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SALYSÉ Volume 3: Number 47

November 2017

The Denim Issue

An Indigo Day Photographer

Emma May Model

Camille Valverde Fashion Stylist

Nathalie Descombes

CONTRIBUTORS Yulia Garkushina Alba Gesti Elizabeth Grace Bernard Holdys Greta Larosa Fausto Olivo Kenn Perry

SALYSÉ Magazine is a photography magazine, featuring beauty, fashion, and conceptual art editorials. We do not seek to define beauty with one narrow idea, but with myriad viewpoints Vintage is right next to emerging designers, who are right next to established designers. We are looking for creatives who push the envelope, take chances, and disregard the status quo. SALYSÉ Magazine is about sophistication, authenticity, with a touch of eccentricity. ---------FOLLOW LIKE SUBSCRIBE PURCHASE ---------Not just a magazine— a movement! © SALYSE, LLC All rights reserved.

Letter from the Editor Dear Salysians, Put on your favorite pair of jeans. Go for a walk. Enjoy the beautiful colors and cooler temperatures of the autumn season. Make your favorite cup of coffee (or tea). Enjoy the November issue! As always, I hope you enjoy your escape! Hugs and Love, Sonya Alyse Lawyer SALYSÉ, Founder and Editor in Chief



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November 2017


The Denim Issue Not just a magazine— a movement! 72




ICE Photographer Greta Larosa Female Model Greta | The Lab Models Makeup Artist Francesca Vinciguerra







Top: Brandy

10 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

Lingerie: Verdissima

11 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

District 12

Photographer Retoucher Body Paint Fausto Olivo Model Paige LaRae Makeup Artist Gypsy Freeman

12 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

13 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

14 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

15 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

16 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

17 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

18 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

19 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

The Garden Photographer Alba Gesti Model Maria Mendoza Makeup Artist Esther Carbonell Fashion Designer Mikimono

21 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

22 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

23 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

24 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

25 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

Serge de NĂŽmes Photographer Elizabeth Grace

Model Seraphina Llessur Wardrobe Stylist Grammar Company Nail Artist Jessica Warzyniak

26 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

27 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

28 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

29 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

30 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

31 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

32 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

33 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

34 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

35 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

36 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

37 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

38 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

39 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

Ginger Flavor Photographer Yulia Garkushina Model Daria Shilova

40 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

41 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

42 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

43 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

44 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

45 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

46 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

47 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

48 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

49 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

An Indigo Day

Photographer Emma May Model Camille Valverde Wardrobe Stylist Nathalie Descombes 50 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

51 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

52 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

53 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

54 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

55 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

56 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

57 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

58 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

Meet Model Camille Valverde Hometown Meylan, France

What’s your theme song? Donna Summer’s “On the Radio”

How did you get started modeling? Tell us about yourself. Being a model was my dream when I was a little girl, it’s an amazing experience.

What is your favorite body part? Eyes

Three adjectives to describe yourself. Unpredictable Funny Mysterious

What do you do when you are not modeling? Nothing, because I’m a full-time model. Favorite movie? Into the Wild

What do you enjoy the most about modeling? The diversity of the characters I must embody.

Favorite actor/actress? Angelina Jolie

What do you not enjoy about modeling? Nothing.

Your idea of “happiness” and/or your idea of “misery” My idea of misery: loneliness

Favorite color? Green.

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be? Learn to dance.

Favorite food? Pizza

Guilty Pleasure? Chocolate

What designer would you love to model/walk for? Why? Victoria’s Secret... because it’s an amazing show, the best I have ever seen ! Sure.

Last show you binge-watched? Viking, the TV series

What photographer would you love to shoot with? Why? Karl Lagerfeld... he is a legend ! Speak it into existence, where do you see yourself in 5 years? I do not know... I do not even know where I’ll be tomorrow! Dream vacation you would like to take (or have taken)? Bora Bora Your zodiac sign? Gemini

Last book you read? L’idéal - Frédéric Beigbeder Anything else you want the readers to know about you? I’m very simple, I don’t forget where I come from and I think it’s important to believe in yourself because you can be what you want to be. Follow Camille on Social Media Instagram : camillevalverde Facebook : Camille Valverde Model Snapchat : camvalverd

Favorite superhero? Why? Catwoman. She is strong and sexy. What person, living or dead, do you admire the most? Why? Marylin Monroe. She had a difficult life but she was successful. What’s your favorite quote? “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

59 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

60 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

61 SALYSÉ NOV 2017


Nude Bodysuit: Wolford; Jeans : Diesel


Meet Photographer Emma May Hometown Saint Etienne, next to Lyon, France How did you get started? Tell us a little about yourself. I’m 33 and I live in the region of Lyon, France. The art of photography has always been enthralling to me – my grandfather was also a photographer and I remember having spent magical moments staring at the process of silver photography in his lab when I was a kid. A few years ago, I became a model before I wished to create my own pictures and now I’m on the other side of the camera, finally fulfilling my artistic desire. Three adjectives to describe yourself. Dreamy, passionate, and happy! What do you enjoy the most about photography? I’m far from having tested everything in this so very huge field that the art of photography is! But my area of expertise is definitely around models, especially with natural-light portraits. What do you not enjoy about photography? To make a decent living out of it. Apart from the technical skills that are compulsory, you also need to know how to communicate and be a good salesman. And that is far from easy, especially in such a competitive environment that has become so popular. Favorite color? Rainbow! Favorite food/drink? Salmon/Mojito What person, living or dead, would you love to photograph? Monica Bellucci ... What an amazing woman! She IS the perfect and absolute sensuality.

What country would you love to shoot in? Cuba! For colorful streets, amazing faces, and music everywhere.

What is your favorite word? Least favorite? My motto? Simply live your life with passion. I’m really deeply passionate!

What is your idea of perfect happiness? To be positive and to move forward. To be surrounded with the right persons is important for me (professional relationships, friends and family ). And in my idea of perfect happiness, I would also like to be surrounded by lots of cats and live next to the sea, enjoying sunny days and organizing photoshoots again and again...

What was the last picture you took with your phone? One of my cats, sleeping on my pillow.

Your zodiac sign? Taurus What’s your favorite quote? “I would rather die of passion than of boredom.” ( Emile Zola ) Dream vacation you would like to take (or have taken)? Always Cuba, especially for its colors I said before ...I went there last year and it was so amazing... I’ve been traveling a lot, and I don’t want to stop! I really enjoy meeting new people/places. What’s your theme song? “Imagine“ by John Lennon. A song full of dreams/peace/love... If you had the opportunity to meet any photographer, living or dead, who would it be? Paolo Roversi Favorite movie? Intouchables (French movie, US remake is The Upside)

If you could have personally witnessed anything, what would you want to have seen? After intense and unexpected rainfall in the north of Chile, parts of the usually arid Atacama desert turning into a carpet of flowers... I imagine you already saw these amazing pictures... I would love to witness this rare and incredible show. Guilty Pleasure? Cheese and chocolate... Last show you binge-watched? Orange is the New Black I couldn’t stop watching this series !!! Last book you read? Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden. Anything else you want the readers to know about you. Did I tell you I ‘m really in love with cats ??? Am I a little bit obsessed for you ??

Follow Emma on Social Media IG: @emma_may_photographies Website

Favorite actor/actress? Vincent Cassel/Monica Bellucci Favorite superhero? Why? Catwoman ... who else ??

63 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

Meet Fashion Stylist Hometown Grenoble, France

Favorite food/drink? French Cheese. French Cheese is Life.

How did you get started? Tell us a little about yourself. I’m born loving arts. Seriously, one of the first thing I’ve made in my life was to take a pen and draw. I grew up discovering all form of Arts, and when I was 20, I entered a French fashion school. Then, I met a photographer who proposed me to style his fashion shooting. I felt more and more passionate about styling and/or directing fashion projects, so when I was 23 I decided to work freelance, as a Fashion Stylist & Image Consultant.

What person, living or dead, would you love to style for? What would you do? I always dreamed of styling an old, strong and charismatic woman. I wish I could create an artistic project with iconic women as the late Simone Veil...

Three adjectives to describe yourself. Passionate – Creative – Curious What do you enjoy the most about being a fashion stylist? More than being a fashion stylist, I love building projects that ask me to work as an Artistic Director: I’m an Art lover above all, and the most important and amazing thing for me is to tell stories. Creating universes, offering dreams, asking questions about beauty and life, playing chameleon to express a million different feelings… that’s what I enjoy the most about Fashion, and more generally, about Art. What do you not enjoy about being a fashion stylist? Being considered only as a closet. Fashion Stylists are often so much more than what we think. As the Muah artists, we’re often hidden behind the Models and Photographers whereas our work includes the artistic direction created all together. It’s driving me crazy when a magazine or a model only mention the photographer on the pictures. Photography is a real and hard work, but concerning fashion shooting, the fashion stylist’s and the muah’s work is still the base standing of the shooting. Favorite designer? Why? There are so much designer I admire… Yamamoto, Kawakubo, Margiela, Iris Van Herpen, Givenchy… But if I had to choose only one right now it would be Ann Demeulemeester. It is the first cloth of designer I offer myself. Her universe is so closed to my interior one. I love the way she plays with darkness and light, the paradoxe she puts in her looks between sweet melancholy and poetic provocation. Her work is so subtle, sophisticated and pure at the same time, so fragile and so strong. Favorite color? Prussian Blue (« Bleu de Prusse » in french) 64 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

Speak it into existence, where do you see yourself in 5 years? The fact is that I have so many dreams, passions and ambitions that I can see myself in a million kind of lives in 5 years! Despite the fact that I appreciate to have the control of my life, I also enjoy being surprised and I try to keep myself open to opportunities. The only thing I’m sure is that I want love, in my personal and professional life, as much as I have right now, I just want to feel love everywhere I go! What is your idea of perfect happiness? In my mind, happiness is all about balance: once you found the perfect link between your professional, love, family and interior lives, you’re invincible. I think happiness is to suddenly look at your life and deeply feel you are in the right place. Your zodiac sign? Taurus What zodiac sign do you get along with the most? Thanks god I don’t have to choose people around me for their zodiac sign, because I just have no idea of what they are! What’s your favorite quote? “Il n’y a pas de hasard, il n’y a que des rendez-vous” by Paul Eluard (french poet) Translation: “There is no coincidence, there are only rendezvous.” Dream vacation you would like to take (or have taken)? I’m a huge traveler, and I’m completely in love with Nordic countries. My biggest dream is to take a long road trip through Iceland and Norway.

Nathalie Descombes What’s your theme song? No. I just can’t choose one song. I love music so much it is just impossible. Moreover, I recognize myself a lot in Agnes Obel and Lorde’s music. Their sound deeply inspires me. Deal with it. What fashion trend do you love? As a Yamamoto & Demeulemeester fan, I’m an eternal black addict. Black is the ultimate and undying fashion trend in my mind. Also, I thank fashion for bringing us back the XXL pullover trend for this winter. What fashion trend do you wish would die a slow, painful death? The old legging trend. Seriously girls, stop it. More seriously, I don’t think there really are some “bad trends”. You can wear anything you want if it fits your body and your personality. Fashion rules are so relative… They shouldn’t keep you from expressing yourself. Favorite movie? Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind by Michel Gondry, Lost in Translation by Sofia Coppola, Her by Spike Jones… As same as music, there are so many movies I’m in love with, you can’t ask me to choose only one!

Guilty Pleasure? I can’t resist buying myself new clothes when my wallet is empty… RIP sweet wallet. Last show you binge-watched? I’m kind of addicted to Netflix but the last show I really binge-watched was the last season of Orange is the New Black. Last book you read? A psychology book, my mind doesn’t know how to rest. Best gift you received or have given? The Koala Kigurumi my man offered me for cold times… so cute and warm! Anything else you want the readers to know about you. Let’s keep a little mystery after all this information which has already escaped from myself… Follow Nathalie on Social Media Facebook: /nathaliedescombesstyle/ Instagram: @nathalie_descombes Twitter: n_descombes Website

Favorite actor/actress? You may think I’m an undecided person but… how can I choose just one of those stuff when there are so many wonderful things and people to love in the world! Well, curiously, I don’t have favorite actors. But there’s a lot of actresses I like, as Cate Blanchett, Eva Green, Kate Winslet, Kirsten Dunst… They are all pretty different but they have one thing in common: they are clever and strong women. If you could throw any kind of party, what would it be like and what would it be for? My favorite parties are the simple ones, with my close friends, talking during hours. I like planning small but cute parties for them, decorating, cooking and playing good music, with no special occasion, just for the enjoyment to be together.

65 SALYSÉ NOV 2017


Shorts: Paige; Panties : Calvin Klein; Black lace Crop Top: Anine Bing; Shirt (on head): G-Star.


67 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

68 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

The Book I Read Photographer Kenn Perry Wardrobe Stylist Eureka E. Calhoun Model Christine Burns | Kim Dawson Agency Makeup Artist Teresa Luz

69 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

70 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

71 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

72 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

73 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

74 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

75 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

76 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

77 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

78 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

79 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

80 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

81 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

Sabina Anna Photographer Bernard Holdys Model Sabina Jakubowicz Agency Specto Models Makeup Katarzyna Brzezinska Hair Stylist Patryk Nadolny Stylist Ed Straight Retoucher Paulina Piech 82 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

83 Carmen Marc Valvo Ombre Sequin Gown


84 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

85 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

86 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

87 SALYSÉ NOV 2017

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November 2017


The Denim Issue Safe & Sound Model


Wardrobe Stylist

Jialu Chen


Qingpin “Thea” Zang

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SALYSÉ Magazine | Vol 3: No 47 | November 2017  
SALYSÉ Magazine | Vol 3: No 47 | November 2017  

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