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SALYSÉ Volume 3: Number 58

December 2017

Glitz & Glam

FIELDS Photographer

Rex Yu Model

Jenna Tollefson Makeup Artist

CONTRIBUTORS Greg Alexander Simone Chiappinelli

Susie Salazar

Anna Konieczna


Japs Rodriguez

Destiny Tran

Tammy Novak Aaron Thibodeaux

SALYSÉ Magazine is a photography magazine, featuring beauty, fashion, and conceptual art editorials. We do not seek to define beauty with one narrow idea, but with myriad viewpoints Vintage is right next to emerging designers, who are right next to established designers. We are looking for creatives who push the envelope, take chances, and disregard the status quo. SALYSÉ Magazine is about sophistication, authenticity, with a touch of eccentricity. ---------FOLLOW LIKE SUBSCRIBE PURCHASE ---------Not just a magazine— a movement! © SALYSE, LLC All rights reserved.

Letter from the Editor Dear Salysians, What a year? We made it! We survived! Sixty Issues!! 60! Did you read all of them? Are you ready to begin a new year- a new chapter? What will the new year and the new volumes of SALYSÉ hold? As I drink my Honest Tea while putting the final touches on the largest issue that we have ever published, I peeled off the label to read: “Everything has beauty, but not everyone see it.” - Confucius Beauty? What is it? Who determines it? How does each person define it? Those are the questions that I continue to try to answer with every issue. And I hope to continue to answer with the new year. I am so thankful for today! I’m thankful for all of the amazing contributors who have entrusted me with their work and to show their BEAUTY to the world! What are you thankful for? Enjoy the “gifts” of the season! And know the most precious gift you can give someone is the gift of time! Enjoy the December issue! As always, I hope you enjoy your escape! Hugs and Love, Sonya Alyse Lawyer SALYSÉ, Founder and Editor in Chief



Volume 3: Number 58 Table of Contents







December 2017


Glitz & Glam Not just a magazine— a movement! 416





Photographer Rex Yu Model Jenna Tollefson Stylist Destiny Tran Makeup Artist Susie Salazar Company The Gypsy Shack 4 SALYSÉ DEC 2017


Meet Photographer Rex Yu How did you get started? Tell us a little about yourself. I originally started in event photography. I would do coverage of music events such as Hollywood’s Sunset Strip Music Event, Electric Daisy Carnival, Monster Massive, and Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak Tuesdays @ Cinespace. However, it wasn’t until this year that I have been pursuing fashion and I have fallen in love with putting together creative projects like this one.

Favorite color? I have so many these days, and I think it has to do with shooting fashion photography. I’ve come to appreciate all colors in the palette because of color theory and complimenting and juxtaposing the whole spectrum. But if I had to pick one, it would be Prussian blue.

What’s your theme song? I’m not sure if I have a theme song, but I like all songs by Tom Misch.

Favorite food/drink? I would have to say steak and Oban Scotch.

Favorite actor/actress? Christoph Waltz for his performance in Django and Inglourious Bastards.

Three adjectives to describe yourself. Ambitious, Grateful, and Original.

What person, living or dead, would you love to photograph? It would be a dream to photograph Charlize Theron.

Favorite superhero? Why? Wolverine, because he’s not a typically superhero, and he follows his own code of honor. Plus, he’s just a badass.

What do you enjoy the most about photography? There are a number of reasons why I enjoy photography, however one of the most enjoyable things about it is meeting people and experiencing things I wouldn’t have unless I was holding a camera. The collaborative aspect of doing fashion photography has been extremely rewarding because of the original content I get everytime when I sit down with a team to brainstorm concepts. It’s so awesome to see a team combine our energies to produce something fresh and original. What do you not enjoy about photography? Deadlines haha. Sometimes I don’t enjoy being in front of the computer for long hours at a time. People think being a photographer is sexy and cool and you’re traveling the world, but half the time you’re in front of a computer editing on a Wacom tablet. Reality and expectation don’t always meet in the scenario of a day in the life of a photographer. If you had the opportunity to meet any photographer, living or dead, who would it be? Nima Benati and Sue Bryce are some of my idols. 6 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

What country would you love to shoot in? Italy, no question, however Bali would be a close second. What is your idea of perfect happiness? I think perfect happiness is a fantasy, I’m a realist, I believe we can come super close to happiness, however we never are truly happy because we don’t truly know what we want in life. Jim Carrey has a great quote “Life opens up opportunities to you, you either take them, or you stay afraid of them”. Happiness to me is taking the opportunities that are presented and running with them without fear, once you’re fearless, then you can really reach for your potential. That’s happiness for me. Your zodiac sign? Aquarius What’s your favorite quote? You either pay for it on the front end or you pay for it on the backend, either way you’re gonna pay for it. Dream vacation you would like to take (or have taken)? Bali to shoot a campaign for a company/brand such as Lack of Color.

Favorite movie? Currently, it’s Atomic Blonde because of all the styling in the movie and amazing gel lighting techniques used to light a majority of the scenes.

What is your favorite word? Least favorite? Fuck. Offended. What was the last picture you took with your phone? A toilet lol. I’m currently renting out a room, so I’m putting up an ad. If you could have personally witnessed anything, what would you want to have seen? The arrival of 2 by 2 animals for Noah’s Ark. Guilty Pleasure? Hot Cheetos Last show you binge-watched? Stranger Things 2, but who didn’t’?! Last book you read? The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich Anything else you want the readers to know about you. I think the last 23 questions more info than I typically like to share, so I guess the last thing would be that I’m pretty private lol. Follow Rex on Social Media IG: @rex.shooter Website




Meet Stylist Destiny Tran How did you get started? Tell us a little about yourself. As a kid, I always loved watching classic movies and I fell in love with the timeless fashion that was worn in those movies. Only recently, I was given the opportunity to style one of my boyfriend’s fashion shoots and I realized how fun it was to be able to bring back Old Hollywood in the new age of ripped jeans and t-shirts. Three adjectives to describe yourself. Goofy, open-minded, and passionate. What do you enjoy the most about being a fashion stylist? Working with talented photographers, models, stylists, and makeup artists. Seeing how hardworking they are makes me want to step it up as well. I also get to shop without my boyfriend yelling at me that I’m shopping too much. What do you not enjoy about being a fashion stylist? Having a vision in my head of what I want a certain outfit to look like but not being able to find the right pieces to execute the project. Favorite designer? Why? I don’t have one favorite designer as I respect all designers and admire their creativity. I do notice that I’m attracted to timeless pieces that I can wear 20 years from now, like a Diane Von Furstenberg’s wrap dress. Favorite color? White, aqua, black, and mauve, just to name a few. Favorite food/drink? Vietnamese food and Vietnamese iced coffee.

10 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

What person, living or dead, would you love to style for? Hands down, Audrey Hepburn! What would you do? Wouldn’t you like to know ;) Speak it into existence, where do you see yourself in 5 years? Happy, healthy, and styling still! What is your idea of perfect happiness? Breakfast in bed, looking for inspiration through classic movies while cuddling with my French bulldog. Your zodiac sign? Aquarius What zodiac sign do you get along with the most? I get along with mostly everyone, but I guess other Aquarians the most. What’s your favorite quote? “Do what you love so that you don’t have to take a vacation from it.” Dream vacation you would like to take (or have taken)? Anywhere that doesn’t require me to wear 10 layers of clothes. What fashion trend do you love? Dresses with pockets. What fashion trend do you wish would die a slow, painful death? 90s platform shoes….esp. in white. Favorite movie? Funny Face Favorite actor/actress? Audrey Hepburn

Guilty Pleasure? Eating fast food in bed. Last show you binge-watched? Stranger Things! Last book you read? Merrill’s Radiographic Positioning and Procedures, it’s for school but quite interesting to learn how the human body works. Best gift you received or have given? My little French bulldog that I received as a gift from my boyfriend. Anything else you want the readers to know about you. I can do a great rendition of the “Lollipop Guild” dance from the Wizard Of Oz. Follow Destiny on Social Media Destinythi

11 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

12 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

13 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

Meet Model Jenna Tollefson How did you get started modeling? Tell us about yourself. I started modeling when I was a senior in high school at the age of 17. I had been scouted several times but was nervous to say yes! I’ve always wanted to be in front of the camera, ever since I was little. I was always dancing around, singing and posing for my dad’s video camera to whatever he played for me. Three adjectives to describe yourself. I feel that if one of my best friends were to describe me they would say I’m charismatic, fun, and friendly. What do you enjoy the most about modeling? If I had to choose one thing I liked the most about my experiences in modeling it would be meeting and being able to collaborate with all the different kinds of creative people in this industry.

Hometown Menifee, CA Favorite color? My favorite color would have to be a Tiffany blue. Favorite food? My favorite food is definitely pasta. What designer would you love to model/walk for? Why? There are so many designers I’d love to model/ walk for but to name my absolute dream come true would be Victoria’s Secret. They represent elegance, beauty and of course I️ know it’s a lot of hard work! To be able to put on a pair of wings and walk their runway show is something I strive to do. What photographer would you love to shoot with? Why? I would love more than anything if I was able to shoot with Mario Testino. His photos are breathtaking, very tasteful and he seems to be a great person to work with. 14 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

Speak it into existence, where do you see yourself in 5 years? In 5 years I see myself living in New York running my own successful line of clothing and traveling the world as often as possible. Dream vacation you would like to take (or have taken)? The first place on my list to visit is Norway! This is where my ancestors originated from so it’d be an amazing experience to get the chance to learn about them while being there too. Your zodiac sign? Happily a Virgo! Favorite actor/actress? I’ve always been a big fan of Rachel McAdams. The way she connects with the camera and audience is something I really admire and hope to be able to do someday also. Your idea of “happiness” and/or your idea of “misery” Being happy is a mindset. I find if you push to do at least one thing that you love everyday, big or small, in my opinion you’ll be happy! If you could learn to do anything, what would it be? If I could learn to do anything I’d want to learn to be an astronaut. Last show you binge-watched? The last show I binge watched was season 2 of Stranger Things...yes the whole season at once! Last book you read? The last book I read was The Alchemist.

Follow Jenna on Social Media @Jennakirstin

15 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

16 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

17 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

18 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

Meet Makeup Artist Susie Salazar How did you get started? Tell us a little about yourself. My love for makeup began in middle school. Graduated from MUB in Burbank in 2009. Been freelancing after that. Three adjectives to describe yourself. Free spirit and silly. What do you enjoy the most about being a MUA? Coming together with other creatives. What do you not enjoy about being a MUA?Washing brushes. Favorite color? Brown. Favorite food/drink? Coffee, coconut water, and raw fish (sushi) What person, living or dead, would you love to work with? What would you create? Currently, Annie Leibovitz. Create some epic stuff. Speak it into existence, where do you see yourself in 5 years? Paris/New York Fashion Week What is your idea of perfect happiness? Balance within oneself in every aspect. Your zodiac sign? Sagittarius What zodiac sign do you get along with the most? IDK; Taurus? What’s your favorite quote? “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” Dream vacation you would like to take (or have taken)? Roadtrip through Italy & France. What’s your theme song? “I Gotta Feeling” by The Black-Eyed Peas What make up trend do you love? Blurred/blurry lips. What make up trend do you wish would die a slow, painful death? Extreme contouring. What’s the best/worst gift you’ve ever given/received? My Mac Zuca bag. What product is in your kit that you can not live without? MAC Face and Body Foundation & Nude lipstick.

Favorite movie? Dumb and Dumber Favorite actor/actress? Julia Roberts Last book you read? 72 Names of God Guilty Pleasure? Chocolate & Shoes Last show you binge-watched? Stranger Things Anything else you want the readers to know about you. That I love everyone. Follow Susie on Social Media @mua.susie

19 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

20 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

21 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

22 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

23 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

24 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

25 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

26 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

27 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

Falls Memories Photographer Simone Chiappinelli Models Betty Amicucci Monica Carlone Serena Debianchi Anna Mancari Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist Valentina Cappelletti Makeup Artist Beatrice Roggero Stylist Alessandro Crivellaro

28 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

29 Dress: Berna



Faux fur: Betty & Co.; Tights Calzedonia.


Jacket: Vintage Annarita Mattei; Pants: PDK.




Jacket: Vintage Annarita Mattei; Pants: PDK.


Dress: Annarita Mattei; Vintage Necktie Men



34 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

35 Jacket: Blu Byblos; Shirt: Musette.


36 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

37 Kimono: Forever21; Bodysuit: Zaful.


Glam Street Photographer Aaron Thibodeaux Model Destiny ‘Ajali’ Vaca Makeup Artist Makeup By Giigiisbeauty Wardrobe Stylist Brittany Diego

38 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

39 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

40 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

41 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

42 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

43 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

44 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

Jumpsuit: Style Barre Collections; Necklace: NMD.

45 Dress: WOW Couture USA.


Paris Mon Amor Photographer Greg Alexander

Art Director Sebastien Vienne Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist Carine Larchet Model Samantha | Icon Milano Assistant Romane Sorin Wardrobe Patuna Couture

46 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

Top & shorts: The Flat Roof.

Production Méphistophélè

Jacket: Casa Viens; Skirt: Guell; Boots: Patuna.




Dress: Artigas Gardens.


Top & skirt: Church of Güell; Shoes Prada.




Top and skirt: Garden of Sculptures; Shoes: Prada.


Skirt & Turtle neck pullover: Passeig de Gracia; Shoes: Prada.



THE LAST PRINCESS Photographer Anna Konieczna

Model Karolina Karasiuk Makeup Artist Katarzyna Michalak Gowns Vintage & ADCL Necklace Stradivarius

52 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

53 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

54 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

55 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

56 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

57 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

58 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

59 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

Gracefully Yours Photographer Tammy Novak

Models Taylor Cristo Jazmyn Dorsett | The Campbell Agency Quiggle Ignacio Cheyenne Jennings | Directions Models USA Makeup Artists Lana Adams Gary Parson Wardrobe Stylists Alaina Miller Loren Thompson

60 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

61 Red tulle dress: Nha Khanh



Black ruffle dress: Ivory Couture Clothing; Shoes: Montaigne Paris.


Gold sequin dress: Ivory Couture Clothing; Shoes: Michael Kors.



64 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

Gold sequin dress: Ivory Couture Clothing.

65 Silver sequin dress: Ivory Couture Clothing.


66 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

Green satin dress: Nha Khanh.

67 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

68 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

Black ruffle dress: Ivory Couture Clothing.

69 Black sequin dress: Ivory Couture Clothing; Strappy heels: Steve Madden.


70 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

Twobirds Oyster Convertible Gown

Denim Comfort Photographer Nadya Fonkatz Models Alina Maria Producer Hair & Makeup Artist Stylist Katy Taurel

71 SALYSÉ DEC 2017


Red and gold lace dress: Binzario; Shoes: Sam Edelman.


73 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

Fetish for My Love Photographer Japs Rodriguez

Makeup Artist Natasha Warren Wardrobe Stylist Leroy Lorenzo Models Em-jay | Chadwick and ZAAR Josh Slade | Chadwick 74 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

75 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

76 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

On Em-Jay: Suspenders & Dress: SIYONA; Earrings: H&M; Rings - Colette On Joshua: Tie: SIYONA; Blazer, Shirt & Pants: Jade Guerin.



78 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

79 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

80 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

81 SALYSÉ DEC 2017


Jacket & Pants: Ebony Lee; Belt: SIYONA.


83 SALYSÉ DEC 2017


On Em-Jay: Gown: SIYONA; Earrings: H&M; Rose Gold Bracelet: Bulgari; Leather Bangle: Honey Birdette; Boots - Wittner Necklace On Joshua: Jacket & Pants: Ebony Lee; Shoes: Da Vinci.


85 SALYSÉ DEC 2017


On Em-Jay: Jacket, Top & Skirt: SIYONA; Earrings: H&M; Necklace & Boots: Zara; Rings: Lovisa. On Joshua: Suspenders: Albert Thurston; Leather Bangle: Honey Birdette; Choker: SIYONA; Necklace: Lovisa; Shoes: Florsheim.


87 SALYSÉ DEC 2017

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SALYSÉ Volume 3: Number 60

December 2017


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SALYSÉ Magazine | Vol 3: No 58 | December 201  

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