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Full-Disclosure: iPhone 6 dimension with only 7mm thickness Will the iPhone 6 appear on the WWDC 2014? No matter it appear or not, actually it has been fully revealed, at least for its dimension. A series of dummy phone pictures of iPhone 6 has been released by the Romania media, which looks almost identical with the previous disclosed pictures. Still, there are many important information of the phone need to be confirmed. By measuring the dummy phone of iPhone 6, the display screen is 4.7 inches as expected. The thickness of the phone is 7mm. The length and width is 137.5 x 67mm. The appearance of the phone looks quite similar with iPod Touch. Additionally, compared with the iPhone 5S, the dummy phone of iPhone 6 is apparently larger. According to the previous security measure of Apple, not it seems all the disclosures are basically correct. Whatever speaking, finally the display screen of iPhone becomes larger. No matter there is any other creative features or not for the iPhone 6, it should sell very well, Apple knows it! From the previous disclosed picture of iPhone cases of iPhone 6, we can only assume the approximate shape and dimension of the phone. But now that the dummy phone appears, we finally can witness its elegant designs. However, there are still discredits, since previously we hear a lot of rumors about the display screen that will occupy the entire (or very close to it) front of the iPhone 6. In such case, there will be almost no bezel. But the pictures of dummy phone of iPhone 6 show that the bezel looks as wide as 3 to 4mm, far beyond the goal of no bezel at all. The original iPhone cases of iPhone 6 haven’t been revealed yet, whatever it will be, the cases are necessary for the users, since it can protect the phone from scratching and breaking. As for the water proof feature, it’s still unknown yet, let’s wait and see whether the iPhone 6 will be able to become as water resistant as Samsung Galaxy S5. There is another similar solution: the mobile skins. The mobile skins are a thin adhesive layer of films which printed with custom patterns. It can be manually pasted on both the flat and curved surface of the iPhone 6 in order to achieve a unique decoration and protection effects. Compared with the iPhone cases, the mobile skins are much thinner, so that the mobile skins will be better for heat dissipate, especially when the back of the phone becomes hot.

Full-Disclosure: iPhone 6 dimension with only 7mm thickness