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How to guide: Including – How to access Moodle. Accessing the staffroom and the sandpit. Editing text. Uploading an image.

How to use Moodle, the basics. Step 1: To find Moodle, simply go onto the T Drive/All Staff, then double click on the shortcut that says Moodle.

This will take you to the Moodle homepage. To add this to you favourites follow step 2. Step 2: Now left click on Favourites and then select Add to favourites.

A box will then come up saying add to favourites. All you need to do is click Add. You will then be able to find Moodle in your favourites list every time you want to access it.

Step 3: You now need to use your school login details to log in to Moodle. To do this type your school username into the Username box and your school password into the Password box and then left click on login.

You are now successfully logged into the school Moodle site. Step 4: You are now going to make Moodle more user friendly by docking some of the options bars, to do this simply left click on the grey button that appears in the tool bar. (When hovering over it you will see the option Move to dock. It is the button on the right.) The Navigation box will move to the left hand side of the screen but don’t worry, you will still be able to find it at any point later on. You can follow the same step with the settings box and the calendar box.

Step 5: You are now going to enter the Staffroom, to do this left click on the button that says Staffroom.

(This is an area that students are not able to access and is an area that TELL will be using to share best practice, but also houses the sandpit which you can use to practice any of your ideas) Step 6: Scroll down until you see the sandbox and left click on the picture that says Sandbox. (Feel free to have a look around in your subject area or the TELL Blog first).

Step 7: You will now need to Turn editing on so you can practice using Moodle in the sandpit. This is an area that students can not access so can be used purely to trial your ideas or just practice. To do this left click on the button that will be at the right hand side of your screen that says Turn editing on.

This will change how Moodle looks, but will give you the ability to make changes. You should then scroll down until you see a box that looks fairly empty. (If all the boxes have been used feel free to pick one that has already been used). Step 8: In one of the boxes (in this case number 6) left click on the symbol that looks like a hand holding a pencil (This will allow you to write in the box).

Your screen will then change giving you the option to type anything you want to appear on the Moodle page.

Step 9: You may find it useful to make this editor full screen, this will allow you to see everything that you are writing. To do this simply left click the blue screen button. (When you hover over it you will see the option Toggle full screen)

To return to this screen after you have finished editing your page you simply click the same button again. Step 10: You should now try typing something into the text box, you can edit it by clicking options like font size, and font family.

Step 11: Now try uploading a picture by left clicking on the tree symbol (The option insert/edit

image will appear).

Step 12: You now need to left click on Find or upload an image.

Step 13: You now need to left click on Upload a file (From here it will become very similar to

attaching a document to an email).

Step 14: Left click on the option Browse (your documents will then open and you should select the picture you wish to use).

Step 15: Once you have selected your picture click Open.

Step 16: Then simply left click on the button Upload this file.

Step 17: Then left click on the Insert option. A warning box will come up, simply click Ok on this every time.

Your picture should now be on the screen. You can resize it as you would in word by clicking onto the corner of the picture and adjusting it’s size. To resize the picture simply left click onto the corner and hold down. This will allow you to change the size of the picture. Step 18: You now need to return to the normal screen size by once again left clicking on the blue toggle full screen button.

Step 19: You will now have to click Save changes. This will make what you have added a part of the course. You can come back to it and change it at any point.

Congratulations. You have now successfully added your first piece of writing and picture to Moodle. You can edit it later at any point just by clicking the pencil symbol again.

How to use mmoodle for beginners.  

A beginners guide to using Moodle.

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