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DRO Digital Recruitment Outsourcing

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DIGITAL RECRUITMENT OUTSOURCING ( DRO) Sourcing and hiring the best talent to drive the business forward is a huge challenge for all companies embracing digital. Salt DRO addresses each of these challenges to help you find a cost-effective, yet unrivalled digital recruitment solution. Salt DRO will benefit your recruitment strategy by: · · ·



· ·

Reducing ­time ­spent by HR and line managers, administering your recruitment process Significant reduction of overall recruitment cost A consistent message to the market, promoting and advertising your brand and proposition (including social media, marketing campaigns and recruitment events) A dedicated research and account management team, with expertise in the UK, mainland Europe, APAC (Sydney) and the US digital markets, able to attract and qualify the best candidates, ensuring best­quality­digital talent An experienced Account Manager that will spend time working on site at your premises, if required, meeting line managers regarding vacancies, advising and collaborating on hiring strategies, whilst gaining a deep understanding of culture and core values No ATS implementation ensuring quick turnaround Real-time reporting capability with QlikView

Salt will manage the full recruitment process of: · · · · · · · · ·

Vacancy consultation with HR and / or line manager Candidate attraction and head-hunting Candidate pre-screening and meeting Shortlisting of candidates Interview schedules Selection process Offer, closing & on-boarding Referencing and vetting Management of all other recruitment suppliers, in order to deliver to the agreed SLAs

SALT | +44 (0) 20 7928 2525 |

We have a modular approach offering: · · ·

Search & selection for senior / key hires No-cure-no-pay / fixed fee traditional recruitment Contingent hiring with stringent compliance checks across multiple geographies

We can kick-start your hiring programme through events, having hosted several successful events, such as Big Data Networking with SAS, a launch for Tesco Mobile London Office and several breakfast roundtables such as our programmatic breakfast at the Hospital Club. Prestigious events like these, offer an opportunity to directly interact with industry leaders of the digital sector and attract off-market candidates, who may otherwise not consider seeking out new job opportunities. Together, we can create an experiential campaign to create high impact branding as a targeted brand awareness marketing solution. You will also be able to grasp the opportunity to network with peers, at our collaborated events.

WHY HAVE AN EVENT? · · · · · · · ·

Launch or highlight a new business area to the relevant market space. Opportunity to directly market your company to targeted, influential members of the sector. Attract passive candidates. Increase diversity and help fulfilling equal opportunities responsibilities. Peer-to-peer networking. High impact, low-cost marketing solution. Strong branding opportunity. Ability to collect significant insight into the digital market’s view / opinion of your company.

Case study: Tesco Mobile We partnered with Tesco at their new London offices, aiming to attract mobile developers. Several senior mobile, product and HR professionals from Tesco held talks about their new office, life at Tesco and the future of mobile. Out of the 30 top mobile developers who were sourced to attend this exclusive launch, 10 were identified as suitable for their hiring needs. Our strategically executed events will certainly deliver results.

Associates Model / Partner Network As part of our DRO solution, we give you full access to our partner network of digital trainers, such as The Mobile Academy, diversity consultants (Edit Development) and those attracting young talent (STEMettes). This will benefit your business by succession planning talent and up skilling future hires.

SALT | +44 (0) 20 7928 2525 |

SALT PARTNERS At Salt we are wholly committed to the pursuit of ensuring diversity & inclusion and it is paramount in everything we do. We believe in leading by example, ensuring an equal and inclusive environment, whereby diversity is not only embraced, but encouraged. Testimonials: “Organisations are, of course, made up of people. Rarely do I encounter organisations where the people get behind us with skill, commitment and the passion to make a meaningful difference. The team at Salt has done just that. Our mission across the Big Issue family is to change attitudes, challenge stereotypes and change lives. We’re a far smaller organisation than is often thought; we need our friends in this space. Salt are very good friends.” Stephen Robertson, CEO The Big Issue Foundation “ applauds the direction Salt has taken in terms of their approach to diversity, it’s refreshing to work with an agency that sees the opportunity to widen their appeal to a broader social spectrum and is raising the topic to their clients rather than waiting to be asked. The recruitment industry needs more businesses like Salt, who see diversity as an asset, rather than a liability that has to be dealt with.” Morgan Lobb, CEO & Founder of Diversity Jobs “Working with Salt is a breathe of fresh air. We work with many global clients on the topic of diversity and inclusion and Salt as a recruitment solution specialist has a genuine focus on making change and working in partnership with organisations to build wider diverse talent pools. We have trained the Salt client - facing team on unconscious bias and how they can make fewer assumptions when working with candidates and companies when resourcing. We now work with them to support their clients, to build their knowledge and understanding of bias and to implement best practice on building a talent pipeline, which reflects societal demographics around race, gender, LGBT and disability.” Sonia Bate, Managing Director Edit Development

SALT | +44 (0) 20 7928 2525 |

GET IN TOUCH For more information please contact our directors: Managing Director Business Development Director Marketing & Creative Sales Technology

9 Wootton Street London SE1 8TG United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0) 20 7928 2525

Salt Recruitment - DRO brochure 2015/16  

DRO brochure of the global digital recruitment company Salt

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