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…it’s a state of mind At SALTO, we care about the individual, For us there are no limits … …Jump! And open your mind!

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SALTO is more than an access control manufacturer; it’s a company that demonstrates real passion towards creating class leading products. 4

Inspiring access control since 2001 At SALTO we do not see problems, only challenges that we work to solve using the talents of our outstanding team of professionals to create the most innovative products in the marketplace. We go the extra mile to engineer solutions needed and valued by our clients. It is who we are; it is how we work. Throughout SALTO, we focus our energy, passion and knowledge towards developing and delivering superior customer solutions. SALTO is proud to be present in over 80 countries around the world, and it is why, in little over 10 years, we have installed over 1,200,000 electronic locks around the world.

Over 80 countries: Providing access to experts wherever the project Over 11,000 projects: Delivering innovative solutions through successful partnerships Over 1,200,000 locks: Securing doors the world over An estimated 10,000,000 people use SALTO products every day


We are always working towards the next step, developing easy-to-use technology that anticipates tomorrow’s requirements today. SALTO is more …

…It’s a state of mind


SALTO in brief

SALTO Systems HQ management team: Santiago Estevas. COO


Gonzalo Marco. CFO

Javier Roquero. CEO

Juan Imedio. CTO

Marc Handels. CMSO

SALTO in brief The Objective SALTO was created with one objective in mind: to build a worldclass access control system that is simple to use and extremely efficient, giving users the ability to control all their access needs and secure all their doors but without the need for complex and expensive wiring. To substitute mechanical locks with simple and secure electronic entry environments. One Challenge, One Jump SALTO identified the market opportunity for a new way of doing things. So using their comprehensive industry experience, the small founding team decided to launch a new company, SALTO – which in Spanish means “jump” -- with en entirely new product. The challenge for that new product was to create a new access control system based on a stand-alone solution that was simple to install, easy to set-up, cost-effective, reliable and adaptable to the future. One Direction 2001 SALTO launched the first stand-alone battery-powered electronic lock for access control. By continuing to listen to the market and observing its needs, other SALTO innovations quickly followed.

2003 SALTO introduced an IP-based on-line access control solution making installation easier while increasing system performance. 2004 SALTO introduced the next generation of wire-free electronic escutcheons with Mifare, DESfire, HID iCLASS, Picopass, and LEGIC RFID electronic locks with SVN technology. 2008 SALTO presented the SALTO wireless system which was the first access control system that combined a stand-alone locking device with on-line real time capabilities without using wires. 2009 SALTO presented AElement – an RFID electronic lock with wireless DNA that was another SALTO revolution. It is a minimalistic electronic lock that combines style and design with the highest technology as well as RFID technology and wireless on-line capabilities. 2012 SALTO developed the SALTO Geo Cylinder, the most versatile electronic cylinder in the market, that combines efficiency, reliability and practicality in a new range of products that together, offer almost unlimited access control possibilities. 2013 SALTO is currently carrying out a handful of key projects whose developments anticipate and respond to market needs, surpassing what is available today.

2002 SALTO revolutionized the access control world with its data-on-card system called SALTO Virtual Network (SVN). This is a unique system that even today still serves as the benchmark for all others in this type of access control solution.

Jump with SALTO into the future and discover why we are so enthusiastic about what SALTO can offer the marketplace: both today and tomorrow. 7

Our Businesses

SALTO HQ Designed to meet

the highest expectations Our COMPANY

Our head office located in Oiartzun, Spain, was designed to create a modern working environment where SALTO staff continue to research and develop innovative new products and technologies that incorporate our team’s passion and enthusiasm. This location enables us to bring together our Research, Development & Innovation (RD&I), central commercial and marketing departments, as well as our manufacturing and assembly processes. Our goal is always to give our customers the very best designed and manufactured products. Our high-capacity manufacturing facility is fully-equipped with the latest technology including special assembly cells, electronic production management systems, and computer assisted automatic warehousing. Substantial on-going investment in a dedicated RD&I team enables SALTO to stay at the leading edge of modern mechanical, electronic and software design.


SALTO, the access control partner you can rely on Our COmMitment TO quality At SALTO we have all key activities in-house, from product conception and design, right up through the final manufacturing and shipping processes. This continuity allows SALTO to warranty our products to the highest quality standards, thereby giving our customers the flexibility, delivery and peace of mind they require. At SALTO, we believe this type of direct control best enables us to continue to develop, launch and support the most effective access control solutions available. SALTO is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001 certified, demonstrating that rigorous quality and environmental management systems are in place to ensure the design, development and manufacture of our electronic access control products always strive to achieve the highest possible standards in quality, as required by our customers.


SALTO Worldwide network

By choosing SALTO, customers can focus on what they do best – running their business – safe in the knowledge that the building’s security is under control. 10

A complete local network ready to support our customers At SALTO we are very much focused on listening to the market and to our customers, wherever they may be to ensure that we understand how to best offer value-added solutions. It is this level of service and support that differentiates SALTO from the competition, and it is also why SALTO products can be found in use in over 80 countries around the world.

SALTO Worldwide

SALTO Partner’s network

To ensure we deliver the very best possible service, SALTO needs to be where our customers are. This is why SALTO has its own offices in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Spain, Switzerland, UAE, UK, USA. Our office network will continue to grow to make certain that SALTO provides unrivalled levels of warranty support and service.

As well as our SALTO offices, we also have a specialized partner network in over 80 countries. These offices count on expertise from specialists in the security industry who share the same values of enthusiasm and commitment as SALTO, and who are ready to provide customers with the very best support and service. SALTO’s official partners are all security specialists.

Wherever the location, customers can count on SALTO to be there to provide efficient, state-of the art access control solutions. 11

RD&I our growth engine

We are also one of the largest investors in RD&I (Research, Development and Innovation) in our industry. 12

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) – SVN data-on-card TECHNOLOGY and NFC (Near Field Communications) are both R&W (read and write) technologies to ensure access is never compromized. At SALTO, we always incorporate our data-on-card SVN (SALTO Virtual Network) technology into our locks as standard.


We have a passion for access control technology. SALTO is one of the industry’s largest investors in RD&I with a dedicated team of over 20 engineers who develop new products and systems shaped to meet the market’s demands, both today and tomorrow. Using the latest innovations in microelectronics engineering, combined with proven mechanical technologies and the most advanced software programs, SALTO is always working to provide customers with the best possible solution. Our team of researchers is constantly improving on today’s technology to create the breakthroughs that will shape tomorrow.

One of the most exciting applications developed by our RD&I team has been NFC for mobile phones. Every new mobile phone will soon be NFC-enabled allowing it to emulate a RFID card and thereby be used as a mobile key. At SALTO all of our electronic locks and readers are NFC-compatible and thereby already have the future built in. 13

XS4 innovative complete platform


Creative solutions MANAGE UP TO 64,000 DOORS AND UP TO 4 MILLION USERS ON A SINGLE SYSTEM. At SALTO, we are constantly developing new services and software, and helping service providers introduce and integrate these into the marketplace. We are continually inspired by how our customers use our software to find optimal solutions to their access management needs. This is why everyday we strive to develop breakthrough ideas, working hard to stay connected to our customers and their most important needs.


4 systems for any kind of properties



People need to trust the technology, networks, facilities and services they use. At SALTO, meeting these needs is our mission. Our systems are designed to protect customers today, while we constantly work to develop new solutions that will continue to protect you tomorrow. A simple self-programmable system that needs no computer to manage it, or a highly-capable mid-range ROM system, all the way through to a highperformance, data-on-card technology SVN system that allows users to control all doors in an entire building from a single server, at SALTO we have the solutions the market is looking for.


· No computer needed. · Enables users to eliminate key cards without compromizing security. · Ideal for residential applications and small businesses.



· Managed through desktop or laptop computer. · Control calendars, schedules, user groups, time zones and more. · Enables users to eliminate key cards without compromizing security. · Ideal for small businesses or small buildings, with a small number of users.



· Managed through desktop computer or server. · Control calendars, schedules, user groups, time zones and more. · Enables users to eliminate key cards without compromizing security, update key cards on the fly, collect audit trail events from the locks, receive updates on lock battery status and much, much more. · Ideal for all kinds of property.

ADVANCED COMMERCIAL SALTO WIRELESS REAL-TIME ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM · Managed through a server. · Control calendars, schedules, user groups, time zones and more. · Enables users in real-time to eliminate key cards without compromizing security, update key cards, collect audit trail events from the locks, receive updates on lock battery status and much, much more. · Ideal for any kind of property where real-time high-performance control is needed. 15

SALTO XS4 Technologies

SALTO Technologies Data-On-Card and SALTO wireless on-line technologies are the foundation of the SALTO System The management of a small number of users is easy, but when a small number of users grows into a large number, and their access plans become ever more complex, effective management can become quite challenging. That’s why SALTO has created the SALTO Virtual Network.


The SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) provides flexibility for a system to grow from a small to a large number of users and doors. The system allows stand-alone locks to read, receive and write information via distributed intelligence. And since userrelated access information is stored in an encrypted format on ID credentials, on-line wall readers are able to update and receive information from the cards anytime and anywhere in the building.


Imagine being able to control access to your building IN REAL-TIME with no expensive wiring. All your locks communicate with a central server in order to have live communication with the door.

Wireless on-line electronic locks


On-line updater hotspot

Stand alone electronic locks

16 16




SALTO Systems On-line updating hotspot The SALTO data-on-card technology enables users’ credentials to act as a carrier in order to transmit information from the stand-alone locks to the on-line hotspots and thereby make the information available to the PC. Communication starts when a card is presented to an SVN wall reader. The wall reader and controller communicate all information bi-directionally through TCPIP with the system software. - New information - Collection of all the information

The wall reader transmits to the card: - Deleted card list (“blacklist”) - Latest user rights - Expiration rights renovation

The card transmits to the system: - End-users’ list of doors visited - Visited doors’ battery status


SALTO Systems stand-alone electronic locks The SALTO escutcheon transmits to the card: - User event (door visited, time) - Battery status of the door

Each time a user accesses a door, communication between his or her credentials and the electronic lock takes place. Through this action, valuable information is recorded on the card in order to download it onto the system when the user accesses an on-line reader. At the same time, the card records information in a lock’s memory to further increase security,

The card transmits to the escutcheons: - Access event - Key cancellation - Door monitoring - Battery status - Remote emergency opening


SALTO Systems wireless on-line electronic locks

SALTO Wireless real-time technology: - Access events - Remote opening emergency - Remote lock-down emergency - Door monitoring and mode status - Battery status - Key cancelation

Everything in REAL-TIME

The SALTO wireless system provides on-line communication between the gateways and the stand-alone locks in real-time through radio frequency (RF 2,4 Ghz) in order to have the highest level of security and control.

The Gateway acts as a link between the access management system and the wireless battery powered escutcheons.


XS4 access control platform from SALTO Systems

SALTO XS4 electronic escutcheon range WHATEVER KIND OF ACCESS CONTROL SOLUTION YOU NEED SALTO HAS A PRODUCT FOR IT. OUR EXTENSIVE RANGE INCLUDES ESCUTCHEONS, ELECTRONIC CYLINDERS, locker locks, HANDLES, LOCKS, DOOR CONTROLLERS AND OTHER HARDWARE SUITABLE FOR EVERY KIND OF DOOR – BOTH INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL – AS WELL AS MORE SPECIALIzED ACCESS PRODUCTS SUCH AS PANIC BARS AND LOCKS FOR GLASS DOORS. ELECTRONIC LOCKS SALTO offers a wide-range of electronic escucheons: from standard doors to emergency exits, glass doors to barrier controls, SALTO has the solution. The entire XS4 range features SALTO’s SVN technology built-in as standard and can also include SALTO wireless on-line capabilities to provide even further functionality to securely manage and control buildings.

FEATURES · Easy to install. · Comfortable to use. · SALTO Virtual Network technology enabled. · SALTO Wireless on-line realtime technology optional. · Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) compliant. · Extensive range of models and functions. · Compatible with more than 90% of existing mortise locks. · Wide range of RFID technologies available. · High quality SKG® product certification. · Compatible with panic bars, glass door locks, lockers, narrow profile frames, etc.

Heavy duty escutcheons


Keypad escutcheons

Emergency exit devices

Glass door escutcheons

Double reader escutcheons (in-out)

Antimicrobial finish escutcheons

SALTO GEO electronic cylinder SALTO GEO is more than just an electronic cylinder; it is a new dimension in stand-alone access control technology and part of the comprehensive SALTO access control platform. SALTO GEO comes from truly understanding building technology needs, and how flexible solutions need to be. SALTO GEO is a powerful new dimension in wire-free access control technology that is ready to be installed in any type of door. The versatile SALTO GEO electronic cylinder is available in a wide range of formats including Australian, Scandinavian, UK, USA and R/M formats, and it is also suited for exterior use as it is IP 66 rated for use on any kind of door and building.

Electronic padlocks

Security cylinders

Double cylinders (in/out)

Half cylinders

Mortise cylinders

Rim cylinders


XS4 access control platform from SALTO Systems

AElement the RFID lock with wireless DNA SALTO AElement is a technical gem that architects love thanks to its style, design and the high performance of its access control technology. It enables users to integrate all their physical security needs into a stylish, energy efficient, reliable wire-free system. AElement can integrate with the SALTO XS4 platform and its electronics include the latest processor technology. It is wireless ready, with SALTO Virtual Network capabilities, and can be upgraded to wireless on-line at any time. Wireless on-line locks communicate in real time with the server. This gives real time control allowing users to cancel key cards instantly and remotely, change lock configurations and many other features. Wireless-ready locks communicate with the server daily on a differed-time communication mode. Wirelessready locks can be changed to real time wireless on-line mode at any time simply by plugging in a USB-sized RF antenna. AElement is a great choice for any door and any environment. To achieve the look you want, it can be combined with a wide range of designer handles, including a selection exclusive to SALTO from Italian manufacturer Olivari.


Double injection reader the smallest in the market

Designer handle compatible

Electronic privacy do not disturb function

Nfc compatible

SALTO on-line door readers and devices SALTO peripheral products offer a great solution for those access points where on-line connectivity is needed or where interaction with other systems or electric powered devices such as elevators, roller shutter doors or barriers is required. These devices use a protected and encrypted TCP-IP protocol connection enabling the existing ethernet network to also be used for access control. SALTO on-line door readers when used in combination with door controllers enable the expansion of SALTO Virtual Network technology capabilities and access control benefits to all those doors where a stand-alone electronic lock cannot be fitted i.e. elevators, car park barriers etc. Suitable for outdoor installation, the SALTO wall reader range also includes narrow profile wall readers that can be installed in the frame of a door. Through these on-line hotspots, the users credential can be updated thanks to the SALTO Virtual Network technology with the latest changes to the access plan in order to update their access rights, inform the system about the battery status of any off-line device, distribute the latest “blacklist”, and download users’ access audit trail for security and management purposes, if required. SALTO also offers energy saving devices that reduce energy costs by deactivating electrical equipment when not in use, while simultaneously sending information about the room in real-time through the on-line connected device.

Off-line door controllers

On-line door controllers with svn capabilities

Extensive range of readers

For any kind of motorized access

Protection power boxes

Energy saving devices


Worldwide Customers

At SALTO we never forget that customers have a choice of access control solutions. This is why we are committed to providing uncompromising standards of excellence in everything we do. 22

Revolutionizing the access control industry, since 2001 we at SALTO Systems have inspired millions of people to incorporate our technology into their lives.

Worldwide customers SALTO delivers user-friendly stand-alone access control systems that provide any building with the flexibility, security and convenience needed to operate safely in today’s world. That is why over 11,000 customers including many of the world’s top-rated and busiest universities, airports, government and corporate buildings, and healthcare locations have selected SALTO to deliver their access control solution.


Universities such as Oxford and Cambridge in the UK, Princeton University in the US, the University of Dubai in the UAE; government and commercial buildings such as RTL Television in the Netherlands, City of Justice in Barcelona, Spain, and Espanola General Hospital in Ontario, Canada; all terminals at Heathrow Airport; the Hard Rock Hotel in Penang, Malaysia and so many more have all chosen SALTO thanks to our customer-focus and forward-thinking. At a time of fast-moving globalization, an important issue for many customers is preserving their own global security platform solution. To this end, partnerships between SALTO and global major integrators such as Siemens, Gallagher, TKH, Nedap, Mercury, Johnson Controls and Honeywell, as well as many selected local integrators make it possible for SALTO to develop innovative integrated solutions that benchmark security management in today’s world.


Backed by world-class references

Munich Airport – GERMANY Munich Airport is Germany’s fourth largest international airport. In 2011, Munich Airport was named Europe’s Best Airport and the fourth best in the world, with its modern passenger and commercial facilities as well as extensive aircraft operation areas. Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and servicing in excess of 30 million passengers per year with more than 235 scheduled and charter destinations worldwide, Munich Airport is the main international air travel gateway for southern Germany. As part of its planned security improvement programme, Munich Airport required a highly secure and reliable access control solution that could be customized to meet its specific needs. SALTO Systems met these requirements with its XS4 access control system.

TRANSPORTAIRPORTS From terminal and passenger security through to facility management, the airport and transportation sector demands real-time door monitoring and user data solutions via wireless technology to ensure efficient, optimum and cost-effective building safety and security management. 24

... it’s a state of mind

and many more.... Airport – Aviation Heathrow Airport, BAA – London, United Kingdom DHL Hub Leipzig – Schkeuditz, Germany British Airways – Harmondsworth, United Kingdom Flughafen München – München, Germany Hartfield – Jackson Airport – Atlanta, USA Sterling Airlines A/S – Dragoer, Denmark TRANSPORT CAF – Mexico City

AENA – Madrid, Spain Air Alpha A/S – Odense, Denmark Aeroport de Lilles – Lesquin, France Ireland West Airport Knock – Co.Mayo, Ireland Ocean Sky Jet Centre Ltd – Luton, United Kingdom

DHL Hub Leipzig – Schkeuditz, Germany


Backed by world-class references

ESPANOLA GENERAL HOSPITAL – CANADA Espanola General Hospìtal (EGH) located in Ontario, Canada selected SALTO to upgrade its security management and replace its master keyed mechanical locks with the XS4 electronic proximity access control system. Unmatched flexibility is the aim of the XS4 range and to achieve this, EGH replaced its existing mechanical locks throughout its facilities: from offices and teleconferencing, health records, and finance departments to stores and maintenance areas to laboratories, physiotherapy, diagnostic imaging, clinical operations, and acute care areas covering the range from public access to selected staff-only access. The flexibility of EGH’s new SALTO access control system means that the hospital gets the maximum benefits from technology without the worries of master keys, and is able to provide a comfortable and secure environment for all its users.

HEALTHCARE SALTO Systems wire-free access solutions provide healthcare with access to the specific zones and doors, wards and theatres, stores and offices with complete security. SALTO systems healthcare access solutions help improve patient safety and a facility’s quality of care. 26

and many more.... Healthcare Stichting Palet – Leeuwarden, Netherlands Bürgerspital – Basel, Switzerland Hôpital du Jura – Delémont, Switzerland Intermountain Hospital – Salt Lake City UT, USA Reinier de Graaf Gasthuis – Delft, Netherlands AFSSAPS – Saint Denis, France American Fork Hospital – United States GGZcentraal – Ermelo, Netherlands Hôpital Sainte Marie – Paris, France Pflegeheim Mihla – Mihla, Germany

Uniklinikum Kiel – Kiel, Germany Slagelse Sygehus – Slagelse, Denmark AZ Groeninge – Kortrijk, Belgium Seniorenzentrum Aumatt –Reinach, Switzerland Lentis Groningen – Netherlands BASPO Magglingen – Magglingen, Austria New York Medical Center – New York City NY, USA McGill University Health Centre – Montreal, Canada Sir Moses Montefiore – Sydney, Australia Cleveland Clinic – Abu Dhabi, UAE

High technology Laboratories CERN: Scientific Research Lab., Switzerland Biodonostia – San Sebastian, Spain

SALTO SYSTEMS & BioCote® ANTIMICROBIAL SILVER ION TECHNOLOGY SALTO Systems, in partnership with BioCote®, has introduced the leading antimicrobial silver ion technology that helps eliminate microbes on product surfaces. Suitable for healthcare applications, BioCote® silver ion technology significantly reduces the level of microbes on SALTO escutcheons by up to 99.99%. This helps to eliminate the spread of microbes around a building as microbes are not transferred from door to door by people as they go about their daily business. SALTO BioCote® helps to provide a cleaner, safer and more hygienic environment for staff, visitors and patients. 27

Backed by world-class references

Media City - UK Media City UK, located in Manchester, England, has been designed to provide a purpose-built international hub for creative and digital businesses as well as offering commercial office space, hotels, a variety of retail units and residential apartments. At the heart of the 200 acre site is an amazing new studio complex with the largest high definition facilities in Europe containing seven HD studios and two audio studios. It is the new home for BBC and ITV television, the Coronation Street television film set, SIS - Satellite Installation Services and the University of Salford. SALTO has equipped over 500 doors throughout the site with their state-of-the-art electronic access control system. Key control was a major consideration due to the size of the development and so a ‘keyless’ environment using SALTO XS4 handles, GEO cylinders, panic bars and wall readers has been installed to control access and give Media City UK full control over its security requirements.

COMMERCIAL Improve building security and user and door management with SALTO Systems wire-free RFID technology. Advanced systems suitable for small, medium and large organizations mean you can be sure of expert advice, flexible technology and customized support to ensure your business is protected and secure. 28

and many more.... COMMERCIAL T-Mobile HQ Europe – Vienna, Austria TÜV Rheinland – Germany Siemens AG – Karlsruhe, Germany Master Card Head Offices – CA, USA Deutsche Telekom AG – Ismaning, Germany Swisscom Tower – Winterthur, Switzerland ABM – Dornstadt, Germany Cambridge Innovation Center – Boston, USA Daimler AG – Hamburg, Germany Bell AG – Basel – Switzerland Nestlé – Nunspeet, Netherlands Nestle Waters Factory H&O LLC – Dubai, UAE Lenzing AG – Lenzing, Austria >25 TEC sites across the Asia Pacific Banks ABN AMRO Bank / Bank Cial – Basel, Switzerland Kaerntner Sparkasse AG – Klagenfurt, Austria Volksbank Kleverland eG – Kleve, Germany Nordeaejendomsservice – Århus, Denmark Sparkasse d.d. – Ljubljana, Slovenia Sparkasse Imst – Imst, Austria Investbank – Sofia, Bulgaria Österreichische Nationalbank – Wien, Austria Zaugg Schliesstechnik AG – Luzern, Switzerland SWIFT – La Hulpe, Belgium Volksbank Süd-Oststeiermark e.Gen. – Hartberg, Austria ANZ Bank – New Zealand Sports centerS Benfica Estádio, S.A. – Lisboa, Portugal Parkfast Arena AB – Malmö, Sweden Frederiksborgcentret – Hillerød, Denmark Stadio delle Alpi - Juventus Stadium – Torino, Italia Congress centers Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre & Resort – Singapore Colorado Convention Center – Denver, USA Kultur-kongresszentrum – Visp, Switzerland Arctic Sikring – Nuuk, Greenland Harpa, Icelandic Opera House – Reykjavik, Iceland Katuaq culture house – Nuuk, Greenland Hong Kong Convention Center – Hong Kong Government / community Århus Kommune – Århus, Denmark Greenlandic Government – Nuuk, Greenland Parliament of France / Assamblée Nationale – Paris, France


Backed by world-class references

PRINCETON UNIVERSITY – USA As a world-renowned research university, Princeton reaches for the highest levels of distinction in knowledge and understanding and is also dedicated to undergraduate teaching. With about 1,000 faculty members, 5,000 undergraduates and 2,500 graduate students, security at Princeton is not taken lightly. Perhaps what most people don’t know about the university is how well it blends together its faculty, staff and students into collaborative groups to make decisions that matter on campus. The university officials wanted to replace the old brass locks on the campus dormitory rooms. That meant more than 3,200 doors needed to be retrofitted with a new, state-of-the-art locking system, but nothing was going to happen until a university working group had explored all the details. Without a key, the protection of students and staff is taken to a higher level. Users’ cards are dual authentication, meaning a student merely presents the card then keys a PIN for entrance.

UNIVERSITIESEDUCATION A single system that allows you to integrate all staff and student physical security needs through networked stand-alone locks and on-line readers to provide real-time access control across your campus or school. 30

and many more.... Universities UAE University (AL AIN) – UAE Tecnológico de Monterrey – Mexico Oxford University – Oxford, United Kingdom Cambridge University – Cambridge, United Kingdom Toronto University – Toronto, Canada Winnipeg University – Winnipeg, Canada Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University – Port Elizabeth, SA Princeton University – Princeton, USA Deusto University – San Sebastian – Bilbao, Spain The American University in Cairo – Cairo, Egypt University of Sydney – Sydney, Australia Basque Culinary Centre – San Sebastian, Spain

University of Reading – Reading, United Kingdom University of Hawaii at Hilo – Hawaii, USA TU-Delft – Delft, Netherlands Copenhagen Business School – Copenhagen, Denmark Brunel University – London, United Kingdom Universiteit van Amsterdam – Amsterdam, Netherlands UPV-EHU – Basque Country University, Spain Lunds University – Lund, Sweden ESADE Business School – Barcelona, Spain AUT – Auckland, Australia British Columbia– Kelowna BC, Canada Australian National University – Acton, Australia


Backed by world-class references

Hard Rock Hotel Penang - MALAYSIA Hard Rock Hotel Penang is a luxury resort situated along the famous beaches of Batu Ferringhi. It provides the authentic Hard Rock experience to both the hip and trendy as well as to families and couples. With 250 chic rooms and suites all fully-equipped with the latest TV, audio and Wi-Fi technology, guests can be entertained and connected 24/7. The hotel features five food & beverage outlets, including the famous Hard Rock Cafe, and a wide selection of leisure facilities including a 26,000 sq ft free-form swimming pool – the largest swimming pool in Penang. SALTO’s XS4 (hotel solution) is installed throughout the hotel, equipping 254 guest rooms and suites as well as a number of other rooms. 3 XS4 offline wall readers also serve as access controls for glass doors and 3 XS4 offline wall readers for lift control, all combining to provide this luxury hotel with a fully integrated access control solution that meets all their security needs.

HOSPITALITY-HOTEL Improve your guest experience with the SALTO Systems hotel access management solution. From stylish escutcheons with designer handles to in-room energy saving devices, SALTO can maximize your efficiency while helping you to a new real-time, wire-free keyless world 32

... it’s a state of mind

and many more.... HOSPITALITY - HOTEL Torch Hotel – Qatar Hyatt Regency Mexico City – Mexico Hilton Hotel Barsha – Barsha, UAE Waldorf=Astoria Collection - Utah, USA Las Ventanas al Paraíso – Los Cabos, Mexico Hotel Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya – Mexico Royal Hacienda, Royal Resorts, Mexico Le Meridien Cancun – Cancún, Mexico The Westin Resort & SPA Cancún – Cancún, Mexico Barceló Bávaro Palace Deluxe – Dominican Republic Sheraton Hacienda del Mar, Cabos San Lucas – Mexico

Hilton Grand Vacations – Las Vegas, USA Aman Resort – Montenegro Icelandair Hotels - Hotel Marina – Reykjavik, Iceland Marriott Harbour – Dubai, UAE Grand Continental – Abu Dhabi, UAE Maria Cristina Starwood Hotels – San Sebastian, Spain Crowne Plaza Prague Castle – Prague, Czech Republic Arabella Sheraton Seehof Davos – Davos Dorf , Switzerland Golden Tulip Serenada Hotel – Beirut, Lebanon Hemsedal Ski resort – Hemsedal, Norway The Radisson Hotel Mississauga – Toronto, Canada



Social Responsibility At SALTO we believe it is our responsibility to take a leading role in the social development of our local environment, whether that be in northern Spain close to our HQ, or close to one of our many local offices throughout the world. It is about taking social, ethical, economic and environmental responsibility for our business to our sphere of influence in these areas. The overall objective is to maximize our contribution to sustainable social development.


Freedom of movement is something most of us take for granted. SALTO focuses on social programs and sport, working with those who share our passion to help others at and to help create facilities and venues that are adapted and accessible for all to use. People with disabilities face barriers that most do not even see. Every day at work, study, and leisure, individuals with disabilities experience the frustration of not knowing if the place they want to visit is accessible and adapted to their needs, be it an office, factory, library, cinema, theatre, exhibition venue, sports hall, or something else. Something as apparently minor as a set of stairs, a missing ramp, a narrow door or an un-adapted bathroom can be a significant hurdle to a person with a disability or restricted mobility. This can then result in a lack of opportunity to enjoy the same facilities as more able-bodied individuals. However things are improving all the time. Events such as the Paralympics focus attention on the contribution disabled people make to society. We all need to ensure that everyone has the same choices and opportunities, and this is where comes in. At SALTO Systems, we are fully-committed to access – inspired access – for all.

Stay Connected. Share your Story. Build an access world. @free2moveorg

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