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middle of perhaps the most-beautiful and certainly the most-varied scenery in the world, we forget to really see it, except as a background for own activities—skiing, boating, hiking, climbing, biking. Tourism is one of Utah’s biggest and most sustainable economies, yet many insist on seeing only the dollars to be dug out of the slopes and extracted from spectacular ridges. Our rivers are simply for watering endless subdivisions. Utah’s unofficial prose laureate Wallace Stegner constantly reminded us that landscape is more than an adjunct to human civilization. It is its own purpose. Consider the Great Salt Lake. The Salt Lake magazine team caravanned out to Buffalo Point on Antelope Island to shoot this issue’s cover. At sunset, the light was

glorious; the still lake perfectly reflecting the surrounding mountains. Our “dead” lake is a wonder—a remnant of an ancient inland sea that sustains five million migrating birds; the island is home to bison, coyotes, elk, jackrabbits, falcons, eagles and other wildlife. But the Great Salt Lake has always been loathed or, at best, taken for granted. The stink! The brine flies! And now it is threatened. For decades, industries have used the lake as a cesspool for contaminants, extracting minerals and diverting its main inflow, the Bear River, to use the water for development. The dams under consideration to support our expected population growth would subtract even more water from the lake, already at its lowest point. Drought, climate change and development have lowered water levels so there is almost no need for a causeway to Antelope Island—you can walk from the mainland. Recently, scientists have pointed out that the blowing dust from a dry and cracked lake bed contributes to Salt Lake City’s already noxious air pollution. Without our salty sea, this valley’s entire ecosystem tips out of balance. We love to live in Utah because of its natural beauty, highlighted throughout this issue of Salt Lake magazine, and our society is thriving because it’s a beautiful place to live. It’s a gift from the Great Salt Lake.

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S A LT L A K E M A G A Z I N E . C O M SEPT/OCT 2016

Mary Brown Malouf


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Salt Lake Magazine Sept Oct 2016  
Salt Lake Magazine Sept Oct 2016