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Post Mortem over Project 1 Overall I enjoyed this project, I had never written a script or treatment before so being able to create a script and treatment was pretty cool. Coming up with a good story, that I wanted to write about and had good things to say in was pretty hard. There were a couple of other ideas I was contemplating but when I got to the dialogue part I realized it would have been very time consuming to come up with good and believable dialogue. When considering the different characters I was going to put in the script, the dialogue was pretty fun to do, since the characters are from the present time. So the aspect of this project that I am the most happy about is the dialogue I came up with for the characters. I feel like the reader gets a good idea of what kind of mood and what kind of person that person is, by the way I wrote the dialogue. If I could have a week more to do this project, I would go back and make my main character more dynamic. I do not think he has the proper balance of internal and external conflicts. I would also have liked to spend more time on the ending which is mentioned only in the treatment, I think it should have been more epic. I think I could have used better descriptive language when writing the treatment and the action parts of the scripts. I also feel that I left a lot of information out in the treatment, so the reader does not get the full understanding of the story. I just did not want to make it too long or end up with a script. One thing that was not very clear to me was the role of dialogue in the treatment, because if the treatment is like a visual description of the story from the audiences view point, when it comes to the dialogue it seems like it is a bunch of ‘he said, she said,’ but in my treatment I tried to summarize the dialogue but still get across the main points and the character reaction when something important was said. So, I hope I did well on this project and am anxious to see what kind of feedback I get.


reader does not get the full understanding of the story . I just did not want to make it too long or end up project that I am the most happy...

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