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What are the symptoms of TMJ and do you have TMJ? These are the questions we'll be answering in this article. We'll also help you find some relief of your TMJ pain. There are many symptoms, but they can drive down to just a few that effect just about everybody. 1.Clicking or popping of the jaw 2.Jaw pain/Jaw muscle pain 3.Headaches 4.Tooth pain 5.Ear pain Now those are the most popular symptoms of TMJ, you may have more or different symptoms than those above. Each of these symptoms originates around the jaw joint. Sometimes I feel an extreme heat in the jaw joint too. The important thing to ask yourself is if you feel these symptoms sort of originating from around the jaw joint? It may not be both sides of the jaw either. Many TMJ sufferers feel it only on one side of the face. If you have any of these symptoms (mostly jaw pain) as shown above, you probably have TMJ. As a TMJ sufferer myself, I know just how incredibly painful TMJ can be. I've searched for years now, how to relieve the pain. I've been fortunate enough to find a few exercises that help me, as I aspirin don't work for me any more. Surgery is an option but it's extremely expensive and I don't really want to have my jaw broken in 5 places and reset! Also, this surgery isn't guaranteed to fix anything! Can you believe that? If you have TMJ or even think you do, the important thing to remember is that you have to fix the cause (weak or damaged jaw joint) of your TMJ in order to rid yourself of the pain and symptoms of TMJ.

Do you ever lay awake in bed at night because of your TMJ pain? I remember just wanting my wife to shoot me because nothing I did would stop the constant pain. It even hurts to chew food! Luckily, I found a few things that relieve the pain, and can actually reverse the damage to the TMJ joint. Visit my site for pain relieving techniques and get your life back!

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==== ==== Check out this great information on TMJ Causes and Cures. ==== ====

Symptoms of TMJ.