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New York 2014 Fashion Communication and Promotion Samantha Dobbin

Trends of New York


Excess Bundled Experiences Street Art Neutrals


Excess Shops and brand promotion is very much ‘in your face’ in the city. The use of billboards is taken to the point of excess to promote new products. This is more prominent in the Time Square area due to it being a main tourist destinantion. When standing in the middle of the commotion you look around and every square inch is filled with the blinding lights of the billborads and brand names which include ‘Forever 21’ and ‘Disney’. This trend is present in most aspects of the city as well but the anomaly of the trend is the Brooklyn area which is more low key. Excess is not only present in promoting brands and products but also in food, take the bubblegum dispenser I found in the world famous sweet store ‘Dylan’s Candy Bar’ as an examlple, also burgers are made at a noticibly larger size than you would normally see in England.




Bundled Experiences Instead of just reaching consumers on one level, retailers such Macy’s, Victoria Secret and Hard Rock are starting to create destinations. The Victoria Secret flagship store on 34th Street for example was running the recent catwalk show putting the customer into the audience as if they were there. The Macy’s store had a Starbucks on each of it’s 12 floors along with a pizza restaurant on one. Macy’s is also home to big name designer brands such as Burberry (pictured right) which each have their own store, as you can see Burberry even have sofas as part of their interior making it more of an experience than just shopping.


t r A t e e r


Street art is one trend that has out lived most. It first originated in the New York Subway and has been an international influence, but many have deemed it as an act of vandalism while some prefer to call it art work. Street art or Graffiti is now used by brands as a marketing tool to promote new products or events. The MAC stores (picture to the right, the Macy’s MAC counter) in New York had also taken inspiration from street art to promote there new Punk Couture collection with pink, orange and green being spray painted on to the front of the Times Square store and on the floor of all the Macy’s MAC counters. The Brooklyn Museum, one of the largest in the country had used street art as the background for the Punk Collection in the Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition.




Neutrals To contradict the bright, flashy lights of the city, shops such as Louis Vuitton and Bergdorf Goodman have chosen a more neutral toned down colour palette, to showcase their winter collections. Neutrals would not normally catch your eye but in New York these stood out just because neutral colours are the minority in New York. Also boutiques along with mainstream label Victoria Secret also displayed clothes with the same palette.

New York Trend Report 2014  
New York Trend Report 2014  

Fashion Communication and Promotion Project- Creative Networks Module- Year 1