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Transform is a Salt & Light Ministries event A family of churches together on mission Salt & Light Events The LifeCentre 235 Washway Road Sale, M33 4BP +44 (0)161 820 7530

We will be filming video and taking photographs throughout the event for publicity and promotion purposes. A company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales, number 3603373. Registered office 22b High Street, Witney, OX8 6HB. Registered charity number 1071600. Design:

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This is our fourth consecutive year here at Lenchwood, and each year we continue to build together as a Salt & Light family in the UK. We trust that you thoroughly enjoy the whole experience of this camp – the friendship and fellowship, the worship and preaching, the inspiration and provocation, the fun and laughter and of course the weather! This year we continue our theme as Radical Disciples, with a sense of God wanting to take us deeper, in order to see breakthroughs! We believe that God will give us breakthroughs in our personal lives, breakthroughs in our situations, breakthroughs in

our Churches and regions, and ultimately breakthroughs in our nation! We are delighted to have some wonderful guest speakers joining us this year – Jackie Pullinger (so well-known for her work in Hong Kong over many years). Dave Smith (a great friend, who leads one of the UK’s most influential churches – KingsGate), and Roy and Daphne Godwin (a great couple who have seen remarkable things in Ffald-y-Brenin). We believe these few days together are going to be instrumental in inspiring and equipping us for all that God has called us to at this time. Let’s make the absolute best of this time by involving ourselves in the many aspects of life at Transform! Mark & Nesta Mumford Andy & Emma Barclay-Watt Event Hosts


Roy & Daphne Godwin

Dave Smith Dave Smith leads KingsGate Community Church in Peterborough. Dave last spoke at Transform 2010 and was very well received. Dave and Karen started KingsGate Community Church in 1988 and it has grown today to a large church with a new plant growing in Cambridge. Dave will be with us on Monday and Tuesday speaking in the evenings and on Tuesday morning. Follow Dave on Twitter@DrDaveSmithUK


Roy Godwin is known by many through his book The Grace Outpouring. He is the leader of Ffald-yBrenin retreat centre in South Wales. Roy and Daphne bring an anointing for prayer and blessing others and regularly see amazing signs and wonders. We are privileged to have them with us. Roy and Daphne will be speaking on Sunday evening and leading a seminar on Monday afternoon.

Jackie Pullinger Jackie Pullinger has been working with the poor in Hong Kong for over 40 years and has seen lives changed, healed and restored through a relationship with Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit. Most of her work has been with drug addicts, prostitutes, the homeless, young people and street kids. Jackie and team will be with us from Saturday to Monday. 3









Please follow the signs and drive VERY SLOWLY around the site observing the one way system. The use of bikes onsite is not permitted. Cars are not permitted to remain with tents or caravans unless prior authorisation is given and a disabled pass is displayed at all times. Site stewards will require that any unauthorised cars on the camping fields are removed.



Camping area Car parks Barns & Hub/Info point Farmhouse & unused field Toilets Showers Water point with water disposal point Water point Skip Chemical waste disposal Charging point One-way road

Transform finishes with the evening session on Wednesday but everyone is welcome to stay Wednesday night. Anyone planning to leave after the final evening celebration should load their cars and leave them on the field adjacent to the entrance road at the stewards’ direction before the evening celebration starts.


Big Top & Kids/Youth or Seminar tents

Cars will be allowed onto the camping fields from 0700 on Thursday morning. As on arrival, please observe the one way system, follow the directions of the stewards and drive VERY SLOWLY anywhere onsite. When you leave your camping pitch please ensure any rubbish is put in the bins and not left for others to pick up.


The Hub The Hub will be the first tent you see on arrival and contains the info point, book shop, café, shop and exhibition stands.

The Barns Tourist info - Please see the visitor information stand in the Barns for leaflets on local attractions.

The info point will be open daily from 0900 for booking enquiries, payments and day visitor registration. Also come along for info on what’s going on and lost property.

Meals - If you pre-booked meals for the event these are served in the Barns. Meal times will be posted on the door.

St Andrew’s Bookshop in the Hub will be selling books and other items by our speakers and a wide range of other authors. Salt & Light publications are available from the info point. The café in the Hub will be open 0800– 2300 serving potatoes, pies, pasties, pizza and a daily special as well as cakes and hot and cold drinks. The BBQ will also be serving 1200–1430 and 1730–2300. The shop will sell basic groceries, water, frozen bottles of water, milk and other supplies between 0800–2300. Battery charging is available in the Hub. Anything being charged remains the owner’s responsibility at all times. 6

Wireless internet - will be available in a limited area of the Barns and Hub. @saltandlightuk saltandlightuk #transform13 Health & Safety First aid – If you require first aid please contact the Info point in the Hub 0900– 2230 to radio the first aid team. Overnight (2230–0900) please contact your church village host or church leader who will call for necessary emergency assistance. Local dentist, doctor & hospital details are available from the Hub. Fire Safety BBQs are permitted for cooking if they are kept at least 1ft off the ground with all ash contained and a fire

Waste Bins are located around the site for litter and a skip is available to dispose of bags of rubbish. Please ensure your camping pitch is clear of all litter before you leave. Washing up water – please dispose of at points near toilet/shower blocks or in hedges. chemical waste disposal point is located between the Barns and the static caravans. Toilets are serviced regularly, but if you spot any problems please report them immediately (reporting instructions can be found in each unit). Please do not allow the water taps to drip or use them for washing or playing as this will cause excess mud. Please report any problems by texting 07596 374229 or report at the Hub.

Miscellaneous Equipment – Calor gas and Camping Gaz cylinders can be bought or re-filled onsite. Any other equipment will need to be bought offsite. A dedicated caravan supply store is at Alcester, B49 5QD.


bucket of water in place. Fire buckets will be distributed on arrival and will also be available from the Hub along with bricks to keep BBQs off the floor. No other fires are permitted. Smoking is not permitted in any of the onsite venues.

local shops and post office are in Bishampton and Harvington (5 mins drive). Supermarkets are in Evesham (20 mins drive). entrance gate is closed overnight approx 2300–0800. If you use it between these times please ensure you close it behind you. Pets – No pets are allowed onsite except aid dogs. Noise – Please observe a strict noise curfew between 2300–0700. Valuables – Please be aware

that despite our best efforts, the site is not completely secure and as such the responsibility for your security, safety and belongings remains with you at all times.


Prayer room At Transform this year we have a dedicated prayer room which is going to be running 24/5 throughout the camp! This is a new initiative and we are really excited about it. The room will be located in the old barns opposite the Barns venue. It is going to be a great place. There will be three main events each day: Soak, Create, Worship. Soak Every morning from 0800–0900 we will have a time for soaking so bring a pillow and a bible to start your day in God’s presence. Create In the afternoons from 1300–1430 there will be a creative session focusing on different things everyday (keep an eye on the daily news sheet for more info!) Worship When the main meeting winds down at 2130 we kick off! From 2130– 2300 every night we will be having a time of extended worship and pursuing God’s presence.

spiritual temperature of Transform. This will be a place to be healed, delivered, restored, to encounter, intercede, worship, cry, and pray! Photos We’re collecting photos in an online photo album at Transform this year. Download the Bonfyre app from Android or Apple app store for free. Then join the event by scanning the QR code below. When you take photos at Transform 13 and add them to the album, we’ll share it as a big Facebook album after the event. Usual Ts&Cs apply for social networks so make sure you only add photos you have permission to use!


The aim of this room is to increase the



In addition to these set times, the prayer room will be open throughout the camp for you to pray, reflect and process with God.

Also speaking...

Phil Norris Leader of Basingstoke Community Churches and the South Central regional team. Part of the UK Apostolic Team, Phil is passionate about the Bible, thinking missionally and Liverpool FC! Married to Helen they have fast growing up kids. Phil will be speaking in our closing celebration on Wednesday night.

ALSO . . .

Mark Mumford Mark is the leader of the UK Apostolic Team in the UK and Senior Leader of EMCF which is 5 churches in the East Midlands. Married to Nesta, Mark is known as an enthusiastic carrier of the vision of Salt & Light: to be a family together on mission. Mark will speak on Sunday morning.

Len Bartlotti Friends of the Salt & Light Family for many years, Len and Debi are known for their missionary work in central Asia and passion for sharing the Gospel with unreached people groups. Len will be speaking as part of Wednesday morning’s main session and in other afternoon sessions focused on global mission.


Fruiteenies 3–4 yrs TONIA VINCENT Come and meet Happy Apple, Loving Lemon and all their friends and learn all about the Fruit of the Spirit. We will have fun learning how we would act differently with the help of our new friends and how we can be different too. Knowing Jesus and being filled with the Holy Spirit makes us different. Come and find out how in a lively, creative and fun way. (If you can bring some fruit with you too, for snack time that would be really great.)


Dr Rick Thomas is a member of the UK Team and is our Safeguarding Coordinator for Transform 2013. If you have any safeguarding concerns please approach your child’s team leader or make contact with Rick via the Information Point.


All groups run from 1045–1230 each morning

Ignite 2013 8–11 yrs SAM HUGHES Ignite also runs every evening 1915–2130. Ignite this year is going to be absolutely mint (slang for very good). Whether it’s your first time or fourth time in Ignite we guarantee you will feel included, have loads of fun and hopefully have a life changing experience with God. Expect Ignite to be full of games, gunge, banter, pies, Bible stories, worship and lots of time with God! This year we will be looking at being part of God’s army, what that looks like, what battles we face in our lives and how He equips and helps us. So get your Bibles and water guns ready, put on your camo clothing and we’ll see you at the Ignite tent ready for action – BOOM!

Adventure Calling! 5–7 yrs


EINIR COOPER & ANNA PEARSON Are you ready to have an adventure with Jesus? Going deeper and breaking through with Jesus is an adventure – and He is calling us to be a part of His adventure – bringing God’s kingdom to earth. Through worship, crafts, Bible Stories & sketches (not to mention messy games!!) we will be learning about who we are in Jesus and how the Holy Spirit can help us to be super heroes of the faith – radical disciples for Him!

Creche 0–2 yrs LYNDA & MALC STERLING We are going to be having a fantastic fun-filled time in the creche tent this year, with lots of playing, crafts, snacks, singing, stories and dancing! With the help of Sammy Salt and Lucie Light we are looking at how we can be Jesus’s disciples by being Salt and Light! Parents will be asked to help with one session during the week.

WET WEATHER Stay and Play In case of wet weather the creche venue will be open 1430–1630 on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Parents must stay and supervise their children. 11

The youth village at Transform is always the place to be. We have three tents that make up the village. Youth One is our main worship venue, Youth Two is our 11–14s tent and Youth Three is a youth café. Last year we had some amazing times of praise and worship when we were all together so this year we are putting everyone together for the worship times. In the mornings we will then split into our two tents. Youth Seminars 0930–1015

Evening meetings In the evenings we will be rocking out and having a real celebration feel all together in Youth One. We have some great communicators like Jackie Pullinger, Jamie Hill (Message Trust), Tara Devlin (Tearfund), Chipper Betts and the Salt&Light UK youth team.

@saltandlightyouth Youth One (Y11–13) 1100–1230

Youth Two (Y7–10) 1100–1230

Breaking In Michael Wadsworth


Sat Sun Mon

Leadership Character Theology The Full Gospel 1

Justice Tara Devlin

Deep Roots


Leadership Impact & Influence Theology The Full Gospel 2

Breaking Out Rachel Broughton


Story Jamie Hill




This year you do not want to miss a thing! – God has got BIG plans for you! He wants to encourage you, speak to you, and give you a clear understanding of how brilliant he thinks you are and what your unique purpose is on this planet.


Youth Combined Eve Programme 1930–2130


Youth Café

Tom Butler

Youth Café

Youth Café

Jackie Pullinger

Youth Café

Youth Café


Youth Café

Youth Café

Chipper Betts

Youth Café

Youth Café

Jamie Hill

Youth Cafe


Youth café The Youth Café is next to the other youth tents and will be open daily from 1400– 1800 and after our evening meetings too. This is a great place to hang out and relax during the day and after hours. Every night there’ll be a fire and new to this year a ‘Retro Movie Drive-Through’ showing a classic Disney film. Make sure you go there and try one of their delicious signature milkshakes!

Tom Butler


MORNINGS All at 0930–1015 Adult 2 Radical Families Youth 2

Steve Thomas will be expounding the Sermon on the Mount: Jesus’s radical manifesto for his disciples to change the face of the world!

Three bite sized equipping seminars with practical help on each topic: interactive presentation and practical application.

For families at all stages of life, 3 practical, biblically grounded seminars on dealing with finance, young kids and teenagers.


The disciple’s heart Steve will open up Matthew 5 and explore the theme of the disciple’s heart.

Equipped to move in the Holy Spirit Tony Rozée How do we become more attuned to the Spirit’s anointing and interruptions in everyday life?

Teens in the church Tom Butler How do your teenage kids engage with church? What can you do as a parent to encourage your teens in their relationship with Jesus.


The disciple’s trust Today it’s Matthew 6. Steve continues to expound scripture and unpack the theme of trust.

Equipped to reach lost people Rich & Kate Colbrook How to effectively reach those around us who don’t know Jesus.

Young kids and spirituality Tonia Vincent How do we encourage our young children to be spiritual, and nurture them in experiencing life with Jesus.


The disciple’s challenge The final chapter of the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 7.

Equipped to be a disciple in the workplace Alan Capewell How do you navigate office politics, business ethics and live the life of a Jesus follower 9 to 5 in the workplace?

Faith for family finances Terry & Anne Young How do we live in faith and manage our household finances? We aim to demystify ‘staying faithful with finances’.


Bible Reading - The Adult 1 Sermon on the Mount Equipped to... The Big Top The Barn

There are also two seminar tracks for Youth at the same times YOUTH 2 Theology Youth Café

If you think you are a leader and someone who is called to impact the world then this is perfect for you.

If you are wanting to explore the Bible and understand more about God then this is perfect for you.

SUNDAY Jackie Pullinger Another opportunity to be inspired and challenged by Jackie Pullinger.

MONDAY Roy & Daphne Godwin

Roy and Daphne will share more of their teaching on impartation and blessing others.

TUESDAY Global Missions

Character (part 1) Tom Butler, Tara Devlin (Tearfund national youth team) and Andy Harding run a two-part series on the character of the leader.

The full Gospel (part 1) Lizzie Hollow on the full gospel story and how it is SO much bigger than you think it is!

Impact & influence The full Gospel (part 2) (part 2) How you can have impact with your life! Don’t miss the second part of the story!


YOUTH 1 Leadership Dining Room

AFTERNOONS All at 1430–1600 in The Big Top

What is God doing in the nations where the church isn’t well established? How can you start to engage more with those nations on your doorstep? With Len Bartlotti and the Global Missions team.

WEDNESDAY KST Taster Stirred to think more about your own training? Interested in studying scripture and going deeper in faith? Want a flavour of what King’s School of Theology is like? Current students and members of the KST team will be here to answer your questions and offer more information. There will also be chance to hear a minilecture – experience it for yourself!


The first 2020 goal is to see 150 healthy growing churches established. As a charismatic family we are enriched by a life in the Spirit – living naturally supernaturally! This is one dynamic of a healthy growing church.

Katherine Ruonala’s visit to Caernarfon Pentecostal Church Paul Hummel It was with great pleasure that we were able to welcome Katherine to Caernarfon this last January and it was lovely to share her visit with Emily Harland who accompanied her. Katherine was invited to the UK by Basingstoke Community Churches and visited a number of Salt & Light churches while she was here. Having met her at Transform last year we thought that it would be good if she could come and minister to us here at some stage not quite expecting it to be so soon. We were not disappointed!

On the Saturday the whole church came together and had a whole days teaching on ‘Moving in the Prophetic’. This was a fabulous time together and the presence of God was immense. Not only did we learn a massive amount but we were all greatly encouraged by the prophetic words that were spoken over many of the family. Towards the end of the meeting one of our elderly ladies really became quite ill, so much so we called for an ambulance and the paramedics, but, praise God, as Katherine prayed for her within the space of fifteen minutes she had fully recovered... the power of God, He is good.

We hope to hear many more testimonies of God working in our lives and the lives of people we hope to reach with the Gospel. Read the full article here www.saltlight. org/europe. If you have your own story or testimony why not share it with us:


As a movement of churches we are committed to church-planting. As we develop apostolic regions the vision for planting is being birthed by the regional teams. Tony Gray explains what led up to the decision to plant a church in Sunderland:

Tony Gray ‘In the Land of Three Rivers I’m longing to be, Where the Tyne, Wear and Tees meet the North’s rolling sea’ So runs the chorus of a song by the Teesside Troubador, Vin Garbutt. I came across it after getting a prophetic sense that the Holy Spirit was defining the field for the North East Apostolic Team in this way. So our regional strategy for planting churches and developing apostolic bases focuses on the three river valleys that define the area geographically and historically. One morning I woke with the words ‘Sunderland is a smoking volcano!’ in my head. A quick Google of ‘Sunderland revivals’, got four or five sites on the football team before a site on the story of spiritual revivals in the city, not only the beginnings of the Pentecostal Movement, but of later revival up to the 1990s.

With all this history there is surely a reservoir of spiritual fire hidden in Sunderland. We felt this was a commission from the Lord. The North-East Team met there and prayed on one of the bridges across the Wear; we shared the vision at our North East Celebration and the Daniel Challenge Team have been doing some research on the city. Our sense of anticipation is growing. We are looking to hear from people anywhere whose hearts the Holy Spirit may touch with compassion for the city of Sunderland. We believe the spiritual fires will burn again and the power of the Spirit and the grace of Christ be exported across the world from the Land of the Three Rivers.


Why plant a church in Sunderland?

Is God speaking to you about being involved in planting a church? Pray and talk to your church leader about what God is saying to you – we are excited about the possibilities for new church plants: The Harvest is plentiful – the workers are few!


Arrival information The Transform site will be open from 1230. The afternoon is free for everyone to arrive, get set up and settle in before the evening meetings at 1930. Please observe the one way system which is in place around the main camping field and follow the directions of the stewards. Once you have unloaded, please move your vehicle to the car park (see site map). Cars without a permit should not be left beside tents or caravans. While onsite please drive very slowly to help ensure everyone’s safety. If you have any questions, visit the Hub for more information. Please see pages 6–8 for more information. 1600–1700 Kids’ village open hour From 1600–1700 parents are welcome to bring their kids down to the Kids’ Village. Each of the venues will be open to allow your kids to meet the team and familiarize themselves with the venue before their first session. 1915–2130 Ignite and Youth 1930–2130 Jackie Pullinger Big Top Jackie will be speaking at our opening Celebration! Don’t forget registration for Ignite begins at 1915. 18



After Hours

2130–2300 Prayer & worship - Prayer room 20s & 30s bar - Barns BBQ & café - Hub Youth café - Youth 2 Please remember our noise curfew from 2300–0700 19

0800–0900 Soaking Prayer room Please bring a Bible and a mat to lie on. 0930–1015


Morning seminars more info page 14 • Equipped to move in the Holy Spirit Tony Rozée - Barns • Teens in the church Tom Butler - Youth 2 • Bible Reading – The disciple’s heart Steve Thomas – Big Top

Mark Mumford Big Top Our morning celebration sessions will include worship and word each day. Mark Mumford will be speaking.




Prayer Room Creative session

Jackie Pullinger Big Top Hear more from Jackie in this afternoon seminar.

Family Fun Games Area with Face painting and Inflatables.

1915–2130 Ignite and Youth 1930–2130 Roy and Daphne Godwin Big Top Evening Celebration with Roy & Daphne Godwin speaking and ministering. 20

Please note kids groups run at 1045–1230, so leave enough time to take your children to their groups in the Kids’ Village.


Journeys café Barns Rich & Kate Colbrook host the first of four Journeys – a chance to explore the Christian faith through real people’s amazing stories and changed lives. We’ll have some great coffee and make some friends too.

After Hours 2130–2300 Prayer & worship - Prayer room 20s & 30s bar - Barns BBQ & café - Hub Youth café - Youth 2 Please remember our noise curfew from 2300–0700 21

0800–0900 Soaking Prayer room Please bring a Bible and a mat to lie on. 0930–1015


Morning seminars • Equipped to reach lost people Rich & Kate Colbrook - Barns • Young kids and spirituality Tonia Vincent - Youth 2 • Bible reading – The disciple’s trust Steve Thomas – Big Top

Jackie Pullinger Big Top Jackie Pullinger will speak in her last session at Transform.




Prayer Room Creative session

Roy & Daphne Godwin Big Top Seminar with Roy & Daphne.

JJ and friends Barns Family fun with JJ (repeated Tuesday) Football Tournament (yr7–11) Games area 1915–2130 Ignite and Youth 1930–2130 Dave Smith Big Top We welcome Dave Smith to Transform! Dave will be speaking over the next 3 main sessions.



Journey café Barns Rich & Kate Colbrook host the second Journeys session. If you didn’t come along yesterday and want to explore the Christian faith through people’s amazing stories and changed lives, come along!

After Hours 2130–2300 Prayer & worship - Prayer room 20s & 30s bar - Barns BBQ & café - Hub Youth café - Youth 2 Please remember our noise curfew from 2300–0700 23

0800–0900 Soaking Prayer room Please bring a Bible and a mat to lie on. 0930–1015


Morning seminars • Equipped for being a disciple in the workplace Alan Capewell - Barns • Faith and family finances Terry & Ann Young - Youth 2 • Bible reading – The disciple’s challenge Steve Thomas – Big Top

Dave Smith Big Top Dave Smith continues with the second part of his series.




Prayer Room Creative session

Global Missions Big Top Reaching the unreached

JJ and friends Barns Football Tournament (under 11s) Games area

There will be an offering for the UK Development Fund on Tuesday evening. This is an important resource to keep investing in so we can fulfil the 2020 vision together. Please make cheques payable to Salt & Light Ministries and if you are a UK tax payer please Gift Aid your donation. 24

1915–2130 Ignite and Youth 1930–2130 Dave Smith Big Top Dave Smith concludes at our evening celebration.


Journeys café Barns The third instalment of our exploration of the Christian faith.

After Hours 2130–2300 Prayer & worship - Prayer room 20s & 30s bar - Barns BBQ & café - Hub Youth café - Youth 2 Please remember our noise curfew from 2300–0700 25

0800–0900 Soaking Prayer room Please bring a Bible and a mat to lie on. 1000–1045


All Age Celebration Big Top Mark Harland and team will host a gathering of the whole camp. Children and Youth groups begin as normal afterwards.

Len Bartlotti Big Top Our morning celebration will focus on global missions. Len Bartlotti will be speaking along with other missionaries.




Prayer Room Creative session

KST Taster Big Top with current students and members of the team.

Global Missions next steps Barns A chance to meet the Global Missions team and find out more about reaching unreached people groups. 1915–2130 Ignite and Youth 1930–2130 Phil Norris Big Top Phil Norris will be speaking in the final celebration of the camp.


Feedback & Media order forms

In order to improve the quality of Transform, we would appreciate if you could answer a couple of questions. Please pick up a feedback form from the Hub or find it here: transform13/feedback


Journeys café Barns The fourth and final session of the Journeys with Rich & Kate Colbrook.

To order Transform 13 talks, media order forms are available at the Hub, or order online at

After Hours 2130–2300 Prayer & worship - Prayer room 20s & 30s bar - Barns BBQ & café - Hub Youth café - Youth 2 Please remember our noise curfew from 2300–0700 27

‘The local church is the hope for the world’ (Hybels) is really another way of stating our 4th goal: Transforming Society. Activity at the grassroots as well as projects that influence policy nationally are essential. We have been encouraging local churches to keep sowing into the projects they are already doing. Here is one example of a project meeting a real need:

Refugee Support Network Catherine Gladwell When Khalid arrived in the UK from Afghanistan six months ago, unable to speak any English, he had never been inside a school building, never learnt to read, never held a pen. Now, at 16 years old, after a hazardous eighteen month journey across land and sea, Khalid finds himself alone in the UK and going to school for the very first time. Some 1,168 children like Khalid arrived in the UK last year. They are unaccompanied and are taken into the care of the Local Authority.

Refugee Support Network (RSN) was founded by members of Community Church Harlesden in 2009. We believe that at a time of great uncertainty and transition, education is essential and that when we invest in a young person’s education, we send them a clear message that they matter and give them hope for the future. Khalid was referred to our educational mentoring programme, and matched with a mentor from a local church who supported him to keep studying despite all the barriers he faced. He is full of ambition for the future, but like most unaccompanied minors, Khalid was granted leave to remain only until he turns 18. Khalid tells me ‘when I think of becoming 18, I am too scared, because maybe they will send me back to Kabul.’

There are many more examples like RSN in our churches and further afield – we would like to keep hearing about them. Send us an email to


Theology: Shape your Thinking, Change your Life Lizzie Hollow ‘This is by far the best theological input I have ever had…. It encourages a great learning community that ensures you don’t feel alone’ – Matt Hall, KST student from Derby Ever wondered what the point of theology is? Everyone does theology – the moment we think about God we’re doing theology – at King’s School of Theology (KST) we help people do theology well. We train people to use their minds and hearts in their faith, and let that spill out into all areas of life. We are pleased to announce that KST is launching NEW tracks in September 2013. This change gives you three options for the focus of your studies: • Theology and Biblical Studies • Theology, Worship and Spirituality • Theology and Transforming Mission


If we are going to plant and grow churches then strong, well-trained leaders are required! Theological training is one important strand of leadership training alongside solid character and established skills. We asked Lizzie Hollow (nee Green!) to explain some changes to KST from September 2013.

Whichever flavour you choose there’s a great foundation in faith, scripture, culture and mission. All of the tracks have core teaching with the other KST students, plus specific modules and seminars. God calls us into a variety of contexts, and being on a track means your training can be tailored to you. Wherever you lead and have influence, theological training will be of benefit. Why is KST a great choice? It fits in with life as it takes place over 3 years in 5 weekends per year. It’s for all: we are all called to disciple others so we are all called to different levels of leadership. It equips for the whole of life in and outside of the church.

To find out more visit the KST stand in the Hub and go along to the taster session on Wednesday, 2.30pm in the Big Top. Visit for more details.


Radical disciples serving

this generation 26–30 July 2014

Book during the event for cheapest prices


Transform13 Handbook  

Everything you need to know whilst onsite at Transform 2013

Transform13 Handbook  

Everything you need to know whilst onsite at Transform 2013