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Cake decoration is one of the most thrilling art of using icing, sugar and other edible decorations to make cakes look more visually more delicious and interesting. Like other forms of art, cakes can also be adorned with various embellishments. Cake decoration differ from other form of art because it requires only edible decorative. In most part of the world, beautifully sculpted and decorated cakes are the focal attraction of special celebrations and occasions such as birthdays, weddings, bridal shower, baby shower and anniversary. Delicious and virtually interesting cakes enhance the feel and ambience of these special celebrations. Ancient Egypt showed evidence of true baking skills. The term cake was derived from Viking origin, from the term 'kaka' that denotes a baked flour sweetened with sugar or honey. Later in the mid 17th century, Europeans came out with moulds to bake delicious cakes and used to decorate them with various edible decorative. This art of baking and decorating was widespread to North America, Australia, New Zealand and South America. By the mid-19th century the French used decorated cakes as the sweet course or desert at the end of the meal. Further, during the mid-20th century, many households started producing a simple robust, filling cake, entailing abundance and hospitality. Europeans are believed to be the precursor to most cake decorating styles. They used to decorate cakes by covering cake with a smooth layer of icing and then pipe flowers and decorative string work to embellish cakes. Today, in the Western World, the role of cakes and cake decoration has completely changed. It has become ubiquitous and one of the most leading hobbies. This simple and entertaining hobby can be transformed into a successful business. Many people today adopt cake decorating as a career that involves fun, entertainment, admiration, appreciation and lots of earning potential. Decorating cake mainly involves covering a cake with various form of icing and decorative such as sugar, candies and chocolates. Today, cakes are being embellished by sprinkling a fine coat of icing sugar, piping icing flowers, preparing a glossy blanket of glaze or molding gum paste to flowers and other interesting images. These days, many people are also using decorating artificial cakes with various adornments for display and décor. These include diaper cakes, flower cakes and many more. Learning how to make a diaper cake can be the best gift for any new mom. There are ample of cake decorating books available that contain pictures and provide step by step instructions of carving varied shapes and designs for cakes. These self explanatory books can help achieve perfection and appreciation.

These days, many cake decorating classes are also conducted in the avenue. These classes help in learning innovative cake decorating ideas. Many of these classes also help you start your own business. There are other sources such as magazines, publications, newspapers, recipe books and recipe shows that can help you upgrade your knowledge and learn about the latest development in cake decoration. With practice and time you can venture into more interesting and intricate designs and decorations. Today, people round the world are experimenting and trying lucrative business ventures with all their skills, abilities, talents and creativity. All are putting down their heads to transform their talent to productivity and creativity to income to be able to reap in profits.

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==== ==== Check out this great information on Cake Decorating. ==== ====

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