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By Gwenyfar Rohler

“No one cares about your writing as much

as you do,” notes Ryan P.C. Trimble, a sweet-faced imp whose youth belies his wisdom. “Ultimately your success or failure depends on you.” He stops me cold with that home truth on an unseasonably warm sunny day in the courtyard of the Cotton Exchange. For one just out of college, Trimble seems to have a stronger understanding of that than writers I have met twice his age.


Salt • Januar y 2014

But Trimble’s determination and tenacity far outstrip most mere mortals. He’s already interned once at the Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) in New York, twice at Saturday Night Live (SNL), and even spent half a year in France on a TV show called Le Grand Journal. Not bad for someone who can just barely legally drink.

“I email really well,” Trimble says with a self-depreciating laugh when I ask how he managed all of this. These experiences have given him not only the vision, but the gumption to put together “The Ryan Trimble Writing Packet,” as he refers to the frequently produced sketch compilations he has developed

The Art & Soul of Wilmington

Photograph by Mark steelman

For young journeyman comedy writer Ryan Trimble, and members of the Pineapple-Shaped Lamps, it’s showtime after midnight

January 2014 Salt  

The Art & Soul of Wilmington

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