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As soon as the weather gets warm, the signs go up on the street corners: “Bear Lake Raspberries!” “Brigham City Peaches!” “Green River Melons!” BY MARY BROWN MALOUF PHOTOGRAPHY BY ADAM FINKLE

Call it the holy trinity of Utah summer produce. For generations, Bear River, Brigham City and Green River have had the unquestioned reputation of growing the best of their fruit specialty. Belief in these places' superior terroir, as wine growers term it, has been a matter of faith. But now, when food is all about sourcing, and provenance is paramount, savvy buyers might ask: Are raspberries from Bear Lake really better than those grown in Oregon? Does Brigham City grow enough peaches to go into all the products that claim them? And, are the Green River melons in the store really from Green River? Why does local matter? The truth is complicated and consumers need to check the source. Local is best but labels can lie. Caveat emptor.


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Salt Lake Magazine July August 2016  
Salt Lake Magazine July August 2016