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Vol 5 No 50 May 2019


Dreams & Lullabies

The Awakening Photographer Yuliya Grigorieva Model Valeria Klyushina Makeup Artist Zoya Chinkova Hair Stylist Ekaterina Davydova

CONTRIBUTORS Monika Jakimiuk Jacqueline Lipp Julia Preobrazhenskaia Edison Ravelaz Anton Ryazanov


SALYSÉ Magazine is a photography magazine, featuring beauty, fashion, and conceptual art editorials.

We do not seek to define beauty with one narrow idea, but with myriad viewpoints Vintage is right next to emerging designers, who are right next to established designers. We are looking for creatives who push the envelope, take chances, and disregard the status quo. SALYSÉ Magazine is about sophistication, authenticity, with a touch of eccentricity. ---------FOLLOW LIKE SUBSCRIBE PURCHASE ---------Not just a magazine— a movement! © SALYSE, LLC All rights reserved.

Letter from the Editor Dear Salysians, Spring has finally sprung, and I could not be happier! It is my favorite time of year, when the flowers and trees start to blossom. It is not too hot, and not too cold. Perfect weather! No more bulky sweaters and heavy boots! I can wear my cute sandals and my feet can be free!! Enjoy the beauty of the season! Enjoy the May issues! Be well. Be kind. Be patient. As always, I hope you enjoy your escape! Hugs and Love, Sonya Alyse Lawyer SALYSÉ, Founder and Editor in Chief



Volume 5 Number 50 Table of Contents





May 2019 Dreams and Lullabies Not just a magazine— a movement! 136

The Awakening Photographer: Yuliya Grigorieva Model: Valeria Klyushina

Makeup Artist: Zoya Chinkova Hair Stylist: Ekaterina Davydova




Top: H&M Shorts: ROMWE Socks: Marmalato Shoes: H&M Earrings: AMARANT

Sweater: LYMI Pants: Zolla Trench: Mango Sneakers: Crosby Earrings: DVACAMAN



Hat: H&M Dress: AMAIA Socks: Zaporozhets Shoes: T-taccardi

Sweater: Fishka Dress: AMAIA Earrings: LNRRABC Scarf: Stylist’s Own, no label


10 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

Blouse: BeFree Pants: AMAIA Jacket: Zolla Earrings: AMARANT

11 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

12 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

13 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

14 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

15 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

16 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

Top: H&M Shorts: ROMWE Socks: Marmalato Shoes: H&M Earrings: AMARANT

17 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

18 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

19 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

20 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

21 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

HAZY Photographer Jacqueline Lipp

Model Soraya | Scout Model Agency Makeup Artist Sarah Gmür Wardrobe Stylist Marisa Fischer

22 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

23 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

24 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

Shirt: Mother of Pearl Earrings: Isabelle Hertzeisen

25 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

26 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

Shirt: Mother of Pearl Pants: Iro Earrings: Isabelle Hertzeisen

27 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

28 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

Shirt: Melanie Kunz Coat: Elsien Gringhuis

29 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

30 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

Dress: Mari les Blancs Top: Lu Couture Pullover: Manusha

31 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

Overall: Designer Remix Pullover: Aeydé

32 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

Pullover: Marques/Almeida Dress: Mari les blancs Shoes: Arkk

33 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

34 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

Shirt: Snite13 Pants: Samsoe/Samsoe Coat: MSCH Earrings: Glore Luzern Shoes: Dr. Martens

Shirt: Kings of Indigo Skirt: Mari les blancs Coat: Brixtol Shoes: Dr. Martens Earrings: Früh‘ling Luzern

35 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

Balance Photographer Edison Ravelaz

Model Haley Thonen | JE Model Management Makeup Artist China Obenchain Wardrobe Stylist Effie Goh Assistant Wardrobe Stylists Maelle Eugene Irena Green

36 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

37 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

Black Long Sleeve Top: Marc Jacobs White Dress by: Zhi Han Liu

38 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

39 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

40 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

Black Dress: Zara Blue Top: Karin Kate Wong Earrings: H&M

41 Blouse & Skirt: YoonSuk Lee


42 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

Blouse & Skirt: YoonSuk Lee

43 White Knitted Dress: Emma Xueling Cui Blue Knitted Top: Derek Lam


44 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

Brown Suede Dress: Zara Green and White Knitted Jumper: Andy Zhang Shoes: Zara Hat: Asos

Cream Leather Dress: Zara Brown Corduroy Pants: Zara White Textured Vest: Alexander Wang Shoes: Zara Cap: Asos

45 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

Golden Hour Photographer Monika Jakimiuk Model Oliwia Siemek | Anger Models Makeup Artist Daniel Nowak Hair Stylist Ilona Kulesza

46 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

47 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

48 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

Earrings: Lolita

49 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

50 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

51 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

52 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

53 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

54 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

55 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

56 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

57 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

58 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

59 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

GIA Photographer Julia Preobrazhenskaia

Model Alena Khudyakova @NAMES Makeup Artist Venera Kalaychieva Wardrobe Mayam Loft429

60 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

61 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

62 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

63 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

64 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

65 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

66 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

67 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

Oneself Photographer Anton Ryazanov Model Inga Chernova Makeup Artist Julia Ryazanova

68 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

69 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

70 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

71 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

72 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

73 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

74 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

75 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

76 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

77 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

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Vol 5 No 50 May 2019

SALYSÉ Dreams & Lullabies

Golden Hour Photographer Monika Jakimiuk


Model Oliwia Siemek Anger Models

Yuliya Grigorieva

Makeup Artist Daniel Nowak

Julia Preobrazhenskaia

Hair Stylist Ilona Kulesza

Jacqueline Lipp

Edison Ravelaz Anton Ryazanov

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SALYSÉ Magazine | Vol 5 : No 50 |MAY 2019  

A Fashion, Beauty, and Conceptual Art Photography Magazine

SALYSÉ Magazine | Vol 5 : No 50 |MAY 2019  

A Fashion, Beauty, and Conceptual Art Photography Magazine