNING OUT!

How to Map YOUR Music  

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