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Vol 5 No 41 May 2019


Dreams & Lullabies

Cistus Skin Photographer f/ESTIVAL Model Asiamilo Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist Jochu Nicolรกs Fashion Designer Jara Morales

CONTRIBUTORS Eluvier Acosta Can Ahtam Valentin Alexandru Calinescu Jana Kukebal Iuliia Shcherbakova


SALYSÉ Magazine is a photography magazine, featuring beauty, fashion, and conceptual art editorials.

We do not seek to define beauty with one narrow idea, but with myriad viewpoints Vintage is right next to emerging designers, who are right next to established designers. We are looking for creatives who push the envelope, take chances, and disregard the status quo. SALYSÉ Magazine is about sophistication, authenticity, with a touch of eccentricity. ---------FOLLOW https://instagram.com/salysemagazine/ LIKE https://www.facebook.com/salysemagazine SUBSCRIBE http://issuu.com/salysemagazine PURCHASE http://www.magcloud.com/user/salysemagazine ---------Not just a magazine— a movement!

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Letter from the Editor Dear Salysians, Spring has finally sprung, and I could not be happier! It is my favorite time of year, when the flowers and trees start to blossom. It is not too hot, and not too cold. Perfect weather! No more bulky sweaters and heavy boots! I can wear my cute sandals and my feet can be free!! Enjoy the beauty of the season! Enjoy the May issues! Be well. Be kind. Be patient. As always, I hope you enjoy your escape! Hugs and Love, Sonya Alyse Lawyer SALYSÉ, Founder and Editor in Chief



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May 2019 Dreams and Lullabies Not just a magazine— a movement! 136

Cistus Skin Photographer & Retoucher: f/ESTIVAL Model: Asiamilo Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist: Jochu Nicolรกs Fashion Designer: Jara Morales

4 SALYSร‰ MAY 2019






10 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

11 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

12 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

13 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

14 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

15 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

16 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

17 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

My Favorite Glasses Photographer: Iuliia Shcherbakova

Model: Natalya Malyarova | Modus Vivendis Makeup Artist: Nastya Belochka Wardrobe Stylist: Lyuba Yan’kova

18 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

Top: Elmira Markes Sunglasses: Misha4sure and Wantitall Earrings: Lk.vintage

19 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

20 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

Sunglasses & Bodysuit: Moonmight Faux fur coat: U.Skin Ring: LK.vintage

Suit: Ansel Hats: Zara & Stradivarius Sunglasses: Wantitall

21 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

22 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

Sunglasses: Misha4sure Dress: Elmira Markes Earrings: Lk.vintage

23 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

24 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

25 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

26 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

Sunglasses: Moonmight Dress: Yana Besfamilnaya Earrings: LK.vintage

27 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

Livin Retro Photographer: Can Ahtam Model: Brittany Mason

Met up with Brittany around the 60s and 70s to shoot some stunning photos. Styled in vibrant colors and classic denim on denim looks that go along with the tones and the setup of our location from a bygone era.

28 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

29 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

30 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

31 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

32 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

33 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

34 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

35 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

36 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

37 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

T he Shape of Red Photographer: Valentin Alexandru Calinescu Model & Makeup Artist: Berta Laliu Assistant: Krystyna Varanka

38 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

39 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

40 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

Shirt: Cedar Wood State Lingerie: Missguided Accessories: TJMaxx Shoes: Primark

Hoodie: Bershka Boots: Forever 21 Accesories: Vintage, no label

41 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

42 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

Hoodie: Bershka Boots: Forever 21 Accesories: Vintage, no label

Dress: Vintage Shoes: Juicy by Juicy Couture Accessories: Primark

43 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

44 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

Rain Coat: New Look Accessories: TJMaxx Bra: Next Panties: H&M Boots: Forever 21

Shirt: H&M Lingerie: Missguided Accessories: TJMaxx Shoes: Primark

45 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

46 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

Blouse and belt: Bershka Shoes: Primark

Coat: Bershka Blouse: Bershka Lingerie: H&M Accessories: TJMaxx Boots: Forever 21

47 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

Celebration Photographer: Annabelle Reboli WB: @rebolix2 Makeup Artist: Tammi Marks McDonald IG: http://instagram.com/Beautyfull2bme FB: https://www.facebook.com/TammiMMmakeup WB: http://tammiMMmakeup.com TW: https://twitter.com/Beautyfull_Bty Female Model: Anastayscia WB: anastayscia Hair Stylist: Anna Lilijestrand

48 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

49 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

Metal & Mystique Photographer Eluvier Acosta

Model Kiki Landsbergen Agency Structure Model Management Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist Emilia Kuczma-Porębska Retoucher Tasha Marie Wardrobe Stylist Diana Jermann 50 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

Wardrobe Kate Hewko

Metal & Mystique

51 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

52 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

53 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

54 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

55 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

56 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

57 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

58 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

59 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

60 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

61 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

62 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

63 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

Oh.... Photographer Jana Kukebal

Model Sarah Bramley | Boss Model Agency Wardrobe Stylist Makeup Artist Hair Stylist Julia Jeckell Wardrobe Say Paloma

64 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

65 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

66 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

67 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

68 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

69 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

70 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

71 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

72 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

73 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

74 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

75 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

76 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

77 SALYSÉ MAY 2019

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Vol 5 No 41 May 2019

SALYSÉ Natural Nature

Oh... Photographer Jana Kukebal Model Sarah Bramley Boss Model Agency Makeup Artist Hair Stylist Wardrobe Stylist Julia Jeckell Wardrobe Say Poloma

CONTRIBUTORS Eluvier Acosta Can Ahtam Valentin Alexandru Calinescu f/ESTIVAL Iuliia Shcherbakova

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SALYSÉ Magazine | Vol 5 : No 41 | May 2019  

A Fashion, Beauty, and Conceptual Art Photography Magazine

SALYSÉ Magazine | Vol 5 : No 41 | May 2019  

A Fashion, Beauty, and Conceptual Art Photography Magazine