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SALYSÉ Volume 3: Number 51


November 2017

The Denim Issue

Nadya Fonkatz Models

Alina & Maria Hair & Makeup Artist

Katy Taurel

CONTRIBUTORS Celeste Fabbris Ivan Kopchenov Tracey Lea Hamza Mejri

SALYSÉ Magazine is a photography magazine, featuring beauty, fashion, and conceptual art editorials. We do not seek to define beauty with one narrow idea, but with myriad viewpoints Vintage is right next to emerging designers, who are right next to established designers. We are looking for creatives who push the envelope, take chances, and disregard the status quo. SALYSÉ Magazine is about sophistication, authenticity, with a touch of eccentricity. ---------FOLLOW LIKE SUBSCRIBE PURCHASE ---------Not just a magazine— a movement! © SALYSE, LLC All rights reserved.

Letter from the Editor Dear Salysians, Put on your favorite pair of jeans. Go for a walk. Enjoy the beautiful colors and cooler temperatures of the autumn season. Make your favorite cup of coffee (or tea). Enjoy the November issue! As always, I hope you enjoy your escape! Hugs and Love, Sonya Alyse Lawyer SALYSÉ, Founder and Editor in Chief



Volume 3: Number 51 Table of Contents







November 2017


The Denim Issue Not just a magazine— a movement! 270


Monday Blue Photographer Celeste Fabbris

Model Roman Kozak | Joy Wardrobe Stylist Martina Bentivogli


Shirt and Cardigan: H&M.

5 Pullover ZARA; Trousers: Stylist’s Own; Socks: Stylist’s Own; Shoes: CAMPER; Glasses: GUCCI.





Sweater H&M; Jeans: ZARA: Socks: Stylist’s Own; Shoes ALL STAR.


Turtleneck: H&M; Jacket: Stylist’s Own; Trousers: Stylist’s Own; Socks: Stylist’s Own; Shoes: CAMPER; Glasses: GUCCI.



10 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

11 Sweater and Jacket: H&M.


12 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

13 Pullover and Trousers: H&M.


Natasha Photographer Ivan Kopchenov

Female Model Natasha Vlasova

14 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

15 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

16 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

17 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

18 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

19 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

20 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

21 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

22 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

23 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

24 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

25 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

Haunting Love Photographer Tracey Lea

Model Rachael Lawless | Not Another Agency, Dublin, Ireland Hair & Makeup Artist Tee Elliott Millinery Niamh Tierney Wardrobe Leggera Nell’Aria Stylist Thabi Nkoala

26 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

27 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

28 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

29 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

30 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

31 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

32 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

33 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

34 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

35 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

MERMAID JOURNEY Photographer Hamza Mejri Model Kenza Chiha Hair & Makeup Artist Oussema Souli Wardrobe Stylist & Fashion Designer Moka Cioccolatah

36 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

37 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

38 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

39 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

40 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

41 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

42 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

43 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

Bil y Liar

44 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

Photographer & Makeup Artist Miles Marie Models Corey Bartos Justin Erion Assistants Willa Rae Jason Stollsteimer

45 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

46 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

47 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

48 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

49 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

50 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

51 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

52 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

53 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

Denim Comfort Photographer Nadya Fonkatz Models Alina Maria Producer Hair & Makeup Artist Stylist Katy Taurel

54 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

55 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

56 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

Twobirds Oyster Convertible Gown

57 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

58 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

59 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

Meet Photographer Nadya Fonkatz How did you get started? Tell us a little about yourself. I have a B.Ed in Cinema and Mass Media and I’m an art school graduate. Four years ago I left a job in a hightech company and followed my passion, I got myself a simple DSLR and went to study photography, because I needed someone to explain me how to operate the camera. Three adjectives to describe yourself. Spontaneous, professional, funny What do you enjoy the most about photography? Improvising and searching; translating a story into pictures. What do you not enjoy about photography? Shooting professional models, there is something very predictable about it. Favorite color? Green and turquoise Favorite food/drink? Any traditional home cooked food, Water What person, living or dead, would you love to photograph? Pablo Picaso, Leni Riefenstahl, Tilda Swinton, David Bowie, and Tom Waits What country would you love to shoot in? Armenia, Iceland, and Cuba What is your idea of perfect happiness? To be surrounded by the loved ones and to work with genius team, and enjoy the process. Your zodiac sign? Aries Dream vacation you would like to take (or have taken)? Armenia and Georgia What’s your theme song? I don’t have one. If you had the opportunity to meet any photographer, living or dead, who would it be? Arno Milkilen 60 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

Favorite movie? Big Lebowski, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Fisherman King, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Favorite actor/actress? Tilda Swinton, Jeff Bridges Favorite superhero? Why? Bruce Willis, The world will not be the same without him. What is your favorite word? Least favorite? Don’t have them. What was the last picture you took with your phone? Of my last set for shooting. If you could have personally witnessed anything, what would you want to have seen? Landing on a different planet, to be on a set of some great photo/movie/music production. Guilty Pleasure? Dark chocolate and peanut butter Last show you binge-watched? The Legion Last book you read? Viktor Pelevin “Omon Rah”, currently reading Abraham Verghese “Cutting for stone” Anything else you want the readers to know about you. That I’m much happier today than I was before :)

Follow Nadya on Social Media FB: Fonky Studio IG: @fonky_photography

61 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

62 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

63 Twobirds Oyster Convertible Gown


Meet Model Alina Petrenko How did you get started modeling? Tell us about yourself. Actually, this is the first time I’m modeling, but I like standing in front of the camera since I was young.

What’s your favorite quote? “In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take” -Lewis Carroll

Three adjectives to describe yourself. Positive, Confident and Creative.

What’s your theme song? R U Mine – Arctic Monkeys

What do you enjoy the most about modeling? The thing I enjoy the most is having the ability to express myself through the camera.

What is your favorite body part? Eyes

What do you not enjoy about modeling? The thing I least enjoy is sitting static and steady for a long period while getting my hair and makeup done. Favorite color? Red. The color of passion. Favorite food? Sushi What designer would you love to model/walk for? Why? Ralph Lauren, I just like his designs. Speak it into existence, where do you see yourself in 5 years? I see myself working in an IT industry, after B.Sc. Dream vacation you would like to take (or have taken)? I would like to travel to Asia with my best friend. Your zodiac sign? Gemini Favorite superhero? Why? Iron man, Because he made himself a superhero. What person, living or dead, do you admire the most? Why? Walt Disney, Because of his great contribution to the movie industry. 64 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

What do you do when you are not modeling? I’m working as an IT engineer in a large governmental company. Favorite movie? Grease Favorite actor/actress? Emilia Clarke Your idea of “happiness” and/or your idea of “misery” My idea of happiness is knowing how to stay positive even on a gray day. If you could learn to do anything, what would it be? If I could, I would learn as many languages as possible. Guilty Pleasure? Dark chocolate Last show you binge-watched? “Game of Thrones” Last book you read? The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes

Follow Alina on Social Media IG: @alinanp6

65 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

66 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

Meet Model Maria How did you get started modeling? Tell us about yourself. I started modeling when I was 15. I went to a Theatre of Fashion, the place for kids and teens where we learn how to sew, design and model. We had many competitions in which we represented collections sewed and designed by us or a professional designer. Certainly it was one of the memorable experiences in my life. Three adjectives to describe yourself. Adventures, risk-taken, good hearted What do you enjoy the most about modeling? A possibility to try on different roles, to play with it and of course a beauty aspect of it. What do you not enjoy about modeling? Washing off the beauty that took hours to put on. Favorite color? Olive Favorite food? Italian

What’s your theme song? Reamonn’s “Supergirl” What is your favorite body part? Lower back What do you do when you are not modeling? I work at the Rehabilitation and Treatment center, helping women reconnect with their children. I am also a dancer in Carmela Dance Group, performing modern dance around Israel. If you could learn to do anything, what would it be? You know those people who know to say right things at the right time? Like in the movies, I would want to learn that. To be insightful. Guilty Pleasure? Belgium Waffle with an ice cream once in a while. Last book you read? Elisabeth Haich’s Initiation

What designer would you love to model/walk for? Why? Oscar De La Renta. His contribution to female fashion is legend. I love to feel elegant and feminine with a touch of secret. Dream vacation you would like to take (or have taken)? Dream vocation is the one with loved ones around even the place doesn’t matter. But it wouldn’t hurt to lay down at the beach of Maldives right now.

Follow Maria on Social Media IG: @maria_al_rud

Your zodiac sign? Capricorn What’s your favorite quote? It doesn’t matter what happened to you, matter is what you do with it. 67 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

Meet Hair & Makeup Artist Hometown: Born in Caracas, Venezuela Live in Ramat Gan, Israel How did you get started? Tell us a little about yourself. My Story I am a makeup artist with more than ten years of international experience in the beauty, fashion, photography, and events industry. I also teach makeup and style workshops do hairstyling and fashion production. I love working with Brides. I also spend most of my time in the beauty and fashion world. As part of Photo shoots; fashion, productions, lectures and special events. I was born in beautiful Venezuela, where being pretty and looking perfect is a crucial part of our culture. I grew up between visits with my mom to the hair salon, my family’s suit factory and my beautiful community where I danced Israeli folk dances since I was four. My passion for beauty started at a very young age when I started walking around my family’s clothing factory and playing as a “fashion designer”. Then when I was eight years old, I began to have a skin discoloration know as vitiligo. It was very noticeable on my eyelids and legs. While searching for many treatments my doctor suggested makeup, and that was the best gift I ever got! I started searching and researching for the best makeup to cover my vitiligo and look “perfect” and slowly my love for makeup grew into a passion. A few years passed, and I was 18 years old studying fashion design and photography. Often I visited the MAC counter for new makeup inspiration, until one day when I was twenty I thought “I am here so much maybe I’ll just ask for a job”. They told me that I need to be a makeup artist. I studied with one of the makeup artists for the beauty queens (a big thing in Venezuela) and started my way into the makeup world. Ten years passed since then, and I am still in love with makeup and fashion. I now live in Ramat Gan, work as a freelancer for fashion shoots, bridal makeup, boudoir, and workshops. I Produce international photo shoots and enjoy every moment.

And this is the ABOUT me that I am using in my media lately: Katy Taurel, is 30 years old, originally from Venezuela. Is a makeup artist, hair stylist and fashion producer with over 10 years of experience, who aspires to meet more and more strong and ambitious ladies who are changing the world through their inner strength, intelligence, brightness and natural beauty. Katy believes that inner strength come across all aspects of life and aspires to fine tune and reduce the gap these leading ladies face by creating alignment between the inner presence and their outer presence; whether through her training on “how to look fabulous in 5 minutes” incorporated into their daily routine, or whether it is through standing out at a special event and allowing their radiance and beauty illuminate the space before they speak a word. Katy comes in and within an hour she works her magic, disguising signs of fatigue, lines, and wrinkles and enhancing the inner light and features which define and bring out the qualities of a woman’s inspirational personality. Teaching every woman tools and techniques she can use to enhance her natural beauty just as she is, an expression of her captivating personality – in just 5 minutes!

Katy Taurel Three adjectives to describe yourself. Passionate, Perfectionist, Poised What do you enjoy the most about being a HMUA? Helping Women to create a balance between who they are and how they look. So they are as beautiful on their looks as they are on the inside. What do you not enjoy about being a HMUA? Trying to convince a beautiful woman that she really is beautiful.

What zodiac sign do you get along with the most? Everyone What’s your favorite quote? “Life is not about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself.” Dream vacation you would like to take (or have taken)? California with my family - All around, Hollywood, Disneyland, Palo alto, San Francisco, and sky in Lake Tahoe.

Other than yourself, favorite make up artist? Why? Netta Szekely - Israeli MAC Senior Artist - because she is extremely talented creative and a great Mom.

What’s your theme song? “Don’t Stop Believing” - Journey

Favorite color? Purple, Rose Gold

What make up trend do you wish would die a slow, painful death? Drag like makeup: Extreme conturing, heavy eyeliners and thick matte layers.

Favorite food/drink? Pasta, Rose Wine What or who inspires you? Creating balance in the beauty of the inside and the beauty of the looks. Teaching other woman to do it as well. If you could have anyone be your mentor in the industry, who would it be? Alex Box What person, living or dead, would you love to work with? What would you create? Marilyn Monroe. A video telling woman what real beauty is. Speak it into existence, where do you see yourself in 5 years? Having a successful studio where women can come to create beauty. What is your idea of perfect happiness? Family work Balance Your zodiac sign? Sagitario

What make up trend do you love? Strobing

What hair trend do you love? Glam waves What hair trend do you wish would die a slow, painful death? Super sleek flat hair What’s the best/worst gift you’ve ever given/received? A wooden hen that someone gave me for my wedding. What product is in your kit that you can not live without? Face and body Foundation by MAC My Airbrush Kit by Temptu Favorite movie? Fiddler on the Roof Favorite actor/actress? Robbie Williams Last book you read? Yeah Baby by Jillian Michaels Guilty Pleasure? Melted Cheese

Last show you binge-watched? Orange is the New Black Anything else you want the readers to know about you. I love my family, without their support I will be nothing. My parents, My siblings, My husband David who is one of the most inspiring Artists I have ever met, My son Leon who always make me smile. And all the woman in my Family that inspire me to bring more beauty into the world every day! Thanks for this amazing opportunity!

Follow Katy on Social Media IG: @katytc Facebook KatyTaurelMakeupHair/ Facebook Group katytaurel/ Website:

70 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

71 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

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SALYSÉ Volume 3: Number 51

November 2017


The Denim Issue Safe & Sound Model


Wardrobe Stylist

Jialu Chen


Qingpin “Thea” Zang

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SALYSÉ Magazine | Vol 3: No 51 | November 2017  
SALYSÉ Magazine | Vol 3: No 51 | November 2017  

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