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Soy Nut Butter Samantha Grala PR Campaigns

 A food allergy is an immune response

OVERVIEW  The client = Soy Nut butter  Contains healthy ingredients  Allergy free, gluten free and dairy     

free Consist of soy nut butter, granola, corn and tortilla crumbs Peanut butter substitute w/ additional flavors 60% less sugar and 50% more protein than the leading spreads Challenges: sales Exposure via media on news channels, not been enough to build awareness Need a PR campaign to re-gain focus and market themselves for the positive reasons they produce

 

 

to food protein Most common allergies are to peanuts Tree nuts include pecans, pistachios, pine nuts, and walnuts are also common allergens food allergies are on the rise especially in children The issue is becoming more relevant in society and for that it is newsworthy


Advancing the company’s reputation ►Allow USP (allergy friendly) to be known ►Strengthen standing in society and communities ►

 Build relationship goals:

Help enhance a relationship with consumers ►Enter into the market of schools, and school related functions ►Reach out to parents and children affected directly or indirectly by food allergies ►

 Task management goals:

Advancing the company’s website ►Creating buzz ►Facebook /Twitter/ Groupon/Pinterest ►Charity fundraisers ►

 Objectives:

Bring awareness to product ►Change people lives ►Build awareness of allergies and Soy Nut Butter as #1 peanut butter alternative ►

PUBLICS  #1 public= customers

Current customers ►Potential future customers ►Former customers ►Stakeholders  Producers ►Employees and staff ►Management ► Investors, stakeholders, and founders ►Suppliers and financiers  Enablers ►Community leaders: gov’t officials, schools, school boards, pediatrician offices ►Media: local, state, regional, national, and international ►Print media and electronic media  Limiters ►Competitors ►Opponents and activists ►

MESSAGE  Main message: health benefits

gluten free and dairy free ►Tree nut free Support programs working with children and parents Make benefits front and centered Compare their nutritional value to other products in the market Speak on popular recipes to create for family dinners and even snacks for school Speak on the importance of health and knowing what your consuming and how it can affect you ►

 

 

 The strategic plan:

Special events & sponsorship/ endorsement  Spokesperson: Ray Romano ►Relatable ►Celebrity with food allergies ►Host events, guest speaker  Events: ►Food tastings in grocery stores in major cities ►News placement: Martha Stewart’s website ►“Back to school” theme ►Magazines: Home Journal, O (Oprah) magazine, Allergic living magazine ►Informational event w/ flyers and free samples in doctor offices, schools open house event  Media relations, news placement in print and television, digital media, and events ►

TACTICS  Day to day operations that are taking place in order to see the strategy

through  Media relations strategies: ►Tactics: communicating with our media news outlets daily  Product placement: ►Tactics: staying on top of the deals, working with magazine editors and producers for news placement  Most tactical efforts = spokesperson and events

Invitations, guest lists, venues, flyers, promotions, getting media, sponsors ►Initial planning will be the most important tactical duties  Important tactic =storytelling ►Pitch product to publics and show messages ►Provide the newsworthiness of the health benefits of the peanut butter substitute ►Fulfill the gap in the kitchen of families who suffer from allergies ►

MEDIA RELATIONS TACTICS  Angles for stories focus on the tree nut free

   

ingredients making it an allergy free product The news angel will focus on being a healthy food product within the market Explain health benefits it offers to the consumers News angles will be clear in the pitches to news outlets Techniques such as the traditional news release, media alert, and emailing will be used in reaching the media to pitch the stories New visual communications is becoming a trend in PR so working with developing a visual news release The media can eventually convey the program to the audience such as having a feature on the daily news or product placement.

DIRECT ENGAGEMENT TACTICS  The purpose for the events will be

clear with the news angle  The events will also help reach our target audience by getting them involved first hand.

   

SOCIAL/ONLINE MEDIA TACTICS Social media and a redesigned website will promote the platform for being healthy and allergy free products Recipes that use the products for delicious meals Nutritional value and benefits of the products List of future events Reach out to not only parents and children but also teachers, school nurses, and doctor offices Responses will be monitored by social media staff members who work exclusively on the sites such as Facebook and will reply to our customer’s posts

EVALUATION  Make sure work showed positive

results  Gain in consumers, more recognition, media and news coverage, sales increase, help children and people with food allergies enjoy food  Success measured by gaining an overall platform in the market as being the top organic food allergy friendly product

WEBSITES  The Soy Nut Butter website will be

   

redesigned to be more consumers friendly Easier to access, more visually pleasing, attention getting Recipe ideas using the products Comment area where consumers can share their own recipes for others Feature themes on the website “back to school” around Aug-Oct and through Nov-Jan focusing on the holidays and a summer theme The features are a way to give the consumers good ideas for using the products each month Require direct feedback if the consumers would like to share their thoughts on recipes or any suggestions

The END! Thank you!

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