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SALYSÉ Volume 4: Number 32

May 2018

The Decades

Fake Skin Photographer Aditya Kendale Model Svetlana Walden Makeup Artist Kabir Khan Wardrobe Stylist Barnali Pegu


CONTRIBUTORS Peter Mac Joao Duque Kevin Alina Rinaldo O’Dwyer Marcello Rapallino Marcin Stróż Oren Siddo Gautier Van Allison Lieshout Sowle

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Letter from the Editor Dear Salysians, What decade is your favorite? What is old, is now new. What is new, used to be old. In the May issues, we hope you will find an editiorial that inspires you, or an editorial that makes you reminisce with a smile, or one that makes you question what the future of fashion holds. Enjoy the May issues! As always, I hope you enjoy your escape! Hugs and Love, Sonya Alyse Lawyer SALYSÉ, Founder and Editor in Chief



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May 2018


The Power of Movement Not just a magazine— a movement! 20




Fake Skin Photographer Aditya Kendale Makeup Artist Kabir Khan Model Svetlana Walden Wardrobe Stylist Barnali Pegu




7 Dress: Stylist’s own, Shoes: Forever21



Pant suit: Zara, Pvc Jacket: Zara Shoes: Forever21


10 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

11 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

12 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

Hooded Jacket: Zara Shoes: Forever21

13 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

14 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

Top and Skirt: Stylist’s own Shoes: Forever21

15 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

16 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

Pants: Stylist’s own Top: H&M Cap: Forever21 Shoes: DKNY

17 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

18 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

19 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

20 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

Shorts: Zara Top: Stylist’s own Jacket: Stylist’s own Shoes: Forever21

21 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

Lola Photographer Kevin Rinaldo Model Stephanie Garcia | VIP Models Makeup Artist Angeline Aron Hair Stylist Sabrina Bedjaoui Wardrobe Stylist Lucia Wegier Creative Director Hajar Raoui

22 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

23 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

24 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

Striped PJ Shirt: Reclaimed Vintage Inspired Roll Neck Long Sleeve Bodysuit: PrettyLittleThing Window Checked Slouch Trousers: Topshop Pointed Mule Flats: Asos Siesta

25 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

26 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

Stripe Shirt With Ring Back Detail: Mango Curved Wide-leg Trousers: COS Tailored Coat: Miss Selfridge Pointed Mule Flats: Asos Siesta Metallic handle bag: Mango

27 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

28 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

Floral High Neck Top: Y.A.S Belted Wide Leg Trousers: Topshop

29 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

30 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

Checked Blazer and Shorts: Zara Fishnet Ankle Socks: Topshop Flat Shoes: Mango

31 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

32 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

Tailored Collumn Pencil Skirt in Houndstooth Check: ASOS TALL Boyfriend Shirt With Sports Stripe Sleeve: Plain Studios Roll-Neck Merino Jumper: COS Pleated Waiscoat: Zara Block Heel Western Boots: River Island

33 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

34 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

35 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

36 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

37 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

The Casual Photographer Peter Mac Model Clodie Gauthier | Next Model Management Makeup Artist hiba mazahreh zananiri Wardrobe Stylist Oh My! Glam Studio

38 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

39 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

40 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

41 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

42 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

43 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

44 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

45 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

Full Color Photographer Marcin Strรณz

Model Aleksandra Szwed

Makeup Artist Monika Kozakiewicz Hair Stylist Patryk Nadolny Wardrobe Stylist Fashion Designer Mikaela Sandell

46 SALYSร‰ MAY 2018

47 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

48 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

Tassel top: 1683atelier Bag: Lulu Guiness Trousers: Balenciaga Shoes: Zara

Skirt and Corset: Klaudia Bartmanska Shoes: Vivienne Westwood Paintings: Pawel Kalzynski

49 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

50 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

51 Dress: Chanel


52 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

Jacket: Michal Szulc Trousers: Margiela Shoes: Margiela

53 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

54 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

Polka dot trousers and shirt: 1683atelier; Shoes: Prada

55 Fur: Mango; Bag: Lulu Guiness


Ingenous Photographer Gautier Van Lieshout Model Valentine Quesnoy Makeup Artist Cassandra Ceschi Hair Stylist Cynthia Lefebvre Accessory Designer Sophie M Assistant Philippe Boulogne Creative Director Alexia Vic

56 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

57 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

58 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

59 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

60 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

61 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

62 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

63 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

64 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

65 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

66 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

67 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

68 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

69 SALYSÉ MAY 2018

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SALYSÉ Volume 4: Number 32

May 2018

The Decades

Fake Skin Photographer Aditya Kendale Model Svetlana Walden Makeup Artist Kabir Khan Wardrobe Stylist Barnali Pegu

CONTRIBUTORS Peter Mac Kevin Rinaldo Marcin Stróż Gautier Van Lieshout

Profile for SALYSÉ Magazine

SALYSÉ Magazine | Vol 4: No 32 | May 2018  

A Fashion, Beauty, and Conceptual Art Photography Magazine.

SALYSÉ Magazine | Vol 4: No 32 | May 2018  

A Fashion, Beauty, and Conceptual Art Photography Magazine.