Page 1 1. Overview of the situation Their top competitor was in the process of a huge ad campaign to blow them out of the water, while many of their major retailers threatened to remove Snausages from their shelves. Fearful of the end of Snausages, Del Monte Foods knew they needed to make a change. Partnering with Coyne PR, they came up with a campaign that would take the market by storm and “Turn Tradition on its Tail.”

2. SWOT Analysis 2.1. •

Strengths They have been around longer than Beggin’ Strips, their leading competitor.

Del Monte Foods is a huge anchor company that is widely recognized.

They have a website featuring Mark Parisi, a famous cartoon artist and some fun games.

They have an established brand and have achieved product awareness (people know the name and know what the product is).

2.2. •

Weaknesses Their web presence is lacking, they still utilize the E-Card, which makes them seem outdated.

There is nothing on their website about The Snausages Man Sled Race, or any information about the charities that were benefitted by the race.

They lack engagement online, and don’t have a twitter- even though their prime market is women aged 35-55 (the mommy blogger age range!).

2.3. •

Opportunities They could create a twitter account to better reach their target markets.

Link their site to their Facebook page to create open communication and transparency of the company.

They could improve their engagement online by contests and partnerships with the humane society, or other non-profits like it, to create a more positive image of the company and get more attention… giving people a REASON to buy Snausages over Beggin’ Strips.



Major competitor has a personified dog character who has his own

facebook and talks to people, which is a level of engagement that Snausages doesn’t have. Major competitor also has fun, interactive games that the user is

actually visually integrated into, like the popular website •

Economy is still uncertain right now, and people don’t have a lot of money to spend on expensive name-brand dog treats.

3. Examine your case applying the element of the PR Process Research • The company researched public interests that could be potentially marketable for their product. Orginally, they had come up with a race for dogs only, running down a hill but realized that it had already been done. By honing in on interests that the public already had, the team was able to use the Iditarod as a platform for inspiration, leading them to the Snausages Man Sled Race. Ø From there, the company effectively researched key areas to launch this campaign, in respect to where dog sledding would be most popular. This research led them to uncovering 3 top dog sledding areas, which they eventually narrowed down to just Alaska: where the

Iditarod is held annually, would allow for the most coverage and attention. Strategy • Re-establish a stronger relationship with retailers by developing a large scale event, as cost-efficiently as possible, while attracting as much media coverage as possible. • Create a fun, quirky event that aligned with the personality of the company in a timely manner to develop a marketable media blitz that would be most visible during the competitor’s marketing campaign. • Establish a charitable component to encourage engagement with the consumer and provide more opportunity for media coverage. Tactics • The idea for the event was brought to life in just three weeks, during the time that the famous Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race was being held in order to attract as much media attention as possible. • Evaluation • The

4. Who were the key publics? 4.1.


The primary external public were retailers as well as the

general consumer of the Snauages product. Due to lack of marketing and promotion support Snausages was faced with loosing shelve space with retailers as well as top of mind awareness with the general consumer. 4.2.

External •

The primary internal public was Del Monte's own field sales force as as they feared that lack of marketing support meant that Del Monte was not committed to the brand.

What was the organization’s strategy and what PR campaign goal does it address? •

The Del Monte organization's strategy was to find a cost effective way to draw attention to its brand during a marketing dark period as it prepared to re-position the brand product in the near future. The PR campaign's key goal was protect its relationship and shelf space with key retailers and the general consumer by reminding them that the Snauages brand was still relevant and popular.

6. Communication Techniques and Tactics Utilized

7. What would we have done differently?

8. What is the current status of this organization? The Snausages web site which complements Snausages bright product packaging is a fun and very playful on-line destination. The site offers visitors humorous wall-paper down-loads and the ability to send funny dog themed eCards. The site also offers visitors an opportunity to register for $1 off coupons and special promotions.

Sales of Del Monte brand pet food including Snausages grew substancially for fiscal year 2011 which ended in May. So despite the poor economic conditions Del Monte managed to sell more pet food and pet snacks in 2011 than 2010. Pet snack sales as a percentage of total pet food sales increased to 31% in fiscal year 2011 and today 49% of sales revenue for Del Monte comes from their pet food brands including Snausages.


Snausages Man Sled Race.