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Liz Duer | 2012

Designs to Inherit

Residential Design Mission of Designs: Every design and rendering is created with the idea that a design should be inherited at a future point and therefore it should weather the years with grace. I engage the creation and redesign of areas to accomplish the purpose of communicating outdoor activity with the built structures. My cause is to impact the environment with a positive creative force and to facility the changing land-forms through creating visual aids for the clients. I strive to create the most realistic renderings and readable construction documents with accurate precision.

Commercial Design



to Design | Commercial & Residential

Medical Offices

CSULA-Student Union

Venice Restaurant

Cottage Style

Modern meets Eclectic

Huntington Medical Center | Pasadena Conceived as a modern complement to the new building construction. Existing plantings were removed and new street trees and interior plantings including the circle drive and art area were laid out. The paving was also designed in this process. It was designed to visually widen the sidewalks and to connect the exterior to the intierior with aggregate to match the carpeting. Overall the theme created a connection between the exterior and interior spaces.


Liz Duer | 2012

CSULA Student Union

| Los Angeles

This completely new construction with adjacent landscape was designed in swaths to match the arc of the building. The design was layed out in a sculptural complement of new plants like phormium to enhance the existing palette on campus including daylillies and prostrate rosemary. The Palms, Jacarandas, and Tabebuia ipe compliment and add color to the arcing design. The raised lawn area is for student relacation.


Liz Duer | 2012

Guppy Restaurant


Venice, CA

Designed to accommodate indoor and outdoor eating the upper and lower patios were created with roof gardens and garden walls at the bar areas and on the entry for visual interest. Dry river beds and massed planting efficiently used the water that would be recycled into the underground cistern The water fountains were created to jump rhythmically and flow down walls to create sheer backdrops that provide interest on the interiors that did not have a view to the ocean.

Site View 6

Front Entry Liz Duer | 2012

Cottage Style



A cottage style retreat was created in the middle of busy Los Angeles. Mediterranean flowering lavenders, salvias, and roses added to the colorful gentle feel of the landscape. Th arcs of brick edging the lawn tie in the existing brick patio in back and the flagstone paving on the driveway and entry add to the calming style of this landscape. The backyard shed was painted in a Trompe l’oeli style with a monet esque scene and the back patio was converted into an outdoor tv room.

Entry with Roses and Lavender

Backyard with TV and Trompe L’oeli on Shed 7

Liz Duer | 2012

Modern meets Eclectic |


Comissioned to be in the style of Alice in Wonderland and Willy Wonka meets modern. This design was created to bring elements like a moat, bridge of rocks, hidden wine room, spa, and seating to overlook the LA skyline together in one theme. Hidden elements include a waterfall shower, storage for garden equipment, and a water table that can be lit to be a fire table. These elements plus a big screen tv and a succulent wall add to the entertainment features on the site.

Front Entry Fountains and Stowed Stairs

Moat and Hidden Wine Room 8

Liz Duer | 2012

to Construct | Plans





Commercial Plans |Individual sheets from full sets

Planting Plan |

Bob Hope Airport, Burbank

Preliminary Planting Plan | Lakewood Center, Long Beach 10

Liz Duer | 2012

Commercial Plans |Individual sheets from full sets

Hardscape Layout | Huntington Medical Offices, Pasadena

As-built Irrigation | 11

CDC North Elementary School Liz Duer | 2012

Residential Plans | Individual sheets from full sets


Materials 12

Grading & Drainage Liz Duer | 2012

Residential Plans | Individual sheets from full sets

Lighting Locations

Irrigation 13

Planting Liz Duer | 2012


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