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WEB DESIGN & UI Trends for 2019

New year, new time to think about web design trends.The start of the year is a great time to look back on the previous year and your successes and look ahead to things that you want to improve and change. And that goes for website design trends and techniques as well. Many elements Image Source: site that gained popularity in the later part of 2018 will continue to emerge as trends in 2019. These trending elements include everything to color choices, typography and text usage, voice and VR interfaces and everything UX.There are so many great things happening in web design right now that it was tough to break it down, but we hope you’ll enjoy our look at the top 17 web design and UI trends for 2019. Vibrant Color Palettes

Bright color is everywhere. From gradient backgrounds to bright image overlays to animations that feature moving colors, vibrant color palettes will continue to gain popularity.

Emotional Design

You have to create a connection with users. That’s what emotional design is all about.In 2019, websites and apps that don’t establish this emotional connection will get lost. According to Design Shack, emotional connections fall into four basic categories — joy and sadness, trust and disgust, fear and anger, and surprise and anticipation. Think about how your content falls into ones of these grouping and use color, imagery and the user interface to further connect on that level with users. Article Source:

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With the crazy world that we live in, more designers are creating projects that have more surreal and abstract elements in them. Surreal design and abstract design will continue to develop and grow as more users want these experiences that are almost, but not quite real.

Even More Voice

In 2019, you will have to design for conversational interfaces. With a rising number of people using smart devices in their homes, you’ll need to start thinking about ways your designs interact with these devices and how to create user experiences that fit the way people want to use websites.

Single Page Design Makes a Comeback

It wasn’t all that long ago that we proclaimed that the scroll was dead. (We missed the boat on that one, obviously.)

More Gradients

Gradients are the multipurpose color trend that work on pretty much any type of design. And that’s evident by how many projects are using them.

Vintage Typography/More Serifs

More serif typefaces, rounded slabs and text elements that seem to have an older feel. These vintage styles all seem to have bolder, thinker lines than some of the thinner sans serifs that have been popular in the last few years.

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Top 17 Web Design and UI Trends for 2019  

Top 17 Web Design and UI Trends for 2019