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Staff Band Marks 45th Anniversary THE CANADIAN STAFF Band (CSB) held its 45th anniversary festival at Scarborough Citadel in Toronto this May. The group honoured its alumni members by featuring three former soloists and two former bandmasters. Robert Venables and Robert Miller presented The Heavenly Light and The Better World, respectively, while Deryck Diffey, former member of the CSB, presented a beautiful arrangement of Someone Cares. Kevin Hayward, former bandmaster, conducted Brian Bowen’s My Comfort and Strength, and Colonel Robert Redhead, who led the band from 1976 to 1985, conducted the group in his own composition, Quintessence. Video greetings were given by Lt-Colonel Norman Bearcroft and Brian Burditt, two previous bandmasters who were unable to attend.

The program featured a wide variety of music including the premiere of a major new work, Judgment Day, by Canadian composer Marcus Venables, and a lighthearted rendition of the Gowans and Larsson song Down the Street, featuring Bill Way. A devotional message was

given by Colonel Mark Tillsley, chief secretary. Video presentations throughout the night honoured the memory of CSB alumni members now deceased, as well as members of the original Canadian Staff Band who perished in the Empress of Ireland disaster 100 years ago.

The Canadian Staff Band, with alumni

Pilley’s Island Proud to Celebrate 123 Years

“Rising Above” Conference Brings Healing

IT WAS WITH joy that the Pilley’s Island Corps, N.L., celebrated its 123rd anniversary in May with a weekend of events. On Saturday evening, the corps met under the banner of Old Time Army, with readings from past issues of The War Cry (predecessor of Salvationist), followed by a time of fellowship and the cutting of the anniversary cake. Major Calvin Fudge, area commander, Newfoundland and Labrador Division, and Major Loretta Fudge, community ministries director, Corner Brook Social Services, N.L., were guests for the weekend. Major Loretta Fudge challenged the corps with a message from Joshua, saying, “The way forward is a way of faith.” Major Calvin Fudge spoke from Colossians about Christ as the head of the church. Many seekers were moved to come forward to the altar.

MORE THAN 300 people gathered in Prince Rupert, B.C., in June for the Rising Above Healing Conference, organized by The Salvation Army in partnership with the Rising Above Association and other local churches. The purpose of the four-day conference was to help First Nations peoples and all victims of abuse in their journey toward healing. In particular, Rising Above addressed issues surrounding sexual abuse, suicide, self-esteem, grief and post-traumatic stress caused by the Canadian Indian residential school system. Using Scripture to bring hope to victims of this abuse, guest speakers at the conference encouraged participants as they attended workshops and counselling sessions and shared their stories. The conference was made possible in part by a $25,000 grant from the Army’s Territorial Mission Focus Fund. Captains Gary and Nancy Sheils, corps officers at Prince Rupert Community Church, applied for the funding and approached the Rising Above Association, a Christian organization that reaches out to aboriginal people, about hosting the conference. Captains Sheils see reaching out to the First Nations communities of northern British Columbia as a primary focus of their corps ministry. This conference was an opportunity to address issues that First Nations people face today. “The conference was a catalyst,” says Captain Nancy Sheils. “You can’t create that kind of healing in four days, but you can set a foundation to continue the journey.” “I’m so thankful that The Salvation Army brought this to Prince Rupert,” says Inez Shanoss, a First Nations woman who participated in the conference. She shares her story in this issue of Salvationist (see page 12).

From left, Mjr Loretta Fudge; Mjr Josie Oxford, CO; CSM Doreen Payne; Stanford Colbourne; Mjr Lindsay Oxford, CO; and Mjr Calvin Fudge cut the anniversary cake

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