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Dear Church/Organization: Don’t Miss This Opportunity! We at Salvation Café Records Inc. (SCR) would like to invite you to take part in a mission that will impact thousands of lives. As a multi-faceted organization whose mission includes using music and our God given talents/attributes to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world in unconventional ways, we at SCR are proud to announce the “Salvation 2 Da Nation Tour (S2DN Tour)!” This multi-city promo tour can, will, and is being used by many churches/organizations to assist in soul-winning, youth group motivation, and or fund-raising in their city. With feature artists such Award winner Brooke Lugo, Victory, God’s Child, Xstatic, Love Da Poet and others, this promises to be a spectacular tour! FREE The S2DN Tour is a FREE Promo Tour that is being put on by Salvation Café Records Inc. All artists have agreed to minister/perform free of charge! (Outside of New York City Tri-state area gas, tolls, bus or airfare, lodging may be requested.) Soul-Winning Soul-winning is the key element of the S2DN Tour. Our prime focus is set on bringing the Good News to people from nation to nation as we are commanded in the Word of God. Since its launch in 2003 SCR has been a strong force in the NYC area that has assisted in bringing thousands of souls to Christ. Since SCR has never lost its drive to save souls for the Kingdom, we have set our goals on not only spreading the Good News in NYC but also to the Nation and entire World! Book the S2DN Tour today! Youth Group Motivation Many Churches, Organizations, Ministries, and Group Homes have partnered with SCR and are now booking dates on the S2DN Tour. Through bringing the Word of God in various forms such as Pop, R&B, Poetry, Live Improv, and Interactive Games, many youth (saved and unsaved) have been exposed to God in ways they’ve never seen or heard. After ministering at various locations SCR has received much praise from organizations thanking us for reviving and freshly motivating their youth group to new heights. Our artists have fasted, prayed, and are revved up to bring a fresh Holy Ghost Fire to your youth group! So even if you’ve had the SCR experience before… Book the S2DN Tour today and set your youth on fire for Christ!!! FUNDRAISING Many churches/organizations like yours are using this tour as fundraiser… With no charges from the slew of artists on the tour, we give you the opportunity to set your price & charge for tickets. The best part is you keep 100% of the proceeds! Some have said the tour should be called, “The WIN/WIN Tour!” Simply because it assists an organization like yours in gaining funds and also assists in winning souls for the Kingdom!!! Be a part of this LIFE CHANGING Experience! Book the S2DN tour today! Booking If you are interested or have any questions about S2DN Tour, check out You may also contact us immediately at or at (1800)511-4604. We are looking forward to joining forces with you in bringing, “SALVATION 2 DA NATION!”

1 Corinthians 2:4-5 My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit's power, so that your faith might not rest on men's wisdom, but on God's power.

Anthony Washington was born and raised in Philadelphia, but

most importantly, he was born again on September 14, 2003 at the ministry of Pastor Glen Spaulding of the Deliverance Evangelistic Church and raised in Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church under Pastor Alyn Waller. Anthony, better known as Love Da Poet, has a passion and a calling to "bring people closer to God" whether it's through teaching, preaching, rapping, poetry or just showing acts of love throughout communities which he exercises through the ministry of Project: 215. He believes that the Bible is the unadulterated Word of God and it is never to be compromised but followed by every believer.

Brooklyn, Brooklyn, good ol’ Brooklyn has done it again. Not only is Brooklyn the

birthplace & stomping ground of a few of HIP HOP’s giants, it’s also considered to be the “Borough of Churches.” God is perfect in all his ways, and knew exactly what he was doing when he formed out of this borough of churches The YOUNG BELIEVERS or simply YB... Studying, living & learning under the remarkable tutelage of Bishop Gerald Seabrooks from Rehoboth Church International. Before they go anywhere to minister Bishop Seabrooks reminds them "make sure you guys inform, not just perform". The Young Believers always keeps this in mind when creating this new wave of Christian HIP HOP. YB uses Christian HIP HOP as an means to Glorify God, Edify his people, & Terrify the devil and his kingdom. YB believes the only place to find total fulfillment is in the will of God.

"Once you know what God wants you to do, it’s like life begins" Mel Cody member of The Young Believers

That’s the message they want to get across to the dealers, killers, hustlers, single moms & young brothers & sisters in prison without guidance. YB has been favored to have 5 songs in rotation -thanks to Bishop Hezekiah Walker & bro Ronald Cummins during the Christian HIP HOP hour on New York's Gospel radio station WLIB 1190am- for 3 months straight in 2007. They have also participated in countless concerts, conferences, collaborations & guest appearances with fellow Christian HIP HOP artist such as VICTORY, BLESSED, GLAMOUR of MP, & God’s Child … just to name a few. YB’s most recent collaboration is with Salvation Café Records Inc. as artists. Music is the universal language that we choose to used to cultivate inspiration and as a medium to carry messages of hope, Healing, happiness, liberty, & good news. The Good News is exactly what YB brings every time they perform... Inform. "Our music will divulge our testimonies. In it you will hear the about transformed lives of young men who had real life perilous struggles but were brought through by Gods saving grace" Mr. A member of The Young Believers There are multiple worship methods, plans, & styles that vary among cultures. “Worship is YB’s way of life; rap is YB’s way expression.” The YOUNG BELIEVERS mission statement:


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