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Current Address 5505 108 th Street Lubbock, TX 79424



The Independent School Wichita, KS Texas Tech University Lubbock, TX Bachelor of Interior Design and Minor in Architecture Master of Science in Environmental Design

Work Experience:

Permanent Address 1508 South Creekside Lane Wichita, KS 67230

2009 2013 GPA: 3.5 2015

GAP Inc. Wichita, KS and Lubbock, TX April 2008 – Present Sales Associate • Set up the store and displays for the new units received every two weeks • Received multiple awards for excellent service, sales goals, and brand credit card acquisitions • Was offered several managerial positions First United Methodist Church Shallowater, TX August 2009 – Present Sunday School Teacher • Planned and taught class on Sundays and Wednesdays for ages newborn to 5 Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Lubbock, TX April 2012 – Present Interiors Assistant in the Planning, Design, and Construction Office of the Physical Plant • Managed all Interior Design projects in Amarillo, El Paso, Odessa, Midland, Abilene, and Lubbock • Responsible for selecting the building standards for furniture, paint, flooring, etc., on all campuses • Highly productive and creative problem-solver who rapidly adapts to changing commands


Computer Aided Drafting (AutoCAD) Lighting Systems Collaboration Architectural Construction Interior Rendering – Hand and Computer Aided Product Design History of World Architecture Interior Materials Drafting Space Planning Programming Construction Documents Photography




Awards and Recognitions:

International Interior Design Association Lubbock, TX Historian and Webmaster

2009 – Present 2010 – 2011

Alpha Phi Sorority Lubbock, TX Chair of Sisterhood Events Webmaster

2009 - Present 2009 – 2010 2010 – 2011

Texas Association for Interior Designers Lubbock, TX Member

2009 - Present

Sigma Alpha Lambda Honor Society Lubbock, TX Initiate

2010 – Present

College Republicans of Texas Tech University Lubbock, TX Member

2011 – Present

President’s List 2011 Dean’s Honor List 2010 and 2012 Texas Tech University Allred Human Science Scholar Texas Tech University Erwin Human Science Scholar Texas Tech University Billie Wolfe Human Science Scholar Texas Tech University Department of Design Scholar Texas Tech University Human Science Design Scholar Texas Tech University Interior Design Outstanding Senior Nominee

COLLABORATION STUDIO Concept Statement MOTION: the action or process of moving or of changing place or position; movement A community node, that will convey motion and speed through the study of formal and informal forces of cultures colliding, creates the basis for our design. The motions created by the subway lines, the city street grids, main highways, pedestrian routes and positive/negative built environment come together to diagram the everyday speed and movement of the residents of Boston, Massachusetts. This graphically demonstrates Boston as a City of Motion.


Color Palette

Schematic Blocking Diagram

Coalesse Furniture

Floor Plan of Existing Building

Floor Plan of New Building


View of Bar

View of Restaurant

Gallery Space of New Building

Open Market of New Building

View of Classroom

Entry of Existing Building

DIAGRAMMATIC ANALYSIS OF EXISTING BUILDING Amsterdam’s Open Air School consists of a four-story square almost entirely glazed placed diagonally on the site. The whole effect of the effect of the building was that of a “transparent sparkling crystal.” The school, built in 1928, has become an iconic school building and has inspired many architects to bring light into educational buildings.

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Labeled Section Cut

5’-0”x3’-6”x3” Glass Panel 4’4”x2’8”x1” Steel Framed Pivoted Windows 4.5”x3.5” Steel Mullion Low Concrete Parapet Wall Concrete Covered Steel Column Concrete Covered Steel Beams 10” Concrete Slab with Central Heating Pipes

3D Force Diagram Model

Loads Tensile Forces Compressive Forces Resistive Forces Lateral Forces


This series of images shows the importance of the columns, their spacing, and the importance of how the tapers help to direct the forces.

This series of images shows the importance of the tapers, and what would happen without them.

The lock is used as a weight to show the structural loads of the above floors (not yet installed).

The two orange tapers on the second floor are removable.

When the two corner columns are removed, there is not enough support for the floor to cantilever, and it fails.

Once removed, the above floor fails. The floor slab essentially cracks and the remaining column cannot support the weight itself.

3D Perspective of Digital Model


A collection of hand rendered images.

Media: Markers with prisma colors


Oil Pastel with Mixed Media Details on Black Paper



Pastel on Black Paper

Micron Pen with Prisma Color Wash


Original box design inspired by traditional Moorish ornamentation.

Coffee table created using recycled wood from a shipping pallet and steel for the legs.


East Section

Rendered Floor Plan

Longitudinal Section

Lighting/Electrical Plan

AUTOCAD – THREE DIMENSION This vignette was designed for Vanguard Furniture's Thom Filicia Home Collection with a theme of classic simplicity in mind. This fresh, timeless furniture, designed for e v e r y d a y l i v i n g , encourages the mixing of refined details with raw edges to bring an unexpected modern touch to a home. Right Side Perspective of Vignette

Right Side Perspective of Vignette in Conceptual

Vignette Perspective

COFFEE SHOP Concept Statement

Rendered Floor Plan

By using neutral colors that resemble those found in nature, our coffee shop will be transformed into a space that can be enjoyed in the morning and at night. The coffee bean and berry form was repeated in the fixtures, furniture, and finishes creating a theme. Lighting effects such as wall washing, accenting a zone of transition, phototropism, and various lighting were further used to enhance the beauty and design.

Seating Area Perspective

Bar Elevation

Reflected Ceiling Plan

ASSISTED LIVING FACILITY PROJECT Concept Statement Most major religions vision of the afterlife is based on a garden. A garden that is full of magnificent harmony. An assisted living facility must provide a framework, which relates to both life and its stages. Our desire is to design an innovative home and workplace, which meets the functional needs for residents and staff, while creating an atmosphere that gives residents peace and joy during their later years of life.

Service Functions

Resident’s Living Spaces Resident Service Admin/ Staff Kitchen

Common Lobby/Reception Hallway

Site Plan

Typical Single Bedroom

Typical Suite

LIGHT FIXTURE DESIGN Concept Statement This lighting fixture was inspired by the strong horizontal and vertical lines used in Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright. The illusion of a cantilevered structure is portrayed while maintaining simple construction. The idea of large vertical forms supporting small horizontal forms was also borrowed from the chosen architect. These two factors contributed greatly to the design of the decorative light fixture.


Plan View




Exterior Perspective

Dining Room Perspective

Exterior Perspective

Music Room Perspective

Front Entry Seating Area


Date: April 2012 – Present Location: Lubbock, TX Hours Completed: + 1,000 Rendered Elevation of Dean’s Honor Wall

Panel Connection Detail

Enlarged Elevation of Typical Panel

Projects Worked On: •  Standards for Lubbock, Odessa, Midland, El Paso, Amarillo, Abilene, Dallas, Austin •  Dean’s Honor Wall •  Wayfinding Master Plan for Lubbock Campus •  Academic Classroom Building Refresh •  OBGYN Clinic for El Paso campus •  Police Department Office Addition for El Paso campus •  International Pain Center Clinic •  Family Medicine Clinic for Odessa Campus •  OBGYN Clinic for Odessa Campus •  Offices for the School of Medicine and Academic Life Center

Signs Developed after Wayfinding Analysis

Samantha Eklund Interior Design Portfolio 2013  
Samantha Eklund Interior Design Portfolio 2013  

Texas Tech University Interior Design Program