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Lisa Demmons SALT LAKE CITY FIREFIGHTER “I had a boyfriend in college who told me I couldn’t be a firefighter,” says Lisa Demmons, matter-of-factly. At that time, Demmons was fighting wildfires and preparing for law school. Several years later, disenchanted by her career in mergers and acquisitions law, she applied with the Salt Lake City Fire Department and, after passing the same physical fitness tests as a man applying for the same job, was hired. No stranger to gender imbalances, Demmons went on to become a union representative for the department. She’s grateful to women who opened doors before her. “There were people before me who did a lot of the glass ceiling busting.” She says she has always felt welcomed by her coworkers and, if asked her favorite part of her job, she says without hesitation: “The guys.” Demmons doesn’t consider herself a feminist, although she’d like to see more women in the department, and she acknowledges, “Sometimes I wonder if I’m focused enough on gender. Am I doing a disservice by not focusing on that?”

“I definitely run into people who think women shouldn't be firefighters. People have judgements about all sort of things.” —LISA DEMMONS

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Salt Lake Magazine May June 2016  
Salt Lake Magazine May June 2016