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Adele has saved the recording industry from bankruptcy. Her song Someone Like You is spreading like virus and has been irritating some because everywhere they go, the song is being played (again and again). Banned in a Dublin Keyboard Store Workers in Opus ii store, a keyboard store in Dublin, were sick of listening to the tune of Someone Like You that their customers are trying to play. Their solution was to place a sign in the shop's window: "Strictly NO Adele". According to Joanna Corscadden, an assistant manager of the shop, the song has been played about four to five times in about half an hour. "Stairway To Heaven" is also officially banned to be played inside the shop. After the placing the sign, the store staff members were called "piano shop fascists". Covers Faceoff on YouTube On YouTube, about a hundred of covers of the song have been posted. Among the known covers are performances from Youcef Preston; Jenny Lane and Corey Gray; Sam Tsui; Maria Z; Hobbie Stuart; Aly; Nick Piltera; Alex Cornell; Alex Goot, Luke Conard and Chad Sugg; Nick Gardner and others. Notably, actress-singer Amber Riley also posted her cover of the song online. Adele then sent the Glee star a "touching" email. Even 10-year singer Connie Talbot uploaded her cover on YouTube. The cover from the Britain's Got Talent was positively received by the viewers. Meanwhile, a Mashable Poll seeks to identify the best cover. Weeks ago, "PerezHilton's Can You Sing???" contest has already declared that the cover from Charlie Puth and Emily Luther's is the best. Posted on "We got soooo many entries for our Adele Someone Like You cover competition! It took us a couple of days to go through them all to decide on the winner and honorable mentions!"

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres invited the duo to perform on her show and even signed them an eleven-eleven record label. A Big Commercial Success Someone Like You was featured in Grey's Anatomy, Secret Diary of a Call Girl and Winners & Losers in Australia. The song is a number-one hit in countries including Italy, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, UK and US. It is also number one in the Billboard's Hot 100. Reports have it that the song download and sales are soaring high in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Italy, New Zealand, UK and US. It even reached four times platinum in Australia. Its black and white music video was released on September 29. The video was filmed in Paris. In about two weeks, it gained more than 8 million views. Adele first performed the song in January 2011 in London before its official release. The performance video has now more than 38 million views on YouTube. She performed the song at the 2011 BRIT Awards in London in February. After her dramatic performance, she explained to ITV2 why she had cried while singing the end part of the song: "I was really emotional by the end because I'm quite overwhelmed by everything anyway, and then I had a vision of my ex, of him watching me at home and he's going to be laughing at me because he knows I'm crying because of him, with him thinking, 'Yep, she's still wrapped around my finger'. Then everyone stood up, so I was overwhelmed." "Someone Like You" was written by the 23-year old English singer and Dan Wilson for her second studio album 21.

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Check out this great information on adele. ==== ====

Adele's Someone Like You.  
Adele's Someone Like You.  

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