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Accepted for Training

Messengers of Light Session (2014-16) College for Officer Training, Winnipeg Dwayne Goulding Gambo, Newfoundland and Labrador Division As a university student I first felt the Holy Spirit calling me to officership. Initially, I dismissed the idea as absurd because I was a private man and cringed at the thought of public ministry. After graduation, I married Susan and together we were drawn to various ministries. Seven years ago, I surrendered my life to God’s call and while preparing for CFOT, we served as the ministry unit leaders of Buchans Corps, N.L. This opportunity has confirmed God’s call on our family. Susan Goulding Gambo, Newfoundland and Labrador Division I grew up attending Toronto’s Cedarbrae Community Church where I took part in all the youth programs they had to offer and made my first commitment to Christ at the age of seven. As a teen, I felt God’s call on my life but it wasn’t until after I married Dwayne that we talked about entering full-time ministry together. While we served as the ministry unit leaders at Buchans Corps for two years, God confirmed our calling to be Salvation Army officers. Alex MacDonald Whitehorse, Alberta and Northern Territories Division I felt called to the ministry from the age of five. Throughout the years, God has reaffirmed this calling but each time when I surrendered myself, he said to me, “Good, but not yet.” I always wondered why God would do this and why my partner felt no similar calling. In recent years, I thought perhaps that God had forgotten about his call or that I had missed some earlier opportunity. I settled into a contented life in the beautiful Yukon, happily building my family, my church and my career. In February 2013, however, God impressed his call upon me again with great authority. I now understand that he started early with me and reminded me often of his call to prepare me to say yes without doubt or fear when the time finally came. Officership is a fulfilment of God’s calling on my life to be a servant to others, to care for his sheep. Rhonda MacDonald Whitehorse, Alberta and Northern Territories Division For many years my husband was called to be an officer, but I was not. When I told my husband that I would support him as a single spouse officer and was willing to fully submit my life, I felt God’s call to full-time officership. I had many questions and spent much time in prayer. Within days those concerns no longer seemed so big. I look forward to continuing to help people physically and mentally, as I do as a social worker, but also being able to help people spiritually. CFOT is part of that journey and I am looking forward to the practical learning I will receive to help me fulfill my calling.

Whitney Reid Bishop’s Falls, Newfoundland and Labrador Division The call upon my life began shortly after I accepted Christ, but it was strengthened for me when I attended a Territorial Youth Institute at Jackson’s Point Conference Centre in 2011. We paid a visit to The Gateway in downtown Toronto, and it was in that shelter that I witnessed first-hand the impact of sin on our world. Then and there I knew God was calling me to be his servant by becoming a Salvation Army officer and entering into a sacred covenant with him. Stefan Reid Fort McMurray, Alberta and Northern Territories Division From my days as a child growing up in my corps in Trinity Bay South, N.L., to my days now in Fort McMurray, God has always called me to be an officer. While serving as a camp counsellor, I felt God knocking at my heart telling me that leading and helping others to understand how much God loves them, no matter at what age, was something that I was called and needed to do. It’s now time for my family and me to embrace this new challenge in life, and I know that with God directing our paths, he will never lead us astray. Tinisha Reid Fort McMurray, Alberta and Northern Territories Division Growing up in The Salvation Army and being very active in my home corps in LaScie, N.L., and now in Fort McMurray, I have always felt the call of God on my life. Although I had struggled with that call since I was a teenager, after meeting my husband and starting a family we realized that we had a calling upon us and we could no longer ignore it. God has placed a deep desire in me to give my life and family to him and serve him through officership. I look forward to CFOT and the ministry God has called me to. In the words of Catherine Booth, “I know not what he is about to do with me, but I have given myself entirely into his hands.” Kathy Walker Heritage Park Temple, Winnipeg, Prairie Division I came to Christ when I was 20. A few weeks after my conversion, I felt God calling me to be an officer. I began preparing to answer his call, moved from Australia, attended the War College in Vancouver and became involved in different ministries. While many of these experiences pushed me out of my comfort zone, they also confirmed the call that God had placed on my life. I am looking forward to my training at CFOT as a time of greater equipping and exploration of what it means to live a life obedient to Christ.

130th Anniversary November 1 & 2, 2014

Matthew Reid Bishop’s Falls, Newfoundland and Labrador Division As a young child I felt God calling me to ministry, and while attending a congress event as a teenager, he confirmed that call to become an officer. I believe CFOT will help me grow spiritually into a closer communion with God, give me the skills and strengths I need for ministry and provide opportunities to spread the gospel and show God’s love. Salvationist • September 2014 • 27

Salvationist - September 2014  
Salvationist - September 2014