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The jeweler allows me to wear the sapphire blue lake on my finger, the emerald green leaves around my neck, and take the citrine sunset with me wherever I go. Jewelry has become my daytime link to nature in an office with no windows. And if I have to work late, there’s nothing like diamond stars and a pearl full moon against an onyx night sky. Astrid Alauda

Green with Envy...

Classic trillion cut Tsavorite pendant

From the Great Tsavo Plain comes this young gemstone with an ancient history. A match for the classical stones like Rubies, Diamonds and Sapphires, Tsavorite is a vividly brilliant green piece of immaculate and pure nature.

Exquisite Tsavorite and Diamond flower bracelet

Breathtaking brilliant green pear shaped Tsavoriteof 2.90 carats set with Diamonds in 18k white gold

Oval Tsavorite ring; 3.10 carats of vividly brilliant green, set above Diamond baguette shoulders in 18k yellow gold

Flawless oval Tsavorite set in a yellow gold band above a trio of Diamonds

Simple yet stunning, 2 carat Tsavorite earrings mounted in 18k white gold

Tsavorite earrings set amongst dashing white Diamonds

A Girls Best Friend... Diamond is something superb! The peerless ‘King of Gems’ that glitters, dazzles and symbolizes the ultimate in purity, strength and desirability.

Pave set black and white Diamond ‘criss-cross’ ring 1.10 carat natural fancy yellow pear shaped Diamond, set amongst brilliant white Diamonds

Pave set Diamonds in an 18k white gold Bombe ring

Attention grabbing blue and white Diamond ring

Flamboyant trillion cut Diamonds with precisely matched tapering baguettes and brilliant cut Diamonds

Perfect line of brilliant cut Diamonds, set simply in a white gold bracelet

Delicate suite of Diamond petalled flowers linked together in a white gold bracelet

Fine quality brilliant white solitaires of 1 carat each, set in 18k white gold

Flashing black Diamonds combined with dashing white Diamonds creating this unique pendant

Tantalizing Tanzanites... Few gems have attained the popularity of Tanzanite in such a short period of time. Found only in one location worldwide‌the foothills of the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Tanzanite’s captivating deep blue and purple hues is what makes it so fascinating and desirable.

A fabulous 12.0 carat flawless pear shaped Tanzanite on a dazzling Diamond necklace

Superb and elegant trillion cut Tanzanite and Diamond earrings

Delicious Tanzanite elevated above the finest brilliant cut Diamonds

An exciting 18k white gold ring of Tanzanite, Diamond and pink Sapphires

Stunning 9.30 carat oval Tanzanite mounted on a modern 18k white gold band

Deep blue 7.80 carat trillion cut Tanzanite held between two Diamond encrusted bangles

Classic flawless 13.16 carat Tanzanite and Diamond pendant

A pair of 2.40 carat captivating Tanzanite solitaires

Primary Colours... Passion, power, divinity‌.only the fascinating realm of gemstones can combine the spontaneous association of emotion and colour.


4.0 carat intense blue Tanzanite ring

4.0 carat oval cut Peridot set on Diamond baguette shoulders

Flawless London Topaz of 26 carats held in a Diamond encrusted cage



1. 9.0 carat Golden Topaz in the most unique setting 2. Very fine square cut London Topaz and sapphire ring set in white gold Straight shooting Aquamarine and Diamond arrow earrings

3. Pave set Rubies and Diamonds

A tabled ring of brilliant cut Emeralds

Ravishing London Topaz basket ring

Oval Golden Topaz set in an intricate white gold ring

Cushion cut Amethyst in a pave ring setting

The Art of Seduction The engagement ring symbolizes the breath and depth of one’s unique relationship so why not say ‘I Love You’with a dazzling Diamond that sparkles with the promise of eternity.

Silence is Golden In all its myriad forms the timeless and classic appeal of gold jewellery ensures it will always speak volumes.

Stunning necklace in 24K Gold beads dipped in black & White diamond dust






1. Princess cut Diamond of 1.02 carats along side trillion cut diamond shoulders 2. Brilliant cut Diamonds in half eternity 3. D’ colour emerald cut Diamond of 2.01 carats beautifully mounted on heavy pave band 4. Brilliant cut Diamond; 1.50 carats 5. An exquisite marquise Diamond of 1.96 carats set on a double shank ring with brilliant cut Diamonds in 18K white gold 6. ‘F’ colour 1.20 carat Diamond cut in trillion

Immaculately finished choker in three-colour gold


Delicately woven 18k gold spiral bracelet

18k yellow gold earrings of inter linking hoops

For the Animal in You Take a walk on the wild side with these artistically and beautifully created pieces of African inspiration.

The Onyx Jewellers has been established for over 30 years and has earned the reputation as one of Kenya’s most prominent retailers of fine jewellery, precious and semi-precious gemstones and exquisite hand-crafted sculptures and carvings. Boasting a range of jewellery that is as diverse as its client base, our shops have, over the years, been frequently visited by various heads of state, dignitaries and other high-profile personalities who have all enjoyed the Onyx shopping experience and regularly commission pieces that today serve as a continued testament to our commitment to, aesthetic designs, expert craftsmanship and attention to detail. 18k yellow gold elephant eternity ring

A glorious Ruby, Sapphire and Diamond encrusted panther necklace set in 18k yellow gold

18k white and yellow gold ‘big five’ eternity ring

The jewellery in this catalogue demonstrates The Onyx Jewellers’ dedication to creating exquisitely and delicately designed pieces of fine jewellery that would suit any occasion. Today these prestigious jewels and more, are available from our shops at the Nairobi Hilton as well as our latest venture, a fine jewellery gallery located in Nairobi’s ABC Place on Waiyaki Way, that hosts a wide range of truly unique and innovatively designed jewellery in one of Nairobi’s most elegant and contemporary retail showrooms.

A herd of elephants marching across a tricolour 18k gold bracelet

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Onyx Jewellers  

Onyx is a jewerlly botique in Nairobi kenya

Onyx Jewellers  

Onyx is a jewerlly botique in Nairobi kenya