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Buy recycled toys Cat and dog toy manufacturers are starting to produce toys made from 100% recyclable materials. Support their effort to be green and buy your pet a recycled toy.

Compost dog waste Do you have a backyard? If so get a waste composter. You can put it in the ground and drop your pet’s feces in it, along with a special enzyme that helps it decompose.

Use biodegradable cat litter Buy cat litter that degrades in the environment or can go straight into a compost bin. It’s healthy for your cat.

Use natural cleaners to clean up after your pet All-natural biodegradable cleaners for pets are available in pet stores. Alternatively you can use a mixture of vinegar and water.

Use old towels to clean your dog When your dog gets dirty or wet, use an old towel that can be reused instead of using paper towels to dry it off. Old t-shirts and jumpers are ideal too.

Use eco-friendly shampoo When bathing your cat or dog use products that are biodegradable. Good for your pets as it has natural cleanser packed with moisturizing aloe vera and vitamin E, but be sure to recycle the packaging.

Eco-friendly pet beds Made from 100% recycled fabric and the stuffing inside is hypo-allergenic “green fiber� from recycled plastic bottles.

Eco-pup dog clothing Outfits that are made with certified organic and recycled materials. Keeps your pooch stylish but is also helping the environment.

Compostable doggie waste bags 100% compostable and biodegradable that will no longer take over 100 years to decompose.

Recycle pet food cans and bags Make a habit of rinsing empty pet food cans and recycling them. But remember to put empty food bags in the paper recycling bin.


How you and your pet can save the planet.  

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