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The weather was great during most of our trip. Heavy rain—and the flash flooding that resulted—made several fascinating but temporary waterfalls off the red rock. (Notice where the water flows after heavy rain and don’t set up camp in these vulnerable areas.) After the big storm rolled through, we hit the river bright and early only to come across a baby Canada Goose separated from its mother in the storm and stuck in an eddy. We got it out and for the next three days, ”Eddie” the gosling became part of our group. Lou didn’t seem to mind and the two of them cuddled up in our tent

like they were old friends. It took us about five days to make it down to Mineral Bottom, where a river guide saw Eddie and offered her a good home on a farm in Moab. After an emotional parting, we left Eddie and headed for a post-float burger at the famous Ray’s Tavern in Green River. Lou Dog died last February on Leap Day at 15. I have dedicated this summer to spreading his ashes in the 10 best places we traveled over the years. You can follow Dax Williamson’s ongoing tribute to Lou Dog at

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S A LT L A K E M A G A Z I N E . C O M SEPT/OCT 2016


Salt Lake Magazine Sept Oct 2016  
Salt Lake Magazine Sept Oct 2016