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by Kathleen Corlett

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Creating A Successful Twitter Handle In late January, @SyracuseU, Syracuse University’s Twitter handle, ranked second on Klout’s list of most influential colleges on Twitter — in line with the Ivy-Leaguers like Stanford (#1) and Harvard (#3). The Twitter analyzer, Klout, defines “influential” as more than size of audience — it also includes factors such as the number of retweets and unique tweets and how often an account’s

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content is retweeted. As the university’s tweets may dwindle after graduation, media gurus come to town to see that yours don’t. On May 4, the BizBuzz Social Media Conference connects Syracuse small businesses with techsavvy professionals to discuss branding via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and blogs at the Holiday Inn Convention Center in Liverpool. One of

Engage, don’t broadcast. Sending promotional headlines and advertising through your Twitter account doesn’t work. Frankly, it gets old. Ask open-ended questions about what interests your audience, and be aware when they respond @reply. Chen’s rule of thumb: 80 percent of your tweets should be business, the other 20 percent about more personable chit-chat. Reach 1,000 tweeps. Take 15 minutes each day to find and follow people who share your interests via Twitter’s search feature. They’ll often return the favor. By the end of a week, you have a sizable base of followers to receive your tweets.



Update at different times throughout the day. Not all of your followers go online precisely at 10 a.m., so mix it up. Tweeting around the clock reaches a larger audience. HootSuite, a tool for scheduling tweets, helps out the busybody by posting when away from the computer, but it’s less conversational. Don’t fall into the trap of excessive broadcasting, Chen warns. Be unique. Come up with an excuse to keep tweeting. This keeps you on your followers’ radar without making you sound like a broken record. For example, a quote a day from a local coffeehouse puts it on its followers’ feed, Chen says, and thus in their subconscious when they’re considering a drink downtown.

Family Portrait by Kathleen Corlett

Art Rage displays photos of LGBT relatives this month In one portrait, an adopted child sandwiches herself between two dads; in another, a mom stands hugging her son. ArtRage Gallery, an art house dedicated to social change, continues breaking boundaries with provocative programming like May’s feature exhibit, CNY Pride Families. This round of photos captures family moments in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community, asserting that the family model is not cookie-cutter and challenging damaging stereotypes about LGBT unions and families. Each family portrait will be displayed with a personal statement from the subjects. The exhibit features family portraits



last year’s speakers, 20-year newspaper veteran and self-proclaimed “Twitter evangelist” Gina M. Chen, boasts even more followers than The Post-Standard (her former employer). Her blog, Save the Media, discusses how Twitter and other social media affect journalists. Now she dishes on how Syracuse venues should build a social media presence:

by Ellen M. Blalock, who began this project as a collaboration with Light Work (a Syracuse artist-run, non-profit photography and digital media center) and the LGBT Resource Center at Syracuse University in 2007. This exhibit runs from May 7 to June 18.

Volume 1: May 2011  

Page through a sneak preview of our debut issue, dropping next Wednesday at our new tumblr--get your adrenaline pumping with 4 summer advent...

Volume 1: May 2011  

Page through a sneak preview of our debut issue, dropping next Wednesday at our new tumblr--get your adrenaline pumping with 4 summer advent...