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Once you have your blog established the next thing to learn is how to make money. Since blogging became so popular, even outside of the usual blogging environment, there have been so many innovative ways developed, that enable even the newest of bloggers to make some money from their blog. Of course this is great because even a dollar a day can offset the cost of hosting, and this is really the only necessary expense if you are running a free blogging platform like WordPress. One of the easiest and fastest ways that teaches you how to make money with a blog is Google AdSense. This is easy because aside from setting up the account, and deciding how you would like the ads to look, Google does the rest. You are paid automatically when you reach the minimum required level of funds in your AdSense account, and you can do this multiple times on one blog, as long as you meet the terms of service applied by Google. Where this is such a cool program is in the care that Google takes to place only ads that are relevant to the content on your site. When you set up an account, it will be half an hour or so before you see any ads appearing on your page, and this is because the first thing Google does is search the site (channel) you have applied to your ad block, to find what type of site you have. If you are posting content about tropical fish, they will see this, and try to only place ads to do with Tropical Fish on your site. Each time someone comes to your site and clicks on one or more of the ads from AdSense, you will receive a small fee. Some people make hundreds of dollars a day using this method. Affiliate product sales are another way to monetize your blog. This is where you would sign up with a site like Clickbank or Commission Junction, and you would search a great selling product, or a new product offered by a seller, something that has to do with the main content on your site. You would then download the marketing resources they offer, like banners, and text links with your affiliate identification in them, and then you would paste those resources on your blog. You may emphasize the products by writing a review article on them, and having the link to the product in the article, or you could simply have an image in your sidebar with your affiliate link. Direct Ads is yet another method of how to make money with a blog. You can sell advertising space to other bloggers or product merchants, and with the number of plugins available for the WordPress platform, you can do this so easily. Some advertisers would be willing to pay a small

monthly fee to have their site or product promoted to your site visitors, and obviously the more traffic you can show coming to your site, the more you can charge for these advertising spots. The only thing that restricts you with how to make money with a blog is your imagination and creativity. CPC ad networks, AdSense, Selling your own products, Affiliate Marketing, CPA Networks, Ad Space, Membership Fees, are all just the tip of the monetization iceberg. All should be given a try, and by applying a combination of them, you can only increase your earning potential. Remember too, that when your blog has large traffic, and it is making money from any source, your blog itself has very real commercial value. Yet another way to make money from your blog!

Using advertising is just ONE method you can use to make money from your blog but it is NOT the most effective! In fact, many of the professional bloggers who earn multiple six figure incomes from their blogs attribute just a small percentage of their overall income to on-site advertising! So, if the majority of their income does NOT come from advertising, then where DOES it come from? I reveal the answer in my FREE ebook, Stop Slogging Start Blogging, as well as many other secrets the six figure professional bloggers use to make huge sums of money from their blogs! If you want to find out more about me, David Walker, you are welcome to visit my blog.

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==== ==== Discover The Right Way To Conduct Successful CPA Campaign So You Can Breathe Easy While Your Business Lasts The Distance. ==== ====

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