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World’s Best Bungee jumping locations: Traveleering Bouncing Heights are Located at better places and evaluated as a standout amongst the most favoured bungee hopping goals on the planet. These are the main places on the planet where bungee bouncing should be possible from a stage. Bouncing statures is notable for its wellbeing measures. It is the most exciting bouncing area on the planet. Some bungee jumping locations like Zambezi River, Zimbabwe/Zambia Nevis High wire, Bungee, Queens town New Zealand, Ozone Adventures, Wanderlust, Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa. There is one more well known area renowned for bungee bouncing is Cantilever stage, which is worked over a rough bluf which is 85 meter over the ground level, making it the most astounding, and the most exciting bungee hopping areas on the planet. Here we have drilled down 7 best bungee Jumping Locations for enterprise Junkies.

7 best bungee Jumping Locations for experience Junkies:-


Zambezi River, Zimbabwe/Zambia:

The Zambezi River ascends in the northwest of Zambia close to Angola, winds its path colorfully through 6 unique nations before spilling into the Indian Ocean from the shoreline of Mozambique. It's one of the world's main 20 to 30 white-water spots, for much justifiable reason. On the of chance that I went to the Zambezi River, Zimbabwe/Zambia put. I was 23 years of age at that point I additionally appreciate the flawless snapshot of the bungee jumping. I see for the most part kids need to appreciate the stunning snapshots of the Bungee hopping.

2. Nevis High wire Bungee, Queenstown, New Zealand:

New Zealand is most awesome with flexible. It is renowned pass on, the prominent spot for bungee hopping among our advisors and there are a lot of alternatives accessible, from the edge jumps to gulch swings and the urban falls from the Sky Tower in Auckland, The air is thick with adrenaline. Many individuals went to these spots with their family. So we can state that it is ideal .So we can state that it is best bungee Jumping Locations.

3. Ozone Adventures in Bangalore:

Ozone in Bangalore is a standout amongst the most mainstream bungee hopping areas in India. Here bungee jumping is led from the stature of 80-90 feet over the ground, such as hopping statures, there is no stage. The hardware is secured to a 130-140ft-high portable crane. Anybody between the age gathering of 18 or 60 years can appreciate this adrenaline pumping knowledge at Ozone Adventures. Wellbeing is given most extreme inclination, yet now bungee bouncing from cranes is not as sheltered as hopping from settled stages.

4. Hunger for new experiences in Delhi: On the of chance that you are searching for a conventional bungee bouncing areas in the North, in Delhi would be the best decision. The whole bungee hopping stafs at Wanderlust is prepared in Germany or works with German innovation and hardware. It ofers crane hops from 130 to 140 ft over the ground level and any enterprise aficionado between the age gatherings of 14 to 50 years can play out this exciting game at hunger for something new. It is best bungee Jumping Locations.

5. Gravity Adventure Zone in Goa:

On the of chance that you are going to Goa then you should attempt the bungee jumping Locations, you can first attempt your bungee seizing Gravity zone. It is situated close Anjuna beach,which is a standout amongst the most prevalent fascination in Goa.It has set up a lasting 30-meter high tower for Bungee bouncing which cost around 1000 rupees for each hop. Numerous vacationers visit these

spots with their family on account of the pleasure and extraordinary fun. When you pick the best place for the bungee bouncing then you pick the Gravity Adventure Zone. Since it is one of the best place of the bungee bouncing.

6. Day by day Adventure in Lonavla:

Day by day Adventure in Lonavala is one of the biggest experience stop in India. It has well known bungee bouncing Locations goal. The hopping stage is 50 meters; the jump goes on for around 10 minutes. Bungee hopping is marvellous. On the of chance that you visit these spots then you appreciate these beautiful minutes.

7. Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa:

Situated on the staggering Garden Route between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, this is the Big Daddy of extension hops then the most noteworthy business connect bungee bouncing areas on the planet. From the extension and you can see the route down the Bloukrans valley to where the stream meets the ocean, giving an epic background to an epic bounce. Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa is well known for the Bungeee jumping. So numerous individual visit these place. It is best bungee Jumping Locations then diferent Locations.

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Bouncing Heights are Located at better places and evaluated as a standout amongst the most favoured bungee hopping goals on the planet. Thes...