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Local vendors sell goods and food at regional market by Kaitlin Pitsker

Bins and baskets overflowing with brightly colored produce are stacked on rows of tables. The following morning every square inch has been taken over by an eclectic assortment of household goods, DVDs, jewelry, and furniture. There are oddities to be found, but for Geno Elmos, manager of the Central New York Regional Market since 2002, and the hundreds of vendors, it’s just another day at the market. The market, which began in 1938, functions as both a farmers’ market and a flea market. Saturday farmers’ markets and Sunday flea markets take place throughout the year, but from May through October, the farmers’ market is also open on Thursdays.

“The nicer weather allows us to make use of our two outside tents again and welcome even more vendors to both flea and farmers’ markets,” Elmos says. With this additional space the market welcomes more than 450 vendors from May to October and 300 more vendors than space permits during the winter months. “Some of the best produce reappears in May, so there’s a wider selection,” Elmos says. “Some markets only allow one tomato vendor, one organic vendor, one of everything. We don’t do that, which means we have a wider selection and more competition.” The selection of produce, including local and organic goods, draws nearly 7,000 customers on Thursdays and


Shop ’til You Drop

26,000 visitors on Saturdays. Another 14,000 shoppers typically visit the flea market on Sundays. “Markets on Sundays have pretty much everything that’s legal to sell. Everything in the kitchen cabinets, household items, game. You name it, it’s probably here,” Elmos says. In addition to the small food court area, selling beverages and other refreshments, the market plans to begin providing free wireless Internet to customers by the end of the month. Central New York Regional Market Authority // 2100 Park St. // 315-422-8647 // Farmers’ Markets: Thursday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. (May through October only), Saturday 7 a.m. - 2 p.m. // Flea Market: Sunday 7am-2pm

Renew, Reuse, Recycle

by Daniel Bortz

5 ways to transform your household items

For many people, spring cleaning feels like a daunting task, especially for the pack rats who hoard things well past their expiration date. Instead of throwing out everything that’s sitting in your basement this year, think of the environment and find ways to repurpose your items. According to Chris McCray, a design professor at Syracuse University, “upcycling,” is the latest trend. It involves taking something outdated and reinventing it, without spending a lot of money. Using some bare aesthetic essentials, McCray says you can make upcycling part of your vocabulary for this year’s spring cleaning.

Here’s how: Records: With a little heat, old vinyl can make for a great decorative bowl. Using a baking sheet covered with aluminum foil, warm the record in the oven at 480 F° until it softens. Put on a pair of oven mitts and manipulate the plastic to form the bowl. Chairs: Before you throw out that battered chair, think about reupholstering the seat cushion with a cost-friendly piece of fabric from T.J.Maxx or Michaels. This will give the chair a revitalized look, blending old and new. Wine Bottles: Turn glass bottles into a series of flower vases. You can use the corks, too. Gather about 15, tightly arrange them in a circle, hot glue them together, and you have a clever drink coaster. Books: Tear out some pages and cut them into slivers. Glue the edges together and tape them to a lampshade. This will create an airy look that shows your appreciation for literature and the environment. Fabrics: Purchase a small wooden frame and arrange a variety of old fabrics in whatever pattern you like. Then use a staple gun to attach the fabric to the frame. When you’re finished, you’ll have a new piece of wall art ready to mount.

MAY 2011


Volume 1: May 2011  

Page through a sneak preview of our debut issue, dropping next Wednesday at our new tumblr--get your adrenaline pumping with 4 summer advent...

Volume 1: May 2011  

Page through a sneak preview of our debut issue, dropping next Wednesday at our new tumblr--get your adrenaline pumping with 4 summer advent...