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Will you protect and decorate your smartphone with a mobile phone case or sticker? Smartphones such as iPhone, Samsung, HTC and LG…etc. are popular brands in the world with large quantity of sales volume. The customers usually willing to spend money on the phone accessories such as the mobile phone case/cover/housing, custom stickers etc since it can protect their beloved smartphone in case of dropping, bumping or scratching etc. The silicon case is ideal for shock resistant; however, the disadvantage is that the elegant design of the mobile phone will be hided under the silicon case. Also, the bulky case is not good for the heat dissipation of the smartphone especially during playing games or watching movies which makes the phone becomes hot. Some times the case will affecting the buttons of the phone, since it may cover on the button and makes it hard to press the button. Various mobile phone case/cover/housing selling on eBay, Amazon and Alibaba etc. are popular among young people. The mobile phone case/cover/housing are not only for protection, but also decoration. With the help of the case, their smartphone becomes unique and outstanding. For the custom sticker, it’s a thin layer of film covered on the surface of the mobile phone. It can be manually applied on the phone easily, also will not leave residue when tear off. The design on the sticker is customized, for example can be a personal photo or design. Also, there are lots of materials optional for the sticker, such as the metal textures(gold, black, silver, blue), color shining(multiple colors), carbon fiber(multiple colors), leather(multiple colors) and 3D water drops(multiple colors) etc. Could the phone accessories of mobile phone case and sticker work together? Yes, for sure! The combination of the 2 items makes the device not only been protected, but also well decorated. See the picture below you will find the cool effect. The case covers the back and sides of the smartphone, while the sticker is covered on the front. In this way the smart phone is well-protected while also makes a different on the front. There is another kind of “case” which only covers the lens of the smartphone, looks like a frame. It can protect the corners and lens from breaking or scratching, while also keep the smart phone slim. The customized sticker can be applied on the front and back side of the smart phone, which can be helpful for heat dissipation while also anti-scratching. Above all, the case/cover/housing and the sticker can work together to make a even better protection and decoration effect!

Will you protect and decorate your smartphone with a mobile phone case or sticker?