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1. When the smoking ban came in in March 2006, the WVM (White Van man) was hit the hardest with thousands of van drivers having to stub out their cigarettes as early as the 26th March 06. 2. The 'Ice Cream Wars' is the term coined for a dispute in the 1980's between two Ice Cream van owners in Scotland over territory and rumours of underhand drug selling. These soon lead to several members of one of the van drivers' families being killed by arson which subsequently entailed a court case spanning more than 20 years. 3. The White van Man has contributed over Ă‚ÂŁ35 billion pounds to the UKs economy according to the AA in June 2007. 4. Minivans are also known as MPVs (Multi-purpose vehicles) or even people carriers. 5. There are over 50 manufacturers that design, model and sell vans. 6. Postman Pats van in the much-loved kids program was bright red, a small 'box' shape and based on the Bedford HA by Vauxhall Motors. 7. A campervan (sometimes called a motorhome, caravanette or caravan) is generally used for 'mobile accommodation'. In the US the term 'recreational vehicle' or RV is more commonly known for this type of van. 8. The 6th millionth Ford transit van was created in March 2010. 9. According to Social Issues research Centre, the WVM (White van man) is being replaced slowly by not only the SVM (Silver van man) but also the SVW (Silver van woman). 10. Vans are also the name of a high street fashion brand for trainers, or sneakers.

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==== ==== Check out this great information on Vans Unisex Trainers. ==== ====

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