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Diamond Delish Chocolate jewelry makes for a tasty status symbol by Kathleen Corlett

For the mom that owns more necklaces than she has occasions to wear them, consider a sweeter alternative. The phrase “rich chocolate” takes on a whole new meaning with gem truffles, part of the edible jewelry line available through Promise Me Chocolate. This online business began in the studio space of Syracuse University’s Comstock Art Facility by Stacey VanWaldick, a jewelry and metalsmithing teacher at Oswego High School. Now, she creates rubies, diamonds, and rings from her favorite dessert — a gift attracting the attention of celebrities like Martha Stewart, who recently purchased 500 gem truffles for guests at a New York City event. Dusted with jewel-tone pigments, the gems range from solid bite-size jewels to larger charms containing ganache flavors of mocha, raspberry, hazelnut, and chocolate. VanWaldick’s pick for mom: the Promise Me Pendant. Picture a metallic heart the size of a half-dollar made from your pick of milk or dark chocolate dangles on two strings of licorice in bright color combinations. Customize it as a silver heart on red and blue licorice or silver on strings of yellow and green. It’s the newest addition in the line by Promise Me Chocolate, and mom won’t have anything like it in her jewelry box. Starts at $8.95 for a necklace and ships in two weeks’ time. Order online at



Sweet Treats

by Carolyn Clark

Find an edible gift for mom this Mother’s Day

What better way to treat your mom this Mother’s Day than with some succulent treats from the area’s specialty bakeries. But every mom is different. Is yours a chocolate fanatic? Or is she more of a cookie monster? We clue you in on Salt City’s best pastry shops and help you make the right choice for your mom. We’ve found the best that Salt City’s bakeries have to offer. Biscotti Café and Gelataria For the true Italian mom Situated in the Little Italy of Syracuse, Biscotti’s serves up the best cannoli in the city. At $2 per creamfilled delight, you can buy enough for mom to try one of each flavor — vanilla, chocolate, and ricotta — or enough for her to share with you and the rest of the family. They also serve gelato and Italian pastries sure to make any Roma Mama’s sweet tooth satisfied. 741 North Salina St. //

Pastisserie For the chocoholic mom Skaneateles offers a lot of great food, but when looking for a chocolate indulgence for your mom, look no further than Patisserie. Sure, its artisan breads, muffins, and cupcakes look and taste great, but the chocolate croissants will please your chocolate fiend of a mother. At $1.75 each, these flaky, soft, yet decadent, croissants will solidify your spot as mom’s favorite. 4 Hannum St. // Skaneateles //

Syracuse // 315-478-9583 //

315- 685-2433 //

Nino’s Italian Bakery For the traditional — but nutty — mom Moms who love to bake and cook will tell you the way to make the best treats is to use the best ingredients. That’s why Nino’s uses only real almond paste for its almond paste cookies. No almond extract for these addicting morsels. Buy two pounds ($10 per pound) of the sweets when you go because mom won’t want to share hers. 1421 Lodi St. // Syracuse // 315- 422-8892 //

Provisions Bakery For the classic mom with an urge to do good Some just love to have a few classic cookies to nibble on throughout their special day. Provisions offers such delicious staples as chocolate chip and half-moon cookies for $1 to $1.50. Looking for something a little richer for mom’s special treat? The Chocolate Ultimate cookie ($1.75), with rich chocolate and pecans, will do the trick. And because Provisions benefits Transitional Living Services, you’ll be showing mom you learned from her how to help and care for others. That’s sure to earn some brownie points. 216 Walton St // Syracuse // 315-472-3475

Geddes Bakery & Pastry Shop For the mom who likes to try new things As a Greek bakery, Geddes still delivers delicious Italian cookies, but also caters to different tastes. Its baklava ($1.50 per triangle) strikes the perfect balance between sweet honey and nuts. And the tomato pie can help your mom broaden her tastebud horizons. If you think she’d prefer something on the safer side, pick up a few of the cherry or apple turnovers (also $1.50 each) to brighten mom’s morning. 421-423 S. Main St. // North Syracuse // 315-437-8084 //

Volume 1: May 2011  

Page through a sneak preview of our debut issue, dropping next Wednesday at our new tumblr--get your adrenaline pumping with 4 summer advent...

Volume 1: May 2011  

Page through a sneak preview of our debut issue, dropping next Wednesday at our new tumblr--get your adrenaline pumping with 4 summer advent...