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A-z of street lingo

Creativity and community keeps me interested in street art.

Tristan manco

All City The state of being known for one’s graffiti throughout a city.

Bite To steal another artist’s ideas or lettering schemes.

Cannon A slang term for spray paint cans.

Domming A colour-mixing technique done by spraying one colour over another while it is still wet, then rubbing the two together.

end-to-end (...) The opposite of top-to-bottom - meaning a train-car covered with paint from one side of it to the other.

Fat cap A nozzle used for wide coverage, used for the fill of pieces.

getting up To work your reputation or “rep� through graffiti.

hat (honor-amongthieves) A person who is described as wearing a “hat� is an artist who is considered trustworthy in the graffiti community.

Insides Graffiti done inside trains, trams, or buses.

Jungle Green A color of paint manufactured by krylon that is now discontinued.

Knight A respected graffiti artist whose skills are still progressing.

legal A graffiti piece or production that is made with permission.

married couple Two simultaneous whole cars painted next to each other.

nozzles Name given to the cap of spray can.

one-liner A tag written with a marker in one constant motion.

pilot A type of really wide marker.

Quinones,Lee Lee Quinones considered the single most influential artist to emerge from the New York City subway art movement.

rack To steal paints or markers.

sick A very good Graffiti technique that has great individual style.

tag The most basic form of graffiti, a writer’s signature with marker or spray paint.

up When a Graffiti artists work becomes widespread and well-known.

virtue Means good, high quality.

writer One who produces graffiti.

xtc New York City Graffiti group.

yards Shortened form of train yards, the area where trains are stored.

zimad Is one of the rising stars in the international art world. A graffiti and street-art artist from New York City.

by samantha griffiths

Tristan Manco  

A6 Journal in response to a visiting lecturer.

Tristan Manco  

A6 Journal in response to a visiting lecturer.