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Do you ever dream of being in a position where you would never have to worry about your financial situation? Can you imagine the kind of lifestyle you would be enjoying if you had total financial freedom? If so, then this article may help you get started on your path to Financial Freedom... and the Lifestyle of your Dreams. Many Seek But Few FindIn the present context, the word 'achieve' is meant to suggest that some deliberate thought and effort needs to go into the type of financial freedom we are considering. Therefore, inheriting wealth or winning the national does not qualify. Neither does watching the equity in your home grow for just sitting in it. Many people dream of and seek financial freedom... but very few find it. Why do so few of the many who try to gain financial freedom fail? The reasons are mainly psychological in nature. In short, most people do not cultivate and exercise the mindset and behaviour that is necessary to achieve financial freedom. How You Will Not Gain Financial FreedomFirst, consider three ways that are unlikely to lead to your financial freedom: 1. Saving-and-investing the steady, cautious way: This is likely to leave you actually worse off financially in real terms, since the 'true' rate of inflation is usually higher than the net interest you receive on your savings. 2. Being an Employee: Unless you are a senior management executive or a high-flying sales person/fund manager, there is little chance that as a normal employee you will gain financial freedom. 3. Self-Employed: Few people who are self-employed ever reach financial freedom. The reason for this is that most self-employed individuals are simply still 'employees' who have a 'job' rather than a business. For most self-employed people, the 'time is money' element restricts their ability to gain financial freedom. This is especially true if they provide a personal service that requires their physical presence to carry out this service. How To Gain Financial FreedomSo, how can you gain total financial freedom? There is one way that has great potential: Start and Develop Your Own Home Based Business. More people are able to become financially independent by running their own home based business than ever before. For example, over the past 5 years, many people have become financially independent with home based property businesses, although the market is slowing down now.

However, to gain financial freedom within the next 5 to 8 years, you need to think 'business SYSTEM' rather just business, lifestyle business, or 'job'. Don't switch off just yet! It's not as difficult as you may imagine. You just need to find the right type of home based business. What kind of in-demand products could you offer (other people's products to start with), that command a substantial profit margin, and that are best suited to your skills and interests? ... and most importantly... whose business operations can be as AUTOMATED as much as possible. The key to your financial freedom lies in Smart Thinking - before you launch your home based business. Think from the end backwards. Consider your exit route - Put a date on it - Put a figure on the amount of money you need to have 'total financial freedom'. Look for a business you can start and run from home on a shoestring budget. Think 'zero employees'. Think 'money paid upfront'. Think 'zero bad debts'. Think SYSTEM!... and you may conclude that a home based Internet business fits the bill. So, Think Internet business... one in which you have 'no need to see (potential) customers face-toface'; and in which you can 'outsourced all non-core tasks'. Above all, Think 'AUTOMATION'! ... Set up your business so that as many operations as possible are as automated as possible, especially customer ordering, payment, and delivery systems. Time For Mind-Change And Attitude Change?You see, following the principles mentioned above, your own home based Internet business can become your new 'super-highway' to total financial freedom! If you are 'employed' or 'self-employed', you may need to ditch many of your present ways of thinking and some of your present attitudes. Thinking and Practising the type of 'Home Based Business System-Automation' described above usually requires 'mind-change' plus 'attitudechange' to make it happen. This is certainly a modern financial freedom 'path less travelled', but probably your best ways of gaining total financial freedom within 5 - 8 years!

Visit: [] Bill Barbour and his wife own and operate InfoNiche Marketing Ltd. The company provides small business owners with information products (and services) which show them how to attract, and keep (more) customers effectively.

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==== ==== Check out this great information on Financial Freedom. ==== ====

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